Archives: March, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears Loves Having Her Picture Taken
Jenna Jameson Is A Zombie Stripper
Vanity Fair Declares Madonnarama
John Krasinski Does The Lanky Comedic Thing For Parade
Anna Nicole Smith's Son Death Ruled An Accident
Jessica Simpson Is Ailing
Jennifer Aniston Cracks a Smile
Janice Dickinson Exhausted From All The Crazy
Remains of the Day: Trojan Man
David Beckham Takes In A Basketball Game
Giada De Laurentiis: E.T. Gave Birth
Jodie Foster's Island Invaded By Phoebe Price
Rihanna And Chris Brown Are Not A Couple, So Shut Up
Lindsay Lohan Goes Back To Being A Blonde
Heath Ledger's Possible Love Child
Sacha Baron Cohen Visits Kansas
Dirt: How Is This Show Still On The Air?
Victoria Beckham Rocks Her Mom's 60th Birthday
Andy Roddick Pops The Question To Model Girlfriend
Jennifer Lopez Is Shrinking Back To Size
Janet Jackson Has Now Removed Every Single One Of Her Ribs
Paris Hilton Took A Digger
Madonna Hasn't Learned A Damn Thing
Be Very Afraid Of Lara Flynn Boyle's Face
Who's Using A Paparazzi Playset To Hide From The Paparazzi?
Hayden Panettiere Saved A Dolphin, Got A Plaque
Ricky Martin Fights Slavery
Courtney Love Holds A Meeting
Music in the Morning: The Raconteurs - 'Salute Your Situation'
Weekend Rehash: Brangelina and Slime
Mariah Carey Just Can't Keep Herself From Spontaneously ...
Katie Holmes To Use Broadway In Her Escape From Tom Cruise
Jake Gyllenhaal Must Be Totally Into Reese Witherspoon
Donald Trump Wants To Hire Popular Hooker Ashley Alexander Dupré
The Jonas Bros. Leave The Retirement Home To Attend 'The Kids' Choice Awards'
Celebrities Endure Splosh At 'Kids' Choice Awards'
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Didn't Get Married, Return Your Gifts
Retro Music in the Morning: Rick Astley - 'Never Gonna Give You Up'
Miley Cyrus Isn't Trolling For Men Online
Nicole Richie Remembers She Had A Kid
Karina Smirnoff Denies She Traded Her Mario In For A New One
Audrina Patridge Pussies Up
Jennifer Lopez Already Over Those Babies
Jamie Lynn Spears Registered For Baby Swag
Talk Dirty To Me, Rikki Rocket
Who's The Old Fart Wearing All The Bling?
Thought Bubble: I've Seen Her Tits, Tee-Hee
Angelina Jolie For Shiseido
Pam Anderson Is Invisible In 'Superhero'
Tyra Banks Not Leaving ANTM, Recognizes Fierceness In Others
Gisele Bündchen and LeBron James Vogue Cover Controversy
Angelina Jolie's Pregnancy Is A Little Complicated
Dennis Quaid Isn't Buying It
Remains of the Day: Sexy Scorpion
Sarah Larson Is Fun
Kate Bosworth Better Give Me Back My Sparkle Socks!
Rikki Rocket Raped?
Casey Affleck's Family
I Guess Now We Know That You Don't Have To Sleep With Jason Preston For Him To Tattoo Your Name On To His Body?
They Got Pete Doherty
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale Visit The Hospital
Top Chef: "Your Corn Dog Was Just, Really Soggy."
Paris Hilton Trots To Turkey
Barack Obama Makes 'The View' Ladies Swoon
Fergie and Quentin Tarantino Grow Old Together
Kate Hudson Takes It To The Streets
Eva Mendes Still Smiled Upon By Calvin Klein
Katie Holmes More Concerned With Finding Her Career As Opposed To Suri
J. Harvey Needs Friends
Who Had Lunch With Samantha Ronson?
Who Would Have Thought The USA Network Would Be Big?
