Archives: March, 2008

Remains of the Day: Give It To M-Dolla
Minnie Driver Doesn't Want To Raise 'Drunk Driver'
Kelly Clarkson Isn't Wearing Drawers
Keanu Reeves Eats Lunch, Rides A Hog
Anthony Minghella Passed Away
Amy Winehouse Makes Me Feel Better About My Acne
Christina Aguilera Uses Her Breasts To Lose Weight
The Triumphant Return Of 'Unqualified With J.Harvey"!
Nicole Kidman Exposes Her Well-Preserved Flesh To The Sun
Madonna And Gwyneth Paltrow Have A Dinner Date
Ryan Phillippe Is Scissoring Me With His Eyes
Stupid Questions: What's Up With Jennifer Aniston's Mouth?
Will Smith Denies That He's Boarded The Mothership
The GLAAD Media Awards
Gisele Bundchen's Puppy Wants Nothing To Do With That
Guess Who's Grown A Beard?
Guess Who's Kissing At The Farmer's Market?
Matt Damon Dons His Jean Tuxedo And Chooses An Ad For Obama
Sean Combs Rants To His Gay About Being Blamed For Tupac Shooting #1
Katie Holmes Eats, Leaves II
Music in the Morning: Helio Sequence - 'Keep Your Eyes Ahead'
Thought Bubble: Thanks, But Really No Thanks. Really.
Liv Tyler Held Hostage By Masked Strangers
Eva Longoria Removes Evidence Of Her Marriage From Her Skin
Brandon 'Greasy Bear' Davis Has Sticky Fingers
Word Association: Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Phillippe's Secret Weapon Is His Tiny Trainer
Michael Stipe Shocks No One And Comes Out
Be Very Afraid: Lindsay Lohan
Reese Witherspoon Roughed Up Jake Gyllenhaal
Remains of the Day: No Pinches Here!
Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Stump For Obama
Ashley Alexandra Dupre Selling Music As Well As Her Body
Tara Reid Gets Drunk, Wears Curtains To The Pool
Carrie Underwood To Join Theatre Of Hicks
Pamela Anderson Gives Up On Pants Altogether
Dirt: Ho With An Ax To Grind
Thought Bubble: Fuck Off
Madonna Has 4 Minutes To Save Her Marriage
Paris Hilton Pulling A Yoko?
Sam Lutfi Agrees To Leave Britney Spears Alone For Another Month
Hugh Jackman Says 'Tag, You're It!'
Caption Ashton Kutcher
Heather Mills Can Afford A New Leg
Anne Hathaway Leaves Her Coffin To Collect An Award
Lindsay Lohan On Why She Hit Bottom
Guess Who's Getting The Kiss Off?
Victoria Beckham's Son Is Over It
Wentworth Miller Does Jerusalem
Brad Pitt And Bill Clinton Helping Out In New Orleans
Music in the Morning: Mariah Carey - 'Touch My Body' (Live on SNL)
Word Association: Mariah Carey
Halle Berry Gives Birth To A Baby Girl!
Tobey Maguire Is A Good Dad And A Serious Vegan
Milo Ventimiglia and Alyssa Milano Get 'Pathological'
Ashley Tisdale Thinks She Is Famous Because She's Blonde
David Beckham Is All Man On The Field
Halle Berry Refuses to Marry Gabriel Aubry
Britney Spears and Mel Gibson: Two Losers Don't Make a Winner
Guess Who's Having A Few Perspiration Troubles
Thought Bubble: I Hope To God No One Tries Bouncing A Quarter Off My Face Again, It Actually Hurts
Retro Music in the Morning: Victoria Beckham - 'I.O.U.'
Boobs and Initials Were All Over the Madden Brothers' Store Launch
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Lindsay Lohan Hosts the Scandanavian Style Mansion Shindig
UCLA Delivers Consequences for Britney Spears File Snooping
Hot Sweaty Patrick Dempsey Roams Around Sexy Cars
Nicky Hilton Knows Who to Blame for Bird-Legs
Simon Cowell Is A Peeping Tom
Who's Kissing In Barnes and Noble?
Thought Bubble: I Kind Of Fucked Up This Eddie Murphy Thing. Yay, booze!
Retro Music in the Morning: Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - 'All Cried Out'
NY Post Gives Lifetime A Title For Ashley Alexandra Dupre's Movie Of The Week
Not Only Does Rumer Willis Not Need A Job, She Rubs It In My Face
John Ritter's Family Loses Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Ed Norton To Keep 'Hulk' Bottled Up?
