Archives: April, 2008

Isla Fisher Knows Magic
Marisa Miller Wants You To Buy A Bikini
Wentworth Miller Hooks Up With A Tranny
Nicole Kidman And Naomi Watts Coordinate Their Outfits And Go To Lunch
Remains of the Day: American Cry-dol
George Clooney Acquiesces To Photo Request From Woman Wearing The Worst Jacket Ever
David Beckham's Mom Didn't Love His Crotch Shots
Madonna Promoting Album By Discussing Guy Ritchie's Sexual Prowess And Hating Fat People
Kiefer Sutherland And Date Completely Ignore Woman In Labor
Say Hello To My Ass!
Eva Mendes Is All Set.
Patricia Clarkson To Work With Michelle Williams On Scorsese's Latest Movie
Heidi Montag Sabotages John McCain's Campaign
American Idol: Welcome To Dollywood
Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom Keep On Flirtin' On
Gisele B√ľndchen Shows Her Ass
David Cook's OK
Britney Spears Gets A Job Offer
Mariah Carey Likes To Keep The Facts Straight
Who's Shopping At Satine?
Dane Cook Isn't Funny
Owen Wilson To Resume Being Psychologically Tormented By Kate Hudson
Beyonce Finally Got To Him
Music in the Morning: The Billionaires - 'Eighties Movies'
Act Natural
Leticia Cyrus Wishes Daughter Miley Would Get Over Her Jesus Fixation
Paula Abdul Can't Count, But Has Rhythm
Katie Holmes Channels Rihanna, The World Gasps
Helen Mirren Wants To Help Robin Williams Get His Cred Back
Jamie Lynn Spears Might Be Housing A Girl In Her Uterus
Jay Leno Totally Wants Ryan Phillippe To Do Him
Apparently, This Is What Rich Teens Are Wearing Today
Tom Brady Annoys Skycaps
Remains of the Day: Lindsay Strikes Gold
Ellen Page Cleans Up For New Role
Victoria Beckham Experiences Laundry Day, Feuds With Katie Holmes
Heidi Montag Is A Feminist Icon
Gwen Stefani Goes For A Ride
Britney Spears Getting The Band Back Together
Jennifer Aniston Starts Her Own Production Company, Dammit
Adam Sandler's Broken Ankle Blues
Unqualified With J. Harvey: Sweetie, Your Poetry Sucks
Sarah Larson Knows How To Have Fun Fully Clothed Too
EXCLUSIVE: Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Hoax!
Mariah Carey Brings The Hilarity
Meet Estelle. She Stole From My Christmas Tree.
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Come One, Come All!
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The Revenge Of The Nerds