Archives: December, 2008

Jennifer Garner Might Give Birth To A New Year's Baby
Lindsay Lohan And Her Little Black Bikini Hit South Beach
Blog Bites: Brody Jenner's 'Bromance' Quote-A-Thon
Paris Hilton Defends Her Right To Shop
Solange Knowles Airs Out Her Assets In Miami
News Bites (NYE All-Crime Edition): Matt Dillon Among Holiday Felons!
Shia LaBeouf Has A Breakdown
Dr. Holly Hein Counseling Jennifer Garner?
Happy New Year From Socialite Life
Spencer Pratt's Got Himself A Fighter
Nibbly Things: Brittany Flickinger Is A Hoochie Mama
David Beckham's Got A New Tat
Adrian Grenier Insprired By Brody Jenner And Mischa Barton
Katy Perry Is A Dramatic Girlfriend
The Real Housewives of Orange County: Quickie
Beyonce Bounces Those Boobies
Sacha Baron Cohen Makes A Funny About Madonna
Amy Winehouse Gets Into Christmas Spirit, Boinks Santa
Jeremy Piven Scores A Bottle Waitress
Lil' Kim's $5,000 Marciano Bra Gives Her A Lift
Guess The Ass
Eddie Murphy Is Ready To Soft Rock You
Bernie Madoff Takes Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick For All They're Worth
Barack Obama Vacations
Shirtless Tennis Player Nicolas Kiefer Training For Hopman Cup
Foolish Paparazzi Risking Jessica Alba's Wrath
Beyonce Joins Every Other Celebrity In The World In St. Bart's
Shenae Grimes Flees To Her Homeland So She Can Get Her Drink On
Nibbly Things: John Mayer's Tribute To Mariah Carey
News Bites: Angelina Jolie Unable To Get Pregnant Again?
Eva Longoria Parker Works Hard For The Marriage
Mickey Rourke Thinks Sean Penn Hates Gays
Cate Blanchett's Husband Will Leave Her If She Gets Plastic Surgery
Blog Bites: David Beckham's Abs Ads
Sarah Palin Is A Gun-Totin' Granny
Spend New Year's Eve With Mario Lopez
Katy Perry: Sullen In A Bikini
Tara Reid Not A Publicity Stunt For Rehab
A $15 Cab Ride, From P. Diddy With Love
Donald Trump Wants Credit Where Credit Is Due
Britney Spears Goes International, Dates Bollywood Instructor
Michael Lohan Calls A Truce
Tony Romo Collapsed In Shower After Sunday Night's Dallas Cowboy Game
Who's Hitting The Slopes In Aspen?
Shirtless Prince Harry And Chelsy Davy: This Beach Is Hot
Deborah Gibson: Still Youthful, Still Electric
Katy Perry And Dita Von Teese Courting Good Press
Bathazar Getty To Be Written Off 'Brothers & Sisters'
News Bites: Drew Barrymore's On To The Next Dude
Who The Hell Is Chris Martin?
Blog Bites: A Year Of Mario Lopez Beefcake
Elle MacPherson: Mermodel
Tom Cruise And Kate Holmes Call In The Feds
Salma 'Second-Hand Smoke' Hayek With Her Daughter
These Are A Few Of John Mayer's Favorite Things
Naomi Campbell Can Actually Smile
Daniel Craig's Still On The Beach
Hugh Jackman Is A Hot Dad
Nibbly Things: Heather Mills Haters Keep Lining Up
Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony: Valentine's Day (Divorce) Massacre?
Tom Cruise Is Ready To Breed Nine More Times
Confessions Of An Amy Winehouse Lover
Television Hotness: Mariska Hargitay And Denis Leary
David Letterman Stays In Shape
Samantha Ronson Fires Back At Michael Lohan
Madonna And Guy Ritchie Unite Over Kabbalah
News Bites: Michael Lohan Has A Blog
Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen: Not Engaged?
Who's Topless At The Beach?
Daniel Craig In His Natural Environment
What The Hell Is That On Prince William's Face?
More Mariah Carey Pregnancy Rumors
Samantha Ronson And Lindsay Lohan: 'Diesel' Dykes
News Bites: Don't Talk During The Movie Or Else
Who's Holding Hands With A Giant?
Jennifer Aniston Defeats Brad Pitt At The Box Office
Someone's Totally Baked
Celebrities Celebrate Christmas On The Court
Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady: ENGAGED!
Courtney Love: Crazy About Kardashians
The Beckhams Feel Christmas
News Bites: Amy Winehouse, Now With Top!
EXCLUSIVE: Whitney Port's In 'The City'
EXCLUSIVE: Brody Jenner's 'Bromance'
Lindsay Lohan Reluctantly Welcomes Her Half-Sister To The Family
Nibbly Things: 'West Side Story' To Return To Broadway
Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Are Too Precious For Words
Blog Bites: A Wintery Wonderland
Bronx Mowgli Simpson's Free PIcture!
