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GIVEAWAY REMINDER: 'Wish You Were Here' By Leslie Simon
Lady Filmmakers Gather At 2009 Tribeca Film Festival Brunch
Peter Facinelli Sad He Couldn't Go To Italy For 'New Moon'
Hayden Panettiere Auditions For 'Footloose'
A Shirtless John Legend Shows Off The Pecs
Who's The Owner Of This Handbag?
Jessica Alba Might As Well Leave The Car At Home
Director Paul Morrison Talks About Robert Pattinson's 'Little Ashes' Gay Sex Scenes
The A-Listers Celebrate Cartier 100th Anniversary in America
Paris Hilton Is A Hat Lady - Remains Of The Day
Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel's Jog Through Manhattan
Beyonce Knowles Impersonator Dupes Viennese Museum
Pepsi Throwback Launch Party Attracts Reality TV Starlets
Sasha Grey With Here Clothes On For A Change - Nibbly Things
Paula Abdul Believes In 'Bruno'...And The Tooth Fairy
Zac Efron Is One Of Time Magazine's Most Influential People
Dita Von Teese's Young New Boyfriend
Robert Pattinson Leaving 'New Moon' Set, Greets Fans
GIVEAWAY: 'Wish You Were Here' By Author Leslie Simon
Demi Moore Helps Cartier Announce Their Collabo With ServiceNation
Jonanthan Rhys Meyers Was Never In Rehab - Blog Bites
'Top Gun' Star Kelly McGillis Officially Comes Out
Justin Timberlake's Tequila Gets High Marks
Matt Giraud Leaves 'American Idol' After Adam Lambert's Scare
Jessica Simpson Welcomes Home Lane Garrison From Prison
Robert Pattinson Baby Pictures!
V Magazine Swimsuit Edition: Naomi Campbell Might Soon Retire
Brad Pitt Tangles With A Sumo Wrestler
Lindsay Lohan's Mystery Man 36-Year-Old Is Ben Holz
Nicole Richie Reveals Her Rapper Past
Paris Hilton's Boob Attracts A Groper At The Club
Jennifer Garner Visits David Letterman All Scraped And Bruised
'Legend of the Seeker's' Craig Horner Goes Shirtless For His Art
Who's Flipping The Bird?
The Honeymoon Is Over For Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt
Kirsten Dunst Might Check Out Of 'Spider-Man' Series
Miley Cyrus And Justin Gaston Spotted Together - Remains Of The Day
Adrien Brody Promotes Wacky Fashion For Matthew Williamson Party
Jon Gosselin Admits 'Poor Judgement,' Denies Affair
Taylor Lautner Spotted With Another Woman - Blog Bites
Usher & His Mini-Me Son Look Forward To Father's Day
Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Make People's Most Beautiful People 100
Tyra Banks Testifies Against Alleged Stalker Brady Green
Robin Wright & Sean Penn Legally Separate Again
It's The Perfect Time For A 'Wall Street' Sequel - Nibbly Things
Heidi Klum Hosts Fabulous Phone Party For LG Mobile
Skinny Samantha Ronson Distracted By Strippers
Hayden Panettiere Puts On A Brave Face After Burglary
Hugh Jackman & Halle Berry At 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Screening
Robert Pattinson Almost Gave Up Acting Until 'How To Be'
Stay Away From Britney Spears, She's Headed For Europe
Kim Kardashian Launches 'Queen Of The Kim's' Contest!
Mel Gibson Goes Public With Oksana Grigorieva At 'Wolverine' Screening
Vanessa Hudgens New Man Is 'Beastly' Alex Pettyfer
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Plan Tropical Honeymoon
Who's Shopping At A Scrapbooking Store?
Zac Efron Is Slick At '17 Again' Madrid Premiere
Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick Expecting Twin Girls!
Seraphina Affleck Shows Her Face
Colin Farrell And His New Gal Pal? - Remains Of The Day
Kate Hudson's New Role As Writer/Director In 'Cutlass'
Pam Anderson & Shannen Doherty Ignore Each Other At Club Opening
Celebrities Celebrate Lakers Win, Sean Combs Gets Booed
Phoebe Price Injured! - Nibbly Things
Jesus Luz Not Beloved On The Catwalk
Meet 'Home And Away' Actor Lincoln Lewis
New Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz and the boys 'Twilight' VMan Outtakes!
Ashlee Simpson Shows Off Bronx Wentz!
