2009 Oscars Red Carpet: Ladies

Good God, Lisa Rinna is not right. First of all, her hair is as big as her lips and the effect is disturbing. She looks like a tall Oompa Loompa prostitute. And why is she at the Oscars, anyway? Trolling for jobs? She should have worn a Nixon mask. It would have been less terrifying. The dress is pretty, though.

Adding to the jarring contrast, star of The Secret Life of Bees, Alicia Keys was stunning and fresh-faced in a strapless pink (or light purple, it’s hard to tell) dress. With an A-line shape and a slit up the leg, the gown maximized her curves. Alicia chose to wear her hair down in soft waves. I’m even kind of digging on the Amy Winehouse eye makeup. I forgot what it looked like when it’s done well.

God love Sophia Loren, but that crazy dress she’s wearing is making her look like a very vampy lemon meringue pie. Marion Cotillard was gorgeous and her dress looked interested. It was very grand, what with the train and all.

Earlier in the evening, Judd Apatow joked that his wife Leslie Mann was wearing a dress that was “indestructible” and indeed, it looks like it’s made out of chain mail. It’s sexy and can stop a bullet. Very practical choice.

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