Eartha Kitt Has Passed Away
EXCLUSIVE: Brody Jenner Wishes Whitney Port Well
EXCLUSIVE: Whitney Port's In 'The City'
Dolph Lundgren Shows Off His Sweet Karate Moves
Blog Bites: Happy Holidays From Hugh Hefner's Twins
Surf's Up For Simon Cowell, As Well As His Fur Moobs
Samuel Kai Schrieber As Brought Forth By Naomi Watts
Nibbly Things: Looking Back At 2008's Rear Ends
DJ AM Sues
Barack Obama & His Family Give Their Grandma A Send-Off
Celebrities Get Last Minute Holiday Shopping Done At The Grove
Melanie Brown Prepares For A Spicy Christmas
Clay Aiken Is A Caricature
Down 'Hills'
T.I. Plays Santa Claus In Atlanta
Lance Armstrong's Swinging Single Days Are Over
Nick Cannon's Marriage To Mariah Carey 'Shocked' Christina Milian
Guess Who's Being Shy Behind The Blue Purse?
Sassy Suri Cruise Takes Katie Holmes Last-Minute Gift Hunting
Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: No X-mas Secrets Between Them
Arnold Schwarzenegger Shops At Hermes While Cutting Government Costs
Tina Fey Needs To Give Alec Baldwin A Beatdown
Blog Bites: Dee Snyder Wants To Rock The Economy
News Bites: Kelly Osbourne In High Spirits Among High Heels
Hilary Duff Somehow Still Being Asked To Appear Places
Scarlett Johansson's Used Kleenex Sells
Paris Hilton Rips Off Angelyne's Style
Nibbly Things: Britney Bears Tidings Of Southern Comfort & Joy!
Spencer Pratt Terrified That Heidi Montag's Mom Will Exact Justice
Daddy Mark Wahlberg Takes The Family Shopping At The Grove
Michael Jackson Is Not Sick (Well...)!
Kingston Rossdale: Stop In The Name Of Christmas!
Jamie Spears Gets A Raise
Paris Hilton Smells A Rat
Jennifer Lopez Didn't Trust Marc Anthony
Joke's On Us, Heidi And Spencer Never Married
Pete Wentz Tastes Ashlee's Breast Milk. Of Course He Does.
Cartoony Paris Hilton Brings BFF & Ryan Seacrest To STK
Who's Swinging Their Kid Around?
Dolph Lundgren & His Wife: Topless Vacation On St. Bart Island
Death Before Divorce For Courteney Cox & David Arquette
Angelina Jolie Reveals Her Energy Secrets To German Cosmo
News Bites: Chris Brown Does Good
Happy Kirsten Dunst Permanently Evades Stalker Christopher Smith
John Mayer Sings In The Holidays
Kate Hudson In Love With All Of Her Exes
Barack Obama Will Rule The Country With Firm Abs
Eric Dane's Hot Bod Couldn't Keep Lara Flynn Boyle From Jack Nicholson
Samantha Ronson Is Ok
Nibbly Things: Stephanie Seymour's Beach Romp
News Bites: Another Madoption Pending?
X-Tina Handles Last Minute X-Mas Business
Blog Bites: Jeremy Piven's Costars Not Aboard The Mercury Train
EXCLUSIVE: Lake Bell Talks Horny Docs, Isn't Amanda Peet
Robert Pattinson Cuts Hair, Girls Everywhere Weep
Russell Crowe Goes 'Gladiator' On Ridley Scott
Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish Return From Down Under
David Beckham Welcomed To Italy
John Mayer Hates Jennifer Aniston's Dogs
Mary-Kate Olsen Is Thankful For The Recession
A Simpson Family Christmas!
Matthew McConaughey Keeps It Real On The Road
Lindsay Lohan Makes Samantha Ronson A Rich Woman, Indeed
Is Michael Jackson Alright?
Guy Ritchie Rebounds With Millionaire Jemima Khan
Amy Winehouse And The Sea
Pamela Anderson's Paying The Bills
Guess The Ass
Victoria Beckham: Three Outfits In 15 Hours
Socialite Life's Couples of the Year of 2008
Socialite Life's Births Of 2008
Socialite Life's Comeback Of 2008: Britney Spears
Socialite Life's Crimes of 2008
Gavin Rossdale's Questionable Winter Fashion Sense
Socialite Life's Splits of the Year of 2008
Kate Bosworth Kicks Up Her Red Boots With James Rousseau
Socialite Life's Survivors of 2008
Walking Dead Katie Holmes Needs A Vacation
Violet & Ben Affleck Christmas Shopping...For Jennifer Garner?
News Bites: Belated Birthday Wishes For Jake Gyllenhaal
Male Model Mondays: Robin Martin
Male Model Mondays: Kerry Degman
David Beckham Signs To AC Milan
Who's Hiding Behind The Handbag?
Jesus Luz: Meet Madonna's Reported Boy Toy
News Bites: Zac Efron Cheers Up Sick Kids
Bikini Clad Alicia Keys Chows Down In The Sun
Matthew McConaughey Running Fully Clothed: Hell Froze Over
Lisa Rinna Getting Naked For Playboy
Jamie Foxx: Drink-Pushing Jokester?
Leona Lewis Gets Busted...Bailed Out By Chace Crawford?
