Archives: May, 2008

Matt Damon Presents 1st Woman Bold Enough To Blame Rehab On Film Role Research
Britney Spears Unable To Make 'Woofy'
UPDATED: Lindsay Lohan Went To The Hospital
Hugh Jackman Takes A Swim
Amy Winehouse Late For Concert Because Of Youth Basketball Coaching Gig
Charlie Sheen Got Married, Denise Richards Sent A Present That Wasn't A Time Bomb Or Anthrax
Angelina Jolie Did Not Give Birth (We Think)
Who's Big Metallic Bag Is This?
Holly Hunter Brings Own Wind Machine To Walk Of Fame Ceremony
Movie Clip In The Morning: 'Burn After Reading'
Kate Hudson Is Pensive?
Phoebe Price is Phurious
Natalie Portman And Her Man Are Still Traveling The Globe
Christian Siriano Takes Back 'Hot Tranny Mess'
Pete Wentz Is Pouting, Sultry, And Hosting His Own Show
'Prison Break' Experiences A Resurrection
Nibbly Things: Adriana Lima Strips
50 Cent's Life Going Up In Flames
Possibly Formerly Pregnant Angelina Jolie On The Cover Of 'Vanity Fair'
Toni Braxton Unable To Continue
Top Chef: Tomahawk Chop
Eva Longoria Fulfills Her Destiny
Charlie Sheen To Make Brooke Mueller Mrs. "Tranny Prostitute-Infested Sperm"
Pretty On-Screen Bitches Love Chanel
Lindsay Lohan Unnerved By Dad's Stalking
UPDATE: Angelina Baby Delivery Confusion
Diddy Is A Playful Daddy
Britney's Not Yet Ready To Fly Solo
Christina Aguilera Rocks Max And The Vote
BREAKING: Angelina Jolie Gives Birth to Twins!
Who's Wearing The Pink Flats?
Jessica Simpson Wants You To Know She's Gone Country
Ironically, Michael Jackson Is Scared Of Us
Halle Berry's Baby To Skyrocket Her Career
Madonna's Ass Refuses To Pay
Music in the Morning: Ratatat - 'Mirando'
Oh Those Gossip Boys
Adam Sandler Warns Us Not To Mess With The Zohan
Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford Engaged
James McAvoy To Play Bilbo Baggins
I Want Gisele's Water Dress, Not the Sandals
John Mayer Takes A Break From Jennifer Aniston
Matt Damon Looks Like The Guy Who Taught You Chemistry
Nibbly Things: It Does A Body Good
Caption Tori Spelling
Sienna Miller And Rhys Ifans Aren't Engaged, But Are High As Kites
Sharon Stone Is the 'Enemy Of All Mankind'
Kim Kardashian Denies That She Got Her Maxipad Confused
Anderson Cooper Dating Grover
Clay Aiken Got A Girl Pregnant, J. Harvey Just Practiced Cunnilingus
Denise Richards: It's Boring
Heidi Klum's Hungry
Naomi Campbell Charged For Her Lunacy
Shia LaBeouf On Top Of Chateau Marmont
Bill Murray's Wife Files Divorce, Claims Abuse
Kate Hudson And Anne Hathaway Thrown Out Of Bloomingdales
Who's Lending A Helping Hand?
Julia Roberts Needs You To Leave
David Cook Has A Reason To Be Smug
Amy Winehouse: Housewife
Lindsay's Album A Pleasant Surprise
Music in the Morning: The Ting Tings - 'That's Not My Name'
Clive Owen Sheds His Shirt For Art
BREAKING NEWS: Pete Wentz Confirms Ashlee Simpson's Pregnancy!
Tori Spelling Is Donna Martin
Gary Dourdan Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges, Avoids The Slammer
Heidi Montag Wants To Get Married For Reals
Ashlee Simpson Bows To Convention, Gets A Bee
Ben and Casey Affleck Standing Around
Nibbly Things: Bagel Phone? Really?
