Archives: March, 2008

Mini-Batman Attends Beckham Birthday Party
Patrick Swayze's Losing Battle With Cancer
Heidi Klum's Daughter Leni Is Gearing Up for Stardom
Janet Jackson Might Be Sticking Her Eggs In The Freezer
Who Has The Patriotic Purse?
Eva Mendes Out of Rehab, Painting With All The Colors Of The Wind
Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Unleash New Bra, Cuddle
Lindsay Lohan Highly Amused By Bruce Vilanch's Mother
Music in the Morning: Willie Nelson - 'You Don't Think I'm Funny Anymore'
Marilyn Manson Shoots Chad White In The Head
Jessica Alba Might Be Expecting Twins
Kate Moss Tosses A Few Back
Nicole Kidman Is Working On Her Pregnancy Fitness
Remains of the Day: Paulina Porizkova Gets Bitchy
Angelina Jolie Wants You To Want 'Wanted'
Carson Kressley Stars in 'How To Look Happy Half-Naked'
Reese Witherspoon in 'Legally Blonde 3: Internationally Blonde And Loving It!'
Paris Hilton's Guru Is A Better Actor Than She Is
David Hernandez Probably Shouldn't Sing 'You Can Leave Your Hat On'
David Beckham Makes Shanghai Lose Its Collective Mind
Lisa Marie Presley's Expanding Career Opportunities
Hayden Panettiere Urges Larry King to Urge Voters to Declare Themselves
Angelina Jolie for St. John
Lily Allen Unable To Smile After Her Car Is Vandalized
'American Idol's' Daniel Noriega Wishes You A Merry Christmas
Paris Hilton Takes Off Her Clothes To Make A Point
Liev Schreiber and Hugh Jackman Get All Wolverine On Us
Sofia Vergara Knew Exactly What She Was Doing
Caption Lucy Liu and Jessica Alba
Jason Statham Communes With Bank Robber For Film Research
Guess Who's Participating In A Non-Event?
Ewan McGregor Is Charitable
Ryan Phillippe Doesn't Need Fancy Shopping With Jake Gyllenhaal To Make Him Happy
Britney Spears Is Spending Way Too Much Money At Starbucks
Music in the Morning: The Smashing Pumpkins - 'Superchrist'
Scarlett Johansson Is For Sale
Julia Roberts and Clive Owen Get Duplicitous
John Mayer is a Fun, Fearless Male
Drew Barrymore Spreads Some Love to Africa
Remains of the Day: Bathing Beauty
Maggie Gyllenhaal Laughs in the Face of Fashion
Guess the Ass
Dennis Quaid and His Healthy Baby
Don't Touch The Winehouse
Madonna & Justin Timberlake's '4 Minutes to Save the World'
Eva Longoria Gets to Working and Working Out
Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live
Lindsay Lohan Saves a Minute Getting Dressed By Forgoing Her Bra
The Rock Will Help Save Children's Teeth
Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo Double Their Fun with Another Couple
Frances McDormand and Amy Adams Promise to Remain BFF
Britney Spears and Heidi Montag Duet, Britney's Shame Spiral Continues
Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Back On?
Jessica Alba Isn't Enjoying France
Dirt: This Show Is All About Courtney Cox's Hair
Prince Harry Kept Up On The Gossip And Fashion While Out In The Desert
What Has Rihanna Done To Her Lips?
Donnie Wahlberg Flexes His Poker Muscles
Jack Nicholson Goes To Bat For Hilary Clinton
Reese Witherspoon And Jake Gyllenhaal Shop
Jason Davis Busted
Kate Moss and Sienna Miller Back to BFF Status
Paris Hilton Gets Deep for a Minute
Ellen Page Has a Lot of Love to Give
Marion Cotillard Questions the Moon Landing and 9/11
Amy Winehouse Wows the Fashionable Crowd in Paris
Whose Questionably Hued Handbag Is This?
Retro Music in the Morning: Living Joy - 'Dreamer'
Hugh Jackman is Wolverine in Reading Glasses
T.R. Knight and Mark Cornelsen, So Happy Together
Paris Hilton is Wearing Benji Madden's Ring
Patrick Dempsey Makes My Engine Purr
Naomi Campbell Gets Cyst Removed, Not Having A Party
Barack Obama 'Yes We Can'
Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Name The Kids
Who's My Mommy!
Gnarls Barkley's New Single - 'Run'