Archives: August, 2008

John Mayer Clears The Air
News Bites: Michael Phelps Goes Gold 8 Times
Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi Wed
Who Can't Get Into Teddy's?
Music In The Morning: Solange: Sandcastle Disco
Suri Cruise Stumbles Out Of Nobu
Linday Lohan Sometimes Misses The Sausage
Jared Leto Sued By Record Label
Kim Kardashian Throws A Net Over Her Ass
News Bites: The Golden Boy Of Beijing
Matthew McConaughey: No Nannies Need Apply
Retro Music In The Morning: Madonna - 'Don't Tell Me'
Suri Cruise Will Not Be Denied
The Week In Review In Pictures
Tori Spelling's Body Is A Wonderland Of Sorts
Someone Please Induce Labor In Gwen Stefani
Selma Blair: This Was Not Her Idea
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Debi Mazar
News Bites: Jonas Brothers Vs. Britney Spears
Guess Who's Holding The Bag?
Kim Kardashian Wants To Lose That Ass
Project Runway: Slutty, Slutty, Slutty
Blake Lively And Leighton Meester Demonstrate How They Really Feel About Each Other
Michael Phelps Isn't Kidding Around
Katie Holmes Checked Up On By Captor
Stars Gotta Eat Too: Vince 'The Vacuum' Vaughn
Happy 50th Birthday Madonna!
Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Eat An Apple
One Night At Koi: Britney Spears And Bruce Willis?
Liquid Lunch Video Podcast - Ep. 06
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Phoebe Price
Rabid Amy Winehouse Attacks Again
News Bites: King Diddy
Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi To Marry This Weekend
Nicole Richie & Ashlee Simpson Are Shopping Friends
Nastia Liukin And Shawn Johnson Are Golden And Silvery
Nibbly Things: Expressive!
Rumer Willis Has A Big Hairy Tumor
Kate Winslet's Weird Sex With Her Best Friend
Anna Kournikova's Sexy Butt Cover's 'Maxim'
Katie Holmes Is Finally Free...Of Her Bra
Margaret Cho Returns To Television
Music In The Morning: Peggy Lee - 'Is That All There Is?'
Who's Behind The Piece Of Paper
Isla Fisher Proves Shopaholism Is Genetic
Jennifer Aniston's New Man: Matt Felker
Joe Jonas Will Arrest You For Impure Thoughts
Samantha Ronson Is A Thinker
Brad Pitt Takes The Fam For Some Culture
Nibbly Things: Anna Faris Is A Playmate!
News Bites: Gael Garcia Bernal Tener Un Niño
Uncle Joey Says He And Alanis Morrissette Are Good
Ed Westwick Is Sending Me Places
'The Hills' Women Rushing To Do Television
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Jay Manuel
Nicole Richie: Magnanimous On The Web
'24' Better Redeem Itself This Season
Christina Aguilera Goes Out. Again.
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Trace Cyrus
Renée Zellweger Is The Monopoly Man
News Bites: Brad Pitt Fights Nazis
John Mayer's Got Dumped
Ali Lohan's Chesty Development
U.S. Male Gymnasts Show Off Their Muscles
The Jonas Brothers New Music Video Looks Boring
Katie Price's Lips Are About To Blow Up Off Her Face
Eva Longoria Wants A Baby. NOW!
Audrina Patridge Gets A Hold Of Some Real Breasts
Pamela Anderson Cloisters Herself
Guess Who's Dining With A Blonde?
Still Constantly Craving Helena Christensen
Melania Trump Smiles
Music In The Morning: Ben Folds - 'Hiroshima'
Denise Richards Goes Bollywood
Katie Holmes: Funky, Possibly Pregnant, Business Woman
News Bites: Paris Hilton, Failed Media Whore
Quick Hits: Taylor Swift Is Such A Rebel
Channing Tatum To Jump Off A Building
Fergie Joined The Army
Why Doesn't Lindsay Lohan Just Shop At The Wal*Mart?
Selena Gomez Takes To YouTube To Pimp Boyfriend's Album
Jamie Lynn Spears Got Played
Unqualified With J. Harvey: Sleeping Beauty
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Danny Bonaduce
Katie Holmes And Suri Still Showing Off Katie's Jeans Collection
Jennie Garth Thinks Tori Spelling Is Worth It
Nibbly Things: Do We Have to Choose Teams Already?
Madonna & Guy Ritchie To Adopt Again
Michael Phelps: Greatest Olympian Ever
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Aubrey O'Day And Ginger
Has John Mayer Dumped Jennifer Aniston?
Britney Spears And Her Tiny K-Feds Grace 'OK!' Cover
America's Next Top Models Have Names!
Adrian Grenier & Isabel Lucas Break Up
Katie Holmes Flies Both Ways
Good Friends Rihanna And Chris Brown Get Touchy-Feely
Tyra Banks: Crimping Iron Queen
China's Little Ashlee Simpson
Zac Attack: Efron's Photo Freakout
Quick Hits: Khloe Kardashian Blogs Too
Music In The Morning: Cazwell - 'I Seen Beyonce at Burger King'
Who's Rockin' The School Uniform?
