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Jessica Alba Premieres ‘Spy Kids 4′, Gives Fashion Advice To Honor

I wonder if Jessica Alba’s pediatrician was on call for today’s premiere of Spy Kids 4 because she looked two seconds away from bursting! And although neither Jeremy Piven or Joel McHale have a medical background, at least they managed to look handsome and put together next to the glowing mommy, a la…

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Ramona Singer Dons Bikini, Still Denies Alcoholism

Lifestyles of the rich and the faded.

Real Housewife of New York, Ramona Singer, was spotted vacaying off the coast of Italy in a teeny bikini and thanks to a sturdy hand from hubby, Mario, actually managed to stay upright, amidst her constant denial of addiction to the Pinot Grigio persuasion.

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Kellan Lutz Works It Out [PHOTOS]

Kellan Lutz had a busy day on Saturday. He started off by conducting an interview during his morning jog then he went for an afternoon bike ride after a lunch meeting in Venice, CA.

The 26-year-old North Dakota native wore a respectable ensemble of tight black vest, knee length shorts, cap…

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Justin Bieber Causes Mass Hysteria At Florida Amphitheater

Justin Bieber may be a little squirt still riding the puberty wave, but his fans couldn’t care any less. Anywhere you find Bieber, you’ll find hundreds of shrieking preteen girls with ravaging looks in their eyes. That was no different in Florida at Mizner Park where Justin visited to see Selena Gomez perform…

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Kristen Stewart Lands In London To Film ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’

Kristen Stewart may have just finished up with Comic-Con where she gave sneak peeks into Breaking Dawn and its very intimate scenes, but now she is onto bigger and better things. Kristen is set to play the lead in Snow White And The Huntsman in the fairy tale twist on an old fable.

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Hugh Jackman Takes Daughter Ava To The Beach At St. Tropez

Hugh Jackman, age 42, loves spending time with his kids. If he isn’t at the gym or out being the ultimate crowd pleaser, you can bet he is with his daughter Ava. Seen here, actor Hugh Jackman takes a swim in the sea with his children after having lunch at the Club 55…

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Florence Brudenell-Bruce Wants A Romantic Vacay With Prince Harry

Prince Harry sure is a ladies man. His recent relationship with Florence Brudenell-Bruce looks pretty hot and heavy, but is Harry ready to reciprocate? According to Daily Mail, Florence aka ‘Flee’ wants Harry to meet her in Ibiza for some sweet love action, but Harry isn’t completely on board.
“Harry is busy

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Lindsay Lohan Hangs With BFFs Nicky Hilton, Paris Hilton & Brandon Davis

Lately, all there is to know about Lindsay Lohan is what a complete and total disaster her life has become. She is now being sued by the Betty Ford employee she verbally assaulted and her judge is unimpressed with her lack of hustle in getting community service done. What better way to stay…

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Celebrities Attacked By The Bedazzler [PHOTOS]

This is clearly a case of glitz gone horribly wrong. Katie Price–perhaps in an attempt to distract the paparazzi from her crumbling marriage to fellow reality TV star, Peter Andre–has stepped out in a lemon-yellow t-shirt and a matching toothpaste-colored scarf and sweatpants.

And a hefty amount of fabric appears to…

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Even Karl Lagerfeld And Giorgio Armani Need Themselves A Holiday [PHOTOS]

Even fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Giorgio Armani need a holiday every once in awhile.  Lagerfeld let his hair down (or in the Chanel czar’s case, took his glasses off) in St. Tropez yesterday, while Armani got his tan on in Ibiza July 26th.  BTW, Mr. Armani-Well done.  You look fantastic.  Can…

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Demi Lavato’s First Public Performance Set At Do Something Awards

Demi Lavato is set to preform her new single “Skyscraper” at the Do Something Awards. The Do Something Awards is an award show that recognizes young role models who inspire others through charity.

PHOTOS: Demi Lavato Looking Hot, Happy, And Healthy At HTC Phone Launch! CEO Nancy Lublin

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British Socialite Petra Ecclestone Says, ‘I’m Not Spoilt. I’m Privileged.’

Petra Ecclestone is the 22 year-old  billionairess and youngest daughter of Formula 1 racing tycoon, Bernie Ecclestone. In a recent interview, Miss Ecclestone insists that her lavish lifestyle and “privilege” do not inhibit her from being a regular “9 to 5″ working-girl.

Recently, she purchased Candy Spellings’ former mansion, known as ‘Candyland’

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Jasmine Waltz’s Hot Bikini Photo Shoot [PHOTOS]

In Jasmine Waltz’s latest bikini photo shoot, she is the perfect vision of  sultry seduction. Ms. Waltz is clad in a simple, black sting bikini while posing on the beach with the light ocean in the background and her long brown locks flowing in the wind.

Ms. Waltz, the hot, infamous Hollywood…

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Jeremy Jackson Thinks Bottled Water Causes Bisexuality

While filming the latest season Celebrity Rehab, the Baywatch hunk, Jeremy Jackson, known as Hobie, claims that bottled water is a source of bisexuality. Yes, you read that correctly, Jeremy Jackson believes the chemicals in bottled water will alter his heterosexuality and cause him to desire with other men. Keep in mind, Jackson is…

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Duchess Kate Glows At Zara Phillips’ Wedding, Recycles Another Outfit [PHOTOS]

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (or Countess of Strathearn when she’s up in Scotland) is untouchable.  True, her fascinator at Zara Phillips’ wedding looks a bit like a potato chip. BUT HRH wears it well.  And look!  There’s even a flower adorning the back.  As you’ve heard by now, Catherine recycled yet another outfit

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Behold, The Jaunty Hats At Zara Phillips’ Wedding [PHOTOS]

As is the case with most weddings in the U.K., the bride is rarely the center of attention (except for HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge).  Female guests do their part to draw attention towards the head, where fancy hats and fascinators top off a conservative dress and matching coat.  Today was no exception…

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Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Have Lover’s Quarrel In Vegas

As we all know, when the Kardashaian sisters get together, they can be quite the spunky, unpredictable trio. Tuns out, Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian’s fiancé and NBA hunk, also isn’t afraid to make get a tad bit rowdy.

Kris said,
“I told Kim, I said, ‘Look, I’m turning my phone off,…

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Zara Phillips Marries Mike Tindall In Edinburgh, Scotland [PHOTOS]

Zara Phillips married England Rugby captain Mike Tindall today at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland,  a 17th century church where the Queen worships while in the city.  The bride, wearing a cap-sleeved gown made of ivory silk and duchess satin – designed by the Queen’s couturier, Stewart Parvin and shoes by Jimmy Choo

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Celebrities Enjoy Hugging Each Other

Now, when you’re a big famous celebrity, most of the time your friends are other big famous celebrities. And what does one do with their friends? Why hug them, of course! I hug, you hug, she, hug, we all hug! And celebs are pros at hugging. The one arm, the two arm, the…

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A Shirtless Mark Wright Gets His Kiss On [British Eye Candy]

For those of you who don’t know who Mark Wright is, let me introduce you. The former Bishop’s Stortford footballer is now one of the hottest stars on British television right now.

He stars on the “structured reality” series The Only Way Is Essex aka TOWIE, and the show is a…

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