Hugh Jackman Rides A Fat Hog Into Tempe, Arizona
Chris Noth Signs Up For More 'Sex' - Blog Bites
Nick Jonas Visits Burger King With The Jonas Father
Kellan Lutz & Robert Pattinson Bro Out
Stars Talk Splits At 'Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past' Premiere
Mary-Kate Olsen Flits Through New York City
Julia Roberts Goes Blue For Gala Honoring Tom Hanks
Paris Hilton Awarded For Fragrance Creation
Hugh Jackman's Nudie Bits In A Bag, Not Headed For Mexico
'Twilight' Can Haz Cheezburger?
Lindsay & Ali Lohan Sun Their Bones In Hawaii
Who's Lugging Around The Timi & Leslie Bag?
Brittany Flickinger: The Bikini Shots That You Really Didn't Need To See
Just Another Typical Shopping Trip For Michael Jackson And The Kids
Nicole Kidman Showing Baby Bump? - Remains Of The Day
Mischa Barton To Play A Super Bitch
British Pop Star Craig David Is A Sexy Mr. Fixit
New Photos From The Vancouver Set Of 'New Moon'
Jennifer Aniston Makes Kissy Face With Jason Bateman
Robert Pattinson Will Get Romantic In 'Remember Me'
Taylor Lautner And Selena Gomez Date Fun - Blog Bites
Nude Nick Youngquest In Tetu
Redmond O'Neal Leaves Jail To Visit Farrah Fawcett
Channing Tatum Wanted For 'Eclipse' By 'Twilight' Screenwriter
Miley Cyrus Tweets Away Nick Jonas Rumors
Dev Patel And Freida Pinto Are Dating - Nibbly Things
Kate Walsh & Alex Young: It's Getting Messy
Madonna & Jesus Luz: Bound Together By Fashion
Joan & Melissa Rivers Storm Off 'Celebrity Apprentice'
Lindsay Lohan Dons Daisy Dukes For Pricey Shopping Spree
Matthew McConaughey's Musical Family In Malibu
Brad Pitt & His Boys Visit Niagara Falls, Angelina Jolie Films Stunts
Kim Kardashian Tries Being A Blonde
Katie Holmes Is Back In Black
Salma Hayek & Francois Henri Pinault: Married Again!
America Is 'Obsessed' With Beyonce Knowles
Who's My Mommy?
It's A Pussycat Dolls Catfight!
Sam Way - Male Model Monday
Casey Aldridge, Jamie Spears' Baby Daddy, Injured In Car Crash
EXCLUSIVE: Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Wedding Reception Photos
EXCLUSIVE: Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Wedding Photos
Katie Price & Peter Andre Run The Marathon
Justin Timberlake Takes A Break From Work To Golf
Rep Denies Jennifer Hudson Pregnancy
Zac Efron Turns '17 Again' At Beer Garden In Berlin
Green Celebrities Celebrate NRDC's 20th Anniversary
Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag's Wedding Guests
Who Skateboarded To Starbucks?
The Lesbians (And Their Supporters) Celebrate An Evening With Women
Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Marry For Real
Golden Girl Bea Arthur Dies At 86
'Lost's' Henry Ian Cusick AKA Desmond Accused of Sexual Harassment
Brad Pitt Takes Maddox And Pax To Dunkin' Donuts
Sexy Spanish Tennis Players Rock Elle Magazine's World
Jessica Alba Accepts Her Legal Situation With A Smile
Marisa Miller Works Hard For The Money In Vegas
Is Jake Gyllenhaal Sneaking Around To Become A Spy?
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt: Last-Minute Wedding Errands
Zac Efron Uses Swag To Sway Security
Salma Hayek's Marriage Masquerade
Bruno Has A Flat Ass
Katherine Heigl Gets Stuck In Traffic - Remains Of The Day
Hugh Jackman Reveals Twitter Donation Winners
Nicole Richie's Canadian Experience
Mischa Barton: To Be Or Not To Be In A Shakespeare Play?
Who's Holding the Baby?
Channing Tatum: In Fighting Shape
Leighton Meester Lands A Record Deal
Lindsay Lohan And Ex Samantha Ronson's Reunite
Mischa Barton Does A Little Vintage Shopping - Blog Bites
Ed Westwick Dreams About Being James Bond
Miley Cyrus' Love Dilemma - Nick Jonas Or Justin Gaston?
Mary-Kate Olsen: Pleased To Be On The Jury
Salma Hayek's Famous Friends Head To Venice For Her Wedding
David Archuleta Hits London - Nibbly Things
Courtney Love Says Pam Anderson's Broke
Susan Boyle Shows Of Her New Sassy Style
ET Interviews 'New Moon's' Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart
Taylor Lautner & Selena Gomez: Love Connection?
