Archives: September, 2010

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry Lead MTV Europe Music Award Nominations
Paris Hilton Avoids Jail, Gets 1 Year Probation
Fashion Icons Mourn Alexander McQueen In London
Ricki Lake Just Lets A House Burn Down
Pete Burns: A Face That Only A Genie Could Love
Is Ryan Seacrest Ready To Propose To Julianne Hough [We Give Good Link]
Afternoon Delight: Tom Hardy And Charlotte Riley In Vancouver
Producer Says Lindsay Lohan's Career Is Salvageable
Javier Bardem Hasn't Picked Any Names For His Baby
Bruno Mars Arrested For Narcotics Possession
Garrett Hedlund Strikes A Pose [Obvious Observations]
Well Done Mr. Affleck, "The Town" Has Become Your Kingdom.
'Mad Men' Recap: The Beautiful Girls
Fall TV Preview - 10 Returning Shows
Leonardo DiCaprio Straight Talks Zac Efrons Patchy Ass Beard
Kate Hudson is Loving Getting A-'Muse'd
RuPaul's Drag U Faculty Spotlight - Pandora Boxx
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Wields A Wooden Sword At LAX [Obvious Observations]
Lars Burmeister: Male Model Mondays
George Clooney Meets Elisabetta Canalis' Parents [PHOTOS]
Guess Who's Trying On Some Shoes?
Audrina Patridge Assaulted Mario Lopez
David Beckham & Landon Donovan's Shirtless LA Galaxy Win [Just Because]
Lily Allen Gives Up Boozing For Baby, But Not High Heels
Andrew Garfield Covers Antoine Dodson, So Run And Tell That!
Rihanna Throws Katy Perry A Bachelorette Party!
Is Jake Gyllenhaal Taking Off His Underwear?
Cheryl Cole Cozying Up With Will.I.Am, New Video Is Completely Weird
Ben Affleck and Jen Garner - Will Share Life But Not Screen
Britney's Back B%*$£...Back In The Studio!
Ryan Reynolds Says Sorry For The Stress
Jude Law Is Hot And Center At London Fashion Week
Whitney Houston To Reprise 'Exhale' Role 15 Years Later?
Andy Whitfields Cancer Returns, Quits 'Spartacus'
Jessica Simpson Gets Her Ass Carted Around
Paris Hilton Takes A Plea Deal
Eric Dane Buys Jewelry While Rebecca Gayheart Cares For Baby
Sandra Bullock Takes Little Louis Out For The Day
Russell Brand Finally Loses It With The Paparazzi
Lindsay Lohan Admits To Failing Drug Test, She Actually Failed Two
Fernando Verdasco Shirtless In Ibiza [Just Because]
Guess The Upskirt
Ryan Gosling Returns To LA [Nibbly Things]
Oops. Lindsay Lohan Fails Drug Test
Lisa Rinna Shows Off Her Bikini Body & Predicts DWTS Frontrunners
Who's That Chick? It's Rihanna!
Kelly Preston Shows Off That Huge Baby Bump
Tim Gunn Continues Ranting About Suri Cruise, Lindsay Lohan
Rick Fox Spreads His Massive Legs & More! [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Jon Hamm Isn't Playing Superman...Just Yet!
Britney Calls BS On Engagement Reports
Julia Roberts In Lacey Black For 'Eat, Pray, Love' Rome Premiere
Wendy Williams Calls LeAnn Rimes' Affair Sloppy [Quickies]
A Housewife Hobnob in NYC!
Kelly Brooks' Bags Will Travel [We Give Good Link]
Housewives Of DC Already Fired The Salahis?
Zac Efron Grows A Beard And Finally Gets Drunk
Sandra Bullock Dines Out, Hits Gay Bar, Dashes For The Car
Lady Gaga Wants You! Call Today To Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
US X-Factor: Cheryl Cole & Nicole Scherzinger On Board?
Gwen Stefani Cries For Her LAMB
Sacha Baron Cohen Is Set To Play Queen Singer Freddie Mercury
Let's listen to Tim Gunn next time, k? Project Runway Baffles and Bores (Spoiler Alert)
Are You Ready For Emma Stone & 'Easy A'
For Your Entertainment: Adam Lambert Tussles With Paparazzi
Paris Hilton To Avoid Jail Time?
