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Joe Jonas Says He Has Been The Victim Of Several Broken Hearts
Chelsea Clinton Is Getting Married Today
Kim Kardashian Inspires Laurence Fishburne's Daughter Montana To Be A Porn Star
X Factor Winner Joe McElderry Is Forced To Come Out Of The Closet
Tom Hardy Was Star Struck When Meeting Madonna
Whose Rock?
Henry Cavill Takes The Lead [Nibbly Things]
Watch Jude Law & Guy Ritchie's Dior Video Teasers
Breaking News: Snooki Arrested For Drinking On The Beach
Oh Speidi Say It Isn't So! D-I-V-O-R-C-E
Selena Gomez To Bieber: "You're Short. Embrace It."
Rachel McAdams & Owen Wilson: Blondes Have More Fun [Obvious Observations]
Kim G. Says Danielle Staub Belongs In The Gutter
Married Carrie Underwood Shows Off Her Rock On 'Today'
Gwen Stefani Is Back In The Studio & More! [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Emily Blunt Doesn't Want To Look Like Barbie
Oksana Grigorieva Talks. Do We Still Care? [Quickies]
Steven Colbert & Andy Cohen Re-enact Bethenny Vs Kelly Fight!
Shaq Wants To Duet With Justin Bieber
From 'Harry' To Horror: Daniel Radcliffe Takes On Radically Different Role
Tara Reid & Dennis Rodman: Which Bitch Is Crazier?
Joseph Gordon Levitt Looks So Good It Hurts
Ed Westwick's Low Cut Top Reveals 'Gossip Girl' Spoilers
Katie Holmes: "I Want My Cupcakes NOW!"
Even Jennifer Aniston Can't Fake It Through A Jay Leno Joke
American Idol Fallout Continues: DioGuardi Fired?
Tom Hardy Dips A Hand Inside His Joe Boxers!
Irina Shayk Is All Zipped Up [We Give Good Link]
Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Have A Pillow In Prison
Russell Crowe's Fists Will Take The Rest Of The Year Off
Now A Star, Gabourey Sidibe Once Hoped To Be A Receptionist
Jon Hamm Doesn't 'Have The Marriage Chip'
JLo To Replace Ellen On 'Idol?'
Martinis and Popcorn: 'Dinner for Schmucks,' 'Charlie St. Cloud' and 'Cats & Dogs'
Mark Wahlberg Receives His Walk Of Fame Stah
Chris Klein Staying In Rehab
BREAKING NEWS: Ellen DeGeneres Quits 'American Idol'
Kellan Lutz Experiences The Downside Of Fame
Who's Playing Some Hoops?
Alex Meraz Is Serious, Honor Warren Is Cute & More! [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Leonardo DiCaprio Ditches Mel Gibson Film [Nibbly Things]
Cristiano Ronaldo Kicks It On A Hot Summer Day
Cheryl Cole Looking Better After Bout With Malaria!
LeAnn Rimes Nurses Eddie Cibrian's Job Loss With Clothes
Stars Come Out In Full Summer Fashion For CBS Press Tour
Lindsay Lohan Is Taking Jail A Twizzler At A Time
Gwyneth Paltrow Admits She Suffered Postpartum With Son Moses
Tara Reid's Face Gets Smashed...Well, ALL Of Tara Reid Gets Smashed
Jake Gyllenhaal Likes His Weed [Quickies]
Mischa Barton's Fashion Disaster
Zac Efron Says The Strip Club Was Not What He Expected
Heidi Klum Is The Top Model At 'Project Runway' Premiere
An Idol Announcement On Monday: Is It Jessica Simpson?
A Look Back At Kanye West's First Day On Twitter [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Mel Gibson's Life Gets NC-17 Rating, 'The Beaver' Gets PG-13
Sharon Osbourne Looking Puffy and Waxy
Chace Crawford, 50 Cent & More Attend Screening of 'Twelve'
Robert Pattinson Mauled By Lion [Yeah, Right]
Fingers Crossed For Twitpics From Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky's Wedding!
Why Is Demi Moore On A Diet At All?
New 'Dexter' Trailer Makes You Avoid Bathtubs
Guy Ritchie Trades Up to New Model
Sara Gilbert Officially Comes Out
Peaches Geldof Sticks To Something She Knows
Ryan Phillippe Forgot To Zip His Pants Again
Katie Price Thinks Her Cleavage Is 'Paradise'
Did Levi Jonhston Get His Ex-Girlfriend Preggers??
Alexander Skarsgard Models Now - You Got A Problem With That?
Things Get Sticky Behind The Scenes Of 'Gossip Girl'
Nicole Kidman & Jane Lynch Celebrate The Hollywood Foreign Press [PHOTOS]
Christina Applegate Gets Baby Name Suggestions From Jimmy Kimmel
Some People Think Mel Gibson Is An Excellent Dad...