Lindsay Lohan To Write 'Helter Skelter' On The Walls In Blood
Renee Zellweger Should Have Gone To Bed Earlier
Music in the Morning: Rivers Cuomo - 'Lover in the Snow'
If You Wait Around Long Enough, The Rain Will Come
Madonna's Virgin Days Are Over
Kate Walsh Talks Sex Education, Looks Guilty As Hell
Paris Hilton and Benji Madden Share Closet And Brain
Matthew McConaughey Haunted By Ex-Girlfriends
Christina Aguilera And Her Husband Are Skeeving Out The Neighbors
David Beckham And The Family Celebrate
Remains of the Day: Every Preteen Girl's Dream
Blake Lively and Michelle Trachtenberg Get Their Hooker Stroll On For 'Gossip Girl'
SNEAK PEEK - 'Make Me a Supermodel' Reunion
Jack Nicholson: The 'S' In 'Seventy' Is For 'Sexy'
Rihanna: Beautiful And Charitable
Justin Chambers Needs Some More Rest
Janice Dickinson Uses Her Natural Cell Phone Holder
Leona Lewis Goes Where British Women Haven't Been in 20 Years
America's Next Top Model: The Three Monkeys
Kate Bosworth Snuggles With Helena Christensen
'Sex and the City' Starring Bea Arthur
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Make Expensive Babies
Beckham Family Tree Cheers David On While He Makes 100th Cap
Chikezie?!? NO! NOT MY CHIKEZIE!
Britney Spears Revealing A Programming Executive At Nickelodeon To Be A Problem Drinker Or Something
Jeremy Piven Just Wants To Buy Porn In Peace
Guess The Scrawny Jogging Ass
Josh Duhamel Applauds Karaoke, Avoids 'Fergalicious'
Keanu Reeves Wants Kids
Vanessa Minnillo Is One Of Those Girls Who Acts Crabby When Her Boyfriend Isn't Around
Music in the Morning: Adele - 'Last Nite'
How 'Bout Them Apples?
Liev Schreiber Is A Hot Dad Holding A Baby
Tina Fey Wants Oprah and Britney On '30 Rock'
The 'Leatherheads' Train Continues Through North Carolina
Kate Moss Engaged And Barely Lucid
Paris Hilton And Benji Madden's Relationship Remnants Unite
Richie Sambora's Face Isn't The Only Thing That Got Busted
Remains of the Day: You can run...
I Thought Marc Jacobs Was Supposed To Be Sober Now...
JC Chasez Denies He's Re-enacting The First Olympics With Chace Crawford
Wendy Ho Will Rock Your World With 'Bitch, I Stole Yo Purse'
Ryan Phillippe Doesn't Love Pictures Of His Ex-Wife And Jake Gyllenhaal
"The Daily Special' Reaches Out And Touches J. Harvey
Nicole Richie, Where's Your Baby?
Katie Holmes Playing Dead In Phase One Of Her Escape Attempt
Demi Moore Loves Her Leeches
American Idol: Kristy Lee Cook Must Be Stopped
'The Hills' Get Mature
Johnny Depp Talks To Coma Victim
Usher's Wife Keeps Him On A Short Leash
Tyra Banks Is Ruining My Life
Victoria Beckham Invites The Cameltoe Over
Salma Hayek Is Lost, Scared For Her Boobs
Caught In The Act: Marc Jacobs Rolling His Eyes At His Mentally Challenged Younger Brother
Who's Lounging In A Bikini?
Karl Lagerfeld Is Ridiculous, Yet Fascinating
Scarlett Johansson Works Those Girls!
Kate Beckinsale Would Rather Be A Lesbian Than Eat Sushi
Music in the Morning: The Black Kids -'I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You'
Mariah Carey: Ho-Tastic!
'What Happens In Vegas' Refuses To Stay In Vegas
Jennifer Lopez Claims To Be Naturally Fertile
Barack Obama and Brad Pitt Share A Family Tree
Victoria Beckham Makes England Even Colder When She Arrives
Be Very Afraid: Kate Bosworth Channels The Undead
Spencer Pratt's Advice Column Will Never Be As Hot As 'Unqualified With J. Harvey.' Never.
Why Did Demi Moore And Bruce Willis Split Up?
Remains of the Day: A NEWWW CAR!
Jamie Lynn Spears Is 'Miss Guided', Engaged
Heidi Klum And The Kids Go Out (AUT! OWT! OWWWT!)
