Archives: May, 2008

Dina and Ali Lohan Defend Lindsay Lohan's Heterosexuality
Amy Winehouse And Pete Doherty Need To Be Separated
'Sex' Sells
Pregnant Brangelina On The Cannes Red Carpet
Music in the Morning: Spoon - 'I Turn My Camera On'
Casey Aldridge Adds To His Skill Set
The Love That Jodie Foster Dare Not Speak Is Over
Kirsten Dunst Gets The Boot From Miu Miu
Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Are No More
Michelle Trachtenberg Is Not A Quitter
Victoria Beckham's Brains Are In Her Shoes
Sean Penn Not Endorsing Obama, Wants To Smoke
Nibbly Things: Dolly Talks Dirty
The Fourth Season Of 'The Hills" Should Be, Well, 'Hill'sy
Britney Spears And Mel Gibson: Crazies On Vacation
Anne Heche Is So Broke She Can't Pay Attention
Christina Aguilera Knows She's Glamorous, Thanks
Cate Blanchett's Cool
Syesha Mercado Discovers That Smug And Preschool Trump Pretty
America's Next Top Model: Bigtime!
Mischa Barton Takes Her Cottage Cheese To Paris
'Kung Fu Panda' Reveals All Angie's Baby Secrets
Jennifer Aniston 'Falling' for Mayer
Victoria Beckham Is A School Lunch Lady
Who's Shopping For Shoes At Miu Miu?
Denise Richards Twirls Her Hair And Denies Home-Wrecking
Jack Black Snitches On Angelina Jolie's Pregnancy
Jennifer Aniston Actually Likes John Mayer's Music
Who Knew Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Could Read?
Music in the Morning: Justice - 'Stress'
Robert Downey's Sportin' A Purse
Madonna Deconstructs Britney
Christina Aguilera Smells Good, Takes Max Out On the Town
Mario Lopez Wants To Pump You Up
Emile Hirsch Blaming 'Speed Racer' Failure On His Agent
Lance Armstrong On Livestrong
Nibbly Things: Colin's Disappearing Act
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Stephanie Pratt From 'The Hills' On Her Dumbass Brother
Scarlett Johansson Bisexes It Up With Penelope Cruz And Javier Bardem
Jessica Simpson And Her Furry Purse Get Drunk
Julianne Moore Experiences 'Blindness'
BREAKING: Angie Confirms Twins
Amy Winehouse And Pete Doherty: Crackheads In Love
Lily Allen's Boobies Make Her Smile
Nick Cannon Has Smooth Moves
American Idol: Times Three
'90210' Is Back In Full Effect
The Cannes Film Festival Jury Is Judging You
Cameron Diaz Likes Her Looks More As She Ages
Who's Stripping?
A Drunken Rumer Willis To Make Us All Uncomfortable By Singing
Tom Cruise Hearts Chace Crawford
The Jolie-Pitt's Head Home After A Day Of Yachting
Shia LaBeouf's Trigger Finger
Jennifer Aniston's Banging The Pool Boy
Music in the Morning: Gnarls Barkley - 'Going On'
Homeless Man Freaks Out Catherine Zeta Jones
Jimmy Fallon To Do The String Dance
Drew Barrymore Hit Hard From Behind
The New Bachelor Picked A Good One
Al Reynolds Created 'Dump On Al Month' and Barbara Feels Sorry
Victoria Beckham's Old Clothes For Sale
Nibbly Things: More Golden Every Year
Brangelina Goes A-Boatin'
Shia LaBeouf Likes Kissing Hot Leading Ladies
Heidi & Spencer Miss 'The Hills' Finale Party
Jessica Alba's Still Too Sexy For Her Own Well-Being
'Sex and the City' Movie Spoilers
Nick Would Love To Impregnate Mariah
Unqualified with J. Harvey: Happy Hour Is Sad
Cruisey Christian Dior
Britney Spears Meets Your Mother Again
Pete Wentz Wants a 'Gremlins 2' Themed Wedding
Who Is That Hooded Man?
Britney Spears Has Another Fender Bender
Rihanna And Chris Brown Get Sexy Down At The KFC
George Clooney Was Hit On By Roseanne
Michelle Williams on Mother's Day
Music in the Morning: Sad Kermit the Frog - 'Needle in the Hay'
Miley Cyrus Arouses Hugh Hefner's Interest
Name The Source Of Samantha Ronson's Hickey
Liv Tyler's Happy Post Leech Removal
Sarah Jessica, You Win
Robert Downey Jr. Talks A Lot to GQ
Tori Spelling To Join '90210' Spinoff
Nibbly Things: Segway!
Kiefer Sutherland: Arrested!
Dennis Farina: Former Cop Turned TV Cop Gets Busted
Jamie Lynn Spears Celebrates Momma's Day
Tony Romo Sings About As Well As His Girlfriend
Brad Pitt Has A Guys Only Outing
Uma Thurman Duels With Lancome
Angelina Jolie's Birthing Team Ready To Go
Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones Gets Little Action
Heidi Montag Uses Mother As Human Shield
Audrina Patridge To Go Blue
Jessica Simpson To Maid Of Honor For Ashlee
Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Support the Lakers
O.J. Simpson Did It
Who's Stopping Off At Winston's?