Peter Facinelli Asks For Quiet & More! [Celebrity Twitterverse]
The Real Housewives Interpret 'Inception' [Nibbly Things]
Blame It On The Alcohol: Zac Efron Spends Over $2k On Strippers
Wait, Who Is Telling Megan Fox She's Talented?
Drool: Tom Hardy Gets Shirtless, Has Had Relationships With Men!
Angelina Jolie's Dirty Pictures Get Printed!
Everyone Keeps Pants On For 'Scott Pilgrim' Premiere
Live & In Concert: Aretha Franklin & Condoleez Rice Take On Philly!
Jail Is Kind Of A Bummer For Lindsay Lohan [Quickies]
Paul Walker & Jordana Brewster Get Intimate [Obvious Observations]
Attention Glee Fans - This Post Contains Spoilers
Madonna Shows Taylor Momsen How To Strike A Pose!
Lady Gaga Says 'Thank You' To Her Texas Fans
America Ferrera Shows Of Her Engagement Ring!
Diablo Cody Gives Birth To Baby Boy [We Give Good Link]
What A Day: James Franco Denied At Yale, Dies On General Hospital
Zac Efron Shirtless Video (You Can Just Put It On Mute)
Fashion Feels Underwhelmed By Angelina Jolie's Choices
Video Of Justin Bieber On Segway Resembles Every 'End Of The World' Movie
Are Ashley Greene And Joe Jonas Dating?
Jennifer Lopez And Family Return From Her Birthday Getaway
Russell Brand Does Go To Church...Naked
Danny Glover Raises Awareness in 'Second Line'
Jennifer Garner: Real Moms Don't Starve Themselves
'Mad Men' Matt Long Should Only Get 3 Strikes
Elisabeth Moss Confronts Her Facebook Imposter
Jessica Biel Doesn't Impress On The British Red Carpet
The Inevitable 'Free Lindsay' Rally
Ashton Kutcher Prefers The F-Word
The Minogue's Model Boyfriends Go Out On A Date
Who's Gotten Shy?
George Clooney's Girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis In Cocaine Scandal
Justin Timberlake Not Interested In 'American Idol' Seat
'Glee' Guys Will Co-Host Teen Choice Awards!
The Reason For Mel Gibson's Rant [Nibbly Things]
Serena Williams Takes Christina Milian Out On The Town!
Coco's Bare Butt, Biebs & Shaq Hit The Lanes & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Johnny Depp Dons Captain Jack Sparrow Outfit One Last Time
The Jersey Shore Cast Takes On Wall Street!
Is Lance Bass Dating Marc Jacobs' Ex? Mayhaps
Joshua Jackson's Pacey-Con [Quickies]
Minnie Driver Didn't Like Her Experience On American Television
Madonna Planning Huge Concert In Malawi
Peter Lee: The Asian Situation
You Can Own 'RHONJ' Teresa Giudice's Suit of Armor!
Kellan Lutz: Shirtless & Wet [Just Because]
Zac Efron Is A Pretty Boy Who Wants To Play With Guns
Ke$ha Wants To Give You A Tattoo & Sing Country Music
Daniel Radcliffe Parties It Up On 21st Birthday [We Give Good Link]
Rihanna To Make Screen Debut In 'Battleship,' Will Dress All Crazy
Angelina Jolie Tricks Her Kids When In Costume, Gives A Bit Of Leg In Tokyo
Robert Pattinson & His Bad Luck With Cars
Dina Lohan And Ali Lohan Get Treated To A Spa For Their Trouble
Angelina Jolie Joins Twitter!
Justin Timberlake, Elton John and Paula Abdul To Judge 'American Idol?'
Does Susan Sarandon Like The Younger Kind?
Audrina Patridge "Take[s] Care" with Garnier
Has Spencer Pratt Gone Off The Deep End?
Zac Efron Adopts The Ninja Lifestyle
Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Her 41st Birthday
Who's Having Softball Issues?
Matthew McConaughey Considers Career Strategy
John Krasinski And Emily Blunt: Cuddles And a Movie
Demi Moore & Miley Cyrus Are Besties And More! [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Tim Gunn: 'Project Runway's Judges Are Smoking Crack!'
Daniel Craig Secures Part In 'Girl With Dragon Tattoo' Remake
Larissa Riquelme Nude And Otherwise [Nibbly Things]
Obama On The View? We Smell A Hasselbeck Fight Coming!
Search For Next Best (Living) Anna Nicole Smith Is On!
Channing Tatum & Wife Spend A Sunday Shopping
Tiffany Vs Debbie Gibson Fight Gets Sexual With Cake & Panties
Mad Men Recap: Who Is Don Draper?
