The Hurt Locker Wins At 2010 Producer’s Guild Awards

Oh Crap. The Hurt Locker was not on my “must-see-before-the-Oscars” list and I’m already behind. I’m also not much of a war film fan, but award season dictates my movie going and now  the film has hit it big at this years Producer’s Guild Award winning “Best Produced Motion Picture” over Avatar, the big winner at the Golden Globes .

Inglourious Basterds claimed the big prize at 2010 SAG Awards this weekend for “Cast In A Motion Picture” and  Precious is still in the running, with its nomination for the Independent Spirit Award nomination, so it’s hard to say which movie will take the Oscars this year.  I love a close race!

As seems to be a theme for the smaller award shows, attendees showed up in a lot of black. My favorites were Jane Lynch in a black suit and Mo’Nique sweet in a full skirt and high ponytail.