Archives: February, 2008

Julia Roberts Is the Best-Dressed Oscar Winner Ever
Nicky Hilton's Rocking Some Amy Winehouse Legs
Remains of the Day: Bijou's Bikini Malfunction
Kelly Osbourne Had A Few Too Many Pints Down The Pub
Mischa Barton Could Have Had Regular Employment
Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Look Like Small Town Dudes with Big City Attitudes
Mary-Kate Olsen's Googly-Eyed Glasses
Caption Janet Jackson
Courtney Cox Gets 'Dirt'y Again
Nicole Richie Tricked Someone Into Thinking She Can Sing And Dance
Kate Beckinsale Brings Her 'Pharoah's Tomb' to The Egyptian Theatre
Jamie Lynn Spears Was Also a Surprise Baby
Drew Barrymore and Justin Long Spotted on the Beach, Frolickin'
Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks to Make Beautiful Reality TV Together
Justin Timberlake is Bringing Goofy and Sexy Back
America's Next Top Model: Who In The Hell Shows Up For 'America's Next Top Model' If They Don't Want To Sell Expensive Clothes?
Janet Jackson Laughs Off Madonna Rivalry, Gives Drag Janets Advice
Project Runway: Penultimate
Lindsay Lohan Considers An Offer From Hugh Hefner
Guess Who Just Got Her Hair Done
Katie Price Worrying People With Her De-Boobed Figure
Natasha Lyonne is Still Alive
Britney Spears Lives A Crazy Life
Music in the Morning: Cody Chestnutt - 'Looks Good in Leather'
Kanye West Attempts to Keep His Passion for Valentino a Secret
Angelina Jolie Shares Her Thoughts on Iraq on The Washington Post
Brad Pitt Returns to the Set ...
Prince Harry's in The Shit
Hayden Panettiere Explains Her Break-Up from Stephen Colletti
Remains of the Day: Hoffman's Big Night Out
Elle MacPherson Will Kick You When You're Down
Jessica Alba Started Early
Motorola Called and David Beckham Answered
Selma Blair Caught On Another Man's Lap By Her Ex
Zac Efron Films at Gaiety Theatre
Justin Chambers Continues to Be "Fine," Lazes Around Palm Springs
Lindsay Lohan To Star In "Moving Violations" Sequel
Amanda Overmyer Drives Drunk, Singing Terribly
Rihanna Gets Raunchy
Boy George Says His Sex Slave Could Come and Go
Mariah Carey Tries to Wear Amy Winehouse's Clothes, But Refuses to Give Up Her Heels
Sleeping with the Enemy
TomKat and the Pinkett-Smiths Enjoy Some Dinner Together
Ali Lohan Can't Wait for Her First Nip-Slip and Limo Crotch Shot
Who's Chugging at the Airport?
Miley Cyrus Gives Concert Tickets to a Dog Whose Father Died in Iraq
Sam Lutfi Better Call His Lawyer
Mariah Carey Apparently Stepped Up Working Out On The Treadmill In Her High Heels
Jessica Simpson To Take Her Oversized Accessories To Kuwait
Music in the Morning: Nicole Atkins - 'Maybe Tonight'
Lindsay Lohan Quoth Popeye in Paper Magazine
Katie Price, OK!'s Celebrity Mum of the Year
The Katie Holmes Pregnancy Rumor Abides
Rick Salomon Will Soon Be A Free Man
Remains of the Day: Kiss of Death
You Would Think Kanye Could Just Ask One Of The Paps For Prints
Natalie Portman Is Fixated On Scarlett Johansson's Mammaries
Heidi Montag Appreciates the Paparazzi
Nicole Richie Debuts Harlow Madden
Jennifer Aniston's Eggs Possibly Frozen from Her Lack of Sex
Matthew McConaughey Bears the Hottest of Hollywood Chests
Charles Bronson Gets Manly With Mandom
Angelina Jolie To Gift France With A Child
Sienna Miller And Rhys Ifans Will Be Your In-Flight Disgusting This Evening
Pete Wentz And Ashlee Simpson Get Some Java, Pete To Cover Michael Jackson
John Mayer is Eric Roberts
Hot Dads Make Us Smile
Tom Cruise Remembers When His Days Were Filled with Thunder
Britney Spears Not Allowed to Run Her Own Life, Might Be Pregnant
Courteney Cox Teases Paris and Nicole While Flicking Flowing Locks of Hair
Caption Adam Sandler
Sinead O'Connor Would Rather Take a Bullet Than Listen to Kylie Minogue
Guess Who's Frolicking By the Sea?