Mel Gibson Appears To Be A Jealous Of Timothy Dalton
Kevin Federline Is Chubby Again [Quickies]
Do A Lip Sync Jig: Ashlee Simpson Plans Return To Music Career!
FYI: Looking Like Kim Kardashian Won't Save A Marriage
RuPaul's Drag U - 'Dateless Divas'
RuPaul's Drag U Faculty Spotlight - Nina Flowers
9-Year-Old Willow Smith Has Her Own Stylists, Wants A Clothing Line
Christina Applegate Proudly Displays Her Baby Bump!
Celebrities Littered The Streets Of San Diego During 2010 Comic-Con [PHOTOS]
Naked Enrique Iglesias Only Fears Sharks, Not Cops
Amanda Bynes' Retirement Lasts Less Than Two Months
Barack Obama To Be Live Hot Topic On 'The View' [We Give Good Link]
Jane Austen Meets 'Fight Club,' Abe Lincoln Is The New Vampire Hunter
Bradley Cooper Can Cook A Mean Ravioli!
Angelina Jolie's Fashionable Kids Take On Japan!
Megan Fox: Rosie Hunington-Whitely Ain't No Thang
Cameron Diaz Finds New Bestie In Brad Goreski
'Fringe' Cast Dishes At Comic-Con
Britney Spears Meets The Parents
Taylor Momsen is Sooooo Ironic.
True Blood Recap: This Was A Bloody One
Kate Winslet Scores With Rebound Male Model Boyfriend
Wentworth and Ali and Zombies, Oh my!
Shia Dating Transformers Co-Star?
Jamie Jewitt - Male Model Monday
Cast Of Vampire Diaries Makes Appearance At Comic-Con
Guess The Crack
Leo Still Owns Box Office
Kellan Lutz, Nina Dobrev, Joe Manganiello & Many More Party At Comic-Con [PHOTOS]
Paris Hilton Gives Club-Goers Crotch Flash [PHOTOS]
Zachary Quinto Clears Up 'Star Trek 2' Rumors
A-List 'Avengers' Cast Makes Debut At Comic-Con
Kings Of Leon's Shitty Concert
Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Together At LAX With Daughter
Robert Pattinson Reaches His Paparazzi Boiling Point
Cam Gigandet Is Not Playing Another Vampire In 'Priest'
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's Boobs Light Up Comic-Con
Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart Prep For 'On The Road'
Whose Jeans Are A Little Too Tight?
Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz Stop At The Tour De France To Promote 'Knight and Day'
Casey Affleck Being Sued For Sexual Harassment
Jennifer Garner Rides With Russell Brand
True Blood Reigns At Comic-Con
Jessica Biel Not Cool With Toxic Criticism
Justin Beieber In Handcuffs [PHOTO]
Britney Spears Thankfully Covers Up Weave With Hat
John Mayer Pleases Fans With Ice Cream
Taylor Momsen Working with John Galliano?
Who's My Daddy?
Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy Experience Giggle Fest [Obvious Observations]
Sandra's Possible New Film Role
Matt Bomer & Tim DeKay Get Their Ke$ha Moves On During Comic-Con!
I Propose That Star Search Was the 'Toddlers & Tiaras' Of The 80s
Russell Brand As Katy Perry & More! [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Lady Gaga Gets Thrown Up On, But Does It In Style!
Olivia Munn Storms Comic-Con [Nibbly Things]
Katie Price's Single Fails & She Quits Music...Thank God!
Michael C. Hall Teases Fans With 'Dexter' Admission In Season 5
Uber-Thin Ashlee Simpson Doesn't Bother Me...What About You?
David Boreanaz's Belt Buckle Says It All...
Paris Hilton's Champagne Douche With Spider-Man!
Elizabeth Taylor Tells The World To Wait Until She's Dead!
McFly Goes Nude For Attitude [Just Because]
Jon Hamm Talks Sexism [Quickies]
What If Mel Gibson Was Your Boyfriend?
Alesandra Ambrosio Bikini Photos [Just Because]
Hot Legs! Shakira Gets Crazy Limber In A Pink Tutu!
Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera Get 'Dirrty' At Voyeur
Celebs Come Out To 'Bang' Marc Jacobs
Problem With This 'Situation' Is That N'Sync Turtleneck
New 3-D 'Tron' Trailer Premiered At Comic-Con
Carrie Underwood #1 In 'Idol' Album Sales [We Give Good Link]
Samantha Ronson Still Loves A Part Of Lindsay Lohan
Woof! 'True Blood's' Joe Manganiello Is Shirtless And Ripped...
Cameron Diaz Likes Dating A Whole Lotta Men
Angelina Jolie Is Still Bad-Ass
Bieber Fever Hits CSI
Rachel Bilson Shops The Pain Away
Tom Cruise Headed To Reality TV?
