Archives: September, 2008

Guess Who's Whispering In Cheryl Burke's Ear?
Sandra Bernhard & Madonna Get Their Kabbalah On
Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Practice Their Technique With Popsicles
'Desperate Housewives' Dominates Sunday Night TV
Eva Mendes Wonders What She's Up To
Britney Spears Kind Of Admits VMAs Were Staged
An Apology And Retraction To James Franco
Music In The Morning: Brandy - 'Right Here (Departed)'
Sharon Stone Wanted To Botox Her Kid
The '90210' Zip Code Expands Its Coverage
Russell Crowe Explains Weight Gain
High School Musical Cast Brings Pandemonium to Paris
Dominic Purcell Admires Himself
Could You Be The One Paris Hilton Wants?
Demi Lovato Talks Boys And Miley
Today On Recapist
News Bites: Britney's Lawyers Prepare Legal Getaway
Nick Jonas Has Himself A Ride
Blake Lively Kissing Someone Other Than Penn Badgely!
Kelly Osbourne Is Testy
Funeral Held For Plane Crash Victim Chris Baker
Nibbly Things: Cougar Alert!
Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet: Still Steaming Up Windows
Christina Applegate Talks Breast Cancer Surgery
'Gossip' Boys Drip On Details
Lindsay Lohan's Bikini Vacation With Sam
Benjamin McKenzie Is Arresting
Britney Spears To Spread Her Joy Throughout The Land
Janet Jackson's Sick
Jesse McCartney Pledging 'Greek'
Bikini Donning Jennifer Aniston's Still in Cabo
Dita Von Teese: Sexy Mr. Peanut
'All My Sons' Earns Big Box Office
Music In The Morning: Vivian Girls - 'Tell the World'
Dita Von Teese's Three-Way
Lindsay Lohan Buys Ciggies In Bulk
News Bites: Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Dry-Hump In Rome
Jennifer Lopez Looking More Angelina Jolie Than Usual
Sarah Palin In A Sexy Bathing Suit!
Audrina Patridge In A Bikini!
Justin Timberlake Putts From The Rough
Michelle Williams Promotes 'Wendy and Lucy'
Ellen DeGeneres Softened By Marriage
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Mischa Barton
News Bites: Travis Barker's Out Of The Hospital
Rachel Bilson Wants To Help You Dress Goofy
Nibbly Things: Poor Puppy
Today On Recapist
Miley Cyrus Mouse-Blocks The Gays
Jessica Alba & Honor Warren Stock The Fridge
Lindsay Lohan Denies Lesbian Relationship Confirmation
Britney Spears Sex Tape With Adnan Ghalib?
Phoebe Price Enjoys Eating Herself
Dennis Quaid Would Like Meg Ryan To Shut Her Piehole
Matilda Ledger Might Have Hit A Speedbump
Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Take Off to Sweden
Brad Pitt Is Getting Old
Heather Locklear DUI Arrest Details
Whose Skinny Arm Is Reaching Out The Window?
Music in the Morning: Coldplay - 'Lost'
Matilda Ledger Inherits Heath Ledger's Entire $20 Million Estate
Katie Holmes To Steam Up 'Eli Stone'
Tina Fey Mock's Sarah Palin's Katie Curic Interview on SNL
Cristiano Ronaldo Waxed, Toned and Trimmed
Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Would Like You To Vote
Jennifer Aniston In A Bikini!
Leighton Meester Celebrates Her 17,000th Cover
BREAKING: Heather Locklear Arrested
Scarlett Johansson Married Ryan Reynolds!!
News Bites: Paul Newman's Children Speak
DJ Am Is The "Luckiest Guy Alive"
Who's Gone Red And Long?
Paul Newman In The Morning
Eva Longoria Still Fat
Sharon Stone Lunches, Still Has Kid
Kate Moss And Kelly Osbourne Get With The Pink
News Bites: Samantha Ronson Challenged To Spin-Off
Paul Newman Passed Away
Project Runway Stalled, Nina Garcia Ready To Slug A Bitch
Napoleon Perdis Giveaway Winners!
