Archives: January, 2009

Guess Who's Doing Yoga On The Beach?
Your Daily Angelina Jolie
Jake Gyllenhaal, Dapper Gentleman: Santa Barbara Film Festival
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Gives Away Kisses For Hugo Boss
News Bites: Amanda Bynes Is A Hazard On The Road
Boobs And Smiles At Leather And Laces Celebration
Britney Spears Restraining Order Situation
Caption Jessica Alba!
Who's The Bag Lady?
Fashion Dinner For AIDS: Mischa Barton Cleans Up
Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz & Daniel Day-Lewis: Dressed To The Nines
Miley Cyrus And Justin Gaston Chow Down
Orlando Bloom's Shirtless Phone Call
News Bites: Daniel Radcliffe's Stunt Double Hurt
Taylor Swift Realizes Our Economy Sucks
Kim Kardashian Wants You To Leave Jessica Simpson Alone - Nibbly Things
Suzanne Somers Has A Hungry Vagina
Chris Brown's Rihanna Substitute
Jessica Simpson Gives Thanks In Leather
Gwen Stefani Hangs With Her Boys
When An Idol Threat Is Not An Idle Threat - Blog Bites
NFL Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Concert
Dakota Fanning Gives A Strong 'Push'
Ali Lohan Must Be Cold
Angelina Jolie Owns Japan Now
Madonna Moving Kids To New York City
Alan Cumming Thinks Obama Has A Big You Know What
Viral Video: Michael Galanes Wants A Bigger Smile
Amy Winehouse Was Robbed!
Evan Rachel Wood Says She Did Not Kiss Mickey Rourke
Hayden Panettiere & Adrian Pasdar: 'Heroes' And Friends
Renee Zellweger Kisses And Tells
Who's Grabbing His Crotch?
Bruce Springsteen's Comic Timing Is Boss
Paris Hilton Shows Her Nipples, Must Be A Thursday
Liev Schreiber Brings The 'Awwws'
Ashton Kutcher's Got High-Class Problems
Gwyneth Paltrow Is Going To The Grammys! - Blog Bites
Dita Von Teese: Back To Burlesque!
Jennifer Hudson Returns To Work - News Bites
Barack Obama Shakes It To 'Single Ladies'
Nearly Nude David Beckham Covers Crotch With Emporio Armani
Victoria Prince Breaks Britney's Heart By Playing Mommy
Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Shop At Their Level
Ladies Love Cool Clive Owen
Claire Mery Stretches - Nibbly Things
Hayden Panettiere's Legging It All Hang Out
Jessica Alba's Giftwrapped Ass
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Stomp On Tokyo Like Godzilla
Lily Allen Ready For Older, Richer Men
So Now George Clooney Is Dating A Game Show Contestant?
Three Martini Thursday: Lisa Rinna
Viral Video: Paris Hilton & Lady GaGa, Intellectual Giants Collide
Tony Romo Pretends Jessica Simpson's House Is His, Cheats On Her There
Michael Lohan Is Blogging About Lindsay And Samantha Again
Ben Affleck: Quiet, Romantic Family Man
Brooke Shields' Chocolate Lover
Who's The Blonde In The Alfa Romero?
Madonna Doesn't Frighten Justin Timberlake
Mark Ruffalo & Orlando Bloom Film 'Sympathy for Delicious'
Shauna Sand: Dignity On A Segway
Hugh Jackman And His Wife Are Into The Kink
News Bites: Kelly Clarkson Redeems Herself
Eva Longoria Eats, Has Her Hair Done
Speakerphone: Utada Nation
Baby Fever On 'How I Met Your Mother'
Kanye West & Mischa Barton Front Row At Elie Saab In Paris
Diesel Models Attracted To Crotches - Nibbly Things
Joaquin Phoenix: Bearded Trickster
TomKat Baby On The Way?
Ian Thorpe: Sinking Or Swimming?
