Archives: April, 2008

Ashlee Simpson Milking This Baby Thing For All It's Worth
Gwyneth Paltrow Was Depressed
Pat O'Brien Chats Up Kim Kardashian, Obviously Still Into Freaky Sex
John Mayer Gets Some Pussy(cat)
Reese Witherspoon Shows Her Face To The World
Pete Doherty's Back In The Slammer, Slamming Dope
American Idol: Mariah Carey And Kristy Lee Cook Team Up To Destroy Us All
Katherine Heigl Flashes Her Tighty Whities
Criss Angel's Demons Revealed At Beauty Pageant
Britney Spears Works It Out
Jennie Garth Might Be On The '90210' Spinoff And J. Harvey Is Swooning In Delight
Hayden Panettiere's Mom Seems A Little Overbearing
Jason Segel Shows Off The Goods
Guess Who's Getting Starbucks?
Britney Spears Did Us All A Favor And Recorded Her Crazy
Tobey Maguire's Pregnant
Victoria Beckham's Head Wants To Be Taken To Your Leader
Music in the Morning: Xiu Xiu - 'F.T.W.'
Caption Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick
John Mayer's Body Is A Tattoo...Land
SNEAK PREVIEW: New Episode of Top Chef
Heidi Montag Flips When Spencer Flirts
Cynthia Nixon's Boobies Were Once In Peril
Luke MacFarlane Comes Ou....Who?
Ryan Reynolds Drives Sandra Bullock Around The Marina
Remains of the Day: Sensual Seduction
Michael Johns Celebrating Being Booted Off 'Idol' By Drinking Whynattes
Mariah Carey Letting Nick Cannon Pry His Way Into That Dress
Meryl Streep Is The Greatest Actress Of Our Time
Lindsay Lohan Chills With Various Hookers, Hustlers And Street Urchins
Scientology Lost A Cult Member
Ashlee Simpson: Uterus Watch 2008
Unqualified With J. Harvey: Help, My Son Likes Boys!
Keanu Reeves Wants To Share The Music In His Heart
Call Jennifer Lopez Mellow Yellow
Paris Hilton Apologizes To Kim Kardashian's Butt
Rob Lowe Getting Sued By Nanny
Drew Barrymore And Justin Long Seem To Be Caught In Spy Drama
Eva Longoria: Touched By An Airbrush
Technical Difficulties: If You're Trying To Leave A Comment, You Can Once Again!
Who Had A White Wedding?
Heidi Montag Raps
Tom Cruise And David Beckham Have Ambitious Rectums
The CMT Awards!
Music in the Morning: Ying Yang Twinz - 'Drop'
Jessica Alba Sucks
Jeremy Piven's Tales Of Hollywood
Richie Sambora Facing Child Endangerment Charge Or Not?
Pamela Anderson Reads
UPDATED: Ashlee Simpson Pregnant With Guyliner-Wearing Baby
Mischa Barton's On Paris Hilton's Shit List
Matt Damon Busts Up Toys For Darfur
Ashton Kutcher In 'Details'
Remains of the Day: Iron Maiden
Brody Jenner For Obama
Gwyneth Paltrow Helps Madonna Towards A Dry Pair Of Pants
Michelle Williams And Matilda Ledger On The Go
Precious Moments: It's Never Too Early To Teach A Baby The Proper Way To Do A Shot
Heather Mills' Boobs Aren't Getting Along
Michael Lohan Wants To Keep Divorcing Dina Lohan
Dirt: Thank Christ, It's Over.
Victoria Beckham's Got A New Kate To Dress Up
Adnan Ghalib Stabbed?
Robert Downey Jr. Is A Superhero Down Under
Elizabeth Taylor Overdosed
Miley Cyrus Is Sick
Alicia Keys Has A Theory
Who's Flying High?
Zac Efron Is Flying
Britney Spears Crashed Her Car Because She Was Trying To Put On Her Face
Cate Blanchett's Australian, Has Third Baby
Music in the Morning: Death Cab for Cutie - 'I Will Possess Your Heart'
Janet Jackson All Better, Jermaine Dupri to Produce Music For B.O. Awareness
Paris Hilton vs. Jessica Simpson: War of the Weave
Surprise! Dr. Phil Goes Beyond Guidelines On Florida Beating Case
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale Take Kingston to the Beach
Sarah Larson Wasn't George Clooney's Cocktail Waitress
Guess Who's Knocking 'Em Down?
