Archives: April, 2009

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt: Stupid Or High?
Paula Abdul On Keeping Matt Giraud On 'American Idol'
Alessandra Ambrosio Front And Center - Nibbly Things
Hugh Jackman Has Lots Of Energy
BREAKING NEWS: Cam Gigandet Is A Daddy!
Pineing For Chris Pine
Lada Gaga Turns Pink, Makes Out With Triplets
In Case You Missed This
Gwyneth Palrow's Old-School Frenemy Tale On Goop
Nicole Richie Wants You To Watch 'The Greatest Silence' - Blog Bites
Katie Holmes' Brother-In-Law Joseph Jeffrey Fretti Passes Away
The Lohan Ladies Attend Launch Of A/X Watches
Technical Difficulties
Shirtless Alex Meraz Talks 'New Moon'
Josh Hartnett Just Drank Some Stank Water
Susan Boyle Mania Sweeps The Nation
Drew Letterman Takes David Letterman Back To The 80s
Patrick Swayze Looks Frail
'New Moon' Volturi Cast Finalized, Cameron Bright To Play Alec
Pink & Carey Hart To Remarry?
Linda Hogan Responds To Hulk Hogan's O.J. Simpson Comments
Reese Witherspoon Takes One For The Team
Eric Bana Turns Changing Clothes Into An Art Form
Which Couple Hasn't Broken Up After All?
Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrates Game Win By Stripping
Ben Affleck Is In 'The Company of Men' - Remains Of The Day
Being Nadya Suleman AKA 'Octomom' Is Big Business
It's A 'Grey's Anatomy' Wedding!
Audrina Patridge Doesn't Think Fans Will Miss Lauren Conrad
Wilmer Valderrama Has Faith In Lindsay Lohan
Shia LaBeouf As 'The Bodyguard'
Hulk Hogan Might Be As Crazy As O.J. Simpson
Oksana Popchepa Claims That She's Mel Gibson's Lover
Nicole Kidman Takes Sunday Rose To Talk To The Animals
Steve-O Still Smiling After 'Dancing' Exit
Heidi Klum Four Months Pregnant?
Hugh Jackman Visits 'El Hormiguero' On Spanish TV, Twitters For Charity
Marketing Tips For Ashley Tisdale - Nibbly Things
Angelina Jolie Pregnant Again?
Enimem Looks Trim On XXL Magazine As The Punisher
'Twilight' Gang Supports Jackson Rathbone At 100 Monkeys Concert
Zac Efron & The Cast Of '17 Again' Premiere On Red Carpet
Justin Long & Drew Barrymore Reunite At 'Grey Gardens' Soiree
Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: '17 Again' Premiere
Jamie Foxx Apologizes To Miley Cyrus For His Assiness
'True Blood' Season 2 Returns With More Sex, Blood & Nudity
Michael Jackson's Stuff Is No Longer For Sale
Drew Barrymore Goes Retro At 'Grey Gardens' Premiere
Mel Gibson Used To Be A Lot Of Fun
Obsessed With Beyonce's 'Obsessed' Trailer
Guess The Crack
Zac Efron Keeps A Straight Face
Shauna Sand Picks Another Winner - Remains of the Day
Nicole Richie Gives The Shirt Off Harlow Madden's Back
Camilla Belle & Joe Jonas Still Dating, It Seems
Shia LaBeouf Opens Up About An Old Wound
Diora Baird Is Hot - Nibbly Things
Hugh Jackman's Wife Has Gotten Used To The Fans
Katie Price and Peter Andre Are Back To Reality
Chris Pine Wants To Join The A-Team
Zac Efron's '17 Again' Campaign Marches To David Letterman
Jamie Foxx Slams Miley Cyrus & Her Plentiful Gums
Evan Rachel Wood Is All Tied Up - Blog Bites
Skinny Tori Spelling Sells 'Mommywood'
Kim Kardashian Works It Out
Britney Spears Gets Close With Backup Dancer Chase Benz
Lindsay Lohan Is Funny, She Shall Live
Soccer Player Gilles Marini Aids Haitian Youth
Lindsay Lohan: Parties, Gets Tattoos & Talks To Sam Ronson
Will Smith's Hooked On Lady GaGa
Charlize Theron Calls Gay Marriage A Form Of Apartheid
Nude Jonathan Rhys Meyers Tudors Returning For Fourth Season
Who's My Mommy?
