Archives: April, 2010

Who's Behind The Big Floppy Hat?
Whitney Houston: I Will Whip Your Ass [Imagined]
Neil Patrick Harris Is Magic
Carmen Electra 'Deforests' Men For Arbor Day
Anna Paquin's Brother Okays Stephen Moyer
Kate Bosworth Rocks The Red Pants
Kylie Minogue's Face At The DKMS Gala New Eighth World Wonder
Jesse James' Bad Decisions Keep Stressing Him Out
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Is Smokin' [Nibbly Things]
Russell Crowe Burns Past Robin Hoods
Dakota Fanning Checks Out NYU
Conan O'Brien Still Talking About Jay Leno And NBC
Time Magazine Thinks Ashton Kutcher Is Influential
Kim Kardashian Is A Burrito Hater! [Quickies]
Another Day In The Park For Brad Pitt And The Kiddies
Celebrities Love Shiny Things
Benjamin Brady: Always Keep One Eye On The Paparazzi [Obvious Observations]
Ricky Martin Gets Political
Zac Efron: Ay Dios Mio! [Celeb Thoughts]
Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro Goes To The Tribeca Film Festival
Julia Roberts Is People's Most Beautiful Person Again
Chris Brown Still Thinks His Career Is Going Well [We Give Good Link]
Gabriel Aubry Dumps Halle Berry?
Miley Cyrus 'Can't Be Tamed'
Christina Aguliera's 'Not Myself Tonight' [VIDEO]
Where Are You Going, Lindsay? Jail Is That Away.
Robert Pattinson Gets Friendly With A Fan
Kiefer Sutherland Needs To Stay Out Of Trouble
Les Deux Attracts Les Losers
Who's Showing Off His Chest?
Audrina Patridge Thinks Heidi Montag Looks Like Barbie
Ew, Paris. Put On A Bra.
Maddox Goes Full Speed Ahead
Britney Spears Disappoints Poor Kids (Again)
Chanel's Annual Tribeca Film Festival Dinner. Decadent.
Spencer Pratt And Snooki's Ex Team Up For A Dating Show I'll Never Watch
Lindsay Lohan Addresses Her Hot Mess Status
Betty White's Got Love For Jay-Z
Robert Downey Jr. Liked Jail
Siobhan Magnus Goes Home On 'American Idol'
Is Heidi Montag Whacked Out On Pills? [Nibbly Things]
Martinis and Popcorn: For Your ViewEng Pleasure
Rihanna Touches Herself In Public
Jake Gyllenhaal Embraces The Beef [Quickies]
Jenna Jameson And Tito Ortiz Both Drop Allegations
Cash Warren Didn't Marry Jessica Alba For Her Cooking
It's Not A Party Until A Jonas Brother Shows Up
Katie Holmes To Play Jacqueline Kennedy
'Jersey Shore' Shirtless Muscle Porn
'Ondine' Premieres At The Tribeca Film Festival
John Cuscak Is Annoyed With Twitter Grammar Police [We Give Good Link]
Lindsay Lohan Is A Bloody Mess
Kristen Bell: Do A Little Dance [Lyrical]
Chelsea Handler Sent A Sex Tape To Agents
Stars Are Bent On Learning And Inner City Kids Getting Yoga
Robert Pattinson Reunites With Kristen Stewart In Vancouver
How Did Sandra Bullock Keep Baby Louis A Secret?
Shia LaBeouf Is In A Bad Mood
'Breaking Dawn' Director Announced
Guess The Ass
Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem's Possible "I Do's"
Joslyn James Is On Jenna Jameson's Side [Nibbly Things]
Cameron Diaz Rumored To Be Dating A-Rod Much To Kate Hudson's Annoyance
Jared Leto Explains 30 Seconds To Mars. Sort Of.
Jennifer Lopez Goes Big
Katherine Heigl Says Her Husband Makes A Great Dad
Eva Longoria Has A Lot Of Famous Friends And Now Her Own Scent
Mark Wahlberg's Priest Told Him To Turn Down Role In 'Brokeback Mountain'
Jessica Simpson, Please Brush Your Teeth!