Betty White Crashes The Super Bowl
Katie Holmes Hits Calvin Klein's Show At Fashion Week
'So Kodak' Moments with Drake, Pitbull and Trey Songz
Good One, Boys
Martinis and Popcorn: 'Easy A,' 'The Town,' 'Devil' and 'Alpha and Omega'
Mark Wahlberg Is Praying For George Michael
Jude Law Sexes Up New Dior Homme Ad
Natalie Portman Flattered By Her Early Oscar Buzz
Fall TV Preview: 10 New Shows!
Who's Being A Chatty Cathy?
Ryan Gosling Tells It Like It Is
Nate Berkus Premieres New Show Today!
Jersey Shore Cast Rakes It In Doing Absolutely Nothing
Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Kissing! What About A Divorce?
Susan Boyle Performs For The Pope [Nibbly Things]
Why Does Kathie Lee Act Like Hoda's Grandma?
Victoria Beckham Has A Casual Work Outfit
Lots Of Girls Want A Baby From The Joe Jonas Nursery
Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Anna Wintour To Smile At Narciso Rodriguez Show!
Lady Gaga Predicts Her Third Album Will Change The World
Mark Wahlberg Flexes [Quickies]
Jon Voight Brags About All His Grandkids!
HBO Premieres 'Boardwalk Empire' & Causes Mini Sopranos Reunion
I Die: Brad Goreski Shirtless And Hot!
Fashion Week Finally Flaunts Plus-Size Designs
Bravo Is Fed Up With Michaele & Tareq Salahi [We Give Good Link]
Mel Gibson And The Case Of The Fake Mustache
Lindsay Lohan Back To 24/7 Partying Already?
Jessica Simpson And The Rockettes Kick Off Her Denim Line In New York City!
Ryan Phillippe Discovers Good Side Of Photographers In New Movie
Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Collection Brings Life to NY Fashion Week
Kim Kardashian Not Pregnant, But Does Go Binge Shopping
Ryan Reynolds Definitely Doing Deadpool
Captain Jack Sparrow and MeehhhhhhrMaids!
Ryan Gosling Talks 'Blue Valentine'
Lindsay Lohan's Doctors Investigated
Keri Russell Gets Naughty & Naked For Esquire Magazine
Who's Carrying The Man Bag?
Justin Timberlake Is Not Cheating With Mila Kunis
Cory Monteith & Lea Michele Get Religious & More! [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Drew Barrymore Is Jiggly Like The Rest Of Us
Cristiano Ronaldo Loses His Shirt [Nibbly Things]
Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Celebrate Their Eighth Anniversary
Javier Bardem Thinks His Job Is Overrated
Kathy Griffin Dresses Just Like Oprah On Jimmy Kimmel Show
Carey Mulligan Says It's Fun To Be Mean To Keira Knightley
Willow Smith Teaches Me How To 'Whip My Hair'
On The UK Radar: Who Is Nadine Coyle?
Xavier Samuel Spills Beans On Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Dates!
Jennifer Hudson Shows Of Her Son!
MTV Comes Back To Haunt Christine O'Donnell - As It Should
Reggie Bush Loses His Heiseman Trophy [Quickies]
Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp Making Out In 'The Tourist' [VIDEO]
Salma Hayek: It's Hard To Let The Go [Miu Assumes]
Scarlett Johansson Has Yet Another Random Job: Stomping Grapes
Kellan Lutz's Big Green Calvin Klein Underwear Bulge [Just Because]
Boston Welcomes Ben Affleck Back To 'The Town'
Phoenix From The Ashes: Kanye's Movie Is A Parallel For His Career
Alexis Bledel Rocked Fashion Week [We Give Good Link]
Ellen's Coming Out Inspired Jane Lynch
InStyle Throws A Party In Toronto And Gets A Couple Of Ryans To Show
'If I Can Dream's' Kara Killmer Cooks With Chef Ludo
Falling Out: Jessica Simpson & Her Stylist Part Ways?
Fashion Fail: Coco's Catwalk & Her Cadillac
Casey Affleck Settles Sexual Harassment Suits Out Of Court
Celebrity Chef Michelle Bernstein: Madrid Is All About The Gastronomy
Blake Lively, Babies and Baking
Precious Zac Efron Is All Emotions
Victoria Beckham Hopes To Reinvent The Birkin
God, I Love Tim Gunn.
Carey Mulligan Isn't Famous Enough For 'Glee'
Shia LaBeouf Shows His Support For Co-Star Michael Douglas
Things Steam Up On Set For Ashley Tisdale
Ryan Reynolds' Marriage Has Made Him More Guarded
Mark Wahlberg Says Get Rid Of Lady Gaga
Guess The Band-Aided Back
Jodie Foster Doesn't Beat Kids Up...Or Grown Men
The Return Of The Puck-Hawk: 'Glee' Season 2 Premiere Party
Megan Fox Moved To Tears By Husband's Sentiment
Heidi Montag Loses Her Top. No, Literally.