Guess Who's Wearing The Uneven Crocs?
Victoria Beckham Puts On Latex Pants To Sell Perfume
Movie Trailer In The Morning: 'Valkyrie'
Rihanna Launching Clothing Line
Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Still Cruising Rome
Reese Witherspoon Dreading Hanging Out With Vince Vaughn
Brandon Routh Wants You To Vote, And Possibly Get Him A Job
Call For Entries For Socialite Life 5th Anniversary!
Salma Hayek: Broken Up But Still Getting Him To Pay For Shit
DJ AM Released From The Hospital
Everyone Shows Up To See Anne Hathaway's Movie
Lindsay Lohan Legally Distancing Herself From Dad
Jennifer Hudson Releases Her Self-Titled Album
News Bites: Even Amy Winehouse Knows She's F*d
Violet Affleck Is Distressed
Nibbly Things: Hello Dolly!
Stare At David Beckham All Year Long
Fashion Disaster: Duane Dog Chapman
Sacha Baron Cohen: Italy's Next Top Runway Crasher
Today On Recapist: Survivor
Hollywood Forced To Party So That You'll Vote
Celebrities Enjoy Fairy Tale Dolce & Gabbana Party
Daniel Radcliffe Successfully Conquers Broadway
Britney Spears Releases New Single - 'Womanizer'
Hayden Panettierre's Dad Charged With Wife Punching
Shia LaBeouf Can Drive Drunk Whenever He Likes
Outfest 2008, Ewan McGregor Honor Bruce Cohen
Bono Chastises Wall Street At Clinton Philanthropy Summit
Halle Berry Wants To Get Inside Your Head...All Of Them
America's Next Top Model: The Eyes Have It
Katy Perry Will Always Be Accused Of Kissing Girls
Clay Aiken Paid $500,000 For People Interview
Music In The Morning: 'Something is Not Right with Me'
The Changeling Vs. Valkyrie Poster
Megan Fox: Before And After
Project Runway: Rib-Eating Outfit
Suri Cruise & Katie Holmes: Take Your Mother To Work Day
Joy Behar Pulls A Letterman on Paris Hilton
Liquid Lunch Video Podcast - Ep. 10
Pregnant Gillian Anderson Eats Some Red Carpet
Celebrities (And Wannabes) Declare Themselves
'True Blood' Rewarded For Bringing The Nudity
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Mary Carey
Jonny Depp Gets More Work
Nibbly Things: He's A Devil In A White Hat
Today On Recapist
Harry Connick Jr. Helps A Couple Maintain Their Endless Love
News Bites: Audrina Patridge Endorses Jeans
Shenae Grimes Shakes Off Too-Skinny Criticism
Brad Pitt Meets And Eats With Quentin Tarantino In Berlin
Britney Spears Bobs Her Weave
Lesbians Frolic And Possibly Backslide
Miley Cryus And Justin Gaston Enjoy A Play Date
David Blaine Lived
David Letterman Is Unhappy With John McCain
Vanessa Minnillo Wants A Career Upgrade
Take A Whiff Of Jordan
Brangelina Becoming Berliner?
Guess Who's Hiding His Face?
Music In The Morning: TV on the Radio - 'Golden Age'
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Caught Poisoning The Homeless
Natalie Portman & Devendra Banhart Split
News Bites: Leighton Meester Dishes Her Own Dirt
Charlize Theron Gets High, Attacks A Reporter
Nicole Richie Continues Her Humanitarian Efforts
Nicole Kidman Got Knocked Up By A Waterfall
Brandon Davis: Misery In A Headband
Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Do What The Romans Do
Unqualified with J. Harvey: Ravenous Beauty
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Lady Lloyd
Nick Hogan Getting Out Of Jail?
Janet Jackson Peels Off Her Record Label
News Bites: Britney's House For Sale
Nibbly Things: Who Doesn't Love A Big Weiner?