Victoria Beckham Attacked By Bird of Prey
Gary Busey's Not Really a Fan of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan
Kate Hudson Through Caring, Puts On A Blanket
Justin Timberlake Shaves The Neck Rug, Pumps His Own Gas, Will Induct Madonna
Music in the Morning: The Whigs - 'Right Hand on My Heart'
Rihanna and Chris Brown Hate How Much They Love Each Other
Katie Price Wants More Special Needs Children
Michael Jackson Will Probably Lose Neverland
Remains of the Day: Foxy Lady
Naomi Campbell Taken to a Hospital in Brazil
Rachel Bilson Gets Banged Up
Janet Jackson Tells America 'Good Morning'
Jesse Metcalfe Pooches Out
Ryan Phillippe Actually Smiles Now
Britney Gets to See Her Kids
Colin Farrell Looks Good in a Tux, Loves His Son
Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson Might Make a Baby
Madonna Hauls Her Hungover Carcass to Jury Duty
Olivier Martinez is a Dedicated Flirt
J. Harvey Calls Into "The Daily Special"!
David Beckham Melts Korea with the Warmth of His Smile
Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are Together
Everyone In The World Shows Up At TRL, Will Ferrell Still Making Fun Of Sports
Caption Marion Cotillard
Britney Spears Has A Come To Jesus Meeting. With Jesus.
Guess Who's a Little F'ed Up
Barack Obama A "Fresh Prince" Fan
Angelina Jolie Waves Hello To Pregnancy
Paris Hilton Getting New Show, Dating Less Famous Twin
Music in the Morning: Count & Sinden - 'Beeper' Featuring Kid Sister
Zac Efron Gets Trapped
More Oscar Montage Madness Leaves Whoopi Goldberg's Feelings Hurt
Remains of the Day: Dumbledore Would Be Proud
Sean Combs Want to Dress JLO's Babies
Brad Renfro Not Montage-Worthy
Jennifer Aniston Gives Her Eggs the Cold Shoulder
Jennifer Love Hewitt's Oscar Viewing Party Raised a Half Mil for AIDS Research
The Daily Mail Thinks It Can Read Katie Holmes' Mind
Oscars Pressroom is an Orgy of Statues and Wit
Amy Winehouse's Days are Filled with Rehab and Jail Visits
EXCLUSIVE: Intern Traci's Night in Paris
American Idol's David Hernandez Might Have Worked at a Gay Bar! Gay Bar! Gay Bar!
Jimmy Kimmel is F*cking Ben Affleck
Ooh la la! Unscripted Backstage Oscar Moments and More Pix from Elton John's Party
Kirsten Dunst Puts Rehab on Pause to Shop at Target
Ashlee Simpson Performs Her New Single, "I Am Me"
Elton John's Oscar Viewing Party is Attended by a Happily Single Sean Penn
Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!: The Mens
Caption Cate Blanchett
Vanessa Williams: A Face Frozen In Time And Helping Out The Gays
Hugh Jackman Strips
Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!: The Ladies
Who's Making a House Call?
Gary Busey Wows Us All With Attempted Rape On The Oscar Red Carpet
George Clooney, His Waitress, Among The Big Names On The Oscar Red Carpet This Year
Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!: The Winners
Music in the Morning: R.E.M. - 'Supernatural Superserious'
J. Harvey Live Blogs The Oscars!
Britney Gets a Visit From Sean Preston and Jayden James
A Relaxed Red Carpet for the Men of the Independent Spirit Awards
Lindsay Lohan Sweeps The Awards For Sucking
Ladies of the Independent Spirit Awards Save Their Good Outfits for the Oscars
Ellen Page Still Ruler Of The Earth At The Independent Spirit Awards
Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Thought It Was A Costume Party
Who's Having Lunch With Liev?
An Oscar Moment We'd Like to Forget About
Hugh Jackman and his Wolverine Chops Look For a New Home
DIC Dinner Brings the Bling and Celebs Together
Ellen Page Meets Ellen DeGeneres
Another PDA-Fest Featuring Drew Barrymore and the Mac Guy
Britney Spears To Be Reunited With The Kids
J. Lo's Scientologist Actress Pal Visits Her Up In The Maternity Ward
Demi Moore and Madonna to Fill Oscar Party Void
Guess Who's Doing Some Shopping?
Retro Music in the Morning: Olivia Newton John & ELO - 'Xanadu'
Has Russell Crowe Lost His Looks?