Shear Genius: These People Are Dogs
Samantha Ronson Inexplicably Stunned By Coverage Of Her Relationship
News Bites: Justin Timberlake Ruining Fashion
Lauren Conrad Denies Dating TBS Actor Because That's Beneath Her
Britney Spears Giving OK! Another Shot, Minus Dog Shit
James Franco: Hated By Tyrese, Worked As A Hustler
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Rebecca Gayheart
Paris Hilton: Ho On A Bike
Hayden Panetierre's Dad Released From The Clink
Jessica Simpson's Inability To Read A Pregnancy Test Screwed Her
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Demi Lovato
Brooke Shields Sees Dead People Jokes As Unfunny
Nibby Things: Angelina's Replacement
News Bites: U.S. Men's Gymnastics Go Bronze
Heidi Montag: Stoic Shopper
Tropic Thunder Premiere: The Men
Shia LaBeouf Resurfaces
Tropic Thunder Premiere: The Women
Tropic Thunder: Robert Downey Jr.
Tropic Thunder Premiere: Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes
Tropic Thunder Premiere: Ben Stiller Denies Taunting Disabled People
Vanessa Hudgens Makes 'Em Scream
Sienna Miller Is Tragic
Music In The Morning: Be Your Own Pet - 'Becky'
Britney Spears And Russell Brand's VMA Promos
Tony Romo Still Calls Carrie Underwood
This Is What Fake Rich New York Teenagers Are Wearing These Days
Who Got Caught In The Rain?
What's A Lady Gaga?
Adrian Grenier's Girly Entourage
Jake Gyllenhaal's Princely Bare Chest
News Bites: The Jonas Brothers Take Sides
Quick Hits: Mariah On The Cover Of What?
Lynne Spears: Authoress And Top-Notch Parent
Jamie Foxx Baby Bump?
Lauren Conrad Flattered With Her Emmy Association
Gwyneth Paltrow Kicks Up Her Heels For Horses
Sienna Miller Still Not Ashamed
Earthy McConaughey Planting Placenta
Nibbly Things: Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing
News Bites: It's A Scientology Party!
Hayden Panettiere's Dad Arrested For Smacking Her Mom
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Shauna Sand
Michael Phelps Breaks Records Looking Hot
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Make Their Escape!
Charlize Theron's 33rd Birthday Bash In Malibu
Rihanna Shows Chris Brown Around Barbados
Isaac Hayes Passes Away
Someone's A Big Fan Of George Clooney
Guess Who's Spreading 'Em?
Music In The Morning: Duffy - 'Stepping Stone'
Britney Spears Is Shopping Shopping More
Madonna Goes Gimp Right Before Tour
Anne Hathaway Talks About Breakup With Raffaello Follieri
Stars Take The Stage For Netflix LIVE!
Mel Gibson Going Back To Acting
More Details on the Death of Bernie Mac
Guess Who's A Top
John Mayer Goes Hot Tubbing In Cabo Sans Jennifer Aniston
Jessica Alba Brings Baby Honor Out To Shop
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Go Dark
Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez Played Tonsil Hockey On The First Date
Fergie Has A Messy Closet Full of Costumes
John Edwards' Ladies Speak Out
Ryan Phillippe Takes Birthdays Seriously
Bernie Mac Passed Away
Olympics In The Morning: Lighting of the Olympic Cauldron
Busty Brooke Shows Off Her Implants
Guess The Ass
Jessica Simpson Airs Her Daisy Dukes Out At Indiana State Fair
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - JC Chasez
John Edwards Admits He Effed Around
A Tribute To An Olympian: Andrew Howe
Paris Hilton Sucking (Up To) MySpace Founder?
The Week In Review In Pictures
News Bites: Jesus Christ Tyrastar?
Quick Hits: She Should've Covered Pussy Control
Rumer Willis Still Not Succeeding
James Franco And Sean Penn's Dick Drama
Suri Cruise Is So Adorable In Tom Cruise's Dress
Bootylicious Bikini Babes: Beyoncé's Bodacious Body
Miley Cyrus Still Sees Herself WIth Nick Jonas Someday
Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson: Lesbian Birthday Paste Job
Project Runway: Too Many Queens, Not Enough Sportswear
Liquid Lunch Video Podcast - Ep. 05
Kim Kardashian To Booty-Bump Her Mom On Dancing
News Bites: Jewel Gets Hitched
Nibbly Things: It's About To Thunderstorm
Jennifer Aniston Tweaks Her Lips
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Jennifer Garner
Matthew McConaughey's Baby Hits The Red Carpet
Sienna Miller And Balthazar Getty Still Whoring Around
Clay Aiken's A Dad
Zac Efron Wants To Be The Next Joker
Music In The Morning: M83 - 'Kim and Jessie'
Javier Bardem: Too Hot To Be Emotionally Unstable
Jay-Z & Beyoncé Steadfastly Avoid Marriage Confirmations
Joss Stone Beats The Shit Out Of Her Brother During Baptism
Who's Wearing The Red Socks?