Ice-T And Coco Talk About Their Beautiful Sex Life
Lindsay Lohan Too High/Drunk/Dumb To Realize That It Wasn't Her In That Sex Tape
Britney? (Ashton Kutcher Plays Around)
Andy Roddick Helps Lacoste Celebrate Its Birthday
Jessica Simpson Goes Blue
Unqualified With J. Harvey: People Need To Realize That Cubicles Are Enclosed Areas
Heidi Montag's New Single Makes An Empty Promise
Renée Zellweger and George Clooney Take 'Leatherheads' Across America
Britney Spears Gets The Thumbs Up For Her Sitcom Appearance
I'll Take A Copy
'The Dark Knight' Sends The Geeks Running Amok
Demi Moore Is Flawless, But I'm More Concerned With General Hospital's 45th Anniversary
Who's Walking The Red Carpet At LAX?
Kim Kardashian's Gigantic Ass Not Taken Into Account By 'Fitness' Magazine
Ashley Tisdale Wants Us To Know That She Can Afford Louis Vuitton AND A Nose Job
Ashton Kutcher Thinks Deep
Music in the Morning: Counting Crows - 'You Can't Count on Me'
Thought Bubble: AHHHHHHH! I'm Soooo Stoned Right Now!
David Hernandez Trying To Make 'Rent'?
Miley Cyrus Does It All For Jesus!
Jodie Foster's Two Oscars Don't Guarantee Job Security
Cameron Diaz Wooing Herself On Easter
Penelope Cruz And Javier Bardem Invade France
Priscilla Presley Unwittingly Had Auto Lubricant Injected Into Her Face
Remains of the Day: John Clears the Air
Leonardo DiCaprio Bores Hong Kong
Tobey Maguire's Daughter Has Better Hair Than He Does
Amy Winehouse To Clear Up Her Skin With Pee
Paris Hilton: Geography Buff
In A Shocking Twist, One Of The Guys On 'Gossip Girl' Might Be Gay
Bruce Willis Settling Down?
Kevin Federline Works The Frosting Beard
Dirt: 'Home Improvement' Would Have Been So Much Hotter If Richard Karn Had Played His Character This Way
Pamela Anderson Hides Her Easter Eggs
David Beckham's Frosty Welcome Back To England
Britney Spears To Fill The Pews At Mel Gibson's Church With Her Beautiful Singing Voice
Tara Reid Cleans Up A Little, Does Some Lines, Goes Out
America Ferrera Talks To A Few People About Hillary Clinton
Apparently, Pigs Can Fly
Guess The Asses
Corrine Bailey Rae's Husband Found Dead
Harrison Ford Gettin' Crusty
Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Are Sorely In Need Of A Hunter
Music in the Morning: Portishead - 'Machine Gun'
Matthew Perry, I'd Like To Introduce You To Jocelyn Wildenstein
Audrina Patridge Shops The Pain Away
David Beckham Coming Up On 100
Eve Is Still A Rough Rider
Reese Witherspoon Goes To The Farm
J.K. Rowling Once Pondered Suicide
Lauren Conrad Continues Airing Her Grievances
Who's Being Camera Shy?
Retro Music in the Morning: Milli Vanilli - 'Blame It On the Rain'
Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria Go Shopping
Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson Celebrate His 30th
Pariah Carey
Renée Zellweger Lucky Not To Be Bald
David Beckham Is Way into His Tattoos
Rick Salomon Claims Fraud In Annulment From Pamela Anderson
Guess Who's Hosing It Down?
Overheard: What Do You Mean JC Doesn't Think I'm Cute?
Retro Music in the Morning: Sheena Easton - 'Sugar Walls'
Ryan Phillippe Gives Jake Gyllenhaal The Thumbs-Up
Gerard Butler Says 'P.S. I'm Drunk'
Nicole Kidman Zombies Out At Husband's Concert
Thandie Newton's Kids Sound Like Angry Hobos
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Gave Big
Mariah Carey Shills For Macy's
WTF?: George Lopez And Cannon Hangin'
Remains of the Day: Don't Do Drugs, Kids
Tori Spelling Incredibly Subtle About Her Need For Work
Ryan Phillippe Went To Boot Camp
Anderson Cooper Looking To Score With David Beckham.
