Archives: April, 2008

Brody Jenner's Got Prayer On His Side
Zac Efron Is Seventeen Again For The First Time
Alicia Keys Leaves Little To The Imagination
Fun With Miley Cyrus
Lindsay Lohan and Snoop Dogg Make Beautiful Music Together
Brad Pitt Tries Out A New Do For 'Burn After Reading'
Just For Allan
Leighton Meester Reacts To That Outfit
If John & Jennifer Made Love In A Forest, Would Anyone Notice?
BREAKING NEWS: Mariah Carey Is Reportedly Engaged To Nick Cannon!
Nibbly Things: Please Don't Go, Girl
Billy Bob Thorton's Kid Involved In Child Abuse Scandal
Jennifer Lopez And Her 'Reality Show' Can Go To Hell
Heather Locklear Uses Her Cougar Powers To Their Full Advantage
Katie Holmes Captured And Sent To Scientology Camp
Paris Hilton Is A Muse
Violet Is Still Jennifer Garner's Favorite Color
Dane's Anatomy
American Idol: Paula's Wicked F*cked Up Edition
More Lauren Conrad Sex Tape Denials
Unless This Is Really Well Done Photoshop, Jennifer Anistion And John Mayer Are A Real Thing
Both Pete & Ashlee Wear The Pants In The Relationship
Scarlett Johansson's New Video Is About What You'd Expect
Gossip Girl Brings In Real Socialite Lydia Hearst
Clay Aiken Comes Out On QVC
Who's Embracing A Rainbow?
Leona Lewis Will Sing To Nelson Mandela
Chace Crawford Needs Shampoo
Angie and Brad's French Delivery
Music in the Morning: Mystery Jets - 'Two Doors Down'
A Queen Reigns Supreme Outside Villa Lounge
Buy Gisele Bündchen's Sandals, Or She Will Yodel!
Pam Anderson Is Now Officially America's Problem
Ricky Martin Uses His Good Looks To Help Stop Human Trafficking
EXCLUSIVE: Traci at the Young Hollywood Awards - The Sequel
'The Hills' Are Alive. Damn.
Penis Check: Featuring Lauren Conrad's Boyfriend Doug
Hilary Duff On Miley Cyrus
Nibbly Things: I Blame Adnan
Lindsay Lohan Looking Gorgeous At The Nail Salon
Gary Dourdan From 'C.S.I.' Arrested With All Sorts Of Good Drugs
Jim Carrey Gets Some Ass
Gwyeth Paltrow Lets Her Picture Get Taken
Hulk Hogan Finds Brooke Hogan's Ass Silky Smooth
'Dancing With The Stars' Muscle Pull Drama!
Blake Lively Lives The Socialite Life
Miley Cyrus Raises A Ruckus
Lindsay Lohan Traded Her Voice For Legs
Cher And Tom Cruise Could Have Enjoyed An Arrangement
Heidi Montag: The Tears And The Bitchery
'High School Musical 3' Is Filming, 'HSM 4' In The Pipeline
Melissa Joan Hart Is A Mom
Who's Showing Off A Pair Of Leathery Shoulders?
Amy Winehouse And Her New Man?
Jennifer Love Hewitt Doesn't Want Her Wedding To Be Sweaty
Caption Oprah Winfrey And Tom Cruise
Mariah Carey Engaged?
Music in the Morning: Rihanna - 'Take a Bow'
Casey Aldridge Making Sure He Still Has A Penis
Op Clothing's Sacrificial Lambs
Ashley Dupré Sues Joe Francis, Gets Manager
Jessica Alba's Unhappy Birthday
EXCLUSIVE: Traci Checks Out The Fresh Meat At The 10th Annual Young Hollywood Awards
Emile Hirsch Is Feral
Britney Spears Back On 'Mother'
Just A Simple Girl With A Plan
Cameron Diaz Sends A Message
Miley Cyrus Exposes Herself To Vanity Fair
'The Country Girl' Brings Out Julia Roberts And Ginger From 'Gilligan's Island'
David Beckham Derided For Scruff By Mildly Racist British Press
Tom Cruise Tries Too Hard
Caption Corbin Bleu
Salma Hayek: Babies Having Babies
Young Hollywood Awards Attracts Beautiful Babies
Precious Moments With Paris Hilton
Ashton Kutcher Is Part Duck
Heidi & Spencer Smuggled Their Asses Into Washington
Caption Salma Hayek And Her Beard
Roger Clemens and Mindy McCready, Secret Lovers?