Joe Francis And Kim Zolciak? - Blog Bites
Brad Pitt's Happy To Be Starring In A Winner
Shia LaBeouf Isn't That Busy Lately
'High School Musical' On Ice
Bart Simpson Somehow Became Affiliated With Scientology
Paula Abdul Throws An 'American Idol' Hissy Fit
Lisa Rinna Really, Really Needs A Job
Paris Hilton Needs A Refresher On British Trivia
The Real Housewives of Orange County: Quickie
Golden Girls Of The Red Carpet
Pamela Anderson Loves Her Some Scotch
Johnny Depp & Christian Bale In 'Public Enemies'
Guess Who's Wearing The Pink G-String?
Viral Video: Aretha Franklin's Backup Singer
Red Carpet Ladies In Red Photo Gallery
Rihanna's Bikini Body Splashed Across Mexican GQ
Olivia Newton-John's Ex Patrick McDermott Resurrected
Rub David Beckham's Ass, It's Lucky
Jessica Alba Wields Wikipedia Like A Weapon
News Bites: Mariah Carey Creating New Music
Rosie O'Donnell To Cease The Haikus Forever
Megan Fox Is A Guitar Hero - Nibbly Things
Maggie Gyllenhaal & Fisher-Price Create A Precious Planet
Leave Brittany Flickinger Alone!
Jennifer Lopez Hauling Her Booty To Broadway?
Geri Halliwell Engaged To Fabrizio Politi
Russell Brand: Latest Celibacy Contender
Mischa Barton Ages
Karl Lagerfeld Is Prunish - Blog Bites
Tom Cruise Arrives In Moscow With 'Valkyrie'
Brad Pitt And Angelina Grace Japan With Their Brood
George Clooney Gets Journalistic
Meryl Streep To Guest Star On '30 Rock'
Lindsay Lohan Not Anorexic, Eats Two Full Meals
Amy Winehouse To Leave St. Lucia For Blake
Ambulance Driver Charged In Travolta Extortion Case
Fergie & Josh Duhamel: Back From Honeymooning
Ryan Reynolds Keeps That Body Hard
Mischa Barton Shows Off A Hint Of Nipple At Dior
Who's Boob Is Tattooed?
Guy Ritchie Skis With His Best Boys
'Dexter' Cast: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Are A House Huntin'
The New Kids Are Coming To Your Block
News Bites: Hugh Jackman To Open Oscars With Baz Lurhmann?
Viral Video: Larry King Seduces & Informs
Sanjaya Malakar Has A Story To Tell
Jessica Alba's Cure For The Grumps
Joel Rush Shows Off His Truly Beautiful Body
Senator Ooopraaaaaaah? - Blog Bites
Men: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Jessica Simpson Is Curvy & Country At Chili Cookoff
Sylvester Stallone Ripped At 62 - Nibbly Things
Ladies: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Katie Holmes: 2009 SAG Awards
Miley Cyrus Rides A White Horse
Boy George Is Very Popular In Jail
Tom Cruise Needs An Image Makeover
Guess Who's Stretching Their Legs?
Amy Poehler: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Rosario Dawson: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
'House' Cast: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Penelope Cruz: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Marisa Tomei: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Television: 2009 SAG Award Winners
Movie Winners: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
'Desperate Housewives' Cast: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
America Ferrera: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Taraji P. Henson: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Anne Hathaway: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet Photos
Kate Winslet: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Christina Applegate: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet Photos
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt: 2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Katie Holmes Will Be A Presenter At Tonight's SAG Awards
Reese Witherspoon And Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Up West Hollywood
Kirsten Dunst And Josh Hartnett Back On? - News Bites
'Slumdog Millionaire' Wins At Producers Guild Awards
Zac Efron And Vanessa Hudgens Hit Tokyo On 'HSM3' Promo Tour
Penelope Cruz Wants To Win The Oscar For Spain
Guess The Asses
Garrett Neff: Male Model Mondays
Bikini Clad Shauna Sand Is A Vision Of Lucite And Plastic
Leona Lewis' 'I Will Be' Video With Chace Crawford
News Bites: Molly Ringwald Expecting Twins
Oscar Favorite Kate Winslet Picks Up Another Award
Shirtless Andy Roddick Practices For Australian Open
Pantless Lindsay Lohan To Become A Princess?
