2009 Life Balls Celebrates Life, Raises Money For AIDS Research

Katy Perry took the opportunity to perform at the 17th annual Life Ball 2009 at the Rathausplatz in Vienna, Austria to bust out yet another costume for the event. The singer donned a shell-themed ensemble and was lowered down to the stage à la The Birth of Venus.

Married couple, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, proved that they enjoy attending charitable events on the other side of the Atlantic as much as they do here in L.A.

Pam Anderson actually looked quite amazing all dressed up in gold lame, her hair teased to high heaven and a gold boom box propped up on her shoulder. It’s so hit or miss with this one.

Gallery Info: Katy Perry, Pamela Anderson, Amanda Lepore, Bill Clinton, Eva Longoria, Roisin Murphy, Tony Parker, Ivana Trump, Fran Drescher, Richie Rich and Dave Stewart at the 2009 Life Ball.