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Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's Love Boat
Aretha Franklin & Condoleeza Rice To Perform Together!
Madonna And Lourdes Shake Things Up At Macy's
Lady Gaga Is Very, Very Loved
Has Drew Barrymore Found The Fountain Of Youth?
Who's Adjusting?
Jake Shears Takes Off His Shirt, Wants To See Your Butt
Lindsay Lohan Takes Her Breath Mints Crushed Up, Thank You
Neil Patrick Harris, Coco, Lady Gaga & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Elijah Wood Joins Dog For FX Comedy Show 'Wilfred'
Katie Price Asks, "What If Barbie Had A Bachelorette Party..."
Our Top 8 Replacements For Larry King!
Katy Perry Sparkles [Quickies]
Ed Westwick Wants You To Know He's Single
Mischa Barton's Hair Extensions Are Crying
A Southern White Woman Flips The Script On Hip-Hop Dance
'Eclipse' Premieres Today So This One's For The Twi-hards
Nikki Reed Beats Up Jimmy Kimmel
Jason Bateman Doesn't Seem Too Sorry About Cutting The Line
David Letterman Spares Landon Donovan The Big Question
Fairy Godmother Dolly Parton Comes To Miley's Defense
Al Gore's DNA Spillage On Molly Hagerty's Pants
Kelly Brook Hooking Up With 16-Year-Old Sam Watson?
Know Your Fans: Jon Secada Promotes Albums At Chippendale's
Lourdes Leon and I Both Hate Gladiator Sandals
Zoe Saldana Is Engaged To Keith Britton [We Give Good Link]
Bradley & Renee: Why No PDA?
The Birthday 'Situation': Body Part Cakes Are Frightening
Socialite Life Is Getting A Makeover & We Want Your Input
Britney Spears Unveils New Fashion Line For Candie's
Larry King Is Dunzo & Puts Many Suspenders Out Of Work
Victoria's Secret Celebrates The Launch Of New PINK Line With Shopping Spree
Calista Flockhart Flashes the Band
Think Gaga Is A Boy? These Pics Should Help
Dominic Cooper To Join 'Captain America' Cast
Kelly Ripa Wants To Be A Cool Mom
Who's Wearing The Black Boot?
Alexander Skarsgard Loves Being Naked & Most Love Him Naked As Well
'Harry Potter' Is A Buzzing & More [Celebritiy Twitterverse]
Miranda Kerr: Ice Ice Baby [Obvious Observations]
Emma Watson Finally Gets Licked By Her Boyfriend
Have You Seen This Girl?
Sienna Miller Proves You Can Marry Jude Law Without Trusting Him
Kim Kardashian Waxes On [Nibbly Things]
Dale DaBone Says Jennifer Capriati's Overdose Result of Porn & Depression
Beckham Backs Andy Murray For Wimbledon Win
Everyone Should Own A Multi-Sex Hat Made Of Fox Fur
Chris Brown Found BET Inspiration In Playmate's Breasts
Vanessa Hudgens Was Going To Be Nude Sooner Or Later
Lauryn Hill Gives A Rare Interview
Frak Me! The Rise Of Robots
Freida Pinto's Quickie [Quickies]
Look Out Heidi Montag, Katie Price Can Sing Worse Than You!
Cyndi Lauper Still Has Great Legs
Get High With Kelis On A 'Spaceship'
Kristen Stewart Is Torn Between Two Loves In Real Life Too
Christina Aguilera To Guest on 'Entourage', Nemesis Eminem Also Will Appear
Oprah Winfrey Tops Forbes Celebrity 100 List Yet Again
Ed Westwick Hearts A Good Banana Hammock (And Probably Its Contents)
Lost Booger Eating Scene From 'Planet Earth?'
Naomi Campbell Lost Her Mind & Her Hair Went With It!
Jake Pavelka & His Gay Tendencies [We Give Good Link]
Coco's Visual Assault Of The Day
10 Celebrity Summer Fashion Hits And Misses
Xavier Samuel: 'Isn't everyone a 'Twilight' fan?'
Gwyneth Paltrow & The Case Of The Brittle Bones
'Deathly Hallows' Trailer Proves End Is July 2011 For Potter Fans
Boozed-Up 'Melrose' Place Star Charged With Vehicular Homicide
Kristen Proves Once You Go Wolf, You Never Go Back
Megan Fox And Brian Austin Are Married! Cue 90210 Theme!
The Kerr-Bloom Wedding Will Be In LA. And No, You're Not Invited
Vanessa Hudgens Claims She Is A Real Person Outside Of 'High School Musical'
Sheryl Crow's Son Plays Back-Up Cutie at Lilith
Who's Grabbing His Junk?
Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Screen 'Eclipse' In New York City
The Backstreet Boys Show Their Pride & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Miley Is Like...Y'know...Really Articulate Y'All!
Jennifer Garner Cracks [Nibbly Things]
Ryan Kwanten & Vanessa Minnillo Get Some Beauty Work Done
Kristen Stewart Feels Lucky To Have Played 'Bella'
What I Expect From Dina Lohan's Reality Show
How Desperate: Eva Longoria-Parker Gets A Reality Show On VH1
Sandra Bullock & Jesse James Are Officially Divorced!
Jennifer Love Hewitt Also A Gay Porn Whisperer
Ellen DeGeneres Wins Another Emmy [Quickies]
Steve Carell Says 7 Seasons Of 'The Office' Is Enough
Ryan Phillippe And Girlfriend Alexis Knapp Are Heating Up
A Threesome Wish: Zac Efron, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore
Heidi Klum Leads Her Wolf Pack
Landon Donovan, I Suggest You Take This Mess To Maury Povich
Taylor Lautner's Six-Pack Talks To The Today Show
Angelina Jolie Talks About Kids, Brad & Her Darkness
Ryan Kwanten Causes Heartbreak On Twitter
'Eclipse' Gets Rave Reviews Not Just From Teenage Girls
Red Carpet Fashions From 2010 BET Awards
Vince Neil Busted For DUI [We Give Good Link]
What Crocs Would Kristen Stewart Wear?
Horse: "Sorry Prince Harry Fell Off, Please Don't Send Me To The Glue Factory"
The Fans Have Spoken: 'Eclipse' Is Way Better Than 'New Moon'
Chris Brown Cries During BET Performance & It's Awkward For The World
Ellen Pompeo Needs a Sandwich and a Sweater, STAT!
Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth, MMMM or Meh??
Matt LeBlanc + Bungelow 8 = Drunken Walk of Shame
Kristen Stewart is a Hardworking Jamaican.
True Blood Recap: Bill's Been Away Too Long
Rubén Cortada - Male Model Monday
Mena Suvari Weds Music Producer
Hot Mess Lindsay Lohan Strives To Play An Even Hotter Mess
Joe Manganiello Is Going To Beef Things Up On 'True Blood'
Fergie Is Not Leaving The Black Eyed Peas
Jason Trawick Gets Behind Britney Spears To Show Her How To Pump
Oksana Grigorieva Says Mel Gibson Punched Her Teeth Out
Ashley Greene And Brock Kelly Share A Kiss
Sean Kingston Turned Down A Night With Rihanna For Lack Of Ironed Clothes
'The Bachelor' Mess: Where Did We Go Wrong?
Halle Berry Is Probably Nicer Than You
Lady Gaga Sings Her Face Off At Elton John's White Tie And Tiara Ball 2010
Mischa Barton Is A Complete Failure
Kylie Does It 'Any Which Way' With Scissor Sisters
Tom Cruise Seems Less Crazy
Prince Harry Takes On The Big Apple
The World Should Be Worried About Taylor Momsen
Alicia Keys Shows Off Her Adorable Baby Bump
Britney Spears Unites With Kevin Federline For Her Kids' Preschool Graduation
Miley Cyrus Only Cares What Her Mom Thinks
Fergie May Be Leaving The Black Eyed Peas
James Franco: Performance Artist or Pretentious Asshole?
Janet Jackson Visits Michael's Grave On The One Year Anniversary Of His Death
Jennifer Hudson To Discuss Family Murders
Guess Who?
Tom Cruise Might Be A Glorified Stuntman
'Inception' Is Completely Ruined For Me
'True Blood' Preview
Kirsten Dunst's Purse Stealer Still Not Convicted
Chris Brown Beats Justin Biber In Fan Contest?! Come Again..
Enrique Iglesias Puts To Rest Amy Winehouse Rumor
Tom Ford IS Going To Make Another Movie!
Tyra Banks Films New Scenes For 'America's Next Top Model'
Johnny Lee Miller To Appear On 'Dexter'
Who's Wearing A Big Ole Flower In Her Hair?
Remembering Michael Jackson [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Ne-Yo Is Going To Be A Daddy! [Nibbly Things]
'Eclipse' Includes Caressing, Kissing, Making Out & Dry Humping
Hally Berry's Baby's Daddy Decides To Play In The Park
Jersey Shore Photo Shoot: Who Brought The Got2BGlued?
Remembering Farrah Fawcett And How Creepy Ryan O'Neal Is
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner Sandwhich: Who Plays The Meat?