Wacky Wango Tango
Angelina Jolie Hits Mickey D's
Junkies In The Mist
Music in the Morning: Fall Out Boy - Robyn - 'Konichiwa Bitches'
Brad Pitt Is A Tad Pasty
Tom Cruise Sees You
Celebs Walk
Jenna Bush Got Married
Jennifer Aniston And John Mayer Splash Around
Jennie Garth Is Kelly Taylor!
David Archuleta's Dad Is Banned
Who's Showing Off Some Back?
Lohan in the Morning: Dina Lohan Is One Tough Mutha
How Do You Like My New Gas Pumpin' Outfit?
Scott Speedman Forgoes The Spandex
Salma Hayek Had Love Pouring Out Of Her
Whitney Houston Lucid In London
Lindsay Lohan Leggs Up
Alanis Morissette Hit Rock Bottom
Heidi Montag Freed From The Burden Of Lauren Conrad's Friendship
Who's Wearing Her Heart On Her Back?
Retro Music In The Morning: Stacey Q - 'Two of Hearts'
Jesse Metcalfe Is All For Peace
Paris Hilton Plays Games
Gwyneth Paltrow Is Well-Heeled
R. Kelly Finally Headed To Court
Justin Timberlake Brings Sexy to Television
DMX Arrested Again
Emile Hirsch Still Taking Weird Photos
Nibbly Things: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Kim Kardashian Has A Mission For Burma
Angelina Jolie Fills Up The U-Haul
BREAKING NEWS! Nick Hogan Heading To Jail For 8 Months Right Now!
Lindsay Lohan Can't Find Anybody That Will Work With Her
Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Are Entertainers In Love
Top Chef: Somebody's Getting Married!
More Talk Of Tomkat Procreation
Britney Spears Likes K-Fed's Phoneside Manner
Mischa Barton Blames Cottage Cheese On Photoshop
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon's World Debut!
Famous People Celebrate Under The Influence Of The Time's 100
Hilary Duff Shows Off The Man
Pete Wentz And Ashlee Simpson Rushing To The Altar?
John Mayer Reunites With Jennifer Anston
Who's Adrian Grenier Chatting Up?
Liv Tyler Confirms Split From Hubby
Ashton's Stuffing The 'Sexiest' Ballot Box
Amanda Jenssen - 'Do You Love Me?'
Nicollette Sheridan Has Some Powerful Nipples
Perez Hilton's Putting Clothes On Pre-Teen Girls
Nick Cannon's Wedding Ring & Mariah's Tattoo
Marc Jacobs is OOC
Meet Paris Hilton's New BFF Sally
Minnie Driver, Who's Your Daddy?
Rihanna Still Not Admitting She's Sleeping With That Guy
Nibbly Things: Hasselbeck's A Hottie
Tilda Swinton Returns To 'Narnia'
Nicole Richie's Family
Katherine Heigl Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy'?
Dax Shepard Gets Lewd
Amy Winehouse In The Spotlight
Jason Castro Takes His Stoned Ass Home
Mischa Barton Is The New Jennifer Love Hewitt
Barbara Walters Suddenly Pretends To Take The High Road
Fergie's Shoe Sabotages Her Night Out
America's Next Top Model: Fantastic (?) Four
SNEAK PEEK: Britney's Latest TV Appearance
Jamie Lynn Spears Needs A Baby Name
Mario Lopez Wants To Make Sure You Know He's Got Arms
Seal Has Lupus
Who Doesn't This Brunette Want To Be Seen With?
Ellen Page Trades Her Sportcoat For A Corset
Eva Mendes Is Hungry
Sienna Miller's Pap Smear
Music in the Morning: Lykke Li - 'I'm Good, I'm Gone'
Someone Had A Really Bad Hair Day
Elisha Cuthbert: I See London?
Gary Dourdan Charged With Drug Possession
Angelina Jolie Having Twin Girls?
'Iron Man' Will Return
Nibbly Things: Get 'Em While They're Hot
Star Jones And Barbara Walters Are Brawlin'
Kylie Minogue's Tour Looks Sick
George Clooney Makes Friends With The Beckhams
Madonna Does Something Fresh And Exciting
Kelly Osbourne Hits The Wall
Guess Who's All Grown Up?
BREAKING: Amy Winehouse Arrested!
Dina Lohan's Plaque Doesn't Talk Back
American Idol: Jason Castro Doesn't Know The Words
Uma Thurman's Stalker Facing Time
Lindsay Lohan's 'Bossy' & Fake Pregnant
Mariah's Wedding Pix & 'Bye Bye' Music Video
Ashlee Simpson's High As A Kite Backstage
Joel Madden Says He Isn't Ready to Marry Nicole Richie
'The Hills' Got Renewed
Who's Big On Dreams?
John Travolta's Subway Heist Costume
Mariah Carey's Dog Has Had Enough
SATC Movie Provides Satisfying Climax
Music in the Morning: Radiohead - 'All I Need'
What In The World Is Amy Winehouse Doing?
