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Stella McCartney Explains Fashion To Naomi Watts
Eat Pray Roberts
Katy Perry Compares Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' To A Fart Joke
Scarlett Johansson Really Likes Beige [We Give Good Link]
More Reports That Lea Michele Is A Diva
Rihanna Talks Chris Brown And Her New Boyfriend With 'Elle'
Kate Bosworth Supports Alexander Skarsgard At 'True Blood' Premiere
Lady Gaga Attends Her Little Sister's Graduation
'Glee' Ends & My Happiness Follows Right Behind
Cheryl Cole's 'Lollipop' Style at the UK Glamour Awards
Socialite Life Celebrity Book Club & Giveaway For Sarah Silverman's 'The Bedwetter'
Who's Hiding Behind Her Handbag?
Kate Hudson Films Yet Another Rom-Com
Arrest Warrant Issued For Lindsay Lohan
Nick Lachey Explains Buzz Cut, Reveals He's Up To Nothing
Lindsay, Lenny & Pink Clear Up Some Rumors [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Christina Aguilera: Sayer Of Stuff
Jesse Williams Gets Upgraded To Full-Time On Grey's Anatomy
Guy's Girl Jessica Biel Talks Nascar And Snowboarding
Christina Aguilera Performs On The 'Today Show.' Ehhh.
John Stamos Will Guest Star On 'Glee' Season Finale Tonight
Vanessa Hudgens' 'Beastly' Is Postponed Thanks To Zac Efron
Teresa Giudice Explains Her Bankruptcy
Naomi Campbell Does Not Do Stairs
Michael Lohan To Open Club Called Controversy [Nibbly Things]
Chris Brown Banned From Britain
Heidi Montag Attempts To File For Divorce
Shirtless Joe Manganiello Talks 'True Blood'
Jane Lynch Spoofs The New iPhone [Quickies]
The Jersey Shore Kids Celebrate 'Hard Times' & The Season 2 Preview [Video]
Willow Smith Gone Wild At 'The Karate Kid' Premiere
Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' Video Debuts [WATCH]
Joran van der Sloot Allegedly Murdered Woman For Being Nosy [We Give Good Link]
Katie Holmes Plans To Get Mousey And Loved Tom Cruise's MTV Dance Moves
The Danielle Staub Sex Tape Is Set For Release
Sarah Jessica Parker Leaves The Hat At Home For The CFDA Fashion Awards
Charlie Sheen's Plea Deal "Hit A Snag"
New 'Twilight: Eclipse' Stills [PHOTOS]
Ryan Gosling: Well Suited [Obvious Observations]
Danielle Staub does 'Good Day NY'
Colin Farrell Hangs Up His Bad Boy Hat
Sandra Bullock And Ryan Reynolds: Reunited, And It Feels So Good
Matthew Morrison Goes Solo
Guess The Ass
Shannon Price Paid Crew To Photograph Gary Coleman While He Was Dying [Nibbly Things]
Katherine Heigl Submits Her Name For An Emmy For No Reason
Kim Kardashian To Play Lara Croft
Vanessa Paradis Says It Was Love At First Sight With Johnny Depp
Juliana Marguiles Balances Work And Family as 'The Good Wife'
T.R. Knight Scores A New Boyfriend
Peter Facinelli (And Everyone Else) Drops The F-Bomb At The MTV Movie Awards
Victoria Beckham And Her Matching Men Hit The Airport
Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Pull A Kanye On Tom Felton
Lindsay Lohan Uses Her Avoidance Skills On Dr. Drew
The Vampire Diaries Stars Picked The Monte Carlo TV Festival Over MTV Movie Awards?
2010 MTV Movie Awards & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
The Worst Dressed: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Elisbetta Canalis Shuts Down Twitter Account Over Jennifer Aniston Faux Pas [Quickies]
Robert Pattinson Writes Pornographic Poetry
The Men: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Alexa Ray Joel Told To Get Help By Mom Christie Brinkley [We Give Good Link]
Rafael Nadal Wins The French Open
The Twilight Saga: New Moon Hunks at MTV Movie Awards
The Women: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Cheryl Cole & Derek Hough Are So Doing It [Obvious Observations]
Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Kiss & 'New Moon' Sweeps The 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Sandra Bullock: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Eva Mendes: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Tom Cruise as Les Grossman & Jennifer Lopez: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Jessica Biel: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Russell Brand: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
The Jersey Shore Cast: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Kristen Stewart: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Nikki Reed: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Katy Perry: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
T.I. : 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Lindsay Lohan: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Johnny Weir: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Paris And Nicky Hilton: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Scarlett Johansson: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Christina Aguilera: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Beyonce and Jay Z Show Some PDA At The French Open
Anna Kendrick: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Audrina Patridge & Stephanie Pratt: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Mark Salling: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Chace Crawford And 50 Cent Are Homies
Elizabeth Reaser: 2010 MTV Movie Awards
Justin Bieber Was Not Arrested
Lindsay Lohan Has A Sexy Scram Photoshoot
Miley Cyrus Skanks It Up Onstage Once Again
Who Wears Short Shorts?