The Jonas Brothers Still Holding Their V-Cards
G.I. Joe Movie Trilogy on the Horizon
Justin Timberlake Representing Givenchy
Lindsay Lohan To Don Bustier And Team With Jack Black
Is Britney Inspiring Legislation with 'Britney's Law'?
Jessica Simpson Is the Man in This Friendship
Zac Efron's Boy-On-Boy Action
Vanessa Minnillo Terribly Excited About Her First Real Acting Job
Ne-Yo Arrested for Reckless Driving
Chris Brown And Rihanna Appear To Be Some Sort Of Item
Katie Holmes Switches Up Her Look, Still Looks Way Older Than She Actually Is
Sex and the City: The Full Trailer
Sam Lutfi Needs to Keep His Distance
Hayden Panettiere Does Candie's
Aaron Carter Busted for Drugs
Demi and Rumer Put On the Red Lipstick and Party
Colin Farrell 'Honored' to Be Playing Heath's Last Role
America's Next Top Model: The Proper Way To Refer To Someone As "Ghetto"
Jennifer Lopez Gives Birth to Twins!
Jared Leto Activates His Go-Go Gadget Something
Jesse Metcalfe Reads
Ashton Kutcher's Birthday Party Was Diseased
Scientology Gays And Their Beards Do Lunch
Music in the Morning: The New Pornographers - 'Myriad Harbour'
David Beckham Offers Hawaii a Peek at the Paradise Under His Shirt
Spencer Pratt is The Brains of the Operation--And That Doesn't Say Much
Christian Slater Loves His Jimmy Choos
Lindsay Lohan Present For Dolce & Gabanna Downfall
Remains of the Day: At the Hyde-Out
Charlie From "Lost" Gets A Job, Eats Wallet
Pax Officially Adopted By Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Megan Fox Is Beautiful and Loves Ghosts
Caption Ilsa Fisher
Stars Throw a Big Party to Go Green Before the Oscars
Nicole Kidman's Missing That Botox
John Mayer Has Sent Pictures Of His Ass To Cameron Diaz
Britney Spears: Not Pregnant, Just A Bad Choice Of Top
Jennifer Lopez FINALLY Stops Attending Events to Have Her Babies
Pig-Nose Movie 'Penelope' Premieres
Milo Ventimiglia does GQ
The Jolie-Pitts and the Eastwoods Enjoy a Dinner Date
T.R. Knight Walks Softly and Carries a Big Box
Project Runway: Reunited And It Feels So Fierce
Jessica Alba Overcompensates in Her Interview with 'Latina' Magazine
Guess Who Doesn't Want To Be Seen With Samantha Ronson?
Vanessa Minnillo Finally Left The Welfare Office
Sam lufti's Under A Microscope
Gwen Stefani's Kid Named Most Stylish
Music in the Morning: Kate Nash - 'Foundations'
JC Penney Tortures Project Runway Contestant by Forcing Him to Share the Red Carpet with Elisabeth Hasselbeck
More Wacky British Red-Carpet Fantastica at the Brit Awards
Shar Jackson and K-Fed Are BFF
Lindsay Lohan's Outakes from New York Magazine
Remains of the Day: A Three-Ring Masterpiece
How Christina Aguilera's Baby Avoided Looking Like It Escaped From Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory I'll Never Know...
Please, "Be Kind Rewind"
Caption Will Ferrell
Help J. Harvey Decide What TV Show To Recap Next!
'Latina' Magazine Scares the Shit Out of Jessica Alba
Eric Bana Tried to Be Funny...Once
Hayden Christensen is 'Homeless Dad'
Here's A Handy List Of Fur-Wearing Celebs For You To Throw Red Paint On When You See Them!
Paula Abdul's New Video Is A Work Of Art
Britney Spears Minus Kids Equals Sad
Guess Who's Keeping Up With the Kardashians?