Britney Spears in Freeway Car Accident
Hayden Panettiere Should Stick to Drama
Kate Moss Has A Wardrobe Malfunction
Welcome to La La Land
Jessica Simpson and Papa Joe excited for Ashlee and Pete Wentz
Miss Texas Crystle Stewart Wins Miss USA Crown
UPDATE: Vanilla Ice Arrested
Poor Kylie Minogue's Album Another U.S. Flop
Guess Who's Backing Out?
How to Become an Internet Star
Ryan Reynolds Talks To The Kids
Jamie Lynn Spears Isn't Rushing To The Knights Of Columbus Hall To Get Married
Remains of the Day: Muy Caliente
Mariah Carey Has Back Problems
Lance Bass Gets Lucky
Lily Allen In Men's Room Threesome With Rock Star And Circus Clown
Trannies Doll Up For 'Kritik' Show
Top Chef: Spiced With Tension
Victoria Beckham Wants Us to Believe She's Eating
'American Idol' Booted Off The Australian Guy
James Bond Needs To Step Up His Chicks
Kate Moss Voted "Best Dressed" For Obvious Reasons
Who's Taking Photos of People Taking Photos?
Calum Best Pissed Someone's Husband Off
Kathy Griffin And Adnan Ghalib: Pop Fuction Is Stupid
Angelina Jolie Acknowledges Her Pregnancy
Music in the Morning: Neon Neon - 'I Lust U' Featuring Cate Le Bon
Kate Hudson Has Questionable Taste In Frocks, Wants Bigger Boobs
Who's Cameron Diaz Kissing?
Mario Lopez To Flit Onto Broadway
Remains of the Day: Who me?
Handcuffs, Skeleton Keys And A Kabbalah Bracelet
Katie Couric's Smile Isn't Going To Save Her From Getting Booted
Britney Spears Cares
Whitney Houston To Ray J: "Shut Up About Us Already, Mouthy Bitch!"
Nicole Richie And Her Dad Celebrate Pop Music
Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Aren't Broken Up
Obvious Observations: Just Airing Out the Boys
Halle Berry Will Show Off Body Before Baby
A Bunch Of Adderall Hopped Up Reality Stars
Lindsay Lohan Really Really Wants to Get Naked For You
'Idol Gives Back' Ready to Break Fundraising Records
Hugh Jackman Is Excited To Spend Time With His Son
UPDATED: Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz To Combine Hair Products Because She's Pregnant?
'Brothers and Sisters' To Get Close. Real Close.
Katie Price And Peter Andre To Make Your Ears Bleed Once Again
I Like My Ice Cream Like My Men
Diddy Finds Another Minion To Fetch Him Cheesecake
Rosie O'Donnell Has Another Reason To Be Angry
Music in the Morning: Blind Melon - 'Wishing Well'
Oy Vey!
Mischa Barton Sexes It Up
Gossip Girl Cast Fatalities: 1
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo Still Going Strong
Sean Penn and Wife Robin Not Splitting After All
Johnny Depp to Finally Wed
Barron Hilton Won't Be Needing That Valet
Thought Bubble: I'd Tap That
Natalie Portman Breaks Charlie Manson Out Of Jail to Enjoy The Springtime
Remains of the Day: I Would Write A Cute Headline But I Can't Stop Laughing
Ryan Seacrest Bearding It Up With Sophie Monk
Daniel Radcliffe Bringing His Naked Body To The U.S.
Angelina Jolie Smiles Upon The World
Daniel Craig Catches A Bus
Jessica Simpson Determined To Prove She's All Woman
Kirsten Dunst Celebrates Her Release From Rehab
Mary-Louise Parker And Fiance Jeffrey Dean Morgan Split
American Idol: Uninspired
OH MY GOD, That's Lindsay Lohan! I Love You!
George Clooney Has One Up On Pal Brad Pitt
Rihanna's New Tattoo Has Chris Brown Seeing Stars
Pink is the New Carpet
Beyonce's Wedding, As Described By The Florist
Jessica Alba's Stank Will Warp Your Camera
Lindsay Lohan Getting Sued
Why So Blue?
