Archives: August, 2008

Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman Shine At Venice Film Festival
Kevin Spacey Is Literally An Ass-Face
Guy Ritchie Won't Renew Vows With Madonna
Ashlee Simpson Is Down With Maternity Jeans
Halle Berry's Rockin' The Baby And A Ring
Michael Phelps Wants to Keep Things Private
Which Celebrity Has Their Head Up Someone's Skirt?
Tyson Beckford Looses His Towel
The Beckham's In The Morning
Halle Berry Brings Nahla To The Zoo
Kim Kardashian Still Whining About Her Toe
Justin Timberlake's William Rast Is Hot
Celebs Love Sushi and Vegas and Parties
Julia Roberts Takes The Twins To Hawaii
Lindsay Lohan's Grandfather Passes
Jonas Brothers Dine With Girlfriends Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez
Shear Genius: The Four Ages Of Genius
Which Skinny Minnie Is Acting All Shy?
Right Back At Ya Sienna
Joel McHale Does Heidi Montag In The Morning
News Bites: Cristiano Ronaldo Awarded
Reese Witherspoon Finally Smiles
Victoria Beckham: Alien Angel
Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Might Crush The Baby!
Nibbly Things: Why Choose Just One Party?
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Katie Holmes
Glamour Collision At The 'Today Show'
Labor Day Pains
Kelly Osbourne Walloped A Bitch
Zac Efron Is Very Very Pretty
News Bites: Old Lady Madonna At The Airport
Jessica Simpson Claims Her Ass Smells Like Roses
Victoria Beckham Has Potatoes Growing In Those Ears
Barack Obama Mania!
Selena Gomez Tells Us Something We Don't Know
Charlize Theron Attends Elite Toga Party
BREAKING: David Duchovny Enters Rehab For Sex Addiction
Jessica Simpson Keeps Disappointing Country Fans
Dirty Sexy Money Is Dirtier Sexier And Monier
Guess Who's All Covered Up At The Beach?
News Bites: Brad Pitt Finally Leaves Venice Alone
Music In The Morning: My Brightest Diamond - 'From the Top of the World'
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Jennifer Coolidge
Project Runway: Ratbones And Jeepers Creepers
Mackenzie Phillips Changed Her Mind
The Pepsi 500 Party: Celebs Wanted Free Soda
George Clooney Had Some Competition During His Waitress Days
Michael Jackson: 50 Years Of Terror!
Nibbly Things: Grenier in Green
Pink Snubs The New Pink Blackberry Curve Launch Party
Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Vs. Michael Lohan
Hilary Duff's Dad Should Have Paid For Her Birthday Party
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Eva Herzigova
News Bites: Michael Phelps To Attempt Humor
Shannen Doherty And Jennie Garth Pre-Fistfight
Ali Lohan Somehow Got On The Cover Of Something
Jennifer Lopez Perspires
Katie Holmes: Beyond the Bob on Eli Stone
Nina Garcia: Not A Crocs Fan
Who's Donning A Cheerleader Uniform?
Rihanna And Chris Brown Moving In Together?
Tara Reid Confused About How This Suicide Thing Works
Jodie Marsh Can Barely Contain Her...Glee
Haley Joel Osment Is Broadway Bound
Justin Timberlake Gives (Preggo?) Jessica Biel The Spotlight
What’s Kevin Spacey Smokin’?
Music In The Morning: The Black Kids - 'Look at Me (When I Rock Wichoo)'
It's Brad Pitt Day Here At Socialite Life!
News Bites: Drugs Are Obviously Clouding Mackenzie Phillips' Judgement
Unqualified With J. Harvey: Lack Of Scrubbing Bubbles
China Wasn't A Fan Of Britain In The Closing Ceremonies
Vanessa Minnillo Opens Her Mouth To Talk About Love
'Burn After Reading': The Premiere!