Jake Pavelka Is Not Gay [Quickies]
Emma Watson's Boots Were Made For Walking At Glastonbury
Scott Disick Admits He 'Has Some Issues'
Katy Perry Takes Off Her Top & We Stop Caring About Her Marriage
Ashley Greene Went 'Twilight' On Her First Crush
'The Situation' Clothing Line Easy To Remove, Washboard Stomachs Not Included
Discount Wedding Waits For Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr In Australia
Wipe Out: Michael Jackson's Kids Get To Be Kids In Hawaii
Rihanna and Matt Kemp Grab The New iPhone (And Each Other)
Maria Sharapova Shows It Off [We Give Good Link]
Mel Gibson's Life Gets Wackier Every Day
Jessica Alba Takes Fashion Risk At Controversial Film Premiere
Imagine Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber Talking Hermaphrodite Rumors
Lindsay Lohan's Spray Tan Sets Off SCRAM Because It's 80 Proof
'Team Kardashian' & More Celebs At LA 'Eclipse' Premiere!
'Bachelor' Breakup Can Only Be Solved With Duel At Sundown
'Eclipse' Premiere Video Recap: Don't Draw On Kristen's Face!
Wait...Are Katy Perry and Russell Brand ALREADY Married?
Martinis and Popcorn: Off Beat Laughter
Robert Pattinson: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
Jackson Rathbone - 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
Peter Facinelli: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
Anna Kendrick - 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
Kristen Stewart: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
Nikki Reed: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
Taylor Lautner - 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
Abercrombie & Fitch Makes Me Uncomfortable
Ashley Greene: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
Alex Meraz: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
Xavier Samuel - 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
Kellan Lutz - 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
Dakota Fanning - 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
Who Thinks He's 'Hott Stuff?'
MySpace's Streaming Coverage Of 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
MTV's Streaming Coverage Of 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiere
People I Want To Befriend: Russell Brand
Ashley Greene Wants To Complete Comedic Holy Trinity
Melissa Satta Gives Good Bikini [Nibbly Things]
Let's Talk Hung, Shall We? No...Not William Hung, HBO's 'Hung'
One Of These Lohan Assistants Is Gonna Spill One Day
No One Does Fancy Prostitute Like Victoria Beckham
Baby Who Smoked Bong To Send His Awful Mother To Prison
Leighton Meester, Kobe Bryant, Reggie Bush & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Not Surprised: Katherine Jackson Exploits Her Dead Son For Profit
Vagabond Twi-hards Get Surprise Visit By 'Eclipse' Stars
Game, Match, Dead: 11 Hours, 5 Minutes is Longest Tennis Match Ever
A Shirtless Mehcad Brooks For GQ [Just Because]
American Family Assoiciation Is Full Of It [Quickies]
Val Kilmer Is One Unfriendly Neighbor But Still Famous Enough
Robert Pattinson Related To Vlad The Impaler? 'Eclipse'-licious!
Gisele Bundchen Is Not From This Planet
Martha Stewart's Empire Strikes Back!
Needing A Mary-Kate Olsen Day?
Mariah Doesn't Look After Her Bitches: Owes Vet $25,000
Looking for Ralph Macchio? Try NYC's 'Grown Ups' Red Carpet & Premiere
Miley Cyrus Is All About Female Empowerment [We Give Good Link]
Scarlett Johannson Thinks Tony Award Critics Should Back The Eff Up
Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore Wanted Massage With Happy Ending
'Love Ranch' Premiere: Helen Mirren, Kristen Stewart And Irrelevant Bai Ling
Team Jacob: One Thing Not Found in 'Eclipse' Is Wolf Genitalia
Robert Pattinson Still Hanging With 'Elephants'
STFU: Tiffany Vs Debbie Gibson in SyFy Original Movie!
Jason Trawick Is Officially A Hot Mess
Eminem's New Album Will Score Big
Nick Jonas Appointed National Chair of JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes
Who's Getting Her Hair Done?
Ryan Phillipe's Face May Hate the Paparazzi, But His Muscles Don't
Tom Hanks Plays With His Woody & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Cyndi Lauper Gets Reality Show, No Word If She'll 'She Bop' On Air
Rachel Zoe Has The Vocabulary Of An 8 Year Old Girl, Circa '97
Kim Kardashian Dating Another Football Player [Nibbly Things]
Literal 15 Seconds Of Fame In A Gaga Video Costs You $1 million
Sandra Bullock Gets Her Guitar Hero On
'Eclipse' Goodies: EW Sneak Peek and MovieFone Interviews!
Tweens Get To Be Madonna's 'Material Girl' At Macy's
Kylie Wants Questions, Gets Covered By Scissor Sisters
If Michael Jackson Were Only Alive To Enjoy All The Money He Was Making [Quickies]
Katy Perry Rocks Her Surgical Stocking In A Cookie Dress
Jessica Simpson Expands To Jeanswear Line
Oh Britney, With A Bra May Come A Smile
At Madame Tussauds, Michael Jackson Is Actually An Asian Woman
Josh Hartnett Dates Someone Else And Becomes Relevant
Adam Lambert's 'Glamily' Is Close But Will Cut A Bitch
Do People Still Think Tom Cruise Is Cuckoo?