Will Ferrell Enjoys Urine & Reindeer Eyeballs With Bear Grylls
Kellan Lutz Denies La Lohan Dating Rumors, Causes Fan Frenzy
Pete Wentz Talks Invisible Children
Channing Tatum's Nose Got Spooned During 'Fighting' Scenes
Lane Garrison Gets His Own 'Prison Break'
Beyonce's Working A Train At 'Obssessed' NYC Screening
Sadly This Is Not Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt's Wedding Photo
Who's Wearing These Shoes?
Vivica A. Fox Not Looking To Bone Zac Efron
Owen Wilson Drinks Alone - Remains Of The Day
Robert Pattinson Says Kristen Stewart Dating Rumors 'Ridiculous'
Michael Phleps Is Not Dating Miss California, Carrie Prejean
Us Weekly Celebrates Hot Hollywood Style
Susan Boyle Is A Liar - Nibbly Things
Angelina Jolie To Solve Crimes
Gwyneth Paltrow Loves Food, Not A Fan Of Fat People
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt's Upcoming Wedding Details
Madonna & Jesus Luz On A Not-So-Secret Dinner Date
Goofy Justin Timberlake Talks Kissing With Jimmy Kimmel
Terrance Howard Is A Whiner - Blog Bites
Lindsay Lohan Dishes Breakup Details To Ellen DeGeneres
Introducing John Mayer's Latest Flame: Scheana Marie Jancan
Beyonce Is 'Obsessed' With Being 'Gangsta'
Vanessa Minnillo Denies She's Left Nick Lachey For Matt Lanter
Lil Rounds & Anoop Desai Depart From 'American Idol'
Kate Moss Parties Till Her Dress Falls Off
Michael Jackson's SUV Crashes With Ambulance
David Slade Signs On As 'Eclipse' Director
Camila Alves Ain't Scared Of Matthew McConaughey's Exes
John Travolta Flies Solo To Tahiti
Gisele Bundchen Introduces Ipanema-Gisele Bundchen
Kevin Federline To Lose Weight For Cash!
Guess The Smile
Evan Rachel Wood To Take On 'True Blood' Role
Jodie Kidd Launches St.Tropez Aromaguard Line - Remains Of The Day
Hugh Jackman's Sexuality Is A Geographical Issue
Beyonce Knowles & Dad Comment On Screeching Tape
Chelsea Lately Spoofs 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'
Bobby De Niro & Vanity Fair Get Pumped For Tribeca Film Fest
Jennifer Lopez Is A Fashion Triple Threat
Leslie Simon 'Wish You Were Here' Book Signing - Blog Bites
Matthew McConaughey Leads Celebrity Flock To Malibu Mall Opening
Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattison Holding Hands, Boyfriend Michael Angarano In Hiding
Mike Tyson Talks Chris Brown & Rihanna
EXCLUSIVE: Whitney Port Vintage Softball Pic - Nibbly Things
Beyonce Screeching On 'Today'
Androgynous Male Rocker Marilyn Talks Gavin Rossdale Relationship
Jennifer Hudson Pregnant?
Daniel Radcliffe & Crew Film More Of 'The Deathly Hallows'
Miss California Carrie Prejean Dating Michael Phelps
Lauren Conrad Tries To Sell Clothes At Kohl's
Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Ham It Up For The Kiss Cam
Skinny, Single Lindsay Lohan On A Manhunt
New Moon's Wolf Pack Goes Shirtless
Robert Pattinson: VMan Outtakes & Clubbing Avoidance
Helen Mirren's Bangin' Bod At The 'State Of Play' Premiere
Michael Jackson Knows How To Keep Cool In LA
Nude Jonathon Schaech Launches Film Comeback
Audrina Patridge With Angel Wings For PETA
Guess The Ass
Hugh Jackman Leaves His Mark On Hollywood
Tori Spelling Uses Stella McDermott As A Prop - Remains Of The Day
Heidi Montag Takes A Stand For Gay Marriage Late In The Game
Mischa Barton's A Handbag Lady
Michelle Rodriguez Is A Wedding Party Pooper
Woody Harrelson Is Crazy - Nibbly Things
A Gaythering Storm - It's Raining Gays!
Lindsay Lohan Won't Be Performing In A Peep Show
Miley Cyrus To Play Exclusive London Concert
Lady GaGa Dating Some Dude Named 'Speedy'
'Twilight' Hotties Pose For CosmoGirl, Prep For 'Breaking Dawn'
Channing Tatum Prefers Dancing Shoes Over Fist Fighting
Madonna's Trainer Puts Her Back To Work
Switchfoot Ask Jonas Brothers To Rescue Invisible Children
'Harry Potter' Cast On 'The Deathly Hallows' Set
Jamie Foxx & Robert Downey Jr.'s Duet For 'The Soloist'
Brad Pitt & Angelina Joile: Suburban NY Shoppers
Sparks Flying Between Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler?