Obvious Observation: Orlando Bloom Likes Chicks In Hats
Chace Crawford Rolls Out of Bed to Promote MarioKart
Mariah Carey Wears Pants (!?!)
Who's Getting The Kiss Off?
Madonna's Hard Candy Tastes Sweet
'Speed Racer' Goes
Music in the Morning: The Raconteurs - 'Consolers of the Lonely' Live at Coachella 2008
Halle Berry Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body
Coachella Festivals Puts Celebrities In A Blender And Mixes Em' Crazy
Janet Jackson's Feet Unable To Make It To The GLAAD Awards
Nicole Richie And Joel Madden And Baby Take In A Rock Show
Hollywood Storms Washington D.C.
Bon Jovi Receives Bomb Threat
Kenny Chesney Feels That The Show Must Go On
Who's Chatting Up Jeremey Piven?
Retro Music in the Morning: Bobby Brown - 'Every Little Step'
Bobby Trendy Unmasked
Rumer Willis Dons A Wig And Goes To The Premiere
MTV Down Under
Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin Need To Get Over Themselves
George Clooney Sells Watches
Jennifer Aniston And John Mayer Combine Their Boring
Amy Winehouse Free To Terrorize The Land Once More
Mariah Carey Matches Outfit To Phallic Icon
Retro Music in the Morning: Limhal - 'Never Ending Story'
Caption Mickey And John Travolta
Lindsay Lohan's Reality TV Concerns
Mario Lopez Puts His Hands On Planet Hollywood
Kim Kardashian To Star In A Movie That Doesn't Feature Her Getting Banged
Rumer Willis Scored?
David Beckham Takes It Off For Ellen
Nibbly Things: Harrison Ford Saves The Forests!
Leighton Meester Takes In A 'Killer Movie'
Clay Aiken Is Highly Delusional
Benji Madden Can't Drive/Paparazzi Are Stupid
Tom Cruise To Bring His Crazy Fakeness Back To Oprah
Mariah Carey Restrained From Slapping Diane Sawyer
Amy Winehouse Arrested
Angelina Jolie Is Sunny In Los Angeles
Listen To Madonna's New Album
Wesley Snipes Sentenced To 3 Years
Someone Was Stupid Enough to Cheat on Carrie Underwood
Robert Downey Jr. Suits Up For The 'Iron Man' Premiere
Guess The Ass!
Miley Cyrus Can Afford To Have Me Killed
Neil Patrick Harris On Being Gay
Alicia Keys Can't Sing
Obvious Observations: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Hangs With A Rough Crowd
Music in the Morning: Massive Attack - 'Protection'
Eric Mabius Made Another Baby
Katie and Peter Upgrade Their Bodies
Megan Fox's Sexiness Is Rewarded
Remains of the Day: Now That Would Be Some Good Reality TV
Eva Longoria And Tony Parker's Marriage Is Fantastic!
Real Housewives Husband Says His Heterosexuality Is Real
Tina Fey Takes Her Baby Mama To Their Premiere
Jennifer Lopez Reality TV Show Will Be Really Real
Bape Store Opening Attendees Barely Avoid Sexual Assault
Heather Locklear is 'Flirting with Faux-ty'
Technically, We're Being Difficult
Ms. Montag Won't Go To Washington
A Latina Actress And Her Female Hairstylist Heat Things Up
Carly Smithson Goes Bye-Bye
Britney Spears Works Out, Pays Bills
Jodie Marsh Leaving Church
Patrick Dempsey Wants Eric Dane's Body
Who's Wearing The Funky Shoes?
