Archives: June, 2008

Spencer Pratt's Olsen Twin Hate Started Young
Gwen Stefani Will Give Birth In A Park
Who's Very Protective Of His Nipples?
Music In The Morning: Jay-Z - 'Wonderwall'
Cristiano Ronaldo Hates Clothing
Ellen DeGeneres Is Friendly
Ryan Phillipe and Abbie Cornish PDA at BBQ
Emile Hirsch Is A Fashionable Movie Star
'Mamma Mia!' Premieres To The World
Who Was Billy Crudup Making Out With?
Lisa Rinna Will Never Drown With Those Lips
Nibbly Things: Cougar Prey
'Gossip Girl'(s) And Guys In Vanity Fair
Daniel Craig Loses His Shirt To Fight Evil Again
Kim Cattrall Opened Harrods Summer Sale
Aubrey O'Day Taking Her Headband To Broadway
Did Anne Hathaway Rat Her Ex Out?
Heidi Montag To Embrace Jesus Through Song
Living Lohan: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Quick Hits:Who Would Win?
Steven Tyler Changes His Foot Detox Story
Benny Strange EP Giveaway!
David Beckham Consoles His Balls
Pamela Anderson Calls Jessica Simpson A "Whore"
DMX Addicted To Arrest
Britney Spears Has An Overnight Visit With The Boo-Boos
Charlize Theron Will Not Be Held Back By Her Beauty
Beyonce Supports Hubby Jay-Z At Glastonbury
Music In The Late Evening: Benny Strange - 'Nowhere To Run'
Cristiano Ronaldo And Nereida Gallardo Still Flaunting Their Bodies
Model Ruslana Korshunova Dies After Tragic Fall
John Mayer Gives Good Limo Breast Exams
Which Celebrity Is The Daughter Of This Woman?
Courtney Love Is Carted Away
It's A Double Date For Buddies Ben Affleck And Matt Damon
Will Smith's New School For Budding Scientologists
Ed Westwick Is Amused At Chace Crawford Rumors
Amy Winehouse Hates Kanye West
Pete Doherty Makes Creepy Video For Ex Kate Moss
Madonna Still Ringless, Devout Kabbal-ler
Retro Music In The Morning: Janet Jackson - 'When I Think Of You'
Kim Raver's Enjoying Working With Robert Buckley
Naomi Campbell Gets Heated On The Phone
Who's Trying To Keep Up His Jeans?
Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber Might Be Engaged
Kevin Federline Making Music Again
Skinny Khloe Kardashian Celebrates Her 24th In Vegas
Spencer Pratt Says Mary Kate Olsen Is The Ugly Twin
Paris Hilton To Sing Again, Make More New BFFs
Britney Spears To Make Another VMA Comeback?
Who's A Fan Of The Gold Shoe?
Trouble On The Set of Gossip Girl?
David Beckham Still Stripping For Armani
Amy Winehouse Astounds The World, Nelson Mandela
Jennifer Lopez Sued $5 Million For Dog Attack
Britney And K-Fed Still Feuding Over The Kids
Emile Hirsch for Kentucky Fried Chicken
Nibbly Things: Ryan Needs To Take Me To Dinner
Angelina Jolie Made Love To By The NYT
Kimora Lee Simmons Got The Kids
Lindsay Lohan Has A Half-Sister?
Jude Law And His Ex Still Get Along Famously
Joel Madden's Not Going To Marry Nicole Richie
Maroon 5 Performs in Bryant Park for 'GMA'
Kelly Osbourne Hearts Her Boyfriend
Katherine Heigl Visits The Last Friend She Has Left
Mary-Kate Olsen Played Soccer With Spencer Pratt
Quick Hits: More Miley Cyrus On TV
Guy Ritchie Burned Out On Kabbalah
Enjoy The Shirtlessness Courtesy Of 'Gossip Girl'
Uma Thurman Is Betrothed
Mini-Me Suing Big Over Sex Tape
Paris Hilton Gives
Beyonce's New Album Is Going To Be Big
VIDEO: The Return of Liquid Lunch
David Beckham Blogs About The Ruckus His Wiener Caused
Music In The Morning: The Lovemakers - 'Shake that Ass'
Phoebe Price Really Wants Peace
Heath Ledger Getting Rave Reviews As Joker
Who's Taking A Bow?