Ashton Kutcher And His Mom Out And About
David Beckham Gets A Ticket
Rosie O'Donnell Massaged By Diane Sawyer
Music in the Morning: Tokyo Police Club - 'Tessellate'
And I Used To Think He Was Cute
George Clooney Makes a Difference
Is Beyonce Pregnant?
Samaire Armstrong Is So Fresh and So Clean After Rehab
Tina Turner Needs to Stop Shopping and Start Singing
Johnny Depp Keeps Cementing His Reputation As A Good Guy
Jamie Lynn Spears' Babydaddy Pulled A Gun
Remains of the Day: G-L-A-M...
... And He Was This Big
Adam Brody Isn't Thrilled To See You
Angelina Jolie Sightings
Wayne Ford Talks George Clooney
Australian Surfers Had To Contend With Annoying B-Listers
Brody Jenner Is About To Make Some Girl Very Lucky. Or Very Sick.
Paris Hilton Is Highly, Highly Stupid
Kirsten Dunst and Ryan Gosling Were Obviously on a Lunch Date
Precious Moments: A Child Touches Plastic For The Very First Time
Gwyneth Paltrow and Helena Christiansen Can-Do
Unqualified With J. Harvey: On Guard
Kylie Minogue's Breast Cancer Was Originally Misdiagnosed
'Sex and the City' Stars Hit the Red Carpet Together, and It's Like Hitting the Bottle
Lisa Marie Presley Might Be Pregnant
Kate Moss Gets Wet
Mischa Barton Avoids Jail
Who's The Pretty Lady Hiding Her Face?
George Clooney Is A Muthaf*ckin' Pimp
Pamela Anderson Gets Real
Jay-Z Doesn't Need To Wear A Wedding Ring!
Music in the Morning: Kanye West - 'Homecoming'
I Think He Meant To Wear The Catcher Shirt
Jessica Simpson Swears By Sexy Webcam Shows
Project Runway Will 'Carry On' Over To Lifetime
Rob Lowe Blogs About Babysitter's Alleged Extortion
Madonna To Scour India For A Child
Sharon Stone Re-enacts Her Most Famous Role
Celebrity Sighting: Lauren Conrad Shops At Whole Foods
Mad TV Takes On 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'
Remains of the Day: Lydia Hearst Is A Writer
Carrie Underwood Finds Out That Text Message Breakup Isn't Just A Funny Song
'Idol Gives Back' Chock Full of the Famous and Fabulous
Christina Aguilera Grossed Out By Earwax
Dirt: Yep, It's Still On...
Guess the Ass, The Bare Ass That Is
Jessica Simpson Gets Trans For 'Esquire'
Mr. Mom Gavin Rossdale Out With Kingston
Anderson Cooper Works Out With Kelly Ripa
Jennifer Lopez Putting Those Babies In Danger Of A UFO Abduction
EXCLUSIVE CELEBRITY SIGHTING: Lindsay Lohan Hits Up American Rag
Jessica Alba Got A Lot of Baby Presents
'American Idol' Gives Back. Pretty Much.
Joe Jonas Goes Shirtless For 'Camp Rock' Video
Victoria Beckham Brings More Creepy For Marc Jacobs
Brad Pitt Drives Em' Nutty At 'Idol'
Cameron Diaz Landed Gerard Butler
Gwyneth Paltrow's Mom Defends Her Marriage
Who's Covering Their Face?
Mary J Blige Gives Us The 411 On Beyonce And Jay-Z's Wedding
George Clooney And Sarah Larson Are As Weird As Other Celebrity Couples
Whitney Houston Will Overcome Everything, And Her Boobs Will Help Her In The Fight
Music in the Morning: Avril Lavigne - 'The Best Damn Thing'
Weekend Rehash: Beyonce and Jay-Z Took The Plunge
This Is What You'll Look Like In 20 Years Kiddo
Scarlett Johansson's Album Is About To Drop
Miley Cyrus Goes Against Daddy's Will
Nicole Richie is Settling Down For Real
I Guess That's One Way Of Convincing Stars To Come To Your Wedding
Naomi Campbell Not Facing Charges, Not Banned From U.S.
