Archives: July, 2008

Music In The Morning: Ali Lohan - 'All The Way Around'
John Mayer Fears He Is A Candle In The Wind
Kelly Ripa: Red Carpet To The Moon
Tom Cruise And His Church Face Lawsuit
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Are Book Writers
And Then A 'Hero' Came Along
McCain Loses Most Influential Campaign Supporter EVER!
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Halle Berry
Who's All Wet?
You Gotta Lift The Bag A Little Higher
Kathy Griffin, Gay Porn Is Calling
Quick Hits: What A Mess!
News Bites: A-Rod Ain't Playin'
Julia Roberts Still A Dave Matthews Groupie
Verne Troyer Manhandled By Vicious Bitch
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Dean Cain
Selena Gomez Is Obviously Terrified Of Miley Cyrus
Russell Brand Has To Watch His Mouth
Blake Lively And Penn Badgley Are...ZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Katie Holmes Kicks Out The Riff-Raff
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Christina Milian
Nibbly Things: Together Again
Liz Taylor On Life Support
News Bites: The Godfather
Samantha Ronson: Hat Watch 2008
Rihanna Nips It Up
Jessica Simpson Was Abused?
Jennifer Garner's Growing A Baby, Building A House
Lindsay Lohan's 'Perfect' Behavior Impresses
Music In The Morning: The Breeders - 'Walk It Off'
Carmen Electra Works
We've Got Another Shy One At LAX
Rachel Bilson's Questionable Footwear
David Duchovny Has Trouble Believing
Khloe Kardashian Advises Shia LaBeouf
Kid Rock's Assault Problems
Jamie Lynn Spears' Keeping It Cheap
Quick Hits: David Beckham's Cute Friend
News Bites: Lauren Conrad Is Breathtakingly Self-Aware
Taylor Swift Is Educated
Bar Rafaeli Does Some Pro Bono Bikini Modeling
Brody Jenner's Character Assessment Of Stephanie Pratt
Unqualified With J. Harvey: Cut Those Ties
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Vivica A. Fox
Paris Hilton Releases Shoes For When You're On The Stroll
Mischa Barton Is Still Out Of Work
Jessica Simpson Doesn't Have The Brain Capacity For That Dress
Nibbly Things: Zombie Stripper
The Couple That Laughs Together, Stays Together!
News Bites: Sneak Peek At Newest Harry Potter Movie
Bruce Willis Protects His Cubs
Kevin Federline Is Still One Lucky Bastard
Samantha Ronson Gets Her Hair Did
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Rick Springfield
Kate Hudson And Lance Armstrong Part Genitals
Javier Bardem To Pop The Question To Penelope Cruz
Denise Richards: It's Over
Music In The Morning: Amy Winehouse - 'Just Friends'
Chad White Knows How To Work A Speedo
Chris Brown Brainwashes Us To Sell Gum
Benji Madden Treats Paris Appropriately
Guess The Ass
Katie Price Sells Bordello Bedding
Christian Bale Travels
Janice Dickinson Prevents Killing Spree
Sheryl Crow Pushes Her Kid Around
The Kardashians Shove Their Big Asses In Some Dresses And Preen
Quick Hits: Shopping Is The Tiz's Only Vice
News Bites: Justin Timberlake Actually Taking Responsibility For Trucker Hats
Audrina Patridge Opens Up About Her Beautiful Friendship with LC
Time To Kill Yourself, Miley Cyrus Wants To End 'Hannah Montana'
Naomi Watts And Her Hot (Baby) Wheels
Who Stole Catherine Zeta-Jones' Body?
Brandon Davis: Now With Hair Accessories!
Amy Winehouse's Medication Betrayed Her
Mayer Using Aniston For Publicity? Bite Your Tongue!
Nibbly Things: Bag Lady
News Bites: It's Raining Babies!
Lindsay And Sam Take Manhattan!
'Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants' Premiere: Red Carpet Leftovers
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Tim Gunn
'Ugly Betty' Cast: 'Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants' Premiere
'Gossip Girl' Cast: 'Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants' Premiere
Katie Price Way Too Trashy For Polo Match
Update: Shia LaBeouf Not Responsible For Accident
Usher Helps Teens At Camp New Look
Living Lohan: Trolls
Music In The Morning: Danity Kane - 'Bad Girl'
Kirsten Dunst Is In The Navy
Guess The Ass
Is Reese Witherspoon Running Towards Remarriage?
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Molly Ringwald
Amy Winehouse Taken to London Hospital
Mark McGrath Booted By Mario Lopez's Giant Dimples
Nelly Makes Like Marky-Mark
Dita Von Teese & David Beckham's Textual Relationship
Johnny Depp Has Just One Thing To Say To Paparazzi
Heidi Klum Will Lead Her Reality Host Militia To The Emmys
News Bites: James Franco To 'Howl'
Quick Hits: All They Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun
I'm Shannen Doherty, Damnit!
Cristiano Ronaldo Left
Models Still Dumb Enough To Get Snapped Using
Happy Birthday, Bitch! - Alexis Arquette
'The Mummy Premiere' - Phoebe Price Snuck Her Way In
'The Mummy' Premiere - Mario Bello Had Her Kid In Bed!