Kelly Ripa Excited For Hubby's Upcoming Ugl
Quick Hits: 2008 Olympic Anthem
Elton John's Help Is Not Enthusiastic
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Samantha Ronson
Ashanti Busts Out The Mafia Widow Costume
News Bites: Someone Managed To Sum Up 'Gossip Girl' Fairly Succinctly
Kanye West Wants You To Leave The Gays Alone
Sienna Miller's Friends Lacking Slut Radar
Beyonce's White?
Keanu Reeves Tries To Escape Fools Wearing Headbands At Crown Lounge
Someone Didn't Survive Lil Kim's Birthday Party. Literally.
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Rumer Willis
Kate Hudson Too Busy Having Sex To Talk About It
Pink Can Handle A Chainsaw
News Bites: Britney Spears Is A Murderous Stripper Lesbian
Nibbly Things: Lindsay and Sam Bring Back the Blues
Nicole Kidman's Baby Uses Straight-Iron
Lily Allen: Return Of The Nipple
Katie Holmes Takes Suri (And That Damn Bottle) To Broadway
Jamie Lynn Spears Shed That Baby Weight
Shia LaBeouf Might Be An Amputee
Victoria Beckham's Body Can't Take Another C-Section
Demi Moore Directs
Music In The Morning: Lykke Li - 'Breaking It Up'
Winona Ryder Stays Out Of The Sun
Pink's Got A New Ride
Who's The American Apparel Bag Lady
Someone At The Emmys Will Wear Lauren Conrad
Josh Holloway Sporting Michelle Tanner From 'Full House' Do
News Bites: Michelle Williams Gets Spiked
Nicole Puts The Pussy In Pussycat Dolls
Your Olympics Reminder
Quick Hits: Video Game Knockout
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Soleil Moon Frye
Nick Jonas On His Lack Of Insulin
Scarlett Johansson Blames Sexism For Her Electronic Liason With Barack Obama
Heidi Klum Says 'Auf Wiedersehen' To Her Top
Unqualified With J. Harvey: Looking For Love In All The Mall Places
Zac Efron To Move In With Beard
Paris Hilton Rides Copenhagen
Penelope Cruz On Banging Sir Ben Kingsley
'Pineapple Express' NYC Screening - Love Connections & Fashion Confusion
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Serena van der Woodsen
Nibbly Things: Material Girl Clothes
News Bites: Leo DiCaprio's Grandma Passes
Cindy Crawford Topless
Britney Spears Cleans Up Nice
Katie Holmes Pegs Her Pants, Takes Suri For Possible Escape Attempt
Jenna Jameson: Having A Porn Baby?!?
Reese WItherspoon Shops Away Her Grief
Zac Efron Knows How To Treat His Fans
Music In The Morning: Vampire Weekend - 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa'
Who's Got A Wedgie?
Heidi Fleiss Looking As Ravishing As Ever
Katie Holmes Cuts It Close
Chace Crawford's Guilty About On-Screen Sexy
Bomb Scare For Tom Cruise & Salma Hayek
Amanda Beard Will Get Naked If You Don't Wear Fur
Quick Hits: Beyonce For Obama
News Bites: Tyra Banks Thinks She's Michelle Obama
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Tawny Kitaen
Ryan Phillippe: Reese Witherspoon Is Dumb
Rhys Ifans Works Through His Pain With Skank Clone
Samantha Ronson Tries To Digitize Lindsay Lohan
Rihanna And That Sell-Out Chris Brown Take Their Dog Shopping
Mariah Carey Chooses Teens
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Pink
Miley Cyrus And Daniel Radcliffe Have More Money Than You
Lydia Hearst & Aubrey O'Day: So In Love
Nibbly Things: Blair's Buddy
News Bites: Eva Mendes Puts U.S. On Nipple Alert
Woody Allen And His Harem - 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' Premiere
Javier Bardem - 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' Premiere
Scarlett Johansson & Penelope Cruz - 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' Premiere
Say Goodbye To Katie Price's Giant Mounds
Ashton Kutcher And Cameron Diaz Are Turning Japanese
Nikki Blonsky And Bianca Golden Beatdown Drama Continues
Shear Genius: Fallen Angels
The Traveling Pants Sisters Visit Good Morning America
Sylvester Stallone Raging Against The Dying Of The Light
Kim Kardashian & Carmen Electra's Fight Is Boring
Mary-Kate Olsen Wants Immunity From The Feds...Maybe
Guess Who's In The Paparazzi's Line Of Fire?
Olsen Twins Jokes Abound At Bob Saget Roast
Why The Face?
Music In The Morning: Coldplay - 'Viva la Vida'
Justin Timberlake To Ruin The Oscars
News Bites: David Beckham In 'Newsies' Remake?
Quick Hits: The New New Face
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Richard Belzer
2008 Teen Choice Awards - The Rest Of The Girls
Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson: Gay Wedding?
2008 Teen Choice Awards - The Rest Of The Girls
2008 Teen Choice Awards - The Rest Of The Guys
Leonard DiCaprio Shows Off The Goods
Neil Patrick Harris Gay Enough For 'Out'
Angelina Jolie Denies Science Helped Her Get Knocked Up
Rihanna Pops Chris Brown's Zit
Morgan Freeman Hurt