2010 In Review: 60 Shirtless Hunks [PHOTOS]

December 25th, 2010 // 24 Comments

This is definitely something that we can all be thankful for. Let us take a look back at all the shirtless male celebrities and athletes that helped get our engines started.

PHOTOS: Shirtless Male Celebrities

From Jude Law to Trevor Donovan to Kellan Lutz to Chace Crawford, 2010 was a year to remember. Launch the gallery and enjoy the multiple six-packs of deliciousness!

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Scott Herman
    Jordan De Luca
    Commented on this photo:

    Add more fabric to the shorts. Most women don’t care for the “package” look, and the men who do can find it elsewhere. It demeans you and looks hopelessly tacky.

    • Richard Blancas

      You’ve never owned a pair or fit in a pair of Andrew Christian I guess?

    • Herman Ateher

      I’m guessing Jordan’s comment was regarding how “captain” (what a joke!) has the compulsion to constantly show off his body and package. He knows the gays love that stuff. He exploits the gays in his attempt to gain fame.

      Captain Asstastic, can you read me now? It’s sexier to leave a little to the imagination, dude! With you, nothing is left to imagine. We’ve seen it all.

    • Scott Herman

      I already have an amazing girlfriend so I guess attracting “most woman” isnt really a concern of mine. Also, this was a charity event to raise money for GLAAD… Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination…. so I guess at the end of the day it really didnt matter what “most woman” like when the people bidding on my shorts were 99% male.

      Please…. its almost 2011. Let’s get with equality and stop hating so much on dudes in undies.

      Life is good! Be happy you even HAVE a laptop to hate online with! :)

    • a mother

      You are such a cute boy.

    • Jordan De Luca

      Scott, did I say anything about “attracting”
      women? My point is that this photo is on
      the Internet so it is accessible by both
      genders equally, regardless of what event
      prompted you to auction your
      used (?) underwear. I don’t “hate” on
      anyone, am delighted money was raised for
      GLAAD, and am well enough informed that
      I am aware the year coming up will be known
      as 2011. I don’t think that genitalia bulges have
      anything to do with equality, regardless of
      the year. They remain tacky, in my opinion.
      (When you bulge on Facebook, young teens
      can see you, which is beyond poor taste.)
      And I don’t need any patronizing comments
      from you about being thankful for my laptop.
      As for you stating your girlfriend is not
      married—it is not any of my business or any of
      my concern, but I do happen to know, for the record,
      that she is indeed legally married, and so do you.
      To say otherwise is to depart from the truth,
      which is exactly what you did.

    • a mother

      i think he is cute and when he wants a new gf he can call my daughter

  2. Scott Herman
    Commented on this photo:

    As always I’m a fan – I think the pose is supper hot! With your shirt on or off – I think you ROCK!!! As always: be happy, be sexy, be free!!!

  3. Scott Herman
    Herman Ateher
    Commented on this photo:

    I read comments on fb that his girlfriend is married. That is not honorable or admirable by most standards. Maybe in Brazil, they adore married cheaters. Why is he put up on a pedestal by so many – mainly the gay community, is beyond me. Do gay people approve of adultery?

    • Scott Herman

      “I read comments on fb that his girlfriend is married.” I guess when wikipedia is looking for a trusting source of information they should just go read facebook comments too!! lololol :)

      You are so cute with your slick comments! :) No, my girlfriend is not married and sorry I don’t model baggy boxershorts for your approval.

      That photo was taken at the GLAAD Manhatten event where I walked around with a clipboard for 4 hours to get people to bid on my shorts to raise money for the charity.. and I raised a lot. Yes, I have a penis. it will stick out when I wear briefs. I am sorry, but I just can’t cut it off or tuck it down. That would really hurt. I guess you will either have to stop stalking my page or get used to it.

      I do a as much as I can to help others. I think you need an attitude adjustment before you dig yourself so deep into a hole of self-hate that you ruin your own life by bringing in your own cloud of negativity.

      I love my girlfriend and my life and all the amazing people that have come into it since the creation of ScottHermanFitness.

      I will always be a happy go lucky guy no matter how many people try to bring me down.

      Happy Holidays everyone! :)

    • Marcus Smith

      You guys are unbelievable.

      Scott runs a fitness website and youtube channel in which he helps people achieve their fitness goals for free.

      He donates his time to charity events and causes which he believes in and you faceless individuals are attacking his private life!!

      Grow up people.

      I for one am very grateful that Scott does what he does!

      So thank you Scott Herman and keep up the good work.

    • Jordan De Luca

      When a person wants to be a public figure—and
      wants to be respected in the public arena—and
      wants to serve as a model for others in some
      aspect of life, I think it’s best that that person lead an
      exemplary private life, too. Humans are whole
      creatures, not segments. I think we want our
      heroes and guides to be honest and worthy of
      admiration from every angle.