'The Mummy' Premiere - Brendan Fraser's Hair Is Escaping
Britney Spears Busy Not Having Custody Of Her Children
Jessica Simpson Suspicious Of Flight
Adam Sandler Phones This One In
News Bites: Rebecca Romijn's Upcoming Double Delivery
Blake Lively Stakes Her Territory
Mayer And Aniston: Still Together, Still Not Scandalous
Christian Bale Manages Not To Yell At Tokyo
Britney Spears Does Cabo
Nibbly Things: Let It All Hang Out
Miley Cyrus Kind Of Apologizes to Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato
Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Katy Perry
Hayden Panettiere Is Wary Of Geek Germs
Guess The Shy Surfer
Music In The Morning: Gnarls Barkley - 'Who's Gonna Save My Soul?'
Whitney Houston & Ray J: The Worst Love Of All
Shia Labeouf's Weekend Accident: More Details
Heidi Montag Determined To Clothe Every Whore Alive
Matthew McConaughey Teaches His Newborn To Surf
Eva Longoria Taking On The Vegas Club Scene
Paris Hilton Shops With Marilyn Monroe
Lindsay Lohan Wasn't Smeared By A Hog
Shia LaBeouf Arrested For DUI, Injured
Screen Tests In The Morning: James Franco & Seth Rogan
Hayden Panettiere And Milo Ventimiglia Promote 'Heroes' At Comic-Con
Who's Enjoying Some PDA?
Who's The Windswept Actress?
Exhausted Madonna To Renew Wedding Vows With Guy Ritchie
Mario Lopez: A Vision In Oil
Miley Cyrus Makes Out
News Bites: Britney's Custody Settlement
Socialite Life Star Sightings: Beefcake Tryst
Chace Crawford's Ass Hypnotizes
Looking Unnatural With Joan Van Ark
Kathy Griffin Dumped By Assistant Jessica Zajicek
Mark Wahlberg Misses Being Marky-Mark
Quick Hits: Harvey Dent For President
Miley Cyrus F*cking Hates Selena Gomez
The Week In Review In Pictures
Liquid Lunch Video Podcast - Ep. 04
Matthew McConaughey Obviously Has A Trusting Babymama
Pete Wentz On Being A Gay Dad
Guy Ritchie Trying To Hold It Together
TV In The Morning: What's Ahead on 'Dexter'
Madonna Stuck Gerard Butler In The Ass
Snapshots of Sauced Stars: Wasted Spacey
Shear Genius: Bald Chicks
Lauren Conrad Didn't Make Her Clothes
Christian Bale Shows His Softer Side
Jessica Simpson Did Us A Favor And Didn't Make A Sex Tape
Heather Mills Is Missing A Publicist As Well As A Leg
Nibbly Things: Gucci Hearts Phoebe Price
Halle Berry Arouses Envy
Alex Rodriguez Shuns The Ladies
Paula Abdul & The Gang: 'Swing Vote' Premiere in Hollywood
Kevin Costner: 'Swing Vote' Premiere in Hollywood
Paris Hilton Ruins Everything
Why The Long Face Justin?
Jennifer Lopez Is Nearing The Top Of That Hill
Riot At The Jolie-Pitt Residence
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Want A Humble Abode
Christy Turlington Still Has It
Who's Being Shy At LAX?
Jessica Simpson Is A Double-Crosser
Project Runway: Remnants Of Nonsense
David Beckham Has Legs And Knows How To Use 'Em
Clay Aiken Blogs For Kenyan Children
Meg Ryan's Wax Statue Revealed
Michelle Williams Dating Spike Jonze?
Music In The Morning: Radiohead - 'House of Cards'
Anne Hathaway's Diaries Seized by FBI
Katie Prices Isn't The Authoress You Thought She Was
Quick Hits: Giselle Gets Her Happily Ever After
Brooke Hogan Is Full Of Lies
'Project Runway': Is Romance The Reason It's So Boring?
Kim Kardashian And Shanna Moakler Go At It
Nibbly Things: More Babies!
Don't Ask To Borrow A Cup Of Sugar From Lauren Conrad
Jessica Simpson Travels Doggy-Style
Mariah Carey Gearing Up To Visit All Of Us
Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Enjoy El Beso
Lynne Spears Traumatized After Killing Someone
Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Cut
Amanda Peet: 'X-Files' Premiere
Bai Ling Classes Up 'X-Files' Red Carpet...
Carlos Leon Talks About Bringin' Up Lourdes
'X-Files' Movie Finally Premieres...Are We Over It?
Angelina Jolie's Twins Are Test-Tube Babies
Jessica Alba Might As Well Put That Baby On A Corner
The Jonas Brothers Do Rolling Stone And Not Selena Gomez
Rosario Dawson Hunts Down Latinos To Force Them To Vote
Who's Tired Slash Sad?
Maggie Gyllenhaal & Aaron Eckhart: 'The Dark Knight' Premieres In Barcelona
Christian Bale Answers Bat Signal In Barcelona
Right-Click Is Back!
