2010 People’s Choice Awards: Red Carpet Men

As promised, Kellan Lutz showed up to the People’s Choice Awards to see Twilight emerge victorious with several awards to its credit. Kellan was a tad on the shiny side in his blue blazer and tie. But nothing sparkled brighter than his bright smile. Lovely.

Horror film director and star of Inglourious Basterds Eli Roth was handsome on the red carpet in his suit. I’m not usually a fan of the facial hair, but the made it work. And keeping things from being too stuffy, he opted to leave the tie at home.

Jim Parsons epitomized the look of “geek chic,” dressed in his natty suit and tie. He looks less like the lab nerd from The Big Bang Theory and more like a regular on Mad Men. And Christian Slater looked like a well-dressed ninja, in his all-black suit and tie.

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