Cam Gigandet Still Enjoys Family Fun
Ryan Phillipe Can't Get Enough Jersey Shore
Channing Tatum Dishes On Suri Cruise
Sandra Bullock Responds To Nazi Photo, Jesse James Still Thinks He Has A Shot
Model Elvis Fernando Gives Good Face And Body [Quickies]
Charlize Theron Brings Stars To Soho To Help Africa
Hat And Mama Suffer At The Hands Of Justin Bieber Fever
Shauna Sand: Evening Wear For Ho's [Miu Says]
Olivia Munn Wears Faux Leather Boots To PETA Event
Heidi Klum Gels Back Her Bob [We Give Good Link]
Bachelor Jake Pavelka's Turn To Be Kicked Off A Show, Has Teary Goodbye on DWTS
Jessica Alba Foils Kate Hudson's Upskirt Moment
Leonardo DiCaprio: He's So Dreamy [Imagined]
Russell Crowe Threatened To Kill A Producer With His Bare Hands
Sandra Bullock Adpoting Baby & Divorcing Jesse James
'Glee' Makes Me Feel 'Beautiful'
Kelly Osbourne is Tan-tastic
Megan Fox: Why The Sad Face? [Miu Asks]
What The Cat Dragged In: LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian
Jesse James Finally Gets It
Jennifer Lopez Probably Changed More Times Than Emme
Gavin Rossdale Had Sex With Courtney Love When He Had Gwen Stefani?
Who's Claiming 'Art Is Truth?'
Matt Damon's Wife Is Pregnant Again
Russell Crowe's 'Robin Hood' New Stills [PHOTOS]
Chris Colfer Talks 'Glee' And Assless Jeans
Naomi Watts Hits The Red Carpet [Nibbly Things]
Michael Lohan Did Not Tweet That Lindsay Lohan Has HIV
Christina Aguilera Goes Gaga And Vampires In 'I'm Not Myself Tonight' Video
'American Idol's' Tim Urban: Still Smiling [Obvious Observations]
Olivia Munn Goes Naked For PETA And I Now Hate The Circus
Adrien Brody: Male Model Face [Quickies]
Real Housewives Countess LuAnn de Lesseps Releases 'Money Can't Buy You Class'
Michael Lohan's Conservatorship Threats Don't Seem To Faze Lindsay Lohan
Randy And Evi Quaid Go To Jail And Pay 20 Times The Crime
Tiki Barber Is Gettin' Divorced [We Give Good Link]
'Iron Man 2' Premieres With Leading Ladies Going Stag And The Men In Their Favorites
Tito Oritz Turns The Tables On Domestic Violence Charge, Accuses Jenna Jameson Of Oxycontin Addiction
Michael Angarano: Owner Of A Lonely Heart [Lyrical]
Zachary Quinto & Chris Pine: Reunited [Lyrical]
Whitney Houston's is Losing Her Greatest Talent of All
Kelly Cutrone's New Project. I Dig.
The Beckhams: Beautiful Child Breeding Grounds
Kim Kardashian Confused By Her Sister's Weight [Nibbly Things]
Who Could Use A Belt?
Courtney Love Cleans Herself Up
Happy 30th Birthday Channing Tatum!
Anne Hathaway's Boyfriend Adam Shulman Is Pretty In Pink
Snooki And J Woww Are 'Ladies' Who Do Lunch
Paris Hilton Goes To Rehab
Amanda Seyfried Star Is On The Rise But Her Movies Still Suck
Is A Britney Themed 'Glee' Episode In The Works?
Jenna Jameson's Boyfriend Tito Ortiz Arrested For Domestic Violence
Adam Lambert Has Very High Expectations
Nicole Kidman And Sunday Rose Hit The Trails In Hawaii
Just Because David Beckham Isn't Playing Doesn't Mean He Can't Promore
Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Secrets [Quickies]
Jennfier Lopez Is A Fashionista In Paris
Mariah Carey Is Still Not Pregnant
Lindsay Lohan Throws Drink At Samantha Ronson Again, Stops Partying For Almost 12 Hours
'Promises, Promises' Opening On Broadway
Jim Sturgess Is Curly Cute [We Give Good Link]
Model Ambrose Olsen Dead At 24
Justin Bieber Concert In Australia Shut Down Due To Dangerous Crowd
Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's New $20 Million Home Not So Environmentally Friendly
Heavenly Angels Debut Victoria's Secret Heavenly Flowers
Nikki Reed Keeps it Simple and Sexy.
Alicia Silverstone Needs More Action. The Sexy Kind.
Kristen Cavallari Gives Us Magazine Two in the Pink
Reese Witherspoon Spends An Afternoon Out With Jim Toth
Snooki Gets Into Another Bar Fight While The Boys Avoid The Drama
Daniel Craig's Bond Future Is Hazy...Very Hazy
Alexander Skarsgard's New Animated Noir Film Premieres
Josh Hartnett And Abbie Cornish Spend A Romantic Evening Together
Who's Checking Out Her Trunk?
Who Should Paris Paris Hilton Date Next?