Leighton Meester Inherited Those Gloves From Her Evil, But Stylish Stepmother
Tom Cruise Should Never Sing Or Dance
Thought Bubble: It's Not What You Think
Remains of the Day: Neverland Saved
Sarah Larson Trying To Make Us Think She Really Needs The Money
Dennis Quaid Talks About How His Kids Almost Died
Mischa Barton Hires RIchard Attenborough As Her New Gyno
'The Dark Knight' Wows Em' At ShoWest
Heidi Montag To Square Off With Lauren Conrad In Line Of Slutwear Battle
Lindsay Lohan Might As Well Cash In On Her Crappy Fashion Sense
Britney Spears Is 'Lovely' On 'How I Met Your Mother'
Top Chef: Dense As Gnocchi
Michelle Williams And Naomi Watts Reveal Heath Ledger's 'Vulnerable' Side
SJP Wins Oscar Wrapped In A Tin Ribbon
Minnie Driver Confirms Pregnancy, Dad Still A Mystery
Paris Hilton Needs To Stop
Gossip Girl, Lost In A Rainstorm
Rachel Zoe On The Prowl For High Fashion And Hemoglobin
Who Warranted Police Protection?
Kate Beckinsale Is Pretty Cutthroat About The Parenting
Kim Kardashian Wants To Fix Britney Spears
Kanye West Hasn't Married That Quiet Chick Yet
Music in the Morning: The Slits - 'Typical Girls'
Thought Bubble: Owwww, It's So Heavy. Why Did I Encrust My Portfolio With So Many Jewels?
Owen Wilson & Eric Dane In 'Marley & Me'
NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer Prostitute 'Kristen' Reacts To Sex-Scandal
Chace Crawford Dines With Hugh Dancy
Steve-O On Suicide Watch, Facing Felony
Happy Birthday, Eva Longoria!
Thought Bubble: Thank God For Cups
Adam Sandler Picking On The Same Fat Guy From Yesterday
Remains of the Day: Sienna Miller Malfunctions
Paris Hilton And Benji Madden As Cold-Blooded As You Would Think
Penelope Cruz Wants 20 Kids Who Don't Need To Understand What The Hell She's Saying
Dave Navarro, Close Your Damn Shirt
Nicole Kidman's Face Compared To That Of A Bloodsucking Flying Rat
Be Very Afraid: If Chewbacca Donned A Dress
Oh Happy Day! '90210' Is Getting A Sequel!
Eddie Murphy Says Mel B Tricked Him Into Conceiving Their Baby
Kate Bosworth Scrubs The Red Carpet Clean
America's Next Top Model: "Like, I Eat Steak, It Wouldn't Bother Me To, Like, Put It On."
Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal At The Farmer's Market
Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie To Move To France?
Thought Bubble: And Then I Grabbed Him By The Balls
'American Idol' Kicked Off The Male Stripper
Carson Daly's Alive?
Jessica Alba Pregnant, Mike Myers Really Short
Eva Longoria And Ashton Kutcher Put One Over On The World
Gisele Bundchen Is Nude, Being Sold
Joe Francis Ends His Stint Being Bartered For Smokes And Calling Cards
Thought Bubble: It's Actually Even Bigger Than It Looks
Katharine McPhee, Barefoot Contessa
Charlize Theron Is A 'Sleepwalking' Beauty
John Mayer Is Dark And Brooding
Nicky Hilton Arms Models With Whips
'Top Chef' Is Back And Guess Who's Recapping It?
Thought Bubble: Actually, I'd Rather Not Kiss You Right Now
Adam Sandler And Keri Russell Frolic About On The Shore
Remains Of The Day: 'Wild' Joe Francis Back On The Streets
Britney Doing Better As Adnan Is Faking Visits
Kid Rock And Lindsay Lohan Down At The Waffle House
Madonna's Tale Of Woe Makes Tom Hanks Cry
Tom Brady Checks Gisele Bundchen's Teeth For Stray Spinach Bits
'The Daily Special' Welcomes Back J. Harvey!
Christian Siriano Explains The Genesis Of 'Fierce'
Cameron Diaz Wants You To Fuggedaboutit Already!
American Idol: "Ghastly Country Fair"
Jodie Foster's Stalker Might Need To Be Introduced To Erica Bain
Kristin Cavallari Attends Lauren Conrad's Fashion Show
Tori Spelling's Selling Her Book, 'sTori Telling'
Kevin Federline To Take To The Stage?