Kate Moss Is Topless, Hates Men
Heidi Montage And Spencer Pratt: Two Dicks Shopping
America's Next Top Tranny Speaks
All Sheryl Crow Wants To Do Is Clothe Some Buns
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Solange Knowles
News Bites: My Roommate's An Angel
Nibbly Things: Benji Says Obey!
Brad Pitt Talks Babies At Venice 'Burn After Reading' Photocall
Jennifer Aniston Dines With Woody Allen
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Tom Ford
Vin Diesel Had A Kid?
Brad Pitt's Sperm (Or Lawyers) Are Rarin' To Go Again
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Macaulay Culkin
'Fringe' Premiere Party Shrouded In Mystery, Not Really
How Is Michael Bolton Supposed To Live Without Nicollette Sheridan?!
Music In The Morning: Dragonette - 'Competition'
Jason Statham Smiling And Wasted
Who's Under Wraps?
Maddox Jolie-Pitt: International Playboy
Ben Affleck Leads Celebrity Charge For Democratic Convention
First 5-Minutes of 'Gossip Girl' Season 2 Premiere
Tennis Might Help Fill Olympics Void
News Bites: Kate Hudson Stole From A Volcano
George Clooney Is All About The Gala
Michelle Obama Speaks
Phoebe Price Is A Woman Of Many Talents
Britney Spears Won't Be Slouching Across The VMA Stage Again This Year
Shear Genius: The Four Seasons
Desperate Housewives: Old Bags Still Kickin'
Tara Reid Wants You To Buy A Bikini
Brad Pitt Takes The Kids To A Movie
Kate Moss Doesn't Trust Men
Nibbly Things: Encore for George?
News Bites: Not-So Undercover Lovers
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Patricia Arquette
Pam Anderson: Girl Who Drank Too Much Grey Goose
Eva Mendes Gets Fashionable Down Under
Mary-Kate Olsen Airs Her Grievances
Heidi Montage Reaches A New Level Of Awful
Don Draper Returns
Jessica Alba Lunches With Cash And Honor
Michelle Rodriguez Back From The Dead
Minnie Driver Pregnant, Highly Contagious
Who Wants Us To Obey?
Janice Dickinson Wants You To Walk Like You Mean It
Gabriel Aubry Goes Calvin Klein
Suri Cruise Feels The Need For Speed
Obvious Observations: Vanessa Minnillo Multitasks
Music In The Morning: Estelle - 'Pretty Please (Love Me)' Featuring Cee-Lo
News Bites: Thanking Dad Isn't Part Of Michael Phelps' Game Plan
Demi Lovato Goes Splat
Blake Lively And Her Dog Celebrate Her 21st Birthday
Gwen Stefani Is Out Of The Hospital With Her Horribly Named Baby
Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Could Go On The Dole
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Billy Ray Cyrus
Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Have Tackled A Major Couple Milestone
Kara DioGuardi Is Paula Abdul's New Arch-Nemesis
Please Join Us In Once Again Celebrating the Second Coming Of 'Gossip Girl'
Caption Shuana Sand
Paris Hilton Sells Headbands
News Bites: Britney Spears Expresses Herself
Nibbly Things: The World Just Got A Little More Beautiful
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Avril Lavigne
Kim Kardashian Will Be Dancing With Her Scars
Michael Lohan Wants To Box Kevin Federline
David And Victoria Beckham Crashed Their Car
Cameron Diaz Saves A Dog
Shia LaBeouf Back Behind the Wheel
Is Rihanna Out Of Money?
Shannen Doherty & Jennie Garth Reunite To Celebrate New Feuds
Music In The Morning: Cassie - 'Official Girl'
Matthew McConaughey Loves His Beer And His Baby
Justin Timberlake's Name Is William Rast
Guess The Ass (And Blue Fringed Boots)
Heidi Montag Time Travels To The '70's For Overdosin' Video
Donald Trump Had A Big Party For His Dubai Project
Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes: He Seriously Needs To Stop Dressing Her
Paris And Nicky Hilton Ate Out
News Bites: Diddy Almost Got His Head Blown Off
Barack Obama Will Be Accompanied By Lotsa Celebs In Denver
John Mayer Was A Zero When He Was A Kid
Retro Music In The Morning: 'Heartbreak Hotel' - Whitney Houston, Faith Evans and Kelly Price
Who's Pretty In Pink?
