21 Gifs That Prove Mila Kunis Is The Hottest Woman In The World

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Mila and Ashton!
Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Seen Leaving Duplex Restaurant
The couple is now out and about - not hiding their relationship. Read More »
Mila Kunis

The video of Mila Kunisinterview with a very nervous reporter proves that she can be incredibly charming and personable.

She’s also obviously very beautiful, and very unavailable right now, thanks to Ashton Kutcher.

Check out 22 gifs of Mila being Mila. Which is hot just in itself.

Hi, hello!

I can model hats really well.

I told you I could model hats really well.

You just have to pull me up by my boobs.

I chew my fingernails, but in the most adorable way.

I’m just going to dive right in.

You just take it off like this.

This is the Hula, right?

Who doesn’t love dancing with Jimmy Fallon?


I’ll give you a little laugh.

I get really hungry sometimes.

And I mean really hungry!

Or sometimes I’m just in the mood for a shake.


Put your hands on your hips!

This is my Mark Wahlberg imitation.

I’ve got a little itch.

Fuck you.

I let Justin do all the work.

Now I’m blushing a little.

By Michael Prieve

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