2009 Has Been A Great Year for Alyson Hannigan

How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan can’t complain about 2009! Not only was the actress nominated for a People’s Choice Award for her work as Lily Aldrin but she was also a first time mother this past year.

Mother to 8-month old Satyana Marie chatted with Celebrity Baby Blog about family, work, and motherhood.

What “tips” did Willow have to share with CBB? The importance of having a schedule.

“Working and being a full-time mom can be very difficult to balance. For one, I keep a calendar with all of my appointments and commitments, whether they are work related or personal. It helps me to avoid schedule conflicts and keep the importance of my family life on par with my work life.”

You mean to tell me you have to write your appointments down in order to keep track of them?! If any mom read this and was amazed with this tip and/or found this tip useful we have huge a problem on our hands.

Not only were her answers wholly absurd but it read like an infomercial for Cascade products. There is no excuse for this diarrhea of the mouth, well, unless she received free products! If that’s the case- Cascade, there is nothing better……  

I love Alyson. She’s hilarious on How I Met Your Mother, I LOVED Buffy, and I think it’s great that she focused on her career and waited to have children later in life. For these reason I shall ignore the ridiculousness of this interview with CBB and instead focus on one of the greatest loves of all time- Willow and Oz.

Gallery Info: Alyson Hannigan, wearing a long pearl necklace and black Prada bag, and baby Satyana spend quality mother-daughter time together shopping in Santa Monica.