Nick Lachey Is Gonna Live Forever, He's Gonna Learn How To Fly
Samantha Ronson Reduced To Parking Cars At Villa
Caption Will Arnett And 'John McCain'
Who's That Kissing His Wife?
Lauren Conrad Hopefully Didn't Pay For That
Angelina Jolie Brought The Flux Capacitor
Lindsay Lohan Just Wants To Freedom Rock
More J. Harvey Than Ever Before!
Music in the Morning: Bon Iver - 'The Wolves (Act I & II)'
Thought Bubble: Oh God, I Think I Just Crapped My Pants!
Isla Fisher In Technicolor For 'Confessions Of A Shopaholic'
Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D Dating, Wearing Matching Tattoos
Matt Leinart Prevents Infecting CPR Dummy
Britney Spears Is A Cartoon In Her New Video
'Gilligan's Island' Mary Ann Faces 5-Day Tour Behind Bars
Amanda Overmyer And Her Inevitable Nude Photos
Caption Michael Lohan and Stephen Baldwin
Naomi Campbell Looks The Part
Remains of the Day: You Mean Addictive Physique?
Brooke Hogan Pissed Off At Her Friend For Sleeping With Her Dad
Janet Jackson Is Sick
Scarlett Johansson Trying To Look Like an Auteur
Justin Timberlake Licks His Lips, Talks About Madonna
Kim Kardashian Gives Us Some More Juice
Britney Spears Sad Because Dad Won't Let Adnan In
Man With Rifle Spotted On Kate Hudson's Roof
Celine Dion's Hairy Situation
Dirt: You Don't Want To Visit This Milan
Nicole Richie To Help Joel Madden Party
Annie Lennox Fights HIV With A Song
Jenna Jameson Preaches Pleather
Madonna Sends Her Madame Tussaud's Figure To Pick Up Her Award
Kim Kardashian And Paula Abdul Bring Back 1986 On TRL
Tom Ford Wants A Baby
Rosie O'Donnell and Kathy Griffin Vlog
Who's the Shirtless Wonder?
The Jonas Brothers Are A Damn TRESemme Commercial
Owen Wilson Hopefully Fishing For A Better Outfit For Jennifer Aniston
Britney Spears To Terrorize Doogie Howser
Music in the Morning: Santogold - 'L.E.S. Artistes'
Thought Bubble: God My Nipple Rings Are Hot
Halle Berry Seriously Ready To Have This Baby
The Kardashian Girls Can Read!
Cindy Crawford And Family At The Stuart House Benefit
Chad Kroeger Is Gay For Himself
Remains Of The Day: Kate Beckinsale's A Mean Girl!
Courtney Love Crying Identity Thief, Denies Bi-Polarity
Angelina Jolie Bigger And Wielding The Sex
Jessica Simpson Is Dating The Troops
George Clooney Might Be Engaged & Has Smooth Balls
Kirstie Alley And Her Scientological Friends Attend Whitley Kros Fashion Show
Sienna Miller And Rhys Ifans Planning A Summer Wedding?
Lindsay Lohan's Promise Ring To Herself
Tom Cruise Struck Out Three Times Before Landing Katie Holmes
Catherine Zeta Jones Still Selling The Sex
Star Jones and Al Reynolds Split
Paris Hilton Champions Bodily Functions Through Jewelry
Kimora Lee Simmons Pregnant?
'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Returns!
Cameron Diaz Is Shy, Partying
Nicole Kidman's Not Faking Her Pregnancy
Who's My Mommy?
Ewan MacGregor All Smiles At Empire Awards
Heather Locklear 911 Call Weirdness
Matt Damon Expecting
Music in the Morning: Janet Jackson - 'Rock with U'
Adam Sandler And Daughter Get Some Chow
Kate Bosworth Endures Bridesmaid Duty
Victoria Beckham To Flee L.A.
Pro-Lifers Want To Make Sure Dr. Seuss Isn't Advocating Abortions
Clooney Has A Sense Of Humor, Confirms Gayness
Britney Spears Needs To Take Cyndi Lauper Up On Her Offer
Who's Being Paparazzied?
Retro Music in the Morning: Dolly Parton - 'Here You Come Again'
Wentworth Miller On The Go
Drew Barrymore And The Mac Guy Still Ruining Our Appetites
Lindsay Lohan Has Advice For Her 45-Year Old Sister
Gwen Stefani And The Fam Rub Buddha's Belly
Heath Ledger Had A Will
Jennifer Lopez Gets Magazine To Stop Calling Her Names
Who's Rockin' The Bling?