Sharon Stone: On The Prowl
Jennifer Garner's In A Rush
Jason Lee Has Another Baby With Another Assuredly Ridiculous Name
The Transformers Are Beating The Crap Out Of Shia LaBeouf
News Bites: Barack Obama Has Chosen His Mate
Ricky Martin Always Wanted To Be A Momma
When Stars Attack: Britney Spears Rains Blows
Zac Efron Is The Butt...Of A Joke!
The Many Faces Of Andy Roddick
Is Katie Holmes Already A Flop On Broadway?
Jesse Metcalfe Will Play For Food
Project Runway: Even Hedda Lettuce Doesn't Like Suede
Selena Gomez Is Charming
News Bites: Gisele Bundchen Likes Her Legs. A Lot.
Music In The Morning: Pink So What
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Kristen Wiig
Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams Are Back On
The Week In Review In Pictures
Who's A Wino?
Kid Rock Bringing Southern Rock Back For Those Who Missed It
Katy Perry Is Singing About Scarlett Johansson
Da Brat Is Highly Dangerous
Pete Wentz Is A Stumbling Fool
Jared Leto Actually Wins An Award
Lindsay Lohan Confounded By Victorian Footwear
News Bites: Another Spice Baby On The Way
Nibbly Things: He Really Is A Fish
Solange Knowles Wants This Career Thing To Happen
Shia LaBeouf Is Bandaged, But Working
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Phoebe Price
Rihanna Knocks Some Boots
John Mayer Doesn't Know That You Can't Text Message Breakup
BREAKING: Gwen Stefani Gives Birth To Zuma!
Music In The Morning: The Cure - 'The Perfect Boy'
Jerry Seinfeld To Sell Shit For Microsoft
Obvious Observations: Joe Francis Check Brittny Gastineau's Rack
Who's Hiding Behind Spongebob Squarepants?
Why Doesn't Kate Hudson Just Hand Owen Wilson A Noose?
Courtenay Semel Smacks A Security Guard
Sienna Miller Called A Slut By The Blair Witch
'Hancock' Premieres In Japan
Britney Spears Appears To Be Backsliding
Terrence Howard's Flirting Too Hot For ALMA Awards
Catherine Zeta-Jones In Mourning
Jessica Simpson Says Carrie Underwood Is A Lying Slut
Nibbly Things: Fresh Faced
Gwen Stefani To Deliver Her Baby Today
The Willis Family Reunion At 'The House Bunny' Premiere
Katherine McPhee: L.A. 'The House Bunny' Premiere
Anna Faris: L.A. 'The House Bunny' Premiere
Eva Longoria Might As Well Give Birth On The Red Carpet
Drunk Drivers Rejoice! It Wasn't Shia LaBeouf's Fault!
Spencer Pratt Tries To Bring Jesus Into This
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Still Together I Guess
Broadway's Prepping For Katie Holmes
BREAKING: Matt Damon's Wife Has A Girl!
Kitten Eating Spaghetti Photo Inserted At An Inappropriate Moment In The Morning
Unqualified With J. Harvey: Problem Drinking
Janet Jackson Wants To Cover Your Boobies
Chace Crawford And Ed Westwick: A Love Story
Who's Showing Some Side Boob Cleavage?
Jennifer Garner Confirms Pregnancy
Jessica Simpson: Using Her Cans To Sell Beer
News Bites: James Franco Is A 'Slave To' Gucci
Ricky Martin Joins Clay Aiken In Gay Fatherhood
Michelle Williams Grabs Joe
Ryan Gosling And Rachel MacAdams Seem To Have Joined Their Boring Again
Rumer Willis And Micah Alberti: She Did It!