Tim McGraw Lays Down The Law
Ben Affleck Caring For Congo, Airing On 'Nightline'
Cristiano Ronaldo Likes Subtle PDA
Gwen Stefani Spends Another Day Walking Around the Park
Shear Genius: Oshun's Away!
Nibbly Things: Drink It Up
Justin Timberlake Takes The Dogs For A Walk
Katy Perry's Girl On Girl Ditty Is #1
Jonas Brothers Expand Their Empire To Germany
Madonna Is So Headed For Divorce
Jennifer Lopez Gets Her Shop On
Lindsay Lohan Gets Cheesy With Her CD Title
Christina Aguilera Using Her Clownmouth To Rock The Vote
Quick Hits: Ladies Man
Cameron Diaz Is Social
Mark Wahlberg To Marry His Baby Mama
Brittny Gastineau Wants Bitches To 'Act Like Ladies'
David Beckham Takes The Clones Out For A Spin
Mary Kate Olsen "In Charge" Of Makeout Session With 64-Year-Old
Angelina Jolie Still Pregnant, Making a Difference
Jessica Simpson Gets Twangy On 'The View'
Music In The Morning: Flo Rida - In the Ayer
Leighton Meester Doesn't Like Chace Crawford Kissing Other Girls
Who Dined At Dan Tana's?
Kylie And Olivier Are Two Hearts...Again
Brad, George and Matt Are Team Philanthropy
Angelina Jolie Gives The Clothes Off Her Back
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Cook Themselves
Anne Hathaway's Arrested Ex Rushed To Hospital
Nelson Mandela Concert Protest Possibility
A Verne Troyer Sex Tape - Is Mini-Me Mini?
Nibbly Things: Still Classy
Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Can't Split Up! They Just Can't!
Mario Lopez Has A New Backpack
Matt Damon Is My Dream Lover
Kim Kardashian Wants To Make Sure Her Eyes Stand Out
John Mayer Babbling On About Something
Britney Spears: Stoic And Shopping
Justin Timberlake's Boots Are Filthy
Quick Hits: Dumps Like a Truck
Unqualified With J. Harvey: BROWNIES!
Steven Tyler Is Hotter Than Jesus
Charlize Theron Can Get By With A Whore's Bath
The 2008 BET Awards Red Carpet
Lindsay Lohan Is A New Woman
Buzz At the BET Awards Belonged to Barack Obama
Will Smith Gets Some Sugar From David Letterman
Shia LaBeouf On Set For 'Transformers' Sequel
Coldplay Gives It Away For Free
Guy and Madonna: Kissing Cousins?
Music In The Morning: Lil' Mama - 'I'm What It Is'
Ass Alert
Solange Knowles Wants Her Shit Stolen
Come On, Give Dave Chappelle A Hug
Orlando Bloom Reveals His Pirate's Booty
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Makes Her Film Debut
Britney Spears Regains Overnight Stays With Her Baby Boys
The Arquettes Love Each Other
Socialite Life Redesign: The Saga Continues
Gavin Rossdale Has It Made
Kathy Griffin Denies Sex With Bear
Lenny Kravitz And Crack
Pamela Anderson Keeps It Classy For 'Radar'
Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Want To Bring People Together
Nibbly Things: Honest Hugh Hefner
Anne Hathaway Dodged A Bullet (So Far)
Heather Locklear Is Pulling a Kirsten Dunst
Amy Winehouse Doesn't Have Emphysema...Yet
Mario Lopez Gives Goodies Away For Free
Cameron Diaz Has No Shortage Of Male Companions
Donald Trump Extending His Wigpiece Into Dubai
Michelle Williams Angry Over Heath Ledger's Will
Katherine Heigl Tries To Summon Rainbow Brite
L.A. Is Getting To Lily Allen
Denise Richards: It's Morbid
Guess Who's Wearing Lederhosen At The Ivy?
