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NFL Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Concert

Performing on-stage at the NFL Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Concert were Fall Out Boy, backbend-loving Rihanna and Lifehouse (Or is it Lifeboat? I can’t even remember…) and Jerry O’Connell stepping up to take on hosting duties. Kim Kardashian was there, looking all kinds of shiny black and…that wig looks familiar. OK, maybe it’s her real…

Lisa Timmons |

Dakota Fanning Gives A Strong ‘Push’

Sorry guys, I’ve got a bad case of the puns. Soon-to-be 15-year-old Dakota Fanning looks like an old pro on the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere of her action movie Push with co-stars Chris Evans and Camilla Belle. That Camilla girl is pretty, but from what I’ve seen of her on-screen, she’s got about…

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Ali Lohan Must Be Cold

Someone needs to get DYS on Dina Lohan stat. There is no way in hell she should be forcing her daughter to participate in some bullshit photoshoot in the middle of Times Square in the freezing cold. Here’s Ali Lohan in her latest future Michael Lohan blog topic, doing a shoot as part of photographer…

J. Harvey |

Angelina Jolie Owns Japan Now

Angelina Jolie slipped into a body-hugging dress and took some time out of her demigoddess schedule to grace the Japanese press with a news conference in Tokyo. She’s in Japan with Brad Pitt to promote their two most recent films (Changeling and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and the country is ready to dump…

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Madonna Moving Kids To New York City

London will regain one Amy Winehouse but lose one Madonna — life is a series of trade-offs, folks.After much custody hoopla, Madonna is officially moving leaving Guy to roll around alone in his millions and bringing the kids to her New York City penthouse.The court granted her official permission to pack up the drama train…

Melissa Noble |

Alan Cumming Thinks Obama Has A Big You Know What

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you Alan Cumming. But it’s your fault our legs are burning from an entire cup of spit-out coffee.Alan decided to give a party reporter from New York magazine a really classy quote incorporating  politics, current events, anatomy and science at Russell James’ Portrait Book Release Party on Wednesday night…

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Viral Video: Michael Galanes Wants A Bigger Smile

“Little Miss Perfect” presents Michael Galanes!Uploaded by WEtv

Make sure your smile is big, but not weird.

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Amy Winehouse Was Robbed!

Ah, man. The Winehouse just can’t win. It’s like she’s constantly the star of her own country song — bare-footed, broken-hearted, the bars won’t serve her kind, but she smokes it all away with scraped resin tears. Or something like that.Well, now we can add “just robbed” to the list. Even though she’s still on…

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Evan Rachel Wood Says She Did Not Kiss Mickey Rourke

We didn’t really raise an eyebrow, but supposedly The Wrestler co-stars Evan Rachel Wood and Mickey Rourke were rumored to have bumped ooglies after the SAG Awards last week. Actually, now that she mentions it, a faint glimmer of a memory is floating back — I think we just shrugged. (After this nothing is shocking)Anyway,…

Melissa Noble |

Hayden Panettiere & Adrian Pasdar: ‘Heroes’ And Friends

Heroes co-stars Adrian Pasdar and Hayden Panettiere are making like good buddies while filming scenes for upcoming episodes of their hit series. Everybody on that show seems to get along like gangbusters–and not just Hayden and her boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia because, you know…they’re banging.  Click on any photo to see the 35+ photos of Adrian

Lisa Timmons |

Renee Zellweger Kisses And Tells

Making the rounds of the talk show circuit (she’s seen here arrive at the Late Show with David Letterman) to promote her new film New in Town, Harry Connick Jr., Renee Zellweger was all about dishing. She talked about her trip (and shared some photos) to Barack Obama’s inauguration, she wasn’t invited, she just went…

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Who’s Grabbing His Crotch?

Click the photo above to find out who he is.

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Bruce Springsteen’s Comic Timing Is Boss

Chatting happily with reporters in preparation for his upcoming performance at Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIII, Bruce Springsteen cracked jokes and was all smiles.When asked who will be selecting the songs to be performed during his 12 minutes on stage, Springsteen replied, “The Boss decides. Nobody else decides. People suggest…hint…beg…cajole…but I decide.”Oh God, I just started…

Lisa Timmons |

Paris Hilton Shows Her Nipples, Must Be A Thursday

Not that it really matters. This woman doesn’t need some kind of special occasion to give her nipples a public airing-out. Paris Hilton is looking all kinds of classy as she leaves her London hotel, breezing through the Mayfair area on her way to the ITV studios in London. That’s right, she’s got more brilliant

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Liev Schreiber Brings The ‘Awwws’

Here’s Liev Schreiber letting oldest son Alexander Pete that he won’t be forgotten in the wake of new little brother Samuel Kai Schreiber’s
. Liev and son are feeding the ducks at a park in Santa Monica
after a visit to Whole Foods in Brentwood. Well, you don’t want to feed
the duckies Wonder Bread.

J. Harvey |

Ashton Kutcher’s Got High-Class Problems

Wow. This is the kind of “problem” I can’t really understand. Like complaining about paper cuts on one’s hands from counting all the hundred dollar bills in one’s possession.This video shows an annoyed Ashton Kutcher recording the sounds of his neighbor doing construction on his house at 7 a.m. in the morning, you know, the…

Lisa Timmons |

Dita Von Teese: Back To Burlesque!

Strip-tease performer Dita Von Teese has been busy attending fashion shows and promoting her Wonderbra, which have kept her away from her business of burlesque.

But Dita’s returned to her beloved venue of the the Crazy Horse in Paris, kicking off a new show, which will include two new songs recorded by the artist…

Lisa Timmons |

Jennifer Hudson Returns To Work – News Bites

- Jennifer Hudson has put the finishing touches on a video for her single, and my favorite song on her album, “If It Isn’t Love.” She was originally supposed to shoot the video late last year, but postponed it. “The video was set up before the tragedy and she felt like she should finish what…

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