21 Absolutely Swoon Worthy Zac Efron GIFS

Zac Efron is just plain swoon worthy, and in GIF form, the swoon level gets turned up a notch.

Efron has evolved from teen star to super hunk in just the span of a few years. When he’s training for a film, Zac kicks off his day at 5:30 am with protein, such as “a shake and, you know, an eight-egg omelet,” he told Men’s Health magazine. And then comes the intense exercise. “You feel this debilitating soreness,” he admitted. But to get into Marine shape, Zac was determined to get through the intense bouts of exercise.

Are you ready for some clothed and so-clothed swoon worthy gifs of our favorite hunk? Check them out below!

Are you ready for this?

Oh yeah.

Hey, girl.

Watch me lick my lips.

Again, you say?

How about some tongue action?

Now I’m going to emote.

Thank you, thank you!

This is how I roll.

Time to act goofy!

That’s just silly.

Here’s how I enjoy some fun time.

Oh, that was embarrassing.

No it is time for some sexy.

Oh, yeah.

Are you ready for more? I’m not sure if I am?

How about some shirt action?


Now for some Paperboy!

Are you ready for one more?

Many thanks!