Music In The Morning: CSS - 'Left Behind'
Skanks Flock To A Snickers Covered Mr. T!
Caption James Van Der Beek And Lucy T. Slut
Brendan Fraser Still Can't Shake That Damn Mummy
Josh Brolin's Reappearance On The Red Carpet After Arrest
Sienna Miller's Suing Mad
Pete Wentz And John Mayer: Gay Lunch
Amy Winehouse Has Been Immortalized In Wax
Sassy Zac Efron Works A Barrette
Quick Hits: Alba And Warren Go Spanish
Brad Pitt's Mad As Hell!
Unqualified With J. Harvey: Candy Is Dandy But Oxytocin Is Quicker
Rihanna Rides The Ride, Gets Edgy
Matthew Broderick Stepping Out On Sarah Jessica Parker?
Sophie Monk Takes Some Time For Prayer
Pregnant Guy Discusses Challenging All Natural Laws By Giving Birth
Nibbly Things: Drop It Like It's Hot
Lindsay: Things Are Looking Up, But The Scowling Continues
Britney & Justin Reunite, Let's Hope It Feels Good
Cristiano Ronaldo Is Social
Neil Patrick Harris Eschews Wedding Talk
Matthew McConaughey's Baby Revealed
Celebs Will Kiss For Condoms
Christian Bale Won't Have Anyone Talking Smack About His Wife
Ashanti Says: 'Come To Nassau County!'
Music In The Morning: The Cure - 'Sleep When I'm Dead'
Guess Who's Giving Us A Full Throttle Upskirt?
Mariah Carey Still Embracing Rainbows
Will Smith Is The Fresh Prince Of Hollywood
Giorgio Armani Dons A Speedo And Reminds The World That He's European
Amy Poehler Won't Star in 'The Office' Spinoff
Naomi Campbell Dishes The Dirt
January Jones & Jon Hamm: 'Mad Men' 2nd Season Red Carpet
Kate Walsh: 'Mad Men' 2nd Season Red Carpet
'Mad Men' Returns For 2nd Season Of Hotness
Violet Affleck Hides Her Unborn Sibling
Tori Spelling To Gift Us With Another Book
Nibbly Things: Boo-Boo's A Pyro In The Making
Jude Law Is Modeling All Over The Place
Lindsay Lohan On The Set, No Bra
The Hills: Running Mascara, Odious People, And Lots Of Drinking
Denise Richards: It's Intrusive
Cristiano Ronaldo Ceasing His Slut Game?
Patrick Swayze Is A Wonderful Miracle
Eva Mendes Shows Off Her Panties For Calvin Klein
Traci Bingham Mimes Shopping
Quick Hits: Maxim's Unsexiest Crush
Dress Like Vanessa Hudgens
Balthazar Getty: 'So Yeah, My Marriage Is Over.'
Jennifer Aniston To Wed Douche? (Part 34)
Christian Bale Arrested For Assault
Kevin Jonas Survives Pouncing
Omarosa And Wendy Williams Have A Bitch Brawl
Guess The Ass
Which Celebrity Is This Baby's Mommy?
Rosario Dawson's Slippery When Wet
Brooke Hogan: Modern-Day Susan B. Anthony
Avril Lavigne's $2 Million Online Video Scheme
Mischa Barton's Boobs Look To Help Her Career
The Bat Signal Shines Over London Town
Hayden Panettiere Backs Things Up
Lance Bass Gets Married Nookie
Music In The Morning: Beck - 'Gamma Ray'
Music In The Morning: Thicke - 'Magic'
Heidi And Spencer Headed For Iraq
Nibbly Things: Miss Hairspray
Everyone In Ben Affleck's Family Is Crazy
Colin Firth Says Meryl Streep Is A Drag Queen
Jessica Simpson Not Fooling Country Audiences
Living Lohan: You Can't Contain That Kind Of Talent
Miley Cyrus Can Be Purchased
NBC Shows Off It's Hottest Hotties
Quick Hits: Chace Plays Polo
Madonna and A-Rod Sex Tape?
Khloe Kardashian: A Threat Behind Bars
Shannen Doherty Will Rise Again!
Amy WInehouse's Husband Staying Put
Who's Going Through Airport Security?
Ryan Phillippe Hangs With The Kiddos...Texts
Tom and Katie Love Their Leather
'Dark Knight' Best Weekend Opening Ever
Katie Holmes A Hit On 'Eli Stone'
Hugh Jackman: This Is A Stick-Up!
Second Annual Bow Wow Party Brings The Dogs Out
Jennifer Garner's Bump Confirms Pregnancy
Britney Spears: 'Doing Great'
Who Wants You To Care?
George Clooney Wants His Martini
Fergie Lands A Role in N-I-N-E
Oldies For Oceana
The Jonas Brothers Break News On FNMTV
Mariah Carey Making Bank
Angelina Jolie Has Left The Building!
Who's Sneaking Out?
The Dark Knight Ain't Perfect
Eva Longoria's Getting All 'Monster' On Us
Shear Genius: Musical Hairs
John Mayer Did Not Flirt, Dammit!
Socialite Life Star Sightings