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Grab A Cocktail – It’s Friday Photos!

Last week we started a new feature for Friday afternoons, the time when you are literally counting down the seconds until the weekend and trying to just papers all around your desk with the hope that you look busy, albeit knowing that everyone knows you aren’t. Well, this should help pass the time!

Justin Thompson |

Ellen DeGeneres Scaring The Crap Out Of Her Guests [VIDEO]

Ellen DeGeneres really loves messing with people. We should you the hilarious hidden camera bit with David Beckham. Being Halloween, here’s a compilation of Ellen scaring the the shit out of her guests. Check out the video after the jump.

Miu von Furstenberg |

Snooki Hangs With Joan Rivers & More! [Celebrity Twitterverse]

Check out all the celebs posing together this week: Jennie Garth and Snoop Dogg, Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester, Snooki and Joan Rivers, and David Beckham and Ryan Seacrest. Plus, see how the Gleeks keep busy on set and who Demi Lovato is engaged to. …

Cynthia Rollins |

Zachary Quinto Getting Rave Reviews In ‘Angels In America’

In his stage debut, Zachary Quinto is getting great reviews for his appearnce in The Signature Theatre Company’s revival of Tony Kushner’s Angels In America.

Quinto portrays the character of Louis, who abandons his AIDS-stricken lover, Prior (Christian Borle), and deals with his guilt and their opinionated friend Belize (Billy Porter).

Justin Thompson |

Shia LaBeouf Shirtless On ‘Transformers’ Set [Just Because]

The “newly” single Shia LaBeouf was hard at work on the set of Transformers 3 in Los Angeles, California on October 28, 2010.

Shia is also seen tucking his shirt into his pants, and it looks like it was painful. What’s up with that? …

Miu von Furstenberg |

Jude Law Gets Intimate With Purple Octopus

Jude Law appeared on Sesame Street in a segment where he was teaching children all about the word ‘cling.’ During his lesson, the actor was hugged by a giant octopus, a monkey and a mouse.

Funny, I figured he’d tell a story about one of his mistresses. Regardless, I find the…

Justin Thompson |

Funny Picture Show: Celebs Perform ‘Rocky Horror’ For Charity

Who wouldn’t want to see Nip/Tuck’s Julian McMahon as Frank N. Furter from Rocky Horror? Last night he and a bevvy of stars did their version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Los Angeles to celebrate the film’s 35th anniversary and to raise money for chronically ill children.

Lea Michelle

Justin Thompson |

Have You Seen Kanye West’s Penis? Want To?

Well, we had heard that there were pics being shopped around of Kanye West and his dick, apparently taken on his phone and sent to some harlot who then sold them obviously.

While it’s not confirmed that this is Kanye, you can just pretend it is. And if not, hey at…

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Eva Mendes, Keira Knightley Avoid Red Carpet To Support Protest

At the Rome Film Festival, actors, directors and screenwriters were protesting the Italian government’s cuts to arts funding, and as a sign of solidarity with those protesting, actresses Keira Knightley and Eva Mendes sidestepped the red carpet and went to the premiere of their new film, Last Night, through a side entrance.

Justin Thompson |

Julia Roberts’ ‘Nude’ Scene From ‘Eat Pray Love’ With David Lyons

Julia Roberts may not have been nude in this scene from Eat Pray Love, but Australian actor David Lyons sure was.

He has a very nice bum. Check it out in the gallery. …

Miu von Furstenberg |

Juliette Lewis Is Lovely In Lavender At ‘Due Date’ Premiere

Juliette Lewis looked amazing last night at the LA premiere of the film Due Date, but it’s her other film appearance that left her completely shocked when she saw herself on screen.

The 37-year-old actress is barely recognisable playing a struggling woman in new movie Conviction and in a chat with

Justin Thompson |

Martinis and Popcorn: ‘Saw 3D’

Execs with ‘Paranormal’ might have timed it perfectly, their debut last weekend brought in a record-breaking $41.5 million. But, in a race to top box office, horror glory, one must remember that Halloween is still just around the corner and the only film releasing this chilly weekend is ‘Saw 3D’.

Samantha Eng |

Emma Stone Gets Serious With Puppets In Spain

While in Spain to promote Easy A, Emma Stone stopped by a local TV show where she did a spot of cooking and had a heart-to-heart with some puppets.

The rumors are that Stone, who is BFFs with Taylor Swift, has started dating Kieran Culkin – yep, brother of the famous

Justin Thompson |

Meredith Vieiera Does Lady Gaga For Halloween ‘Today’ Show

Each year, the hosts of The Today Show always put together a great Halloween episode where everyone dresses up. This year, Meredith Vieira basically stole the show when she rocked it as Lady Gaga’s orbiting dress.

Natalie Morales dressed as teen phenom Justin Bieber - complete with lesbian haircut, Ann Curry

Justin Thompson |

Charlie Sheen Still Owes Hooker $12K

Christina Walsh, the porn star that got to experience the Charlie Sheen breakdown, said that he still owes her $12,000 for his night of sex he ordered.

After dinner with Sheen’s entourage at the posh restaurant Daniel, the two returned to his Plaza Hotel suite, where Walsh, 22, refused to have…

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Chris Pine Checks Out Reese Witherspoon’s Boob [PHOTOS]

Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine on the set of This Means War in Vancouver, Canada. In the scene Reese and Chris bump into 15 of Chris’ old girlfriends and the situation becomes awkward.

During a filming break Reese is seen taking off her pants and Ugg boots. When she takes off…

Miu von Furstenberg |

Catherine Zeta Jones Hits The Golf Course In China

It’s been a rough few months for Catherine Zeta-Jones after her husband Michael Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer, but the actress looked to be holding her own yesterday as she headed to the golf course in China for a celebrity golfing tournament.

The 41-year-old actress looked thrilled to be back enjoying…

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