Coreys Haim And Feldman Claim Sexual Abuse
Music In The Morning: Mates of State - 'My Only Offer'
Beyonce With Child
Heidi Montag Declares 'Fashion'
Linda Hogan's Brain Rotted By Bleach
Boy George Bit By Karma Chameleon
Ellen DeGeneres Found A Pretty Rock for Portia de Rossi
Rihanna Still Hides Her Love Away
Kristen Bell Still Dating That Weird-Looking Guy
Nibbly Things: Amelia Earhart Found!
Gwen Stefani Is Bursting Forth With New Life
Kirsten Dunst Wants To Dance With Herself In Privacy
Living Lohan: Leave Nana Alone!
Jamie Lee Curtis Liked Her Dolls
Socialite Life Forum: Redesign Discussion
Jennifer Lopez: Still High Maintenance Even Without Nannies
Celine Dion Is The Worst
Anthony Kiedis' Strap On Bear
Kate Hudson And Lance Armstrong Play For Love
George Carlin R.I.P.
'Shear Genius' Is Back
David Beckham Leaves A Child In Tears
Jessica Alba Honors Us
Sienna Miller Isn't Happy
Hayden Panettiere And Milo Ventimiglia Get Frisky
Who's Receiving A Big Birthday Hug?
Music in the Morning: Snoop Dogg - 'My Medicine'
Did You Know Matthew McConaughey Was In A Gang?
Amy Winehouse's Lungs: Covered in Black
'Heroes' Gearing Up To Mildly Entertain
Ben Affleck Gets A Bad Haircut, Has A Cute Kid
Zac Efron Likes "Curvy Girls" (*snicker*)
Is Shia LaBeouf Really That Stupid?
Jamie Lynn Spears' Baby Has Dad's Toes
Minnie Driver Showers
Retro Music In The Morning: Billy Ocean - 'Carribean Queen'
Who's Wearing The Funky Footwear?
Matthew McConaughey Celebrates Summer By Taking Off His Shirt
Katherine Heigl's Drunk
The Daytime Emmy Awards: Red Carpet Riot!
Courtney Love Haunting The Streets
Tyra Banks Already Planning "Kiss My Fat Emmy" Show
Britney Spears Tired Of Her Niece
Jessica Simpson On Papa Joe And Her Training Bra
The Daytime Emmy Awards: Ellen Won Again
Retro Music In The Morning: Bananarama - 'Cruel Summer'
Who's The Biker?
Deacon Phillippe Pleads For Peace
Tinsley Mortimer: As Fascinating As Khaki Pants
The Rock's Family Relationships As Solid As His Nickname
Kristen Bell Can Put It Away
Caption Chace Crawford
Rihanna Rides The Polar Express
Keira Knightley Will Cut You With Her Collarbones
The Jonas Bros. Are Spies
Gwyneth Paltrow Sings For A Lucky Someone
Nibbly Things: He Isn't Gonna Love You Forever (Oh Oh Oh)
Britney Spears Recording Her New Caterwauling
Amy Winehouse Might Have A Disease Besides Addiction
Gossip Boys Hit The Hamptons
Rhys Ifans Bottles Up His Feelings
'Kit Kittredge' Premiere: Kids Dressed Like Adults In Mid-Life Crisis
Jamie Lynn Spears: Young Momma
Deacon Phillippe Rescued From Football Camp
James McAvoy To Nap
Taco Bell Offer Made 50 Cent Lose His Appetite
UPDATE: Naomi Campbell Is Guilty!