Robert Pattinson's 'How To Be' Mop Top Haircut
Separated From Wife From 3 Years, Did Mel Gibson Cheat?
Zac Efron Covers GQ, Gets 'The View' Ladies Hot & Bothered
Phil Spector Found Guilty Of Manslaughter
Argentinian Soccer Star Diego Simeone Nearly Nude
Justin Timberlake Flies Commercial, Poses - Blog Bites
Where In The World Is Britney Spears?
LeAnn Rimes Thinks People Are Fascinated By Her Personal Life
Jake Gyllenhaal Breaks Out The Spandex
Zac Efron Terrified Of Parenthood, To Become Johnny Quest
Mel Gibson's Wife Robyn Finally Files For Divorce
Death Becomes '90210'
Duggar Family Expecting 18th Child, 1st Grandchild - Nibbly Things
'Grey's Anatomy' To Kill Off T.R. Knight?
Nicole Richie's Hollywood Baby Bump
Miley Cyrus Tops Box Office With Hannah Montana Flick
Nude Padma Lakshmi, Eliza Dushku & Chelsea Handler In 'Allure'
Madonna Still Has Her Eye On Mercy James
'How To Be' Robert Pattinson
LAST CHANCE: 'The Hills' Season 4 DVD Set Giveaway
Suri Cruise's Intensive Scientology Training
Steven Spielberg's Celebrity Easter Blowout Party
'Star Trek' Cast Makes Appearance In Kuwait
The Obama Family Welcomes The First Dog
Adam Phebus - Male Model Monday
Who's Wearing The Bunny Ears?
Freddie Stroma Brings Sexy To 'Harry Potter'
Heidi Montag's Music Video Teaser: 'Look How I'm Doin'
'The Hills' Season 4 DVD Set Giveaway: DAY 4
Michael Sheen To Rule Volturi In 'New Moon'
Kim Kardashian Celebrates Easter In The Big Easy
Zac Efron's Visit To 'Saturday Night Live'
Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo: Saturday Night With The Fam
Woody Harrelson Justifiably Attacks
Nick Jonas And Miley Cyrus Together Again!
Who's Covering Up Her Lady Parts?
'The Hills' Season 4 DVD Set Giveaway: DAY 3
Happy Easter From Shirtless Jesus Luz!
Jennifer Hudson Sings Again
Zuma & Kingston Rossdale Visit The Grandparents
David Beckham Hangs With His Boys
Ashley Tisdale Breaks Up With Jared Murillo
'Fast & Furious' To Make Another Lap Around The Racetrack
Jared Leto Helps Children Of The Night
Chris Pine Gives Good Face
Who's Giving Money To The Homeless?
Jennifer Garner Releases Seraphina In To The Wild
Victoria Beckham: Playin' With The Boys!
Plastic Broads Unite: Holly Madison & Phoebe Price
Reese Witherspoon Plays Softball
David Beckham: Celebrity Six Pack
Lindsay Lohan Parties & Dyes Her Troubles Away
Kelly Bensimon Still Ragging On Bethany Frankel - Nibbly Things
Michelle Williams And Matilda Ledger Have A Swinging Time
Hugh Jackman's 'Wolverine' Road Show Continues To Seoul
Sandra Bullock Protects Her Pooches
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Create A New Piece Of Video Art
Audrina Patridge: Natural Or Plastic? - Blog Bites
Zac Efron Says He's Growing Up
Marc Anthony Barred From Jennifer Lopez's Wig Room
Rihanna To Smell Sweet
Michael Jackson Drives Beverly Hills Crazy
Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Pregnant!
'The Hills' Season 4 DVD Set Giveaway: DAY 2
Katy Perry Possessed Once A Month By Satan
Jade Goody Gets Waxed While Jack Tweed Golfs
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt To Have Reality TV Wedding
Reese Witherspoon Is Yoga Yummy!
Jennifer Lopez Is A Mistress Of Her Own Domain
Who's All Wrapped Up?
Nude Mischa Barton In British Cosmo!