  4. Scott Herman
    Herman Ateher
    Commented on this photo:

    Captain, you could end the debate by posting a
    copy of your girlfriend’s divorce decree on your fb page.
    You post everything else, so why not?

  5. Scott Herman
    Commented on this photo:

    Honestly he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. He is put up on a pedestal by the gay community for 1) he is hot (men are men either gay or straight they usually think with their penis’) 2) Since he is straight he has done a lot of work to over come his previous misconceived persona and has helped the Gay Community by using his looks and his stardom to work for just causes. 3) It is a common trait of people who either self loath or self hate to stalk and belittle someone who they feel is better then them in some manner.

    Scott… thanks for the work you do. Straight men like you, Howard Stern, Jim Carrey and others help end bigotry because straight men will not listen to a woman or a gay guys perception of bigotry, unjust conditions or inequality.
    *PS if you have an issue with my comments please remember the old adage “Opinions are like @ss H*l#$ everyone has one!”

  6. Scott Herman
    Commented on this photo:

    Dude, for not liking his undies you sure are on his JOCK! Get off it!
    Scott, not everyone can pull off that cut of undies. You do it well. And as far as if your girlfriend is married or not… well, who cares? that’s you, her and her “husbands” business. So… Let the rest talk in the corner. Remember what they say, “Dont worry if everyones talking about u. Worry when they STOP talking about u.”

  7. Scott Herman
    Commented on this photo:

    Charity events are a free for all, anything goes! These people need to get over themselves. Big fan of the site Scott!

  8. Scott Herman
    Husband's relative
    Commented on this photo:

    A little perspective – I am related to Erica’s husband, Ron.
    I’m in touch with a relative who is in constant touch with
    Erica’s mother-in-law.

    Erica is very much presently married to Ron and they have
    a daughter. The same daughter that Erica evaded & avoided
    all day yesterday, most likely to be with Scott. After having
    promised to take her daughter shopping, Erica was apparently
    too busy thinking of herself (as usual, from what I’ve heard)
    and the kid was totally devastated. Great mothering skills,
    Erica! But I’ve heard you never really wanted a kid anyway!
    (Totally self-absorbed person.)

    Scott, whether you are being deceived by Erica, or you
    are covering up for Erica, is unknown to me. But from what
    I’ve heard, you are fully aware that she is a married woman.
    I’ve heard you even talked to Ron when he found out about
    her cheating on him with you.

    I can tell you that there have been no legal separation or
    divorce papers filed yet. You can take that to the bank!

    Erica, removing your wedding ring does not equate to
    not being married. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    You’re a total disgrace of a person, wife and a mother!

  9. Scott Herman
    Phillip Schlueter
    Commented on this photo:

    Lookin’ awesome as usuall Scott!

  10. Matt Lanter
    Hunk lover
    Commented on this photo:

    Be sure to vote for this hunka man in the Man Crush showdown, going on now through next Sunday. Matt’s a totall hottie & babe!

  11. Wladimir Klitschko
    Isabele Lautner
    Commented on this photo:

    Queria saber se vocês tem algum tipo de preconceito com os brasileiros?
    Cara tanta gente feia nessa lista!

    Por que não colocaram o Taylor Lautner,Brad Pitt nem o Léo Santana do Parangolé??

    Sinceramente fiquei chateada,por que eu sou brasileira e gostaria que tivesse um brasileiro nessa lista.

  12. Wladimir Klitschko
    Commented on this photo:

    Tem o Jesus Luz. E o Taylor Lautner e o Brad Pitt não são brasileiros …

  13. Wladimir Klitschko
    Commented on this photo:

    Who came up with this ridiculous list? There is repitition, fat dudes and the great men not on it is also ridiculous. Where is Taylor Lautner? Robert Pattinson? There are gorgeous men out there not on this list. Very disappointed.

  14. Wladimir Klitschko
    Commented on this photo:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH what a joke 60 shirtless hunks my ass. cant believe i wasted all this time thinking it might get better. the only good thing about this was kellan lutz, and its like they found the worst pic of his to use. well guess what? he was still the best.

  15. Cristiano Ronaldo
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s a shame so many of these hunks are players in both ‘camps!’ Some even admit to ‘experimenting’ in their earlier years, but NOW are str8! Those who ‘are’ use the usual ploy of dating, romancing or even married to the opposite sex. Most are sympathetic to gay causes and will do promotional ads for same. However, I understand where they are coming from, but it galls me, no end, when they proclaim to the world they are str8! Why don’t they just say it’s no ones business but their own, what they are and leave it to our own speculation as to whether or not they are in our ‘camp’ (str8 or gay).

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