Carey Mulligan Show Some Growth [Quickies]
Caroline Manzo Takes The Stand Against Danielle Staub
'Weeds' Recap: Bliss
George Michael Headed To Jail For Eight Weeks Following Pot Induced Car Crash
Kristen Stewart Talks About Growing Up, Her Privacy But Not Rob
British Pop Star Olly Murs Goes Naked After Number One Song Promise [PHOTOS]
Nicole Kidman Premieres Her New Heartbreaking Film 'Rabbit Hole'
Zac Efron Used His Hair As The Ultimate Flirtation Device
V Magazine Party With Stars And Designers in NYC!
Taylor Momsen's Shows Off Her Tush
'Black Swan' Gets Cheered On In Toronto's Film Festival
Chelsea Handler Tells Perez Hilton To F**k Off [We Give Good Link]
Watch It: Ryan Reynolds 'Buried' Alive Teaser
Penelope Cruz Finally Owns Up To Being Knocked Up
Oprah Proves She Still Has The Power To Make People Go Crazy
Christina Applegate Brings Her Baby Bump to the Mr. Malibu World Famous Celebrity Surfing Contest
Snoop Dogg Reinvents the Pimp Cup
Eau and EWWWWWWWWWWWWW, Lady Gaga!
'Tis A Sad Day When You Annouce You're Leaving Twitter
Lindsay Lohan 'SNL' Rumors
RuPaul's Drag U - "Mothers and Daughters"
Zac Efron Confused Photocall With Lumberjack Outing [Obvious Observations]
Who's Husband Is A Gentleman?
Teri Hatcher: 'I Look Good!'
Scarlett Johansson's Emotions Are Painted Away
Christina Aguilera Kills It At John Lennon Tribute
Ikea Loves Everyone, Including Bisexual Adulterers
Cory Monteith Rocks It Out In The Studio & More! [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Kate Winslet's 'Mildred Pierce' Preview Released
Kim Zolciak's Hair Stylist Slams Lady Gaga, Says Others Came First
Kevin Alejendro Is A Cover Boy [Nibbly Things]
Emma Watson Ready To Take Her New Look Back To School
Penelope Cruz Definitely Has One In The Oven
Parlez-vous 'Gossip Girl?' You Better Because The Premiere Is Tonight!
Andy Dick Is A...Well, Dick!
James Franco's '127 Hours' Gets Standing Ovation!
Rod Stewart's Trying To Have A Baby [Quickies]
The Veal Deal: Gaga's Meat Dress Explained
Fergie Goes Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Walk
Anderson Cooper Just Keeps Inching Out Of The Closet
2010 MTV VMAs: The Men Go Casual
Taylor Swift Had VMA Jitters [We Give Good Link]
Tom Ford's Secret Fashion Show With Celebrity Models!
Emma Stone Premieres 'Easy A' In Toronto
DKNY Spring 2011 Collection: Sophisticated, Sleek, and Carefree
Why Is Hayden Panettiere At A Fight In Germany?
2010 MTV VMAs: The Ladies Work It! Even In Meat!
Jennifer Lopez Strikes A Deal With FOX
'Mad Men' Recap: The Summer Man
True Blood Recap: Season Finale
Snooki: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Rosario Dawson: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Drake: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Florence Welch: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Selena Gomez: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Ciara: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Penn Badgley: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Jane Lynch: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Ke$ha: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Justin Timberlake: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Hayley Williams: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Ashley Greene: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Justin Bieber: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
2010 MTV VMAs Recap: Gaga Sweeps, Chelsea Keeps It Dirty
Katy Perry: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Joe Manganiello: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Lady Gaga: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Audrina Partridge: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
Who's Being Windswept?
Mario Lopez Is A Daddy, Girlfriend Courtney Mazza Gives Birth To A Baby Girl
Quirkiness Ensues at Z Spoke by Zac Posen Spring 2011
Blake Lively, Ben Affleck & Jeremy Renner Hit Toronto Film Festival Premiere [PHOTOS]
Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Back Together
Fashion's Night Out 2010: Justin Timberlake
No Kanye West & Taylor Swift Duet At VMA's, But We Get Lindsay Lohan!
Britney Spears And A Bodyguard: Part 2
RuPaul's Drag U Faculty Spotlight - Tammie Brown
Beyonce, Charlize Theron & Tons Of Celebs Flock To NYC For Fashion Week
Zac Efron And His Full On Beard [PHOTOS]
Who's The Happy Birthday Girl?