Funny Famous Faces: Silly Wabbit Denise Richards
Cameron Diaz Has No Smiles For Drew Barrymore
Who's Signing Autographs?
Film Review: 'Inkheart'
Anderson Cooper's On-Screen Bloopers
Natalie Portman Walks The Dog
Bahamian Politicians Arrested In Travolta Extortion Charges
Film Review: Bride Wars
Film Review: The Wrestler
Famous Oscars Thoughout History
Minnie Driver Will Kill Your Ass
News Bites: Kelly Rutherford Testifies
Patrick Swayze To Pen Book - Blog Bites
Sobriety Is For The Unemployed
Don't Get Engaged To Or Even Date Jennifer Love Hewitt
Pete Wentz Has Cold Feet
Emile Hirsch: It's Just Like Riding A Bicycle
Brad Pitt Doesn't Google Himself, Angie's Bodyguard To Tell All
Speakerphone: Lily Allen And VV Brown
Chace Crawford Wants To Talk You Out Of Your Jeans
Mike Tyson Punches Sundance In The Face With Documentary
Eric Dane's McSteamy Breaks Penis On 'Grey's Anatomy' - Nibbly Things
Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Maintain The Charade
Katie Price: Schoolyard Slut
Katy Perry Not Celibate, Says Journalist Is Inept
Kanye West Not Into The Bi Porn
Hollywood Life House: Paris Hilton & Others Get Free Stuff
Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Mulling Over A Move To London
Kelly Osbourne Back In Rehab
VIP At The Inauguration Isn't Good Enough For Mariah Carey
Robert Downey Jr. Reacts To Oscar Nomination
Jack Nicholson: Most Oscar-Nominated Male Performer
Who's The Bikini Babe?
Unmasked Shia LaBeouf Enjoys Fine Cuisine
Julia Roberts Visits The Taj Mahal
Kanye West Interesting In Trisexual Porn?
Celebrity Blogger Round Up: Emmy Rossum's Waiting Tables
Andy Dick Talks Sex & Booze With Tyra Banks
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Moving To NY?
Meryl Streep: Most Oscar-Nominated Actor In History
Shia LaBeouf Feels The Shame Of Losing Your License
Gay Penguins Need Our Help
Academy Award-Winning Voices
Angelina Jolie Reacts To Her Nomination
Kim Kardashian Deals With Her Razzie Nomination
Chris Evans Feels The Gay Men
Brangelina: Ghosts Of Red Carpets Past
Miley Cyrus Looks Shifty
Katy Perry Won't Be Kissing Girls Or Boys For A While
Behind The Scenes With Madonna - Blog Bites
Zac Efron Is A Photogenic Man
Dakota Fanning To Join The Volturi In 'New Moon'?
Keira Knightley Set To Play Hollywood Recluse
George Clooney And Juliana Marguiles Going Back To 'ER'?
Brad Pitt "Was" Into Smoking Weed
Heath Ledger: Oscar Nomination On The First Anniversary Of His Death
Oscar Nominations Are In!
George W. Bush: Three Martini Thursday
Geri Halliwell & Fabrizio Politi Get Busy On The Beach
Akon Would Like To Keep His Age A Mystery. Literally.
Lily Allen Now Wants To Appear Vaguely Lesbian
'Sex And The City' Sequel Confirmed
Kelly Rutherford Fights For Her Hermes
Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Feuding
Ben Affleck Tries To Shield Violet Affleck
Who's Bummed Out?
Hugh Jackman's 'Wolverine' Badass Promise
10 Years Of Oscar Emcees: Hugh Jackman In 2009
Anthony Kiedis Wears Whiteface
'Valkyrie' Marches Into London
News Bites: Janet Jackson Acting Weird
Rihanna Mananges To Keep Boob In Check At Ball
Celebrity Blogger Round Up: Emma Watson Went To Cuba!