Listen To Fergie's Track For 'Sex And The City'
David Beckham's Not Comfortable Flaunting His Jun
Helen Hunt's Mad About Something
Music in the Morning: Dan Deacon - 'Okie Dokie'
A Shirtless Smoking Cristian de la Fuente: Hot Or Not?
David Hasselhoff's Battle At Wounded Eye
Julia Roberts: Shitty Woman
Paris Calls The Double Wedding Off
Amy Winehouse: Sexy, Sassy, Staggering
Marky-Mark's Funky Bunch Will Total Three
Rob Lowe's Saddening Scandal
Real Housewife of NY Really Naked
Remains of the Day: Foxy Lady
Breakfast Club Of Celebs To Promote Wal-Mart Goods
Nicole Richie's Bosom Goes Bye-Bye
Mariah Doesn't Want To Bless Us With A Baby Mimi
Ashton Kutcher Loves The Red Carpet And Misses Costar Cami
Victoria Beckham Photograhed With Food
OJ Simpson Wants The Chance To Eliminate 'Celebrity Apprentice' Contestants
Brad Pitt Likes To Ride
'Girls Gone Wild' Magazine Launches At Area
Star Jones Admits Filing For Divorce
Nicole Kidman Named Goodwill Ambassador
J. Harvey Addresses The Absence Of Recaps This Week!
Lily Allen Talks Weight Gain
Guess Who Cares?
Uma Thurman Is A 'Kill Bill' Tease
The Jonas Brothers Support Miley Cyrus
Janet Jackson Shamed By Drag Queens
Music in the Morning: Duffy - 'Warwick Avenue' Live on Later with Jools Holland
Kim Kardashian Wipes Off The Call Girl
Richie Sambora Didn't Endanger His Kid
Gwyneth Paltrow Digs Deep
Ewan McGregor Shrugs Off Skin Cancer
Kanye West Performs Shortly After Breakup
Remains of the Day: Put 'em Up!
We Don't Need Your Confirmation Anymore
Mariah Carey Tries To Put A Damper On Leona Lewis' Dreams
Angie Harmon Bares All for Allure
Milo Ventimigila Made Out With Fergie and Enjoyed It
Foxy Brown Prays To God In Hopes That Nail Technicians Will Never Piss Her Off Again
Connor Cruise Follows In Dad's Footsteps
Britney Spears Might Not Be On TV Again
Unqualified with J. Harvey: A Ho Named Rainbow
Tyra Banks Celebrates 500th Episode With A Special Guest
Leighton Meester Misses Her Inner Bitch
Ashton Kutcher Talks For Cameron Diaz
Obvious Observations: Dog Mistakes Natalie Portman For Fire Hydrant
Hilary Duff's New Boobs?
Who's Chatting On His Celly?
The Hoff Hospitalized
Paris Hilton Wants A Double Wedding
Miley Cyrus Shows Her Bra For Jesus
Music in the Morning: Kylie Minogue - 'All I See'
Obvious Observations: Bra-Wearing Lauren Conrad Enjoys A Quality Mexican Cerveza
The Lakers Have Famous Fans
Kanye West Ends A Very Long Engagement
Gwyneth Paltrow Heels
Liz Hurley's Photoshop Creations
Remains of the Day: Lovely Liz
Whitney Houston Recycles Old Booty Call
Cameron Diaz and Gerard Butler Call It Quits
Jamie Lynn's Bump Earns Her Some Sympathy
Katie Price Orders The Chicken Pox Pasta Salad At The Ivy
Jesse Metcalfe Shows Off The Girls
Shia LaBeouf Rebuffed
Kate And Jamie Take A Pee Break
'Gossip Girl' Is Awesomely Awesome
Milo Ventimiglia Likes His Dep Hair Gel
The All-Inclusive Victoria Beckham Birthday Celebration
Speed Racer Cast Resembles 80s Sitcom Family
Kate Hudson And Owen Wilson Canoodle, We Think
Why So Shy?