Raphael Lacchine - Male Model Monday
Socialite Life Celebrity Book Club: Kelly Cutrone's 'If You Have To Cry Go Outside'
Socialite Life Free Stuff Monday: 'The Icing On The Cupcake' And Sprinkles Cupcakes
Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt New Beau Face Off
The Plastics
Kourtney Kardashian Celebrates Birthday Despite Controversey
Buy It Or Burn It?: Anna Kendrick
Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller Only Halfway To Divorce
Bret Michaels Is Still Unconscious, Had Blogged About His Health Wake Up Call
Lindsay Lohan Booted From Latest Movie, Says She's Done Partying
Brad Pitt Leaves Park With Four Of Six Children
Zoe Saldana Doesn't Like Naked Surprises!
Michelle McGee Strips To Nazi Music
Who Just Purchased A Sonic Care Toothbrush?
Jake Gyllenhaal Is An Action Figure
Katie Holmes Thinks She Can Dance
Something For The Tweens!
Michael C. Hall Beat Cancer!
Kelly Ripa Scares Me
David Beckham Is Rich As Hell
Whose Arms Are Wide Open?
Grace Jones Join The Lady Gaga Hate Parade
Scarlett Johansson Will Bring 'Tongues Hanging' And 'Drooling' To 'Iron Man 2'
You Might Want To Skip Visiting Courtney Love's Hole [Nibbly Things]
Bret Michaels' Health Takes A Bad Turn
Kim Kardashian Says Ex-Husband Abused Her
Chris Pine And Seth Rogan To fight Over Reese Witherspoon
Victoria Beckham Glad To Have David Beckham Home
Dancing Crew Glad They Don't Have to Look At Kate Gosselin Anymore
Renee Zellweger Takes A Short Cut To Tribeca Film Festival
Dave Annable Talks Wedding Plans
Jennifer Lopez And Other Hotties At Hot Hollywood Bash
Who Is The Winner Of Project Runway Season 7?
Scarlett Johansson's Secrets [Quickies]
You Will Never See Britney Spears' Nipples Again
Salma Hayek & Miranda Kerr Help Save The Earth
Ray J's Mom Suggests Kim Kardashian Leaked The Sex Tape
The New 'Eclipse' Movie Trailer From Oprah!
Nicole Kidman Joins Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler On 'Just Go With It' Set
Hayden Panettiere Does Not Want To Be Cute Anymore, Asks For The Hillary Clinton
Jessica Seinfeld Gives Good Bitchface [We Give Good Link]
He Said, She Said:Lindsay Lohan Says Michael Lohan Kidnapped and Threatened To Kill Her
Underaged Prostitute, Zahia Dehar, Makes Some Waves For The Frenchies
Martinis and Popcorn: For Your ViewEng Pleasure
Kate Hudson Sports Round Boobies And Belly
Will Smith Will Return To 'Men In Black' Franchise
T.I. Is Back
Photo Gallery: Dudes' Day For Jude Law And His Brosef
Are Jersey Shore Cast Members Getting Fired?
Rupert Grint Becomes A Man. In Front Of His Parents.
Melanie Griffith's Rehab Stay Was A Family Affair
Paris Hilton Is Still In Love With Herself
Isla Fisher Keeps Showing Off Her Baby Bump
Jennifer Aniston Brings The Girls To The Luau
Who's My Mommy?
Katy Perry's Totally Awesome 80s Day And Night
Michael Lohan Brings The Cops To Lindsay Lohan's Apartment
Kristen Stewart To Replace Angelina Jolie?
Bonnie Wright And Jamie Campbell Bower Engaged?
Adam Brody: Scooter Boy [Nibbly Things]
Ancient Ricky Martin & Eduardo Verastegui Rumors Surface [Quickes]
Idol Gives Back - Good Day For Charity, Bad Day For Tim Urban
Jennifer Lopez Shines At 'The Back-Up Plan' Premiere (And Her Little Dog Too)
A Bad Day For Mischa Barton
Angry Naomi Campbell Strikes Again Over Blood Diamond Questions, Hits Camera
Tiger Woods' Divorce Is On [We Give Good Link]
Victoria Beckham Covers German 'Vogue' - Amazing Or WTF?
Fourth And Last Shrek Premieres At Tribeca Film Festival
Bobby Trendy: Something's Different [Obvious Observations]
Gisele Bundchen Couldn't Care Less If Her Breasts Were Saggy
If John Miller Can't Find A Job, How Ever Will Lindsay Lohan?
Nicole Richie Vows To Never Wear High-Heels Again
The Jonas Brothers Together Forever
Max's Mom (Christina Aguilera) Has Got It Going On
What Now, Katherine Heigl?
Guess The Ass
Donald Faison: Naked And On The Toilet [Nibbly Things]
Rihanna Is Just Fine
Heidi Montags Drops Plans For Sexual Harrasment Suit
Who Is Chace Crawford's Mystery Date?