Brooke Mueller Finally Shows Her Face At Butterfly Ball
Celebrity Fashion Finds: Brooklyn Decker, Kim Kardashian And More
I Could Have Met Kim Kardashian, You Say?
Charlie Sheen Expected To Teach Acting As Punishment
Lady Gaga Is A Stick Figure
Um, Hi Kate Hudson...Where'd You Get The Baby?
2010 Guys Choice Awards: Red Carpet & Backstage [PHOTOS]
Rihana Rocks Radioactive Red in Rio
Cory Bond - Male Model Monday
Sandra Bullock's Surprise Appearance For The 'Guys' [Video]
'Real Housewife' Teresa Giudice Is $11 Million In Debt
Kylie Minogue Makes A Big Gay Splash In New York City
Anna Paquin Explains Reason Behind Bi-Sexual Revelation
Guess Who's Being Escorted Out
Katy Perry Cut From Birthday Boy Russell Brand's 'Greek' Film
Leonardo DiCarprio: Chick Magnet [Obvious Observations]
Reese Witherspoon Gets Her Hair Done While Robert Pattinson Works
Lily Allen Pushes Around Her Grandpa
Britney Spears Conservatorship Extended. Might Be Less Crazy, Though.
Mariah Carey's Doctor Told Her Not To Do Tyler Perry's Movie
Liam Hemsworth Did Not Dump Miley Cyrus
Shannon Price Spent Gary Coleman's Money In Vegas. Would Like Your Help With The Funeral Costs.
Leona Lewis Has Really Bad Luck, But Takes It Like A Champ
Sheryl Crow Adopts A Second Son, Levi James!
Christina Aguilera Protected Robert Pattinson From The Paparazzi
Guess The Asses
Nicole Scherzinger To 'Rent' This Summer [Nibbly Things]
Ashley Greene Would Like Another 'Twilight' Just Like Everyone Else
Ke$ha Hides Behind A Shark Attack
Preteen Girls Don't Want To Shave Their Bieber
Eli Roth Was Stung By Poisonus Urchins 200 Times And Almost Died
Chace Crawford Gets Busted For Pot
Halle Berry Vs. Jennifer Lopez
Christina Hendricks 'Filled In' For Scarlett Johanssen On Esquire Cover
Like Everyone Else, The Paps Want A Piece Of Alex Rodriguez
Jake Gyllenhaal Can't Explain How Much His Abs Mean To Him
Khloe Kardashian Is Fat Not Pregnant, You Guys
'The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella' Arrives With Half Naked Men
Jason Bateman And Dustin Hoffman Surprise Kiss At Lakers Game
Celebs Taking Sides: Lakers vs. Celtics [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Ian Somerhandler Is Not A Complainer, Possibly Dating Nina Dobrev
Jennifer Lopez Pays A Visit To Sick Teens [Quickies]
The Boys of 'A-Team' Take Van And Tank To Premiere. Jessica Biel Gets Her Own Ride.
Kristen Stewart Is Sorry About The 'Rape' Quote
Ricky Martin Dedicates Award To Little Girl In Cambodia At amfAR Inspriation Awards
Doug Reinhardt Dating Ms. World USA 2008 Lane Lindell [We Give Good Link]
Ed Westwick Doesn't Have A Girlfriend And Doesn't Want One
Miley Cyrus Simulates Lesbian Kiss For Britian's Got Talent.
Robert Pattinson Emotes [PHOTOS]
Martinis and Popcorn: Makes Me Wanna Say Hmm
Gwen Stefani Goes All Out For The Fourth Anniversary Of Her Son's Birth
Debralee Lorenzana Too Hot To Bank
Robert Downey, Jr. Spotted Doing A Bit Of Research
Twilight Hotties Spice It Up For Vanity Fair
Please Don't Encourage Them, Enrique
'American Idol' Winner Lee DeWyze And Crystal Bowersox Sales Underwhelming
Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Her Taco With You
Guess The Package
Ed Westwick Still With Jessica Szhor, Wants To Be Batman
Jeremy Piven's Still Shirtless [Nibbly Things]
Nikki Reed Thought It Was Obvious Everyone Would Be In 'Breaking Dawn'
LeAnn Rimes Does Not 'Regret The Outcome' With Eddie Cibrian
Celebrities Remember Rue McLanahan & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Orlando Bloom Finds A Flaw In Miranda Kerr
Utah Loves It's Porn! [Quickies]
Barcelona Forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic Shirtless [Just Because]
Models On The Runaway: Trips And Falls [VIDEO]
Lindsay Lohan Wants Some Protection
Adrien Brody Poses With His Creature At 'Splice' Premiere
Brooke Shileds Gives PETA The Middle Finger
BREAKING NEWS: 'Golden Girl' Rue McClanahan Dies at 76
Please Don't Watch the Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt Fake Split Reality Show. Please?
Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Hit Up Seoul - Videos [WE Give Good Link]
Amy Winehouse Makes Lindsay Lohan Look Like A Pussy
Bradley Cooper's Shirtless 'A-Team' Scene [Just Because]
Gary Coleman's Ex-Wife Lied About Being Married, Made Strange 911 Call
Robert Pattinson Rockin' A Tank Top On 'Elephants' Set [PHOTOS]
Fran Drescher Blessed Gay Ex-Husband
'The Vampire Diaries' Are Better Off Without Ashlee Simpson
The Guy Who Claimed To Kill JonBenet Ramsey Seriously Needs To Go The Eff Away
Ashton Kutcher Was "Lobbying For A Shirt"
Miley Cyrus Is Boyfriendless
Guess Who This Little Tyke Is Doing A Dance For?
Jack Nicholson And Val Kilmer Say Goodbye At Dennis Hopper's Funeral
Katrina Wade: Stupid Person Of The Day
Courtney Love Wears Latest Givenchy And New Face To MOMA Party
Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Arrive In Korea [Nibbly Things]
Belinda Carlisle Comes Clean About Coke Addiction
Anne Hathaway And Adam Shulman: Love And The City
John Mayer Cancels The Rest Of His Tour Due To Illness
Xavier Samuel Bonded With Other 'Twilight' Newbie Bryce Dallas Howard
Charlie Sheen Goes To The Happiest Place On Earth Before Prison
Nina Dobrev Tells Us Why She's So Gorgeous
Elizabeth Taylor Shares Her Love Letters From Richard Burton
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Replaces Megan Fox In 'Transformers 3'
Leonardo DiCaprio Hides From Paparazzi, Bar Refaeli Shrugs
Robert Pattinson: Water For Elephants Set [PHOTOS]
Jennifer Aniston Sneaks In To Support Courtney Cox At The Crystal + Lucy Awards
Megan Fox's Bikini Shots [Quickies]
Britney Spears Public Fight With Jason Trawick
Cameron Diaz And Her Bag Strike Back At Paparazzi
Lindsay Lohan Loses Wisdom Teeth, Gains Drugs
Ashton Kutcher Spotted With Katherine Heigl's Killers' Fashion Disaster
Report: Mariah Carey Is Pregnant [We Give Good Link]
Heidi Montag: Reflects In Pink [Obvious Observations]
Khloe Kardashian May Or May Not Be Pregnant
Lance Bass Looks A Little Different?
Beauty And Her Dead Sociopath Twin: A Conversation With Shannen Doherty About 'Mari Kari'
Colin Farrell Is Retiring His Bad Boy Ways
Kirsten Dunst Takes The Stand
Possible 'Spider-Man' Replacements to Rock Spandex
Just Sayin': If Your Mom Swipes Your Beer, It's Time To Get A Job
Jane Lynch Marries Lara Embry!
Who's Wearing Electric Blue Pants?
Sex and The City 2 Premieres In Japan
Bradley Cooper Is Not A Girl And He Never Dated Jennifer Aniston. So There.
Kim Kardashian, Kelly Clarkson, Travis Clark & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: Airport Paparazzi Chaos [PHOTOS]
Jennifer Garner Is Just A Regular Mom
Michelle McGee Isn't Racist, Just Anti-Semitic
Hollywood Remembers Dennis Hopper
Lindsay Lohan Has A New Drug Of Choice
Jesse Williams Sort Of Watches French Open With Fiance
Prosecutors Want Naomi Campbell To Testify In War Crimes Trial. Yeah, That Could Be A Publicity Stunt.
Charles Dennison - Stupid Person Of The Day
Chris Colfer Talks Bullying And The Birth Of Kurt On 'The View'
Lady Gaga On Being 'Borderline Positive' For Lupus, Opening For Michael Jackson and Don't Ask Don't Tell
Tila's Trainwreck Timeline
Al And Tipper Gore Split After 40 Years Together
Clay Aiken Album Comes Out Today [Nibbly Things]
Ashley Judd Has A Harvard Degree And A Man With A Big Trophy, What Do You Have?
Ewan McGregor Bumps Into Robbie Williams [Quickies]
Taylor Lautner & Tom Cruise Together At Last!
Jessica Biel And Bradley Cooper Bring 'A-Team' Van To Woo NASCAR Fans
Ian Ziering's '90210' Reunion Wedding
George Clooney Doesn't Do Make-up
January Jones And Adrien Brody Secretly Dating?
Eminem Is Old School [Obvious Observations]
Sarah Ferguson Blames It (Asking A Reporter For A Bribe) On The Alcohol
Ted Koppel's Son Dead After Drinking Binge [We Give Good Link]
Model Andres Velencoso Walks Out On Kylie Minogue
Jeremy Piven's Shirtless Memorial Day [Why Not?]