Madonna Is Offically A Mother Of Three
EXCLUSIVE: 'Girlicious' Gets Ready
Lindsay Lohan And Her Family Revel In Their Swag
BREAKING: George Clooney And Sarah Larson Break Up!
Brangelina's Nanny Squawks About The Goings-On In France
Living Lohan: Mother of the Year
Sharon Stone's Vagine Banned From Chinese Cinemas
Cruz Beckham Is His Mother's Keeper
Jessica Simpson Has Gone Country
Mariah Carey Throws Like A Girl
Kristen Bell Spills About Her First Crush, Gets Shy
Who Is This Baby's Mommy?
'Sex And The City' Finally Gets It Over With
Kim Kardashian Wants Her Double To Cut The Shit
Usher Takes Over TRL
Michael Lohan Engaged?
Music in the Morning: Weezer - 'Pork and Beans'
Reichen Lehmkuhl Plays To His Strengths
Gavin Rossdale and Kingston Are Beachy-Keen
Depressed Dunst Dating?
Boyzone Can Leave Their Hats On
More From The In Touch Summer Stars Party
David Beckham Scratches Where It Itches
Heath Ledger Was 'Laid Back', According To Christian Bale
Julia Roberts Makes Out
Nibbly Things: Eat Your Heart Out, Miley!
Pete Wentz, Share With Ashlee!
Tragedy For Xzibit
Katie Holmes Looks Happier Than We've Seen Her In Months
Jessica Simpson Still Keeping Up The Charade, Somehow Involving Jared Leto In Her Mess
'The Happening' Is Gonna Suck
Will The Real Michael Lohan Please Stand Up?
Blake Lively & Penn Badgley Caught Canoodling
Unqualified with J. Harvey: Rachel Tension
Sydney Pollack Remembered
Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal: Star-Crossed Lovers
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's Love Spans The Globe
Guess Who Just Bought This $60 Million Home?
Jason Lewis Thinks You Smell, Ex-Girlfriend
Is Ashlee Simpson Pregnant Or What?
Kingston Rossdale's B-day Attracts Celebrity Babes
Lance Armstrong & Kate Hudon's Romantic Boat Ride
Music in the Morning: Band of Horses - 'No One's Gonna Love You'
Mario Lopez And Karina Smirnoff Flaunt It
Happy Memorial Day!
Who's Flashing Her Panties?
Retro Music in the Morning: Sarah McLachlan - 'I Will Remember You'
Brooke Hogan Car Crash
Beckhams Basketball Babysitting
Stefani Family Day Out
Lindsay Lohan's Cans Concealed In Cannes
Christina Aguilera's Secret To Sexy Stylishness
Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong French Kiss
Dolce & Gabanna Party Attracts Ladies Ready For Action
Who's Beyonce Touching?
Male Models In The Morning
Michael Jackson Has Never Looked Better
Jessica Simpson's Still A Cowboys Fan
Marcia Cross Gets Dark
TomKat's Lawyers Growl At Baby Store
First Look At Jessica Alba Post-Wedding
Miley Cyrus Loves Her Digital Camera
Christian Audigier's 50th Birthday Brings Out Michael Jackson
Who Has Very Questionable Taste?
What You Missed At The amfAR Auction
Retro Music in the Morning: Malcolm McLaren - 'Deep In Vogue'
Celine Dion Secretly Gave Birth To Bo Bice's Love Child
Clint Eastwood's Cannes Cans
Robert Downey Jr. Might Be A Playboy
Gisele Bundchen Would Never Mess With Perfection
In Touch Summer Stars Party Nearly Starless
Alanis Morissette Might Have A Very Angry Child
Jennifer Lopez Inspires That Reaction In A Lot Of People
Nibbly Things: And The Photo Speaks For Itself
Madonna Has Tear Ducts?
Denise Richards Knows Semen
Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Return From Their Honeymoon At Romper Room
Mischa Barton Always Has A Costume Change Ready
'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' Looks Creepy!
In Touch Party Attracts The Kind Of Celebs You'd Expect
Michelle Williams Does Double Duty At Cannes
Top Chef: Team Stank
Nicole Richie's Motherhood Award
Lindsay Lohan Engay-ged?