Eva Longoria Wants You To Think She's Pregnant Already
Meg Ryan Kinda Screwed Up Her Life Back In The Early 2000s
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Kourtney Kardashian
Katy Perry's Parents Love Their Girl-Kissing Daughter
Jennifer Love Hewitt Wishes She Didn't Have Any Clothes Growing Up
News Bites: Kate Moss Has Fashionable Nipples
Britney Spears Claims She's Tossed The Cheetos
Nibbly Things: Boob Check
Rhys Ifans Totally Changed His Facebook Status
Ellen DeGeneres Found Her Wedding To Be Blurry
Keira Knightley Supposedly Wearing A Hot Outfit
Vivica Fox Searches For A Glam God
Miley Cyrus Will Sing For Charity
Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty Are Getting Along -- Kind Of
Tranity Kane Shills Jeans
Music In The Morning: Fujiya & Miyagi - 'Knickerbocker'
Julianne Moore Has Absolutely No Problem With Nudity
Obvious Observations: Reese Witherspoon Is Out Of Steam
Kate Beckinsale Needs To Leave Her Vagina Alone
Who's Got A Defensive Ass?
News Bites: Miley Cyrus Just Won't Put That Webcam Down
Did Paris Hilton Have Her Rack Worked On?
Ben Stiller's Daughter Is Over Her Dad
Is Anyone Seriously Going To See 'House Bunny'?
Nicole Kidman Calls Aussie Sailing Team: Where You At?
David Beckham Musical In The Making?
Sienna Miller Gets The Kiss Off
Shear Genius: You Definitely Can't Pick Your Family...
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Will Wed On TV
News Bites: Blushing Brides
Lily Allen Brawls Again
Nibbly Things: She Looks Crazy (To Me)
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Traci Bingham
'The Hills' Hags Reunite
Michael Phelps Won A Few Medals
Christina Applegate Punched Cancer In The Face
The Jonas Brothers Were Cloned
Hayden Panettiere Stopped Mom From Selling Her Panties
Rebecca Gayheart Picks Up An Injured Puppy
Sienna Miller Really Doesn't Like Having Her Picture Taken
Music In The Morning: Kanye West - 'Champion'
Isla Fisher Flaunts The Birth Canal
Married Life: Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson
Hilary Duff Engaged?
Heidi Montag: Still Singing And May Be Going Wild
Leo DiCaprio And His 'P' Posse Still Active
News Bites: Rafael Nadal Is The Number One Tennis Guy
Who's Bikinilicous?
Katherine Heigl Not Getting Killed, Chats About Her Boobs
Roseanne Vs. Angelina Jolie
Kanye West Stumping For Scarlett Johansson's White Girl Hotness
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Roman Polanski
Britney Spears Coping With Being Overshadowed By Olympians
Michael Phelps Has Got To Be Dizzy
The Jonas Bros Endure J. Harvey!
Jennifer Lopez Dissed In New Book
News Bites: Harry Potter's Wand Scares Warner Bros.
Nibbly Things: Matilda Ledger Plays Safe
Suri Cruise Instructs Katie To Shop For New Clothes
2008 ALMA Awards: Red Carpet Leftovers
The Alma Awards: Jessica Alba
The Alma Awards: America Ferrera
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Christina DeRosa
The Alma Awards: Zac Efron And Ashley Tisdale
Eva Longoria Can't Decide What To Wear
Matthew McConaughy Hangs Ten Without Baby Levi
Move Over Kylie, There's A New Gay Icon In Town
Tom Cruise Loses United Artists Partner
Music In The Morning: Morningwood - 'Sugarbaby'
Who's Making Out On The Beach?
'High School Musical 3' Teaser And Screencaps
Madonna Sparkles On Her 50th Birthday
Lindsay Lohan's Love Affair With Courtenay Semel
Remembering Bernie Mac