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Red Carpet Dazzlers and Duds: 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards
Amanda Bynes 'Retires' At Age 24
Megan Fox's Film Flops, Face Remains Unphased
Taylor Lautner Asked For A Punch In The Face
Miley Plays Sacrificial Virgin, Biebs Sweeps At 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards
Lady Gaga Causes A Ruckus At Yankee Stadium
This is Your (Sad) Life - The Spencer Pratt Edition
Dear Chace Crawford... You Look So Much Better In A Suit Than A Mug Shot
'True Blood' Recap: So Much Supernatural
Justin Timberlake's The New Face For Givenchy
Who Has Flowers On Her Shoes?
Adam Lambert, Justin Bieber, Kellan Lutz & More Get Ready For MuchMusic Video Awards [PHOTOS]
David Jensen - Male Model Monday
Kellan Lutz's Men's Health Cover Shoot Video Plus Screencaps [Just Because]
Bye Bye Dina Manzo, Meet Elvira Grau The Newest 'Real Housewive Of New Jersey'
Miley hosting MuchMusic Video Awards Tonight, Watch Online!
Kim Kardashian Causes Another Twitter Controversy
Matthew McConaughey Cleans Up For Dolce And Gabbana
Nicole Kidman Signs On For A Blockbuster And A Biopic
Amy Winehouse Creepily Commissions Painting Of Her And Ex
Adam Lambert Doesn't Find His Hair Newsworthy
Rob Is 'Terrified' About 'Eclipse' Response
A Big Departure for Jessica Alba
Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Tries Giving Weight Loss Advice
House And Cuddy Make It Official Next Season On 'House'
Jeremy London Faked Own Abduction?
Kristen Stewart Discusses 'Breaking Dawn'
Kellan Lutz Shows Off His Underwear In Toronto [PHOTOS]
Katy Perry May Make Mistakes, But Not When It Comes to Her Wardrobe
Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Know Her Drink Has Alcohol In It
The Kardashian Sisters Are Really Writing A Book
David Beckham Almost Gets Pounded By An Angry Fan
Taylor Lautner Loves The Olive Garden
Katie Price & Alex Reid To Cash In On Their Wedding
Warren Beatty's Daughter Wants to Be 'Stephen'
Snoop Dogg, Spencer Pratt, Selena Gomez & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
WTF: Tilda Swinton's Inspiration For Fragrance Was Color Orange
Jackson Rathbone & Nicola Peltz Talk To The Animals [PHOTOS]
It's Me Against The Bieber
Julianne Moore's 'Kids Are All Right' [Nibbly Things]
An Apology To Megan Fox's Breasts
Mel B: The 'B' Stands For Boning
Who's Chatting Up Nicole Richie?
Moms Gossip Too: Chace Crawford Makes Mother Cry
Rent A Boy: Scissor Sisters Have One Available For Night Work
Angelina Jolie Returns To Ecuador With Double Cheeseburgers?
Oh Scheisse: Knut The Polar Bear Goes Nuts In Germany
Heidi Montag Trying To Cash In On New Affair [Quickies]
Is Christina Aguilera's Voice A Good Luck Charm?
Better Belieb it: Justin Bieber's New Video Featuring Usher
Miley Cyrus Owns Her Crappy Voice!
James Franco's Fan Fiction Love Between Kirk & Spock
Megan Fox Plays Second Fiddle To Her Own Boobs
Meet Salma Hayek Pinault [We Give Good Link]
5 Looks You Should Steal From Jessica Alba
Spend Sunday Nights With Holly Madison!
Adam Lambert Does Some Man-Scaping
Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Bring 'Eclipse' To Germany
Conspiracy Theorists Rejoice Over Lindsay Lohan's Pee
Prepare for Gleekout: Justin Timberlake May Be Appearing in Second Season
Martinis and Popcorn: Kids, Mocking and Dark Humor
Michael C. Hall Talks Dexter
Who's Hiding?
Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Are On A Break
America Ferrara Is Engaged!
Royal Ascot, Ladies Day: British Women Wearing Ridiculous Hats [PHOTOS]
Jessica Alba Welcomes You To The Dollhouse
Here's the 420, er 411: Mark Paul Gosselar Joins Weeds
Cristiano Ronaldo Posts Shirtless Photo On Twitter [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Kate Gosselin's Boobs Protected By Bodyguard
Jeremy Piven is Mark Wahlberg's Pool Boy?