Carmen Electra Wants You To Strip Anywhere You Please
Who's Suddenly Shy?
Mischa Barton On Her Way To Getting Shitfaced
Adam Sandler's With Child
Sheryl Crow Goes To Congress
Gwyneth Paltrow's Being Driven Crazy
Music in the Morning: The Kills - 'Last Day of Magic'
Cristiano Ronaldo's Got A Big One
Admiring Madonna From AmFAR
Jenna Jameson's Copying Angelina
Eva Supports Her Man While Jonas Brothers Ditch 'Idol'
SNEAK PEEK: Lindsay Lohan on 'Ugly Betty'
EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Britney Spears Bally's Ballyhoo
Indiana Jones Shows His Ass
Nibbly Things: Maximum Sentence
Paris Hilton Threatening Us All
David Archuleta Smiling Through The Pain
Lindsay Lohan Receives Offer To Replace The Coat She Jacked
Somehow Britney Spears Is Crazy Busy Lately
David Beckham Stuck At Boring Basketball Game While His Former Team Realizes Their Dreams
Naomi Campbell Brings A Worse Offender Than Her To Cannes
Jodie Foster's New Lady
Whoopi Vs. Denise Vs. Charlie
'The Hills' Tell Lies
Usher and Wife Separate
David Cook Wins 'American Idol': If You Missed It
Milo Ventimiglia Has Stroke Mouth
American Idol: Smug Triumphs
Barista Tries To Fatten Up Olsen Twins
Drew Barrymore and Justin Long Engagment?
Music in the Morning: Tokyo Police Club - 'In a Cave'
Bald Is Beautiful!
Tori Spelling Wants to Murder Pregnant Women
Steven Tyler Checked Into Drug Rehab
Natalie Portman is Head Over Heels For Devendra Banhart
There Is No Way In Hell Cate Blanchett Had A Kid One Month Ago
Madonna Reacts To Sharon Stone's Offer To Show Her That Famous Move From 'Basic Instinct'
Nibbly Things: MWAH!
Jennifer Aniston Could Only Be Happier If Owen Wilson's Penis Was As Big As John Mayer's
R. Kelly's Defense Strategy Needs To Be Lasered Off
Rumer Willis Is Really Going For It
Brad Pitt's Tired Of All This Damn Shopping
David Letterman Realizes That If You've Seen One Lohan, You've Seen Them All
Kristi Yamaguchi Wins 'Dancing'
American Idol: David Vs. David
Jessica Simpson's Reading Between Her Tan Lines
1st Wedding Pix From Pete And Ashlee's Wedding
Britney's Dinner Date With Rich Guy
Eric Dane Got Buzzed
Who's Trying To Steal A Camera
Shia LaBeouf To Take Over For Harrison Ford?
Joaquin Phoenix Has The Flu
Salma Hayek Gives Accidental Bedroom Eyes
Lindsay Lohan's Annual Lawsuit
Music in the Morning: Ladytron - 'Ghosts'
Dean Cain And Alli Sims Hit Cannes!
Enrique Iglesias To Sing To Soccer Fans
Angelina Jolie's Planning More Procreation
Pete and Ashlee Wentz Signed Pre-Nup, Enjoying Fake Bakes And Fake Palm Trees
Nicole Kidman's Nude Pregnant Photos
Angelina Jolie Is An Earth Goddess
BREAKING: Jessica Alba Married!
Jesse Metcalfe Is A Slob
Nibbly Things: Kirsten's Got A Real Shiner
Penn Badgely Is Totally Messing With Blake Lively's Head
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt: Where's A Foul Ball Going 70 MPH When You Need One?
Liv Tyler's On The Market
Celebrity Icons Break Bread
Reese Witherspoon And Jake Gyllenhaal Hit The Beach
Fergie Is Giving Me A Headache
Owen Wilson's Beer-Tail Therapy
Angie's Promoting Movies, Continues To Swell
Maddox Jolie-Pitt Takes To Water
Unqualified with J. Harvey: Necessary Bitchslap
Let The Lohanity Begin
Who's Hiding Underneath Her Blankie?