Kirstie Alley to Sell Her Own Weight-Loss Program
Katie Holmes Rocks Old Hollywood Glamour at the Designers Guild Awards
Nicole Kidman Reveals Her Baby Bump
Angelina Jolie and Maddox Have a Movie Date
Leighton Meester Wants You to Have Nice Hair
Nip/Tuck: All''s Well That Ends Terribly
Steve-O and Kat von D Text Message Drama
Mandy Moore Vacations Alone
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Are Lost
Dina Lohan Defending Lindsay Lohan's Attempt To Blind Us
Music in the Morning: Justice - 'Phantom II'
Ask Kim Kardashian
We Told You Minnie Driver Was Pregnant
A Strange London Premiere of "The Other Boleyn Girl"
Hilary Duff's a One-Man Woman
Remains of the Day: Lily Allen on the Prairie
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Gives His Dancing Shoes a Rest
Brangelina Go Skiing...We Think
Britney Spears Doesn't Have Visitation of Her Kids Just Yet
Jessica Simpson is Determined to Keep America Fat
David Beckham Gets Lei'd for The First Time
This is What Happens When You Have Had Too Much Plastic Surgery
Fake Cameron Diaz and Fake Drew Barrymore Have A Real Friendship
Courteney Cox is Slinking and Shrinking
Madonna's Kids Have It Rough
Bringing Up Britney
The Thrill Is Gone Between Pink and Carey Hart
Rumer Willis Can't Get Her Foot in the Door
Cruz Beckham to Star in "Step Up 3: Baby Steps"
"Brothers & Sisters" Dudes In Spain
Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Not Connecting Lately
Owen Wilson Back To The Grind
The Only Thing More Awesome Than Keri Russell's Baby Is Her Hat
Avril Lavigne On Britney Spears
Music in the Morning: Girls Aloud - 'Can't Speak French'
Jamie Lynn Spears Moving Into the Trailer Park?
Mary-Kate Olsen Seen in NYC Looking Glum
Eric Bana Pours Water on the Cat Fight Rumor
Heidi Klum Offers to Adopt Britney Spears
Remains of the Day: Sienna's Floaty Fashion Line
Joan Collins and Lindsay Lohan Facing Off Would Make My Life Complete
Naomi Watts on Vacation in Australia with Her Baby Boy
Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Lube Up in the Sun
Matthew McConaughey Can Only Stay Clothed for So Long
David and Victoria Beckham Tied the Knot Twice
Justin Timberlake Caught Shopping for Engagement Rocks
Brad Pitt and Family Are Impressionistic
Hayden Christensen Goes James Dean on "Details"
Heath Ledger's Final Role to Be Finished by Three Actors
Heidi Montag Driven to Tears, Taunts Madonna
Lindsay Lohan Puts on the Marilyn Monroe Wig and Shows Her Goods
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Needs To Put Some Shades On Post-Cocaine Binge
Charlize Theron Totally Dorian Graying Her Dude
Amy Winehouse's Husband Got A Bad Dose In The Pen
Katie Price Tried To Commit Suicide
Madonna And Child
Music in the Morning: Kanye West - 'Flashing Lights'
Eric Dane Is Not Happy with OK! Magazine
Paris Hilton's Birthday Shindig
Flava Flav Wants Ten Kids
Britney Spears "Held Hostage" By Family?
Kirsten Dunst's Downward Spiral Is Being Blamed On Jake Gyllenhaal Dumping Her Ass
Jane Fonda So Out Of It That She Thinks Dropping The C-Bomb On National Television Is Just Another Day At The Races
Who's My Mommy?
Dennis Quaid and Matthew Fox premiere 'Vantage Point'
Natalie Portman Lays a Big Ol' Kiss on Scarlett Johansson
Britney Celebrates The Anniversary Of Her Head Shaving With A Shopping Trip
Reese Witherspoon Doesn't Want To Be Seen With Jake Gyllenhaal
Christina Aguilera Is Protective Of Her Vagina
Kirstie Alley Can Eat In Peace Now
Who's Leaving STKhouse?
Retro Flashback Music in the Morning: Air Supply - 'Making Love Out of Nothing at All'
Keira Knightley Doesn't Look Too Friendly with Her Boyfriend
Jessica Alba Does Some MORE Mournful Furniture Shopping
Remains of the Day: Lost Appetite
Career Highlight For Nick Lachey
Pam Anderson Is So Important That Dropping Off A Letter Must Be Recorded For Posterity on TV Guide Channel with Wayne Ford
Janet Jackson Doesn't Think Her Nipple Hurt Album Sales
Lindsay Lohan is Giving Bedroom Eyes Behind Her Sunglasses
I Don't Think Natalie Portman's Feeling Scarjo
Paris Hilton's A Trampy, Spoiled Version Of The Crazy Cat Lady Except It's Dogs And There's Probably More Oral Sex And Cocaine Going On
"Hooker Shoes? You Shouldn't Have!"
The NAACP Image Awards Red Carpet
Lily Allen's Talk Show is Off to a So-So Start
Bai Ling's Love Life Made Her Steal Tabloids and Batteries