Dear Snooki, You Can't Lose Weight Dunking Cookies In Vodka
How Jonah Hill Got His Arm Scar [Nibbly Things]
Earth, Wind And Fire Dish On Obama
Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart Premiere 'Eclipse' In Rome
Whitney Houston, Get Yo Weave To The Groomers!
Single Moms Vote Peter Andre Father Of The Year Or "D.I.L.F."
Inside The Team Portugal Locker Room
Eli Roth and Peaches Geldoff Eating Out All The Time
If You Were Lost by 'Lost', Here's A Map
Eminem Really Does Heart The Gays [Quickies]
Padma Lakshmi Eats Lots Of Testicles, David Spade's May Be Next
Gummi Bears Give Hugs Not The Finger
Derek Hough Does Horizontal Mambo With Cheryl Cole On Vacation
Jeremy London Apparently Kidnapped & Forced To Smoke Crack
Maui Recognizes Zac Efron Is A Shirtless Shining Star
Eva Longoria Looking To Have A Baby [We Give Good Link]
Katy Perry Forgot To Wear Underwear During Times Square Concert [NSFW]
It's Your Fugly Haircut: Woman Mistaken In Bar for Justin Bieber
Tom, Cameron & Third Wheel Katie at Knight And Day Premiere
2010 World Cup Studs: Team Portugal
Loony Tori Spelling Passes Notes From Farrah Fawcett
'Twilight' Star Alex Meraz's Extreme Weight Loss
Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Take 'Eclipse' To Rome
Even With Pit Stains, Women Still Love Tom Cruise
Matthew McConaughey Just Keeps Feelin' Charitable
Miley Cyrus Responds To Perez Hilton Vag Pic
Even Wilmer Valderrama Thinks Lindsay Lohan Is Past The Hot-Mess Stage
Guess The Ass
Harrison Ford & Calista Flockart Marry
Prego Kelly Preston Goes Rio [Photo Gallery]
Heidi Montag Tells Spencer Pratt 'No More' & Other Tweets [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Bono Does A Little House Shopping In Nice [Nibbly Things]
Little People, Big Rumors: Matt Roloff isn't dead!
Jennifer Lopez Needs To Wear Three Outfits A Night
Miley Cyrus Can't Help Being A Little Slut
Absolutely Precious: Gabourey Sidibe's Mom Can Sing Ya'll
Jennifer Garner Wants The Paps To Stop
Cameron Diaz Is Single And Loving It
Some People Need A Punch In The Face
Who Is The Lady Gaga Sex Doll For?
Brooke Mueller Goes To Rehab After Charlie Sheen Divorce Docs
Clean Balls Are A Must [Quickies]
Daniel Radcliffe Gets Balls But Still Cried Over End Of Potter
Hippie Levi McConaughey Vs. Soccer Stud Levi McConaughey
White Collar Crime Never Looked So Good...
Kellan Lutz: Shirtless & Wearing A Loincloth [Just Because]
Katy Perry Will Derobe For Teens, By Choice
Christina Aguilera Growls Out Star Spangled Banner
Angeline Jolie Films PSA for World Refugee Day, June 20
Cory Monteith & Dianna Agron Get Their Op On [We Give Good Link]
Dita Von Teese Gets To Be A Virgin Again
Megan Fox And That 90210 Guy Get Engaged Again
Chris Klein Gets DUIs Instead Of Jobs
Kristen Stewart Admits She's That 'Cat Lady'
Jake Gyllenhaal & Jim Toth Live Strong. Who Do You Prefer?
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Dish on Sex and Suri
Kelis Explodes For The 4th Of July
Robert Pattinson Visits Leno, Gets Dissed By Emma Roberts
Celebs Mean 'Monkey'-Business to Support The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation
90210's AnnaLynne McCord Is Over Beverly Hills
Social Networking Welcomes One Cristiano Ronaldo
Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Still Going Strong
Marion Cotillard Has People Living Inside Her
Diane Kruger is Allure's July Cover Girl
Matthew Morrison: The House That 'Glee' Bought
Real Housewives Of D.C. To Star Salahis And Some Nobodies
Connor Paulo: Drama "Makes The Heart Grow Fonder"
Who's Proud To Be Drinking Starbucks?
2010 World Cup Studs: Team Spain
Great News: We Might See Robert Pattinson's Butt (Soonish)
If You Seek Amy, You'll Only Find Mitch Winehouse Album
Xavier Samuel Shows Some Skin [Nibbly Things]
Kelly Clarkson Finds Out Karaoke Is Her Drug
Get Enrolled in RuPaul's Drag U!