Today On Recapist
Diane Lane & Richard Gere: Onscreen Couple Once Again
Whoopi Goldberg Has The Hots For John Mayer
Michael Lohan Disgusted By Samantha Ronson
Drew Barrymore Getting 'Gossip Girl' Nookie?
Brad Pitt Promoting Japanese Cellphones As Jacques Tati
Clay Aiken On His Gayness
Lynne Spears Senses Hypocrisy
David Cook Leaves A Light On For You
Who's Washing Windows?
Katie Price Takes To The Scale
Leighton Meester Nixes Tell-All Talk
Music In The Morning: Zac Efron & Corbin Bleu - 'The Boys Are Back'
Eva Mendes In Bed With Macy's
Shannen Doherty Might Take Up Permanent 90210 Residence
Katie Holmes Ignoring The Ruckus Over Her Religion
Rihanna Is Bad
News Bites: Megan Fox Takes A Dip
Clay Aiken Finally Comes Out
Dancing With The Stars: Erica Kane, Lance Bass And Mrs. Garrett's Cousin
Meg Ryan Found Being Viewed As A Whore Freeing
Emmy Night Parties Gossip!
Jessica Alba & Honor Warren Bikini Pictures
Nibbly Things: Kendra Actually Likes 'Em Young
Sharon Stone Lost Custody Of Her Kid
Dita Von Teese Slingshots From Giant Bra
News Bites: Gwyneth Paltrow Gives Good Goop
Taylor Momsen Red Alert: Opening Night At The Met
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Austin Scarlett
Shanna Moakler Visits Travis Barker In The Hospital
Today On Recapist
Britney Spears Gets Work Done For 'Womanizer'
Lindsay Lohan Confirms Ronson Relationship
EXCLUSIVE: So Cynthia Nixon Didn't Quite Bulldoze Me Over
Whitney Port Somehow Got Her Own Spin-Off
Travis Barker and DJ AM: Plane Crash Witness Speaks
Intern Traci and Michael Prieve's 60th Annual Emmy Experience!
Gavin Rossdale On The Kingston Vs. Zuma Feud
EW's 2008 Pre-Emmy Celebration
Who's the mystery couple?
Emmy Fashion Disaster: Jennifer Love Hewitt's Hair
Jude Law's Humanitarian Side
Music In The Morning: Bjork - 'Dull Flame of Desire'
Official Emmy Make-Up Kit Giveaway!
David Blaine Starts His Bat Impersonation
Travis Barker and DJ AM: Plane Crash Update
Michael Phelps Should Stick To The Pool
Emmy Gifting Is About What You Would Expect
Arnold Schwarzengegger Liked To Spark Up
Paris Hilton's Dogs Not Coyote Kibble
Nibbly Things: Pam Anderson Is Lookin' Good
Suri Cruise Does Some Bear Construction
Christina Applegate Embraces Life And Lipstick
Gwyneth Paltrow Is A Cooking Mama
2008 Emmy Women: Hayden Panettiere Is Black And Blue
A Day At The Park With Halle Berry & Baby
2008 Emmy Men: Mark Wahlberg Needs No Entourage
Jamie Lynn Spears: Kiddie Porn Victim?
Travis Barker And DJ AM Receive Celebrity Visitors
Music In The Morning: Josh Groban - Emmy TV Show Theme Song Medley
Funny Ladies On 2008 Emmy Awards Red Carpet
'Mad Men' On 2008 Emmy Red Carpet
'Desperate Housewives' On 2008 Emmy Red Carpet
Drama Winners: 2008 Emmy Awards
Comedy Winners: 2008 Emmy Awards
Heidi Klum: 2008 Emmy Awards Red Carpet
Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka: 2008 Emmy Red Carpet
Back To Black At 2008 Red Carpet Emmy Awards
Best & The Brightest On 2008 Emmy Awards
'Ugly Betty' Cast On 2008 Emmy Red Carpet
Still Having Problems?