Ashley Tisdale Moves On With Scott Speer, Still Friends With Ex
Sienna Miller Hopes The 2nd Time's The Charm With Vogue
Ellen Pompeo Shows Off Her Baby Belly! - Remains Of The Day
'Star Trek' Cast Hit Red Carpet For London Premiere
David Beckham Suits Up For Malaria Cause
Who's Hiding Under That Cowboy Hat?
Hugh Jackman Arrives In Miami, Says Fans Rarely Recognize Him
'Heroes' For Autism
Beyonce Announces Tour Dates In The U.S.
Nicole Kidman & Kelly Clarkson March For Babies In Nashville
It's An 'Amazing Race' Bitch Fest - Blog Bites
Johnny Depp's Mane Secret
Reese And Jake Get Cosy At Coachella, While Other Celebrities Wander About
'Desperate Housewives' At 2009 Paley Center Festival
Victoria Beckham Zips Through L.A. With Her Boys
Naked Jessica Biel - Nibbly Things
Lindsay Lohan To Star In Topless Vegas Revue?
Taylor Lautner Works Out On 'New Moon' Set
'New Moon's' Peter Facinelli & Kellan Lutz: Friendly Fliers
2009 TV Land Awards: Cougar Wrangler & Magnum P.I. Unite
Zac Efron Gets His Head In The Box Office Game
Neil Patrick Harris Played Host At TV Land Awards
Halle Berry To Shave Her Head For 'Nappily Ever After' Role
Lady Gaga And Her Little Teacup
Matthew Broderick's Outfit Intended To Cheer Up Liam Neeson
Britney Spears Thinks Daddy Jamie Is Drugging Her
Lindsay Lohan Enjoys A Good Peep Show, Picks Up A Man
Ellen Pompeo Is Pregnant!
Who's My Mommy?
'Slumdog Millionaire' Child Actress Rubina Ali Up For Sale By Parents
Celebrities In Love At The 2009 Coachella Music Festival
Bronx Mowgli Checks Into 'Melrose Place' With Ashlee Simpson
20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Red Carpet Arrivals
Robert Pattinson Center Of 'New Moon' Love Triangle
Bikini Babe Kathy Griffin Honored At 2009 GLAAD Awards
Madonna Falls Off Another Horse
Jake Gyllenhaal Let's The Music In Through His Open Fly At Coachella
Madonna, Jesus Luz, A Bevy Of Men And The Kids Attending Kabbalah
Who's My Mommy?
Celebs Attend 2009 Coachella In Style: Cowboy Scott Speedman
Ashton Kutcher Revels In His Twitter Success
Nicole Richie & Harlow Madden Enjoy Some Playtime
Will 'Grey Gardens' Live Up To The Original?
'Wolverine' Expects To Get Huge Opening
Mel Gibson & Oksana Grigorieva : A Tale Of Two Oksanas
Appreciating The Nudity Of Gilles Marini
Hugh Jackman Just Barely Resists Climbing The Eiffel Tower
Rihanna Schedules Return To The Stage
Sunday Rose Urban's Back On U.S. Soil - Remains Of The Day
David Beckham Goes On The Offensive With Photographer
Bryce Draper - Male Model Monday
Redmond O'Neal Trying Rehab For Sick Mom Farrah Fawcett
Who's Putting A Pink Post-It On A Parking Meter?
DJ AM To Save Teens - Blog Bites
Rachel McAdams And Josh Lucas Co-Habitating?
Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Bruno' Saved By R Rating
Caption Kim Kardashian
Mickey Rourke & Kim Basinger: Reunited At 'The Informers' Premiere
Zac Efron's GQ Leftovers, Talks Fans With Jimmy Kimmel
Kanye West And Amber Rose For Louis Vuitton - Nibbly Things
Suri Cruise's 3rd Birthday Blowout
Lady GaGa Reveals Her Sheer Genius...Breasts & Booty
Oprah Winfrey Jumps On The Twitter Bandwagon
Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Are Just 'Good Friends'
Ashton Kutcher Bests CNN In Twitter War
Winona Ryder Doesn't Need Your Friendship, Gwyneth Paltrow!
Matthew McConaughey Shares Dad's Sex Advice
Britney's Unwanted Visit From 'American Idol' Alum Miranda Tozier-Robbins
Andy Roddick Off The Market After This Weekend's Wedding
Meet German Gymnast Fabian Hamb├╝chen
Who's Carrying A Mini Tree?
Gabriel Aubrey Stepping Out On Halle Berry - Remains of the Day
I Love David Beckham's Aura
'Dollhouse' Creator Joss Whedon Talks 2nd Season Survival