2010 MTV VMAs: The Ladies Work It! Even In Meat!

Well, let’s start with Lady Gaga who opted for three unique choices for the evening, with the starter on the white carpet with their fabulous, semi-religious looking Alexander McQueen outfit. And then there was the black outfit that the bitch couldn’t even walk in. Why wear something you can’t move in? And her final outfit was the meat dress by Franc Fernandez.

Then there was Florence Welch from Florence & The Machine, who had an outstanding performance in the evening for “Dog Days Are Over.” Her white carpet outfit was a very subdued, yet classic white/creme look that she rocked out. Her performance frock was very Grecian and flowy.

Whose outfits I didn’t care for: Katy Perry’s weird half-tattoo, half-Bjork dress. A little too all over the place to be interesting. I think the hair didn’t add anything. And what was with Jane Lynch’s trench cape? Did she just get out of class at Hogwarts? No thank you. And I usually love Rosario Dawson, because she’s flawless, but her purple leather dress? No. Leather dresses seem to be so unflattering on the body because it just bunches up. I know she doesn’t have a paunch, but in that…she did.

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