Heidi Montag Still Celebrating Her Stupid B-Day
Jonas Brothers Film Their 3-D Movie
Jennifer Lopez Continues Marc Anthony's Birthday Celebration
George Michael Up To His Old Tricks
Mark Wahlberg Welcomes His Third Child
Full Recovery Expected For Travis Barker & DJ AM
Ryan Seacrest and Jeff Probst Brawl Over Emmys
Which baby is wearing the colorful leggings?
Music In The Morning: Billy Ray Cyrus - 'Somebody Said A Prayer'
The Downfall of Hannah Montana Is Upon Us!
Lindsay Lohan Appearing on Project Runway
Gwen Stefani Still Loves Kingston
Sandra Bernhard Talks to Talk on Sarah Palin
Travis Barker and DJ AM In Fatal Jet Crash
Bling Is The Thing: Flavor Flav Is Flashy
Nicole Scherzinger Shrinkwraps Her Booty
Guess The Ass
Javier Bardem's Hard Work Pays Off
News Bites: Kathy Griffin Leaving Bravo Behind?
Music In The Morning: Justin Gaston - 'Don't Hurt Me'
Jude Law & Robert Downey Jr. To Maybe Star In 'Sherlock Holmes'
Chris Noth Takes Baby Orion To Hawaii
Today On Recapist
Jessica Simpson Is Proud She Got Herself A Boyfriend
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Princess Beatrice
The Ushers Play Around
Is Mariah Carey's Cocoon Harboring A Baby Caterpillar?
Nibbly Things: They Have Good Wings I Hear
Madonna Falls On Her Ass While Performing
BREAKING: Britney Spears New Single - Womanizer
News Bites: Sean Combs Acquires New Fragrance
Tom Cruise: So In Love With Katie's Performance
Audrina Patridge: It's So Hard To Say Goodbye, Not Really
2008 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party: Red Carpet Leftovers
Vanessa Hudgens: 2008 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood
Zac Efron So Pretty At Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party
Red-Head Rumer Willis At Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party
Kate Moss Is Ravishing
CBS Comedy Stars Unite On the Red Carpet
Suri Cruise Looks Cute and Tired In Pig Tails
Coco Dazzles In Her New Magazine
Julia Roberts Pushes Her Twins Around
Penn Badgley Likes Meat On His Woman's Bones
Pamela Anderson Is Gorgeous
Pink Gets Her First Number One
Music In The Morning: Johnny Foreigner - 'Salt, Pepa, and Spinderella'
Jennifer Lopez Shopping With Mariah's Ex?
Shauna Sand Doesn't Really Get The Point Of Wearing Clothes
News Bites: Kate Middleton's Ready For Limbo
Gwyneth Paltrow Shows The World Her Workout Secrets
Rose McGowan Would've Joined The Irish Republican Army
Mila Kunis Extracts Her Cleavage For Your Viewing Pleasure
Caption David Blaine And Donald Trump
Today On Recapist
Liquid Lunch Video Podcast - Ep. 09
Nibbly Things: Brad Pitt Doesn't Like It Dirty
R. Kelly Has 19-Year-Old Friends
Aubrey O'Day Is Ready For Her Gang-Bang, Mr. DeMille
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Agyness Deyn
Renee Zellweger: Trapped In A Corset
News Bites: There's Less Of Hilary Swank
Charlize Theron: Lady In Red At 'Battle In Seattle' Screening
Mischa Barton Flashes Boob
Katie Holmes Has 'All My Sons' Dress Rehearsal
Goldie Hawn Has Been Making This Same Face For Years
British Celebs Model Fashion For A Good Cause
Paris Hilton Is A Villain Dominatrix
Who's Shopping For Groceries?
Eva Mendes Lauches Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession
Music In The Morning: Bob Dylan - 'Dreamin' of You'
Robert Downey Jr. Viewed As 'Eccentric Bisexual'
Dakota Fanning Wears Big Girl Shoes
Brad Pitt Fights For Gay Marriage
Joe Francis Thinks Lindsay Is Straight
Nick Jonas Plagued With Parasites