Fashion's Night Out 2010
Megan Fox To Play Circus Freak in 'Passion Play'
Fashion's Night Out Shows Off The Celebs
Miley Cyrus Has A New Tattoo But Remains Single
Fashion's Night Out Shares The Party With The Little People
The A-List Lends Their Names & Faces To Stand Up To Cancer Event [PHOTOS]
Fashion's Night Out: West Coast
Get Your Tickets To Toronto ASAP
Oops. Guess The Upskirt.
Jon Hamm Is The Man
Color Pops At BCBG Fashion Show
Lindsay Lohan Attempts To Retire Her Hot Mess Title
Britney Spears Faces Lawsuit Head On
Carrie Underwood Flees To Canada
JLS Extra Safe Condoms At A Grocery Store Near You... If You're In Britain That Is
Stephen Dorff Goes Shirtless For Your Pleasure [Quickies]
Taylor Swift Takes Kanye To The Bank
Nick Cannon Has An Interesting New Look & More! [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Eva Mendes Behind The Camera
Scott Disick Refuses To Marry Kourtney Kardashian
Tim Gunn VS Anna Wintour: Fashion Week Throw Down
Meghan McCain Disses Bristol Palin [We Give Good Link]
Justin Bieber Is On The Criminal Track
A Party Isn't A Party Without Karl Lagerfield
Megan Fox Struts Her Stuff In Armani
Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams Look Hot Together
Christian Siriano Woos The Crowd At Fashion Week
Orlando Bloom's Seed Continues TO Grow In Miranda Kerr's Womb
The Situation's Trademark Application Is Denied
Ellen DeGeneres Worked Richie Rich's Runway [Obvious Observations]
Adiós Casanova, you may be gone but you won't be far... [Project Runway]
Martinis and Popcorn: 'Resident Evil: Afterlife,' 'The Virginity Hit' and 'I'm Still Here'
Maura Tierney Sits Down with PARADE
Lauren Graham and Peter Krause Are Not Real Life Brother And Sister
Who May Have Just Purchased This Italian Estate?
The Situation Turns Down 'RHONJ' Kim G's Request For Arm Wrestling Match
James Franco Talks About His Sexuality [Quickies]
Britney Spears Refutes Former Bodyguard Fernando Torres' Claims
What Will Megan Fox Do In 25 Years?
Daniel Radcliffe Already Waiting For 'Harry Potter' Remakes
Heidi Klum Is Tired Of Whiny Contestants On 'Project Runway'
Gwyneth's Bra Is Showing, But It Is Fashion's Night Out...
Justin Bieber Does Hannibal Lector For CSI
The Beckhams Prove They Still Have Sex Or Make Perfume...
Alex Lambert's Roxy Performance!
Katie Holmes Is Happy With Suri, Doesn't Want Another Brat
New Mothers Unite In Hatred Of Gisele's Legs
Lourdes Leon's First Day At Public School [We Give Good Link]
Adam Brody Apologizes To Kristen Stewart
Underwear-Clad Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Dressed [Just Because]
Make Some Time For Cristiano Ronaldo's Abs
Tom Brady Okay After Car Crash, Still Pretty
Spencer Pratt's Apology And Vision Quest
Lindsay Lohan To Do Oprah's Final Season?
Say It Isn't So: LFO Singer Passed Away
'Work Of Art' Gets Picked Up For Another Season
Gwen Stefani Does Want Another Bopper. Mayhaps A Girl?
Win a Kodak EasyShare M530 Digital Camera in September!
Kirsten Dunst Gets The Bad Guy
Kelly Osbourne: Fashion Police
January Jones Shows Off Her Se'X'y Outfit
Can You Be-Weave This Is Laura Bell Bundy?
Abby & Lisa: Why The US Needs X Factor Right Now!
Katy Perry Headed To SNL, Will Need More Latex
Jessica Simpson Invites Everyone Into Her Jeans
Who's Rocking The High Heels?
Jeremy Renner Said His Coworkers Were Real Criminal
Ellen Gives Her Thoughts For David Letterman's Top 10
Angelina Jolie Continues Her Tour Of Pakistan
Taylor Momen & Her De-Balled Doggie & More! [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Katie Holmes & Her Vicks VapoRub Incident!
Kisses Abound At Glee Season 2 Premiere Party!
Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell Claims Miss Universe Sabatoge [Quickies]
What's Inside Paris Hilton's Cavernous Vagina? Drugs!