Sarah Jessica Parker Wafts Her Scent
Whose Daddy Dearest Has Turned Over An Old Leaf?
Halle Berry Has The Baby, Doesn't Need The Ring
Amy Winehouse Wants Underweight Crack Babies Of Her Own
Katie Holmes Takes Her Shiny Bob To Broadway
Music in the Morning: Coldplay - 'Violet Hill'
He's Never Looked Better!
Two Lovers Are Gwyneth Paltrow and Joaquin Phoenix
Brangelina's Boobs Beguile Brad
'The Happening' Just Ain't Happening
'Desperate Houswives' Finale From The Future
Jennifer Aniston Likes What John Mayer's Working With
Gwen Stefani Might Be Pregnant
Nibbly Things: Jean Claude's Still Got It, Sorta
Jude Law Wants Peace
Jennifer Hudson Has A Record Coming Out
Pop Superstar's Drug Baby
Jessica Simpson Is One Sad Bitch
Brad Pitt Says The Kids Are Good With The Fran├žais
NYC's AIDS Walk Brings Out Some Celebrity Walkers
Kenny Chesney Wins Award, Ain't Happy About It
Britney's Special Agent
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Await Their Summer Baby
Angelina Jolie's Exhausting Drug Video
Avril Lavigne Too Sick To Perform, Well Enough To Party
Who's Getting Frisked At LAX?
Keith Urban On His Impending Fatherhood
The 'Life Ball' Wasn't Boring
Woody Allen and Soon-Yi: Still Ecstatic After All These Years
Audrina Patridge Turns 23, Yay For Her
Music in the Morning: N.E.R.D. - 'Everybody Nose'
Lindsay Lohan: Quick Change Artist
Rachel Bilson Brings Her Baby Shopping
'Indiana Jones' debuts at Cannes
Amy Winehouse Celebrates Wedding Anniversary By Herself
Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong Spend Some Quality Time Together In Austin
Kids Rock the Zootopia Stage
Ashlee and Pete Are Officially Mr. and Mrs. Wentz
Who's Out And About In LA?
Retro Music in the Morning: Jessica Simpson - 'I Wanna Love Your Forever'
A Shirtless Chris Carmack Knows What His Strengths Are
Jennifer Aniston Finds Her Role In A Temporary Snowy Universe
Jessica Simpson Is Still Taking Tony Romo To Her Sister's Wedding
Angelina Jolie Slipped a Nipple
Penelope Cruz Won't Talk About Lesbian Liplock
Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson's Rehearsal Dinner Means Tonight's The Big Night
Britney Spears And Her Bump On The Beach
Which Baby Daddy Purchased This?
Retro Music in the Morning: Thompson Twins: 'King For A Day'
Caption Kelly Clarkson
Paris Wants A White Wedding
Brangelina's Twins Not Identical
Tony Romo Had Falling Out With Papa Joe, Not Jess
FOX Announces Fall Schedule At Upfronts
Charlize Theron Wants Bastards
Jude Law Wears The Gayest Sweater Ever
Nibbly Things: But She Plays The Jingle Bells Quite Well
Jake Gyllenhaal Stunned Because He Might Have To Keep The Charade Going With A Wedding
Matthew McConaughey Getting Paid And The Kid's Not Even Born Yet
Brad Pitt Drooling Over Angelina Jolie's Pregnancy Breasts
Past Love Affair Of A Newly Single Actress Resurfaces
Miley Cryus Getting Her Material The Avril Lavigne Way?
Mariah Carey's Really Into This Marriage Thing
Precious Moments With Pete Doherty And Amy Winehouse
Lily Allen's Dad Babysits Her Drunk Ass
Top Chef: Sabotage!
Audrina Patridge's Butt Is Ready On The Set
Ashlee Simpson's Bachelorette Party
Ellen Degeneres And Portia de Rossi: Wedding Bells Are Ringing!
Who's Creating A Stir In Cannes