Dax Shepard Somehow Gets Ladies
Mariah's Prenup Protects Her Precious Moments Collection
Clay Aiken Is Singing New Songs
Britney Spears Gets To Spend More Quality Time With Sons
John Mayer Makes It Way Too Easy
Precious Moments In Journalism
Victoria Beckham Sues A Jeans Company For A Lot Of Friggin' Money
Nibbly Things: Disney Deserves A Big WTF For This One
Tom Cruise Invades The Interwebs
'Gossip Girl' Getting Serious
John Mayer's High, Talking About Aniston
Lindsay Lohan Is A Thief
Britney Spears Washes Weave, Goes To Court
Scarlett Johansson Debuts Engagement Ring
Up To No Fricking Good I Say!
Unqualified with J. Harvey: Tits O'Shea
Jennifer Lopez Chooses Gala Over Babies
Hollywood Loves New York
TomKat, Posh and Becks Love Each Other & The Red Carpet
NKOTB Is Back! Yay?
Amy Winehouse Too Worried About Bail for Bond
Tricia Walsh-Smith To Possibly Terrify Thousands On Bravo
The Beckhams Pay Homage To Tom Cruise
Who's Doing A Little Off Road Motorcylce Riding?
Dina Lohan Awarded For Ruining Lindsay's Childhood
'Project Runway' Moving To L.A.?
Suri Cruise's Amazing Technicolor Hair
Music in the Morning: Scarlett Johansson - 'Falling Down'
Caption Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt & Larry Birkhead
Megan Fox Banned From Wal-Mart
Mariah Carey's Marriage Confirmed... Again
Meet Shia's New Lady, Lauren Hastings
Kylie Minogue Beloved In France
Treesje White Patent Pico Bag Winner!
Why Britney Spears Was Invited Back To 'Mother'
Nibbly Things: Joaquin Goes Tribal
Jennifer Anistion and Owen Wilson Have Some Fun
Pink And Bai Ling Splash About In The Subtext
Dennis Rodman Slaps A Lady, Goes To Rehab
Shia LaBeouf's Mom Met Her Greatest Fantasy
Brad Pitt On The Edge
BREAKING NEWS! Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds Engaged!
'Iron Man' Rockets To The Top
Harrison Ford & Bruce Willis Still Get Action
Britney Leaves LA For L.A.
Suri Cruise Travels Via Helicopter
Reese Witherspoon Belly Bump?
'Idol' Producer Covering For Paula Abdul, Claiming Simon Is Worse
John Mayer Calls for Haikus
Cheryl Burke's Older
'The Hottie & The Nottie' Giveaway
Shanna Moakler Involved In Lowe Nanny Scandal
Gary Dourdan Has An Excuse
Brangelina Beach Frolickin'
Music in the Morning: Fall Out Boy - 'Beat It'
Here's To Me Screwing John Mayer!
Race To Erase MS Hosts Orange Celebs
Kentucky Derby Is A Bummer
Miley Cyrus Embarrassed, But Thankful
SOCIALITELIFE.COM Contest: Win Treesje White Patent Pico Bag
Britney Relaxes In Serenity
Brangelina's Helicopter Ride...Continued
Suri Cruise Gets Lighter Hair For The Summer Look
Who Shouldn't Be Wearing Leggings?
Guess the Douches
Retro Music in the Morning: M - 'Pop Muzik'
Heidi Klum Counts To One
Bai Ling Rubs Her Scent On Jason Statham
Jessica Alba Gives To Pregnant Teens
Lindsay Lohan On 'Ugly Betty'
Sean Combs Gets His Walk Of Fame Star
Mariah Carey Wedding Details
Brad Pitt And Zahara Send Angelina Jolie Off On A Helicopter Ride
Tom Cruise & Oprah: Reunited & It Feels So Good
Who's Playing With His Lightsaber?
Retro Music in the Morning: Pat Benatar - 'We Belong'
Ashlee Simpson Using Scarf To Hide Faux Pregnacy That She's Not Denying Or Confirming
'HSM 3: Everyone Gets Laid!' Starts Filming In Utah
Jamie Lynn's Getting A Visit From Britney
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Love London
Shannon Elizabeth Has A 'Dancing With The Stars' Conspiracy Theory
'Sex And The City' Drives Oprah-Maniacs Crazy
Alessandra Ambrosio Doesn't Wear Underwear, Fell On Some Guy
Nibbly Things: A Different World
Lindsay Lohan's The Face Of Problem Drinking
Nicole Kidman To Get With The Son Of A Preacher Man
Paula Abdul Mocks Her Substance Addiction
Samantha Ronson Gets Litigious
Angelina Jolie Sightings In France Are Becoming Very Bigfoot-esque
Usher's Not Selling Out His Baby
Top Chef: Child's Play
Jason Wahler's Alleged Last Denial
Cameron Diaz Returns To The Red Carpet
Miley Cyrus Gets Served
The Time 100!
Gwyneth Paltrow: No Love For Brad Pitt
Is Mariah Wearing A Secondhand Ring?