Babies Kicking And Screaming For Suri Cruise Heels
Ellen DeGeneres Surprises, Plus Ryan Seacrest And More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Ernie Reveals More About Relationship With Burt
Activision E3 Preview Event Features Eminem, Usher and N.E.R.D.
Ashley Greene Wanted to be a Lawyer
A New Editor for Socialite Life!
Helen Mirren's Brothel Adventure
'Twilight' Wolf Pack Launches 'Be The Shift'
Katy Perry Has a Killer Set Of Cans
Kathy Griffin And Joan Rivers May Be Dating
Victoria Beckman Becomes A Queen on SpongeBob
Renee Zellweger Runs For It [Quickies]
Oui, Oui Kellan Lutz, You are a God
99.9% Of People Still Don't Care About Dina Manzo
Michael Jackson Murder Theory [We Give Good Link]
Jessica Biel Rather Bradley Cooper Bare All
Gary Coleman's Cremation Delayed
Levi McConaughey Channels Homeless Chic
Taylor Lautner is a 'GQ' Man
Kylie Gets Wet and Reveals All
'Hot in Cleveland' Premiere, Yearbook Style
Like Women, Cars Want Nothing To Do With Charlie Sheen
Katy Perry Recants Lady Gaga Statement to Save Album
Jennifer Lopez's Midas Touch
Robert Pattinson and 'Eclipse' Cast Visit the Night Crew
Proud Papa Larry Birkhead with daughter, Dannielynn
James Franco Gets Proud And A Tad Vague With Kalup Linzy
Guess The Ass
Matthew McConaughey Makes Manly And Funny TV
2010 World Cup Studs: Team England
Michael Douglas Is One Lucky Man [Nibbly Things]
Mark Indelicato's Next Role as an Itern
'True Blood' Doesn't Want Lindsay Lohan
Rick Fox Talks To Rick Fox & Much More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Megan Fox Likes To Pretend She's Hot...Oh Wait
Belfast Is Official Home For Most Gleeks In The UK
Dakota Fanning Has Her Priorities Straight
Eva Mendes Has A Sense of Humor
Here's the Rap: 'The Situation' Just Got Worse
Taylor Swift Does It For The Fans
Johnny Weir Eyes Spot On 'Dancing With The Stars'
A Shirtless Christopher Meloni Hits The Beach
Adam Lambert Gets Pleathered In "If I Had You" Video
Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Scoff at Anti-Gay Protesters
Spencer & Heidi's Affair Accusations [Quickies]
Cristiano Ronaldo: Shirtless & In His Underwear [Just Because]
'Toy Story 3' Premieres in Hollywood
Brad Pitt Loses His Beard [We Give Good Link]
Stephen Moyer's 'True Blood' True Sex Scenes
Tom Cruise is the Girl Talk Topic Between Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham
'Today' Interview Talks Marriage with Robert Pattinson
Tony Awards Style is Polished and Poised
Smokin' Hot 'Twilight' Stars Talk Kissing and Marriage
Scarlett Johansson and Denzel Washington Receive Tony Awards
'Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Convention Day 3 Roundup
Britney, is that You????
All He Needs is a Freaking Tiara!
Is Jona Hex(ed)???
True Blood: Season Premiere Recap
Carrie Underwood Will Have A 'Surprise' Honeymoon
Eddie Cibrian Still Getting Blasted By Ex-Wife
Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger Are Not Getting Married
Simon Monjack Secrets Come Out
Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber: Young Love [Miu Says]
Who's Riding Bikes With A Shirtless Friend?
Experts Say Lindsay Lohan 'Certainly' Headed Behind Bars
2010 World Cup Studs: Team USA
What's In A Vampire?
Katy Perry Needs Attention
Sarah Palin Didn't Get Implants
Christina Aguilera And Cher Will Not Duet
Matt Damon Is Talented
Tobias Sorensen - Male Model Monday
'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Convention Video & Photo Roundup
Ashley Greene's Vampire Workout
Britney Is Sad
Pink Got Drunk In Berlin
Ryan Kwanten Shy When It Comes To His Abs?
Is Jay-Z Whipped By Beyonce?
Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are 'Smitten'
Keith Urban Wants Another Baby!
Simon Baker and Family Vacation in the South of France
Sienna Miller Back To Being Step Mommy
Who's Wearing A Simple Wedding Band?