Kate Bosworth And Alexander Skarsgard Heat Up Poolside
Is Jennifer Lopez The Syle Icon Of The Decade?
'Sex And The City 2' Tickets Flying Off The Shelves Already
Demi Moore Tweets David Letterman
Heather Locklear Arrested For Hit-And-Run
Break Me Off A Piece Of That NFL Player...No, Really
Kelly Clarkson Getting Flack Over Cigarette Ads, Cancels Concert
Alexander Skarsgard Covers 'VMAN'
'Like A Prayer' From 'Glee' Video [Quickies]
Hector Penate Confirms Affair With Larry King's Wife Shawn Southwick
Brooklyn Decker Destroys Fantasy With Flannel
Tara Reid's Engagement Is Off
Lindsay Lohan's Spit Claim [We Give Good Link]
Eva Longoria And Victoria Beckham Are Friends With Phones
Kate Gosselin Will No Longer Subject The World To Her Dancing On DWTS
Courtney Love Hates Courtney Love, Becomes Courtney Michelle
Jon Bon Jovi: Shirtless Sun Worshipper [Labels]
Looking Like 'The Situation' Will Most Likely Give You Cancer
Heidi Klum Gets A New Hairdo
Oksana Grigorieva And Mel Gibson's Break Up Is Shrouded In Mystery
Olivia Newton-John Gets 'Physical' with Jane Lynch
Who's Biking In The Rain?
Scott Baio Is 48...And Bored
Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon To Wed For Third Time
Ryan Reynolds Looking A Little Orange On 'Green Lantern' Set
Andres Velencoso Seguara Goes Nude For Vanity Fair [Nibbly Things]
'Mad Men' Scenes They've Been Filming Will Air Starting July 25th
Isla Fisher Is Not Even Trying To Hide That Baby Bump
Scarlett Johansson: From Domestic Godess For Ryan Reynolds To Black Widow In 'Iron Man 2 '
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Shoots Until He Scores In Miami
Sharon Stone Knows How To Accessorize [Quickies]
Five Movie Roles That Could Save Lindsay Lohan's Acting Career
David Letterman Has Jennifer Lopez's Perfume For Breakfast
Bravo's Andy Cohen Is An Ass Man [Obvious Observations]
Snooki Dumps Her Boyfriend Over Facebook
Alexander Skarsgard Covers VMAN [We Give Good Link]
Kim Kardashian Defends Her Kitty Handling
Betty White Loves A Good Naked Dog
Christina Hendricks' CliffsNotes For How To Get Her And Most Women In 'Equire'
Sandra Bullock Is Out Without The Wedding Ring
Channing Tautum: Foot Fetish [Labels]
Mario Lopez Prepares For His New Gig As Dad
Just Sayin': The Justice System Is Like An Episode Of Melrose Place
Julianne Moore's Squeaky Clean Heart
Director Jennifer Aniston?
Matrix Awards: Lots O'Ladies, Seth Meyers and Brian Williams
Who's My Daddy?
Is Lauren Conrad Returning For 'The Hills' Finale?
Adirana Lima Takes Her Top Off [Nibbly Things]
Kiefer Sutherland Is A Proud Papa
The Red Cross Honors Celebs Who Give Back So Where The Hell Is George Clooney?
Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Take The Kids Out In Style
Get Ready For The New 'Jersey Shore': 'Persian Version' and 'Wicked Summer'
Mo'Nique's Brother Finally Admits He Molested Her
Matthew McConaughey Tells The World About His Daughter's Conception
Free Ride From Jennifer Lopez
Michael Kors Elin Nordegren Look Alike
Celebs Attend The 8th Annual TV Land Awards
Justin Bieber Shut Out At Juno Awards, Tween Canadian Girls Put On Suicide Watch
Kate Hudon's Chest [Quickies]
Pax Jolie-Pitt: Brain Freeze [Obvious Observations]
Halle Berry Helps Bring Hotness And Good Will Into The World
Kim Kardasian And Her Sisters Are Writing A Relationship Book
I Want What Vanessa Hudgens And Zac Efron Are Having
Audrey II And Her Blonde Wig Grace The GLAAD Awards Red Carpet [We Give Good Link]
Kate Winslet: Dowdy & Divorced
Amy Winehouse Spotted With Blake Fielder
Carrie Underwood Named Entertainer Of The Year At ACM Awards
Love Was In The Air On The Third Day Of Coachella [PHOTOS]
LL Cool J To Premiere New Diet & Lifestyle Book
Jennifer Garner Turns 38 With Celebrity Friends By Her Side
Kate Hudson Shows Up With Two Men To Birthday Party
Vote Nick Jonas 4 President
Annalynne McCord Proves She Rocks The Bikini
Fergie Wants You To Take A Sniff