Simon Cowell's Rad
Be Very Afraid: Victoria Beckham For Marc Jacobs
Paris Hilton Employs Armed Gunmen To Scare Children Into Embracing Her
'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Was The Greatest Television Show In History
Blake Lively And Her Dog Swap Gossip
Top Chef: Zoo Animals
Michelle Williams Tried To Get Heath Ledger Into Rehab
Lauren Conrad Backpedals On MySpace
Elizabeth Taylor Out In West Hollywood
Calum Best Denies He's Lindsay Lohan's Sex Tape Victim
Nicole Kidman And Naomi Watts To Be Neighbors
Tom Brady And His Package
Guess Who's Embarrassed To Be Seen Leaving Peet's?
Johnny Depp Gets Gangster On Us
Melissa Joan Hart Takes The Family Out For A Stroll
Fergie's Without Child
Music in the Morning: Cornershop - 'Sleep on the Left Side'
Obvious Observation: Audrina Patridge In Search of Her Dignity
Andy Baldwin Gun Show At The Gas Station
Kate Moss Eaten By Fuzzy Snake, Snake Gets Tummy-Ache
Thought Bubble: Seriously, I Couldn't Be More Excited About My New Perfume
Liev Schreiber and Simon Baker Show Off The Goods
Cameron Diaz Buys Some Shoes, Enjoys Dog
Britney Spears On 'How I Met Your Mother'
Rumer Willis Is Still Tryin'
Jamie Spears Spotted Buying Groceries Looking Over It All
Word Association: Rick Salomon
Winona Ryder Still Looking For A Five Finger Discount
Remains of the Day: Douchge?
Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape With Calum Best?
'The Tudors' Are Back, Sans Anne Boleyn's Head
Britney Spears Loses Her Head On 'South Park'
Jodie Foster Slims Down A Little
America's Next Top Model: Dominque On Dominique
Shia LaBeouf Likes Committing Small Crimes Of Annoyance
Obvious Observation: Russell Crowe Is Smokin'!
Technical Difficulties
Jennifer Lopez Shows Off The Twins
David Beckham Gets Buzzed
Amanda Overmyer And Her Skunk Hair Got Booted Off American Idol
Obvious Observations: Jessica Biel Is Not Carrying A Plastic Bag
Barack Obama's A Doll
Heath Ledger's Family Feuding Over His Will Already
Who's Getting Kissed?
Lauren Conrad Is Dramatic
Lindsay Lohan And Her Awesome Rack Board A Private Plane
Someone Didn't Like Mel Gibson's Taste In Crown Molding
Music in the Morning: Teriyaki Boyz - 'Zock On' (Featuring Pharrell and Busta Rhymes)
Anderson Cooper Went Under The Knife
Obvious Observation: Fergie Seems To Be Knocked Up
Michelle Trachtenberg To Be On 'Gossip Girl'
Kristin Davis Sex Tape Brouhaha
Chris Brown's Pants Lose A Battle With Gravity
Jessica Simpson's Big Yap Getting In The Way Of My Enjoyment Of Tony Romo
Caption Ethan Hawke
Pete Wentz Tried To Commit Suicide, Surprisingly It Was Before He Dated Ashlee Simpson
Remains of the Day: Yum!
Adriana Lima Is Naked
Paris Hilton Proves That Cheese Can Sweat
Jennifer Aniston Gets Some Sun, Possibly Writing Evil Book About Brad And Angie
Ashley Alexandra Dupré Already Went Wild
David Beckham Is Famous
Shia LaBeouf's Smoking Problem
American Idol: Love Chikezie, Hate His Harmonica
Lauren Conrad Hawks Her Wares On Letterman
Jake Gyllenahaal Just Can't Stay Mad At Us
Word Association: Kim Kardashian
Audrina Patridge Topless: The Hills Have Nipples
Caption Heidi Montag
Britney Spears Scowls At Life
Reese Witherspoon Is All Business
Madonna Thinking About How To Offload This Bitch
Guess Who's Kissing At The Farmer's Market?
James Van Der Beek And His Accessories Go To The Doctor's
Donatella Versace Keeps The Spirit Of Jim Henson Alive
Scarlett Johansson Sings
Music in the Morning: Clinic - 'The Witch'
Be Very Afraid: Janice Dickinson Demonstates How Large Mick Jagger's Wang Is
Gwyneth Paltrow Mourns The Loss Of Director
Halle Berry Names Her Daughter
Tara Reid Stumbles Through The Airport
SNEAK PEEK: Britney Spears On TV
The Real Face Of Jessica Alba
Obvious Observation: Wasted Space
George Clooney Clears Some Shit Up