Ryan Phillippe Vs. The Paparazzi
Heidi Montag Infects Hollywood With Heidiwood
Katie Price and Peter Andre Simulate Sex Techniques
Samantha Ronson And Lindsay Lohan Continue Their Party Train
Music in the Morning: The Roots featuring Patrick Stump - 'Birthday Girl'
Brad Pitt Is A Briefs Man
Emma Watson Turns 18, Isn't Dating Harry Potter
Chad Michael Murray Sells Jelly
CNN's Richard Quest Caught Getting Kinky
Jennifer Aniston Is Like A Fine Wine
Cate Blanchett Takes Her Baby To Work
Britney Spears To Return To TV
Whose Legs Are Up In The Air?
Retro Music in the Morning: Nick Gilder - Hot Child In The City
Never Drink And Drive
Katie Price and Peter Andre Take Their Babies To LAX
Everyone's Making Out On 'Gossip Girl'
Robert Downey Jr. Uses Magic To Stay Sober
Jennifer Aniston Gives Big
Suri Cruise Turns Two Down Below
Lindsay Wants Her Dad To Shut His Trap
Who's Taking A Dip?
Retro Music in the Morning: Andy Gibb - I Just Want To Be Your Everything
Open Wide
Your 15 Minutes Is Up Sweetie.
Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady Play House
Mariah Carey's Album Makes Ashlee's Baby Irrelevant
Manicurists Beware!
Michael Lohan On The Outs With Lindsay Again
Us Weekly Honors Hollywood For Being Hot
Remains of the Day: Channing Tatum Dons Plastic Armor
TomKat Celebrate Suri's 2nd Birthday By Not Separating
Recapist Recapper Feature: Gossip Girl
Beyoncé and Jay-Z Feud And Make Nice
Ashlee Simpson Thinks Coy Is Just A Restaurant Chain
Britney Spears Greets Debt With A Smile
Madonna Reminds Us She Adopted An African Baby
Cruz Beckham Wants You Out Of His Face Already
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Want Their Own Show
Kanye West Was Too Fond Of His Mother's Breasts
Leelee Sobieski Taunts Us With Black Spandex
Guess the Ass!
Miley Cyrus Does Good, Skips Prom
Mel Gibson Vents Road-Rage Via Text
Paris Hilton Confuses Joe Simpson, Disses Jessica's Rack
Music in the Morning: Robyn - 'Who's That Girl' (Featuring The Knife)
Britney Bailed On Bally's
'The Hulk' Having Trouble Coming To Life
Unlike Jude Law, Orlando Bloom Is NOT Going Bald
Jude Law's Going Bald
Remains of the Day: Beer Pong Champ
Britney Spears Down At The Studio
Celebrities Invoking Specific Era Of Diana Ross
Matthew McConaughey Doesn't Realize That Jesus Had A Beard
Watch Your 3-Minute Movie Spoof On The MTV Movie Awards
Ashley Tisdale Is No Robyn Lively
Obvious Observation: When Boobs Are Just Too Damn Big
Mark Ronson Is A Dapper Gentleman Who Is Robbing From Gavin Rossdale's Cradle
The Beckhams, The Beckinsales And Eva Longoria
Ashlee Simpson's Baby Pictures Fetch Bargain Basement Prices
America's Next Top Model: Fatima Forgot Her Passport
Suing Nanny Got Her Job Through Her Half-Sister
Courtney Love Has Noel Fielding Interested In Her Mighty Boosh?
Kristy Lee Cook: Later, Bitch!
Tom Ford Makes Me Feel Ugly
Sam Lutfi Remembers When Britney Spears And Her Matted Weave Used To Buy Him Any Lighter He Wanted
Who's Sporting The Gold Boots?
Gillian Anderson Took Some Cheesy Photos
Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson Go Through Some Changes
Katie Holmes Might Be Ending This Business Arrangement Early
Music in the Morning: Hot Chip - 'One Pure Thought'
Obvious Observation: Tongue-In-Cheek
Aubrey O'Day Puts Her Nips On Display
Robert Downey Jr. Sucks A Mean Thumb
Michelle Rodriguez Got Her License Back Pretty Quick
Why I Watch What I Watch - Bret Michaels and Me a/k/a 'Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time'
J. Harvey Makes Like E.T. For 'The Daily Special'
Cameron Diaz Lost Her Dad
Remains of the Day: Becks is Busted