Jessica Alba Vents Her Grouch On Bill O'Reilly
'American Idol' Contestant Akilah Came From Wrong Rectum - Blog Bites
Marisa Miller And Selita Ebanks Splash About
Travolta Family Extortion Plot Squelched
Mike Myers & Paris Hilton Honored For Making Bad Movies
Kingston Rossdale Never Disappoints
Victoria Beckham's Oral Fixation Goes Russian
Cheryl Tweedy Is Hot - Nibbly Things
Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez & Mariah Carey Serenade Ballgoers
Creative Coalition Inaugural Ball Sees Red, White & Blue
Katie Holmes Finds Work
The Obamas' First Dance
Spencer Pratt Hit Cameron Huston With His Purse
Amy Winehouse Moonlights As A Life Saver
Britney Spears Doesn't Know How To Tip
Jessica Alba Confuses Sweden With Switzerland
Michelle Obama Brings Sexy Back In Jason Wu Inaugural Gown
Kristen Stewart Sings Autographs In Park City
Real Housewives of Orange County: Quickie
Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal: Doing Their Own Thing
Jennifer Garner Embraces Motherhood
Guess Who's Giving Money To The Homeless?
MLK Day Breakfast At Ballou Senior High: Celebs Encourage Service
Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise & A Bunny On 'Valkyrie' Red Carpet
Shia LaBeouf's Driver's License Suspended
William Balfour Pleads Not Guilty
Brook Hogan Massacres Kelly Clarkson - Nibbly Things
Miley Cyrus And Nick Jonas Reunited By Malia And Sasha Obama!
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: Reality TV Stars Talk Inauguration
Brad Pitt's Scared Of Certain Types Of Death
BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Brody Jenner's 'Bromance' Porn Connection
Jim Carrey And Ewan McGregor Talk About Making Out
Marcia Cross' Hubby Tom Mahoney Diagnosed With Cancer
Tom Cruise To Star In 'Top Gun 2: Hudson River Boogaloo'?
Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: 'Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans'
Ben Affleck's Keeping His Seraphina A Secret
JLo & Marc Anthony Focus On Politics, Avoid Marital Discussions
Aretha Franklin's Rockin' Inaugural Hat - Blog Bites
Stars Shine On Inaugural Stage, Welcoming Our 44th President
Newly Inaugurated: President Barack Obama
Huffington Post Ball Rings In Inauguration Day
Marissa Miller: Beauty On The Beach
Tom Cruise Acknowledges His Love Of Sausage
Michelle Obama Went To Toldeo For Her Inauguration Outfit
Paris Hilton Is Already Sick Of Her New BFF
Chris Rock Doesn't Know How To Make Fun Of Obama
Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish: Domesticated Couple
Whoops! Lily Allen Sends Wrong Ricky Topless Text Message
Amy Winehouse Falls For Another Jock Type, Spends Thousands In Minutes
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Toast To 'Benjamin Buttons'
Paul Walker: Shirtless And Wet
Who's Playing Peak-A-Boo?
David Armani Glows In Emporio Armani At Milan's Fashion Week
Celebrity Blogger Round Up: GOOP Does NYC
Shia LaBeouf's Hand Still Needs A Cozy
BET Honors: Excitement Over Impending Inauguration
Madonna: Pics That She Didn't Use For A Reason
Brad Pitt On Barack Obama
'Passions' Star Kelli McCarty Now Porn Star - Blog Bites
Julia Roberts Wants You To Get The F@*K Out Of Her Face
Miranda Kerr Is Secretive
Celebs 'Declare' Themselves In Washington, DC
Eddie Murphy Still Wants To Party All The Time
Hollywood In Park City: Rounding Up The Stars Of Sundance
News Bites: Kelly Osbourne Slapped Herself Into Jail
Kingston Rossdale Isn't Camera Shy
Marissa Miller Gets Her Bikini On - Nibbly Things
Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Help Renew America's Promise