Charlton Heston 'Lived Enough For Two People'
Guess Who's Sporting the Pony Tail?
Retro Music in the Morning: Lisa Loeb - 'Stay (I Missed You)'
Lindsay Lohan Requires High Hair Maintenance
Apocalypse Now: An Olsen Twin Smiles
Madonna Gives Up on Orphan Adoption
Katie Price Has A Case Of Crazy-Face
Britney Spears and Brother Bryan Go Out to Celebrate Jamie Lynn's Birthday
Beyonce and Jay-Z Get Their Wedding On
Still Smokin!
Retro Music in the Morning: Stevie Nicks - 'Stand Back'
Help Me.
Kelly Rowland And Michelle Williams Are Being Coy About Beyonce's Wedding
Matt Damon Fiddles With A Photog's Junk
Tom Cruise Will Get You High
Cameron Diaz Leaving Sunny Los Angeles
Lie Detector Reveals Perez Hilton Made Out With John Mayer
Chris Rock Takes The Stand
Do You Think It Was Filled With Vodka?
David Beckham Finally Does What He's Paid To Do
Remains of the Day: Spitting Image
Keanu Reeves And Co. At The 'Street Kings' Premiere
New Kids Are Back, Looking For Checks
Why I Love 'How I Met Your Mother'
George Clooney Tussling With The WGA
Top Chef: Hurray For Hollywood!
Heath Ledger Creeping Us Out As The Joker
Lauren Conrad Keeping Her Vote Private, Thanks
Expect Lindsay Lohan's Album This Fall
Naomi Campbell Might Be Getting Six Months
Brandon Davis Channels His Inner Racist
Dress Like Britney Spears, If You Dare
Kevin Federline Spending Britney's Money With Abandon
Nicky Hilton Looking Like She's Smelling Something Bad
Obvious Observation: Nate Berkus Prefers Male Companions Who Wear Sandals
Jessica Simpson's Out Of The Hospital And Looks It
Kim Kardashian Breaks New Ground In Her Latest Sex Tape
Who's Leaving Joan's On Third?
Mariah Carey Taking The 'Diva' Label To New Heights Of Ridiculousness
'Sex And The City': A Marvel Of Airbrushing
Suri Cruise Lives!
Music in the Morning: Jamie Lidell - 'A Little Bit of Feel Good'
Anne Hathaway's Boyfriend Arrested
Jay-Z And Beyonce Ready To Seal The Deal?
Oprah Interviews Pregnant Man
Renée Zellweger Not Dying To Have Babies
Jerry Seinfeld Popped A Wheelie
Orlando Bloom To Mug Woman Behind Him
Remains of the Day: Batter Up
4 Minutes, OK 20 Seconds Of Madonna's New Video
Jude Law Picks Up The Slack
Tom Brady Voted Unsexy
Marla Maples and Andy Baldwin Want You To Know They're Doing Each Other
Heath Ledger's Family Unsure On The Love Child Claim
Mena Suvari Continues The Thong Show
Angelina Jolie Was Busy At 16
George Clooney Mugged At Gunpoint
BREAKING: Naomi Campbell Arrested
Britney Spears Pondering Reconciliation With Fed-Ex?
America's Next Top Model: How Many Models Does It Take To Work A GPS? That's Not A Joke, I'm Really Asking.
Drugs, Lipo or Gastric Bypass?
Bobby Brown's Autobiography Paints Whitney As Bisexual Drug Addict
Lindsay Lohan Acting, On TMZ, Making Music
Ramiele Malubay Discovers That Cute Has An Expiration Date
Hulk Hogan And That Other Guy Need To Put Shirts On
Victoria Beckham And Katie Holmes Bury The Hatchet Over The Anorexia Nervosa Special
Guess Who's All Biker Chicked Up?
Dita Von Teese Was Kinky
John Mayer Denies Making Out With Perez Hilton
Kate Moss Uses Her Kid To Attack The Paparazzi
Music in the Morning: Jamie Lidell - 'A Little Bit of Feel Good'
Nicole Richie Training To Be Seeing Eye Person
Kim Kardashian Plans Her Wedding Proposal
It's The Maria Bamford Show!
Mariah Carey Just Beat Elvis