22 Of Amber Rose’s Most Provocative Looks [PHOTOS]

February 24th, 2011 // 8 Comments

Amber Rose has made quite a name of herself. She parlayed her relationship with Kanye West into a that of an up and coming Kardashian. She attends events and gets paid for it.

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She goes one step further than the Kardashian’s in her wardrobe choices. From the ultra tight to the ultra skimpy to the ultra bizarre.

Launch the gallery and check out 22 of Amber Rose’s most provactive looks and let us know which one was your favoritie in the comments.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Amber Rose fashion skin fashion
    Moni B.
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    Babyy i love Amber Rose u better get it bitch!!!!! i love ya style Amber …. ya a barbie too muaah !! much love Amber .

  2. Amber Rose fashion skin fashion
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    This is probably one of my most fav looks by Amber! Simple but still hot!!!

  3. Amber Rose fashion skin fashion
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  4. Amber Rose fashion skin fashion
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    She was with kanye west and a body with amazing tits, so she’s got the opportunity to benefit to move forward, profitably? Good for her and let her take it as far as her…can take her.

  5. Amber Rose fashion skin fashion
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    I love that bracelet. Where did you get it?

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  8. Amber Rose fashion skin fashion
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    She would be hot if she had hair.

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