Stevie Nicks Not Pleased With Lindsay Lohan Portraying Her
Jennifer Aniston Has The Box Office Golden Touch
Avril Lavigne Parties All The Time Without Hubby Deryck Whibley
Chuck Bass Is Getty Chubby - Blog Bites
Katie Holmes Working On Getting Pregnant
Chris Pine Knows Nothing About Green Lantern Role
Scott MacIntyre Voted Off 'American Idol'
Pink Giving Relationship With Carey Hart Another Chance
Justin Gaston Brings Miley Cyrus Closer To The Man Upstairs
Gordon Ramsay Once Tried To Cook Brad Pitt & George Clooney
Kellan Lutz Has A Dirty Little Secret
Kanye West Gets The 'South Park' Treatment - Blog Bites
Billy Bob Thornton's Uncomfortable Radio Interview
Lindsay Lohan: Saddest Girl In The World
Kim Kardashian Accuses Octomom Of Being A Shopaholic
Britney Spears Keeps It Nonsmoking
Matilda Ledger Bonds With Spike Jonze
'The Hills' Season 4 DVD Set Giveaway!
Samantha Ronson & Benji Madden Have A Coffee Date
Johnny Depp Dives Into Bikini Bottom
Who's Being Arrested!?!
Mischa Barton Does Genlux Magazine Beautifully
Jennifer Aniston Is Apparently Glowing
Angelina Did Not Faint On 'Salt' Set
Brad Pitt's On The Move
Heidi Montag Apologizes If Her Music Offends
Suri Cruise Getting A Million Dollar Education
Mariska Hargitay & Christopher Meloni Leaving SVU?
Miley Cyrus Admits She Likes To Sleep With Her Parents
Why Did No Doubt Even Bother? - Nibbly Things
Kathy Griffin Rocks The Bikini
Halle Berry: Loves Baby Clothes, Keeps Her Mojo Mojo-in'
Bono Adjusts To Vacation
Hugh Jackman's Heart Broken By 'Wolverine' Spoiler Online
Sienna Miller On Broadway, Screens 'The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh'
Zac Efron Funny Or Dies From Embarrassment
'Harry Potter' Actor Jamie Waylett Goes To Pot - Nibbly Things
Madonna Wants To Help Italian Earthquake Victims
Carrie Underwood Tells Matthew McConaughey 'Sorry'
Jake Gyllenhaal Lurches Through Whole Foods Parking Lot
Lindsay Lohan In Hell, Sam Not Getting Restraining Order
Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Caught In Bed!
Amy Poehler Speaks To The Gays
Paris Hilton And Doug Reinhardt Planning A Wedding?
Hugh Jackman Literally Drops In On 'Wolverine' Launch
Robert Pattinson Is Smokin' For Dossier Magazine
Guess The Package
Vanessa Hudgens Influenced By Lindsay Lohan
Drew Barrymore Wants To Scare Herself
Jessica Alba & Honor Warren Enjoy Some Parks & Recreation
James Franco Relives His Career In 'Erased James Franco'
Kal Penn Hired By President Barack Obama
Barack Obama's Big Group Hug - Nibbly Things
Anna Faris' Busty 'Observe And Report' Premiere
America Ferrera Tells 'Gotham' Magazine 'Ugly' Is Becoming Hip
Eminem Goes Celebrity Bashing In 'We Made You' Video
Lauren Conrad Cheerfully Ditches 'The Hills' For The Beach
Robert Pattinson Injured His Booty During Filming
Jessica Simpson Dropped From Music Label?
Denis Leary Unleashed - Blog Bites
Rihanna's Dad Wondering: Who Beat Rihanna Then?
'Star Trek XI' Has World Premiere in Sydney, Australia
Lindsay Lohan Being Restrained?
Jennifer Love Hewitt Goes Public With Jamie Kennedy
Carla Gugino Repeats Herself At London 'Witch Mountain' Premiere
Madonna Groped On Girls Night Out With Stella McCartney?
FOX News' Roger Frideman Out After Leaked 'Wolverine' Review
Mark Wahlberg Gets A Co-Star For 'Prisoners'
Which Boybander Is Following Melissa Joan Hart?
Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Are Taking A Break
BREAKING: Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty
'The Hills' Return, Like A Skin Condition You Just Can't Cure
Rumer Willis To Be A Prostitute On 'Medium'
Nicole Scherzinger & Mickey Rourke Get Wrestlemania
Victoria Silvstedt's Perfect Life Involves Lots Of Bikinis
Khloe Kardashian Fired - Blog Bites
Drew Barrymore And Justin Long Back On?
Tila Tequila & Billy Corgan Are A-List?