Twihard Shanty Towns Erected To Await Tomorrow's 'Eclipse' Premiere
Kate Hudson Goes Public With New Romance
Lindsay Lohan's Twitter Gave Me A Great Vacation Deal!
Elvira Grau Expresses Herself Through Dance!
Perrey Reeves Reveals [We Give Good Link]
Glee Kids Say 'F*ck It' and F*ck In Their Trailers Anyway
Rihanna's Animal Print Fetish Is Revealed!
Towering Leathered Gaga Tumbles Down
5 Theories On Suri Cruise's Leg Markings
World Cup 2010 Mascot 'Zakumi' Shakes It Better Than Shakira
George Clooney Is 'The American'
Who's Flashing Her Panties?
Newly Responsible Nicole Richie's Probation Extended
Harry Potter, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
Penn Badgley & More Get Crunk On Rum For 1st Day Of Summer!
Bruce Willis Is Apparently Still Alive And Hotter Than Ever
Daniel Radcliffe Thought Justin Bieber Was A Woman - Need I Say More?
Win A Concet Tickets & A Meet & Greet With Rihanna! [Nibbly Things]
Jerry Seinfeld Is Over Lady Gaga Being A Jerk
To Hell With The Grinch, Taylor Momsen Steals Christmas And Your Soul
A Day In The Life Of Nicole Richie
A Match Made In Latex: Katy Perry And Russell Brand
Ricky Martin Checks Out Giorgio Armani [PHOTOS]
Nicholas Hoult: Young, Hot & English [Quickies]
Salma Hayek Salivates Over Fried Ant Eggs
A Trend Among 'Housewives': Go Lesbian For Music Career
Tom And Katie Have 'Date Night,' To Which I Say, 'Oh, Really?'
Bachelor Couple Jake Pavelka And Vienna Girardi Split
Must See: Get Uber Skinny With Celine Dion Workout!
Reese Witherspoon Knows How To Ride Them
Dear Naked Lohan: Don't You Dare Airbrush That SCRAM!
Dakota Fanning Goes To The Prom
Hayden Panetierre Takes Her Giant, Er, Boyfriend For A Walk
Wait, Does Anybody Like Tori Spelling Aside From Dean?
Rihanna Praises Working With Eminem
Hardcore Xtina Fans Try To Save Floptastic 'Bionic'
'Girl You Know It's True' [We Give Good Link]
More Civilized Underwear Tossing For Nick Jonas In London West End
Helen Mirren Gets Naked & Gushes Over Gaga
Celebs Help Gulf Telethon Raise $1.8 Million Dollars
The Miley Cyrus Recipe
It's A Good Year For 'Glee'
Whose Going For A Big Male-On-Male Kiss?
Leighton Meester Considers Selena Gomez & Katie Cassidy Besties
More 'True Blood' To Look Forward To
Kate Goseelin Is Lonely [Nibbly Things]
'Bitch, You're Lady Gaga, You Get Up And Walk The Walk Today.'
Do TomKat Have An Open Marriage?
This Video Is Why We Haven't Fixed The Oil Spill Yet
Jennifer Garner - Are You Preggars Again?
Kevin Federline Is Tragically Jealous Of Justin Bieber
Twihards: Want To Be Featured On Socialite Life?
Chris Colfer Would Be Raphael If He Were A TMNT
Matthew Morrison Takes His Shirt Off For Money (or Charity)
Harry Potter, Amanda Bynes, NKOTB & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]
D.A. Wants To Talk With Lindsay Lohan's Ex-Assisant [Quickies]
Kelly Rowland Is Your S&M 'Commander'
Keep Fingers Crossed Ryan Wanten's Sex Book Includes Pictures
Orlando Bloom Likes It, Puts A Ring On It
Van Der Sloot's Mom: "Joran Is Sick In The Head" - Um, Obviously
Gilles Marini Is So Happy for Harrison Ford And Calista Flockhart
Pete Wentz Wants To Rule The World (On Twitter)
Boys And 'Jeggings': A Chance To Discover The Art Of Tucking
Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Pose In Sweden
AnnaLynne and Angel McCord Swap Swimsuits
Tim Gunn Dishes on Anna Wintour And Should Go Into Hiding
Singer Vanessa Carlton Reveals That She's Bisexual [We Give Good Link]
Robert Downey Jr. Accepts Prestigous Award And Talks New Projects
Chris Klein Gets His Rehab On In Utah