Tom Cruise Wants You To Know He Doesn't Have An Ego
Amanda Seyfried Hates Kissing
Bradley Cooper Suffers Depression
Angelina Jolie Is the New Cleopatra
Robert Pattinson In Beverly Hills, Taylor Shirtless & Reese's Kids Visit Set
Guess The Ass
Kellan Lutz Has To Beware Of His Crazy Fans
Music Stars Start Off World Cup With A Bang
January Jones Makes A Mad Dash Away From DUI
Is Dina Manzo Leaving 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'?
Chace Crawford Charged With Pot Possession
Did Jodie Foster Attack A Teenage Boy?
Season Two Secrets with Vampire Diaries' Cast
'The Guild' In Autotune [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Lindsay Lohan & Brody Jenner? [WTF]
Kim Kardashian And Usher Smell Up The Red Carpet At The Fifi Awards
John Goodman Loses It [Quickies]
Kellan Lutz Goes Shirtless For Men's Health
Oprah Winfrey & Cher Are AFI Party Magnets [PHOTOS]
Cher, Natalie Portman & A-List Actors Support Mike Nichols's Lifetime Achievement
Christina Aguilera's Depression Issues [We Give Good Link]
Megan Fox Was Just Trying To Throw You Off With All Those Weird Comments
A 'Glee' Season 2 Preview To Get You Through The Summer
Jesse James' Ex Getting Her Sh*t Together In The Nick Of Time
'Breaking Dawn' To Be Slipit Into Two Films
Martinis and Popcorn: 80s Remake Weekend
Jennifer Garner On A Bump Watch [Photo Gallery]
Ashley Greene Loves Being Famous
Oh Marone, Teresa. The Onyx Has Put You In Debt
Who's Wearing Big Bird?
Snooki & The The Situation Pose [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Lady Gaga, The Finger and A Nipple [Nibbly Things]
Lady Gaga Responds To 'Alejandro' Criticism
Madonna And Gwyneth Paltrow No Longer BFFs
Boys & Girls Taught Jennifer Lopez To Believe In Her 'God-Given Talent'
Katherine Heigl Dresses Like A Politician's Wife
Christina Aguilera Tries To Desperately Save Her Album
Christina Ricci's Fright At The Museum
It's Team Britney Vs. Team Bodyguard In Sexual Harrassment Scandal
Danielle Staub Wants Her Sex Tape To Sell
Brad Pitt Sought Psychic Advice When He Started Working With Angelina
Russell Crowe Stands Up Pretty Well For A Dead Guy
Emma Watson Spotted With Model [Quickies]
Lunch + A Dress = Renee Zellweger & Bradley Cooper Wedding
Heidi Klum Goes Naked For German GQ
Tom Cruise Still Milking Les Grossman
Lindsay Lohan Could Be On 'Celebrity Apprentice' & Dina Lohan Exaplains SCRAM Set Off
Shia LaBeouf Is A Camera Buff [We Give Good Link]
Taylor Swift Is Beautiful In Brown At The CMT Awards
Courtney Love's Kinky Naked Facebook Photos. How Do You Unplug Facebook?
Carrie Underwood And Keith Urban Are Winners At CMT
Robert Pattinson On 'Elephants' Set, 'Eclipse' Promotional Appearance Dates
Joan Rivers 'A Piece Of Work' Screening With Commentary From Joan
Gwyneth Turns Heads in Michael Kors
Zachary Quinto's Little Bit of Everything
Who's Ripped?
Justin Timberlake Ain't Too Proud To Sing Backup
David Boreanaz Is Naked [Nibbly Things]
Christina Aguilera's 'Bionic' Too Sexy For This Party?
January Jones: The Taxi Ride Of Shame [Obvious Observations]
Kate Hudson's Son Ryder In 'The Hurt Wrist'
Jimmy Fallons Needs YOU To Watch Him. Please.
Lindsay Lohan Twitter Frenzy [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Miley Cyrus Out With Liam Hemsworth But Pines For Gay Best Friend
Pretty Little Liars: What We Thought
Simon Baker Likes To F*ck With Journalists
Zachary Levi Talks 'Chuck' Season Three
OMG, You Have To Watch Salma Hayek's 'Grown Up' Snake Scare [Video]
Nina Dobrev Is Happy Not To Be Naked
Cuban Actor/Model William Levy Shirtless [Quickies]
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Jason Statham: Transformer & Transporter [Titles]