Laura Leighton To Reprise Sydney Andrews On 'Melrose Place' Remake
Adriana Lima Gives Good Bikini - Nibbly Things
Zac Efron Will Not Be Social Networking
Amy Winehouse Rides A Brown Horse...For A Change
'Fast & Furious' Explodes At Box Office, Inspires SNL Parody
Carrot Top Goes Country: 2009 ACM Awards Red Carpet
Beyonce Knowles Gets Lifted To Meet Jay-Z
Kellie Pickler & Other Ladies: 2009 ACM Awards Red Carpet
Lindsay Lohan Gets Twitterpated Over Breakup
Liam Neeson Puts On Brave Front
Carrie Underwood Wins Big At 2009 ACM Awards
Robert Downey Jr. Talks 'Iron Man 2'
Redmond O'Neal In Trouble For Druggin' Again
Guess The Ass
Madonna Returns To London After Failed Adoption Attempt
Brock Harris - Male Model Monday
LeAnn Rimes: 2009 ACM Awards Red Carpet
Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves: 2009 ACM Awards Red Carpet
Taylor Swift: 2009 ACM Awards Red Carpet
Miley Cyrus: 2009 ACM Awards Red Carpet
Alex Da Silva - So You Think You Can Rape?
Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: 2009 ACM Awards Red Carpet
Carrie Underwood: 2009 ACM Awards Red Carpet
Matthew McConaughey & His Family Of Beachcombers
Katherine Heigl & Ashton Kutcher Get Close On 'Five Killers' Set
Miley Cyrus Teaches Jay Leno Dance, Looks Past 'Hannah Montana'
Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Done For Good?
Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady Wed Again In Costa Rica
Farrah Fawcett Not Doing Well In The Hospital
Who's Doing Some Work On The Soccer Field?
Stephanie Pratt Upskirt
Lindsay Lohan Banned From Ronson Party
Nicolas Cage Keeps On Working...Somehow
Eva Longoria Has Much Love For Her Feet
Rumer Willis Amazed Her Parents Twitter
Ben Affleck Is Teaching Violet German...Curse Words
Jenny McCarthy Engages In Accidental Slapstick Comedy
Jade Goody's Funeral
Thank God He's A Country Boy: Who's Your Favorite?
Who's Carrying The Smiley Face Bowling Ball
Lindsay Lohan Not Using Her Own Spray-Tan?
Rihanna Returns To Barbados, Seeks Counseling
'Real Housewives' Food Fight - Nibbly Things
Madonna Appeals Adoption Rejection
Demi Moore Using Twitter To Save Lives
Robert Pattinson Keeps To Himself
Caption Lily Allen
Rihanna's Car Mishap
Megan Fox Bored Of Being Sex Symbol
Lindsay Lohan Joins Lily Allen On Stage At Hollywood Concert
ShoWest: Zac Efron Talks 'Footloose', Rachel McAdams Wins
Vikki Blows - Nibbly Things
Miley Cyrus Premieres 'Hannah Montana' To The World
When Divas Attack: Sharon Stone Mauls Mariah Carey
Paris Hilton Gets All Tied Up Copying Lady GaGa
Jennifer Lopez Working On Marriage With Marc Anthony
Jessica Simpson Lets It All Hang Out In Mexico
Malawi Shows Madonna No Mercy, Star Loses Adoption Bid
James Franco To Make Audiences 'Howl' With Laughter Again
Valentino De-Oranges Slightly For Rodeo Drive Induction
Kim Kardashian Will Not Be Villan In Next 'Spider-Man' Film
Who's Hanging With The Bikini Babes?
Dwayne Johnson And Carla Gugino Put On Their Smiley Faces
Brad Pitt Is An 'Inglorious Bastard' In Vanity Fair
Jennifer Hudson Doesn't Want Fans To Cry For Her
Johnny Depp Starts Filming 'The Rum Diary' In Puerto Rico
Robert Pattinson Busted His Photoshoot Cherry In 2001
Lady Gaga Vs. Christina Aguilera - Nibbly Things
It's 'Bruno'
Michelle Obama Touches The Queen Of England, Causing War
Barron Hilton Hopes To Make You Cry
Keira Knightley's Violent Domestic Violence PSA
Brad Pitt To Grace Cannes Film Festival - Blog Bites
Style Mavens Pay Homage To 'Last Emporer' In L.A.
Anne Hathaway & Gwyneth Paltrow Are Valentino Girls
Heidi Klum Kicks Up Heels, 'Project Runway' Returns To Lifetime
Jennifer Lopez Babbles That Her Twins Are Babbling
Britney Spears' Life As A Sane Person Is A 'Prison'