Charlize Theron Dresses Like A Commie For Moscow Premiere
Rihanna Tells NYC 'Shut Up And Light'
T.R. Knight Like It Natural
Who's Trying To Hide?
Music In The Morning: Adele - 'Cold Shoulder'
Lindsay Lohan's Leggings Ease Labor Pains
Ali Lohan Might Have Herself A Real Acting Gig
Blake Lively's Leggy
Anne Hathaway: Single And Trying To Love It
Pete Wentz Dreams Of 'Californication' and Emmy Awards
Kate Moss Has Still Got It
Janet Jackson Gets MTV Reality Show
Nibbly Things: The Olsens Get Down With Their Bad Selves
Viewing Gallery Images
John Mayer Is Looking Scrawny
Steve Guttenberg Gets Into A Tizzy
'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' Even Creepier in English
Nicole Richie Celebrates Love
Guy Ritchie Plans His Escape
Photo Exclusive: Jamie Lynn Spears Arriving At Hospital
David Beckham In His Skivvies On A Building
Kimora Lee's Sort Of Engaged
BREAKING NEWS! Jamie Lynn Spears Gives Birth
Jessica Simpson Mistaken For Enemy Carrie Underwood
Everyone's Having Babies, Even 'Blossom'
Megan Fox Finds Her Engagement Ring To Be Itchy
Gisele B√ľndchen's David Beckham Impersonation
Who's Kissing In Rome?
Paris Hilton Dog-Blocked
Lauren Conrad's Complete Lack Of Self-Awareness Amuses
Music In The Morning: Rogue Wave - 'Chicago x 12'
Author Claims Britney Spears Attempted Suicide
John Mayer Dives Into His Relationship Feet First
Blake's Pisser
Sienna Miller Digs The Rejection Knife In Deeper
Nibbly Things: Ouch.
Salma Hayek Is Having The Best Time
Justin Timberlake Totally Putting From His Guy Friend's Rough
David Beckham Reclines For Armani
Jennifer Lopez Gifts Students With Her Presence
To Be Britney Spears
Mickey Rourke Spends Father's Day With Dude In Thong
Blake Lively And Penn Badgely Like Bingo
Makeover vs. Takeover
Matthew McConaughey Getting All His Boozing And Womanizing In Pre-Baby
Angelina Jolie's World Refugee Day Video
Kate Hudson And Lance Armstrong Hold Hands
Joan Rivers Is F*cking Sorry
Whitney Art Gallery: Short Strappy Dresses And Serious Faces
Lovely Ladies Adorn The Women In Film Awards
Robbie Williams Has A Clean Face
Hudson Washes Men Outta Her Hair With Eco-Friendly Shampoo
Music In The Morning: Duffy - 'Put It in Perspective'
Nicole Kidman Dishes On Cruise Marriage To Vogue
Now Those Are Some Boots
Keanu And His Topless Friend Enjoy High SPF Protection
Sticky And Sweet
Miley Cyrus To Host Teen Choice Awards
Has Colin Farrell Been Tamed?
Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Grace Red Carpets of Paris
Nibbly Things: No Soap?
Britney Spears Isn't Responsible For Foot Mangling
Denise Richards: It's A Lie
Denise Richards: It's Unprofessional
Charlize Theron Is So Much More A Superhero Than Will Smith
Naomi Campbell: Losing Her Hair And Mind
Canadians Love Rihanna's "Umbrella," Eh?
Johnny Depp Tips His Hat
Billy Ray Cyrus Done Stomping In Poop
Heidi Klum Desecrates Her Body With Cheesy Tat
Angelina Jolie Loves Guns, Sex On The Floor
Anne Hathaway Gets Smart
Vanessa Hudgens Wants You To Wear Your Sneakers
Coldplay Might Have Have Ripped Someone Off
No One Told Kelly That Robert Palmer Was Dead
Who's Wearing The Prison Stripes?