Cristiano Ronaldo To Marry Girlfriend Irina Shayk
Martinis and Popcorn: 'Salt' and 'Ramona and Beezus'
More Evidence That David Boreanaz Is An Enormous Creep
Orlando Bloom Marries Miranda Kerr
Guess The Guns
Taylor Momsen & Perez Hilton's Twitter War & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Tila Tequila Avoids London Upskirt [Nibbly Things]
Kylie Talks Orgy, Boyfriend & Breaks Things On Alan Carr Show
Angelina Jolie Stops By ComicCon To Promote 'Salt'
I Love Nicole Richie, Especially When She's A Gun-Wielding Bitch
Ay Dios Mio! Pete Wentz Surprised By Son's Bilingual Behavior
Zac Efron Hopes To Impress With Acting Chops, Not Just His Six Pack
Old Boozing Habits Die Hard For Amy Winehouse
Kathie Lee Gifford & Bethenny Frankel Love Them Some Hammocks
Suri Cruise Finds A Friend in Katie Holmes' Fake Daughter
Cam Gigandet And His Classic Mustang [Obvious Observations]
Christopher Reeve & A Gay Porn Star? [Quickies]
What's Ben Affleck Doing With A Secret Panic Room?
Cameron Diaz & A-Rod Play Family In NYC
Michael Lohan Charged With Harrassing Kate Major
Julianne Hough On Seacrest: "I Thought He Was Gay"
We See London, We See France...Jennifer Aniston's Peeking Underpants
Simon Monjack Died Of Same Causes As Brittany Murphy [We Give Good Link]
Dina & Ali Lohan Visit Lindsay In The Slammer!
Does Anyone Else Feel Taylor Momsen Is A Young Courtney Love?
My Verdict On Christina Aguilera's 'You Lost Me' Video
Zachary Quinto Shaves It Off
Angelina Jolie Hasn't Even Seen A Script For Cleopatra!
Dog Finds Unique Way To Cool Down In Central Park
Breaking News! Tori Spelling Eats
Kellan Lutz Can't Wait For Kristen Stewart To Be A Vampire
Wentworth Miller Doubles As Screenwriter And Steals A Story
Lindsay Lohan Slated For October Cover Of Vanity Fair
Katy Perry Is Every Boy's 'Teenage Dream'
Backup Justin Timberlake
A Bambino For Christina Applegate!
Tom Cruise AND His Movies Confuse Us
Who's All Zipped Up?
Jerry Seinfeld, Bethenny Frankel & Local Nobodies Celebrate The New Target In Harlem! Yes, We're Serious!
'Vampire Diaries' Star Nina Dobrev Shows Her Fangs & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
If Kim G. Is The 'Carrie', Is Danielle The 'Samantha'?
Dita Von Teese Sure Is a Cock(tail) Tease
Hot Men & Women Walk Red Carpet For 'Mad Men' Premiere!
Nicole Trunfio Has A Little Nip Slip [Nibbly Things]
Lindsay Lohan's Switches Out Cigs For Snacks In Jail
Perception: Leonardo DiCaprio Still Looks Good Shirtless
'As The World Turns' Being Replaced by 'The View' Rip Off
I Thought I Recognized 'Inception' Star Tom Hardy From That Star Trek Movie
Adorable Children Reenact 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'
Katie Holmes Dishes On Playing Jackie O.
Jesus Luz Shirtless On The Beach [Just Because]
Mel Gibson Turns To Britney Spears For Support [Quickies]
Chris Isaak Wants To Replace Simon Cowell on American Idol!
According To J-Woww, 'Jersey Shore' Kids Didn't Strike
Chris Hemsworth Flaunts His Thor Arms [We Give Good Link]
Jennifer Aniston's Perfume Could Double As Mace
Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Step Out For 'Charlie St. Cloud' Premiere
Jesse James Wins Custody Of Daughter Sunny
Brad Pitt's 'Moneyball' Finally Starts Rolling
Matt Bomer's First On Screen Kiss Was A 'Full-On' Makeout
Lindsay Lohan Gets Away With A Measly 14-Days Of Jail
Selena Gomez And Joey King Bond As 'Ramona And Beezus'
Megan Fox Gets A Ring On It
Britney Spears Has A Major Hair Scare
Madonna Fined Over House Party
Who's Driving The Lamborghini?
R Kelly Pays Tyrese A Pee-Free Visit & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Shirtless Rafael Nadal Photos [Package Watch]
Pick A Name For Aniston's New Fragrance. Any Name.
Place Your Bets On Lindsay's Jail Time
'Inception' Red Carpet Premiere In Japan!
Hilary Duff Is Mommy's Girl [Nibbly Things]
Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets In Touch With Her Inner Prostitute
Ice-T Is Too Tough For A Seat Belt, But Gets Arrested Regardless
How The Other Half Live: South Florida Gurls
Justin Timberlake Knows A Thing Or Two About Tequila