Video In The Morning: Ticklish Tim Gunn Is So Not Fierce
Lindsay Lohan's Forgotten Tattoos Inspire Her & She Wants To Make Music Again
Victoria Beckham Tries To Discourage Hos From Dancing With Her Husband
Colin Farrell's Lucky Charms Are Resisted
Ryan Phillippe Runs Stairs, Teases Us By Pulling At His Shirt
Remains of the Day: Rihanna's a Lifesaver
Michelle Williams On Her Breakup With Heath Ledger
Jennifer Aniston Enjoys An After-Work Martini
John Mayer Needs Tough Actin' Tinactin?
Madonna and Justin Timberlake Spilled Their Guts To One Another
Paris Hilton Punishes Her Breasts For Existing
Eva Longoria Births A Restaurant II
Kate Bosworth Has A Burger (Hopefully)
American Idol's Top 12
Sarah Jessica Parker's Stilettos Let Her Down
John Mayer's Love Proves Too Much For One Of His Exes
Lisa Marie Presley Is Not Fat, She's Pregnant
Charlize Theron's 'Sleepwalking' Brings Out The Wacky Crowd
Adrian Grenier Gains Acceptance From The Herd Of Paparazzi
America's Next Top Model: "Tyra, Please Don't Shave My Head!"
Jason Statham Leaves A Sour Taste In Co-Star's Mouth
Who's Hiding Under The Umbrella?
Eva Longoria Births A Restaurant
Jason Davis Basking In All The Attention, Into Heroin
Whitney Houston Has Some New Material Coming Out
Music in the Morning: Jay-Z Featuring Pharrell - 'I Know'
Matt Broderick And Son Divvy Up Waldo's Wardrobe
Amy Winehouse Caught Being Friendly, Using Face As Ashtray
Pre-Historic Hot-Asses At '10,000 B.C.' Premiere
Courteney Cox's Coco Cusses Constantly
Remains of the Day: Rachel McScary
Catherine Zeta-Jones Works The Mustard And Ketchup
R.E.M. - 'Supernatural Superserious'
Spencer Pratt Cheated On Heidi Montag
'Ugly Betty' Stars Make Beautiful Music At Alzheimer's Charity Event
Robert Downey Jr. Goes Black, May Never Come Back
Lake Bell Is A Person, Not Two Nouns & She's In GQ
Jeremy Piven Can't Handle His Women
Project Runway: Christian Siriano's Check Is Fierce
Dina Lohan Realizes Her Fondest Dream
Katie Holmes Is A Somber Clown
Funny Ladies Being Sexy For Vanity Fair
Angelina Jolie Flaunts Her Engorged Breasts At The Airport
Britney Spears Pregnancy Rumors, Conservatorship Extended
Colin Farrell On The Cover Of GQ, Loves His Chocolate
Project Runway: The End Of Fierce
A Pregnant Coked-Out Actress Loses The Baby She Didn't Even Know She Had
Sarah Jessica Parker Tips Her Hat To You
Who's About To Burst?
Demi Moore Still Feeling Guilty That The Daughters Don't Look Like Her
If You're Wondering What To Get Naomi Campbell For Christmas ...
Brandon Davis Is Mean, Greasy
Miley Cyrus's Relationship With Her Dad And His Pajamas
Music in the Morning: The Roots - '75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)'
Rihanna Lights Up Chris Brown's Life
Lindsay Lohan Filling In For Britney
Lauren Conrad Enjoys The Birth Of A New Brand Of Water
Angelina Jolie Smiles Despite Recent Argument Over Wedding Plans
Matthew McConaughey Surfs Into The World Of Fashion Design
Remains of the Day: Keith Richards For Louis Vuitton
Mario Lopez To Do Broadway, Soccer Moms Across America Sigh Dreamily
Janet Is Number One
Ms. Spears, Dance Teacher
Dancing With Exploding Stars
Keeping Up With The Kardashians Returns!
Katie Price Accessorizes Using Her Adoring Fans
Salma Hayek Really Wanted A Baby Boy
Kimora Lee Simmons Possibly Backs Down Sometimes
Michael Musto Does Marilyn Monroe With Gusto
Christina Aguilera Uses Her Cleavage As A Jewelry Display
Demi Moore Caught Almost Looking Her Age
Kim Kardashian Licks It Real Good