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Jennifer Garner Might Give Birth To A New Year’s Baby

Jennifer Garner, along with actor-husband Ben Affleck, arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center this morning. Could this be it? Is Violet Affleck finally having that baby sister or brother. Jen’s as big as a house so it very well could happen. Check back for updates.Click any photo to view all 10+ photos of Jennifer Garner and

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Lindsay Lohan And Her Little Black Bikini Hit South Beach

While Samantha Ronson traveled to South Beach with Lindsay Lohan, she wasn’t tagging along when Lindsay hit the beach. Ronson who is recovering from a bout of exhaustion told People, “I’m doing much better,” says Ronson, who briefly visited Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Dec. 21 for what she later said was exhaustion.

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Paris Hilton Defends Her Right To Shop

Paris Hilton thinks she’s a savior via her shopping addiction and is here to help along struggling economies world-wide. Nobel Prize contender! She’s in Australia to host a New Year’s Eve party tonight, and the Australian press gave her flack for spending $3,844 in a 40 minute shopping spree. Have these people even heard of…

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Solange Knowles Airs Out Her Assets In Miami

While her big sister Beyonce is enjoying water sports in St. Barts with her husband Jay-Z, Solange Knowles only got to travel to Miami to soak up the sun. Solange most likely end up staying stateside (if she was even asked to go along to St. Barts with Beyonce is up for debate) because she’ll…

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News Bites (NYE All-Crime Edition): Matt Dillon Among Holiday Felons!

- Matt Dillon was busted in Newbury, Vermont at 10 PM last night for driving 106 mph on Interstate 91. The posted speed limit there is 65. Seeing as he was so far over the limit, The Flash got arrested. Dillon (who starred in one of my favorite 70s teen rebellion flicks Over The Edge)…

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Shia LaBeouf Has A Breakdown

Here’s gimp-handed Shia LaBeouf trying to get his hot car to work. This dude doesn’t have a lot of luck with the whips. Who knew his classic car would end up being a hoopdee? The Transformers star, who is still currently filming the sequel to the massive action flick despite his hand injury still very…

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Dr. Holly Hein Counseling Jennifer Garner?

Here’s gravid with offspring Jennifer Garner leaving Caffe Luxxe in Santa Monica with noted sex therapist Dr. Holly Hein. Hein is the author of Sexual Detours: The Startling Truth Behind Love, Lust and Infidelity. Hein is a psychologist who specializes in “lack of intimacy.”
Here’s a question. Is this research for a film role? Probably…

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Happy New Year From Socialite Life

We wish all of our readers the best in 2009! Without you we’d be literally nothing. Our goal is to make you laugh, keep you informed and bring you lots of pictures of the pretty people (sometimes not looking so pretty).It’s been a rough year here at Socialite Life. We had a URL change, we…

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Spencer Pratt’s Got Himself A Fighter

Spencer Pratt is trying to be a producer of something other than utter douche, so here he is with his new find – up and coming Mixed Martial Arts fighter Kevin Casey. Pratt’s trying to get a reality show built around Casey’s quest to make it big in the UFC. Can Casey beat the twat…

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David Beckham’s Got A New Tat

David Beckham reportedly ignored his wife Victoria Beckham’s wishes and got some new ink on his arm.Beckham got a Hebrew proverb that translates as “My son, do not forget my teaching but keep my commands in your heart.” under his bicep. He also might have gotten some sort of cherub too, from his regular tattoo…

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Adrian Grenier Insprired By Brody Jenner And Mischa Barton

Joining the scintillating Mischa Barton and brotastic Brody Jenner in frolicking with an inhabitant of the sea is Adrian Grenier. The Entourage actor traveled all the way to Sea World on the Gold Coast in Australia to make out with a dolphin. He typically doesn’t have to travel that far to score a piece. I’m…

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Katy Perry Is A Dramatic Girlfriend

All of us wondered why on God’s green bikini’d earth Katy Perry looked so down and out during her beachy Mexican Christmas. I mean, she was hanging out drinking Corona for Godsakes, and had an absolutely enviable gay club night with Perez Hilton penciled in for the following week (pictured here). I mean, if an outing…

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The Real Housewives of Orange County: Quickie

The odious, power-mad, pinwheel-eyed Vicki recovered from her football injury long enough to meet overworked daughter Briana for a drink. Briana works a lot and it shows in her hair. It also shows in her eyes that Vicki has terrorized her ass all her life. Vicki professes that she would kill herself if Briana was…

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Beyonce Bounces Those Boobies

Beyonce and Jay-Z are in the vacation wonderland called St. Bart’s where you can nary throw a rock without pinging a celebrity in the head (seriously – him, him, this guy, and a possibly pregnant Mariah Carey are also there) . Here’s the rebellious Sasha Fierce now bouncing atop a jet ski. And when that…

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Sacha Baron Cohen Makes A Funny About Madonna

Sacha Baron Cohen has been feverishly filming “Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America For The Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable In The Presence Of A Gay Foreigner In A Mesh T-Shirt” (whew. mouthful) and luckily for us bite-sized rumors have been dribbling out about the production.The latest, Bruno and boyfriend cavort around town…

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Amy Winehouse Gets Into Christmas Spirit, Boinks Santa

Hell, if Britney Spears can date a Bollywood “pin-up” then who’s to say Amy Winehouse can’t get some carnal love from Santa Claus this holiday season? They’re just just keeping us on our toes, Amy and Brit Brit. Good work girls.All that topless carousing in St. Lucia caught the eye of the resort’s Father Christmas,

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Jeremy Piven Scores A Bottle Waitress

While Jeremy Piven may have “eaten too much sushi” and lost his job on Broadway’s Speed-the-Plow, all that “mercury” certainly didn’t get in the way of his lady charming. If you can call it that. Which we certainly wouldn’t.Turns out Piven attended Britney Spears’ birthday party at NYC club Mansion earlier this month to get…

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Lil’ Kim’s $5,000 Marciano Bra Gives Her A Lift

If a bra could only do that for her career she’d be on to something. …

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