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Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s Love Boat

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker were cozy and cute in a gondola, enjoying Venice as a romantic break from their stressful life, which included celebrating Parker’s birthday for two weeks straight at the end of May. Seriously, celebrities have the life while I just write about them.

Samantha Eng |

Aretha Franklin & Condoleeza Rice To Perform Together!

Condoleezza Rice and Aretha Franklin are pairing up for a benefit concert in Philadelphia next month!

Justin Thompson |

Madonna And Lourdes Shake Things Up At Macy’s

Madonna goes back to her Material Girl days.

Cynthia Adarkwa |

Lady Gaga Is Very, Very Loved

I love me some Lady Gaga, and this story justifies Gaga’s enormous presence not only in pop culture, but in people’s lives

Kelly Lynch |

Has Drew Barrymore Found The Fountain Of Youth?

Drew Barrymore looks amazing leaving a Steven Meisel photoshoot which makes it hard to believe she’s 35!

Justin Thompson |

Who’s Adjusting?

Click the photo to find out who it is.

Miu von Furstenberg |

Jake Shears Takes Off His Shirt, Wants To See Your Butt

Jake Shears shows off his physique in Attitude and asks fans to show him their butts!

Justin Thompson |

Lindsay Lohan Takes Her Breath Mints Crushed Up, Thank You

Cop mistakes Lindsay Lohan’s cocaine for breath mint and she lives to die another day!

Justin Thompson |

Neil Patrick Harris, Coco, Lady Gaga & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]

Spencer Pratt’s twitter is taken over by Snooki’s ex–fame whores are all friends. Neil Patrick Harris is intimidated by “aged wieners.” Pink’s tour bus almost crashes. Rick Fox considers coaching. More pictures and tweets in the gallery.Plus videos from Ice-T & Coco, Lenny Kravitz and Justin Timberlake.

Cynthia Rollins |

Elijah Wood Joins Dog For FX Comedy Show ‘Wilfred’

Elijah Wood to star in a new comedy for FX called ‘Wilfred.’

Justin Thompson |

Katie Price Asks, “What If Barbie Had A Bachelorette Party…”

Katie Price has a Barbie-themed bachelorette party which I think goes against anything Barbie has ever done!

Justin Thompson |

Our Top 8 Replacements For Larry King!

We’ve picked our top 8 contenders to replace Larry King this fall! Who do you want to see behind the desk?

Justin Thompson |

Ed Westwick Wants You To Know He’s Single

Ed Westwick Is Very Single

Lola Robertson |

Mischa Barton’s Hair Extensions Are Crying

Mischa Barton Looks Pretty Bad

Lola Robertson |

A Southern White Woman Flips The Script On Hip-Hop Dance

You thought you knew hip-hop moves? Girl, you were wrong! Get skooled!

Justin Thompson |

‘Eclipse’ Premieres Today So This One’s For The Twi-hards

We’ve got our biggest Twi-hards talking about why they’re fans! Check out their stories!

Justin Thompson |

Nikki Reed Beats Up Jimmy Kimmel

Nikki Reed Tries Out Her Boxing On JKL

Lola Robertson |

Jason Bateman Doesn’t Seem Too Sorry About Cutting The Line

Jason Bateman Cuts The Line

Lola Robertson |

David Letterman Spares Landon Donovan The Big Question

Landon Donovan Avoids A Close Call

Lola Robertson |
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