2011 Golden Globes: The Gents

Men’s fashion – pretty simple. Pretty black and white, pun intended. Tuxedos or suits – that’s about it. It’s not like any guy last night at the Golden Globes showed up in a dashiki.

Robert Pattinson was there with his slightly red-tinted hair. Matt Bomer looked like a Disney prince, but was wearing a wedding ring so that’s kinda scandalous because isn’t he gay? Ryan Gosling and Ryan Kwanten were looking dapper as usual. And of course all the boys from Glee were there.

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You know who did look great – Michael Douglas. Just looked healthy and really well, which we’re happy to report. Justin Bieber resembled a pre-flight Amelia Earhart (vs a post-MIA version). Zac Efron looked beefy and Mark Wahlberg once again just sauntered around giving more weight to my assumption that he is probably an asshole in real life.

What men really did it for you? Who did you think phoned it in (I’m looking at you Johnny “I’m the color of rust” Depp) and who really put it together?