2012 Emmy Nomination Talk: Shows That Got Snubbed

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Every year the critics just go ahead and surprise us with their selections and snubs. And like every other year, the viewers will continue to pout because their top pick was not nominated.

Sometimes snubs need to be voiced. If they don’t receive recognition here (on a snub list), where else are they going to be? (Obviously not at the Emmys)

Firstly, some of the critics selections were expected. For instance their choices for “Best Drama Series”, with Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Mad Men (just to name a few) taking in nods. The choices here inevitably make me realize that the critics are the critics for a reason.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Mad Men for its fifth nomination for “Best Drama Series”, clearly makings its way to becoming the most honored Drama series, as noted in Rolling Stones. Mad Men is perfection when it comes to aesthetics, and the writing- well Don Draper continues to be a name that makes me sweat for that very reason. So yes, well deserved nominations.

Now, let’s take a look at the critics’ choices for “Comedy Series”. So yeah…where’s Community? The fans have spoken, #sixseasonsandamovie, but the critics refuse to listen.

Why should Community be recognized by this academy?

Community is ambitious, to say the least. It takes on genre after genre. One moment they are tackling comedic genius with their “spaghetti western” parody and next moment, they go head on with dramatic pact episodes like their paintball finales. The writing in this show? Superb. The creativity? ONE WORD: dreamatorium. The consistent allusions keep you on your toes, whether they refer to classics like Pulp Fiction or fan favorites like Mad Men, the skies the limit! Finally, the cast. Donald Glover continues to make me laugh episode after episode, I can not even understand how he still does so. This goes without saying, but every character is a key component to what makes this show what it is. The dynamic of the characters are so well thought out, like Pierce who surprises me each time with his hidden acts of kindness or Annie who is the ultimate badass, sometimes disguised behind skirts and tight sweaters.

There you go. It needed to be said. Community has been robbed. Personally I think if the critics can nominate Veep after one season then why not Community after 3 continuous great seasons.

As for the “Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series”, four nominations for Modern Family? I thoroughly enjoy the show as much as the next person but four? They could have made some room for some Parks and Recreation folks, -cough- Nick Offerman -cough-. The only person receiving recognition for the show is Amy Poehler for “Best Leading Actress in Comedy Series”. I suppose something is better than nothing, more than Community can say… sorry, still bitter. The rant did not suffice.

Some good news though. Lena Dunham of Girls got a nod for “Best Leading Actress”! And Zooey Deschanel, leaving me fairly happy. Too bad New Girl didn’t receive nod… #bitter

Now, for Louie talk. The man brought an auteur style to television, a task that should not be taken lightly. Hence, it definitely deserves some more recognition. Maybe a nod for “Best Series”, c’mon now.

There you have it. What do you all think of the nomination list? Wish Game of Thrones received more nominations (I know I kind of do) or maybe Happy Endings should have made the list (how about it)? Or are you still hoping that John Noble from Fringe will eventually be nominated (because we all know he should). Let us know!




By Amanda Gomez

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