Linda Hogan Tragically Unhurt In Car Accident
DMX: All-Year Three Martini Thursday For 2008
Plastic Surgery: Has Carrot Top Had A Little Work Done?
Eva Longoria Laughs Through Her Baby Woes
Who's Got A Wedgie?
John Patrick Amedori Departs 'Gossip Girl' Via Argentina
Vampy Lily Allen Has Transparent Intentions
News Bites: Leighton Meester's Edgy
Fergie And Josh Duhamel Have Set A Date For Love
Paris Hilton Passes Out, Forgets To Lock Her Front Door
Adam Sandler To Put Us To Sleep With 'Bedtime Stories'
Blog Bites: Suri Cruise Uses Protection
David Copperfield's Not-So Magical On-Stage Accident
News Bites: Tara Reid Might Have A Drinking Problem
Robert Pattinson Over This Fame Thing Already
Nibbly Things: Prada Clashes
John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston Go Public With Their Affection
10th Annual Flaunt Magazine Party Attracts Divas With Bangs
Tom Cruise Took Secret Tunnel To Avoid Protesters
Christina Aguilera's Well-Timed 'Clockwork Orange' Birthday
Katie Holmes Gets Birthday Cake, No Husband
Rihanna And Chris Brown Hit Up Louis Vuitton In Paris
Michael Copon In Danger From Taylor Lautner Fans
Daddy Spears Thinks Benji Madden Is Good For Britney
Jermaine Dupri Says Janet Is Not Pregnant (With Bad Spelling)
Paris Hilton Will Be A "Hot" Nursing Home Geriatric
Is Tom Cruise Spreading The Oral Herp Love?
The Truth About The Jolie-Pitt Pre-Nup
Goldie Hawn Not So Golden
Taylor Lautner Bulks Up For 'New Moon'
Balthazar Getty Disowned By His 'Brothers & Sisters'
Who's Hiding Behind The Balloons?
Brad Pitt's Benjamin Buttons Birthday Bonanza
The Stylish Beckham Family Don Their Traveling Hats
Katie Holmes Gets A Weeklong 30th Birthday Celebration
News Bites: Cameron Diaz Still With Her Model
Odd Dinner Pairing: Robert Pattinson And Katy Perry
Tom Cruise Skips Out On Son's First Premiere
Jim Carrey Employs Subtlety To Introduce His New Film
Nibbly Things: Nicola McLean Snow Cleavage
Whitney Houston's Getting Sued By Stepmother
News Bites: Halle Berry Will Trade Sex For Smokes
Will Smith Gives Lots Of Cash To Scientology
Blog Bites: Emma Watson Not A Fan Of Cruel Hollywood
Young Hollywood Honored By Golden Globes
'The Spirit' Premieres: ScarJo Is A Lover, Not A Fighter
Slutty Santa Sondra Fortunato Not Welcome At New York Giants Game
SAG Awards Nominations For 2008
I Walked Into A Leather Gay Bar
David Letterman Now Owns Jennifer Aniston's Nudie Tie
Jeremy Piven Ate Too Much Tuna
Eddie Murphy To Borrow Bodysuit From Trannie Friend To Play The Riddler
Heidi Montag: Three Martini Thursday
Scott Ruffalo's Death Ruled A Homicide
Pamela Anderson Unintentionally Shows Her Breasts
Lil' Wayne Might Have To Pay Up
It's Getting Ugly In Jodie Sweetin's Full House
Scarlett Johansson's Tissue Is Precious
Heidi Montag Can Still Escape Being Mrs. Spencer Pratt
Who's Got The Prettier Smile?
Enrique Iglesias Gives Fan A Crotch Shot
Gwen Stefani's Gang Shops The Rain Away
There's More Katie Price Crap For You To Buy
Kate Walsh Hooking Up With Costar David Sutcliffe?
News Bites: Brad Pitt's Got Doubts
Socialite Life's Breakout Stars Of 2008
Ben Affleck Looking For 'Shelter'
Justin Gaston Using Miley Cyrus? No! Really?
Blog Bites: Gwyneth Paltrow Wants To Make It Work
Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, And Her Ego Go On A Date
Kevin Federline Gratifying A New Lady
News Bites: Jennifer Aniston's Still Talkin'
Who's Addicted To Red Bull?
Mickey Rourke Has Wrestled Himself Back Into An Acting Career
Nibbly Things: Anderson Cooper Likes The French
And Tequila Makes Three, The Heidi and Spencer Wedding Story
Lindsay Lohan Stalker Arrested
Zac Efron Shares Vanessa Hudgens With David Beckham
Will Smith & Rosario Dawson Drop 'Seven Pounds'
Tom Cruise Is Laughing With Us!
Real Housewives of Orange County: Quickie
Rihanna To Sing On Inauguration Night
Kelly Rutherford Breast Bonds With Her 2-Year-Old
Robert Pattinson Sailing The Seven Seas?
Madonna And Guy Ritchie Say That The Money Is Wrong
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets Sympathy Invite To White House Christmas Party
Hilary Duff No Longer A Virgin, Or Never Was
Blake Lively Braves Crappy Weather To Film 'Gossip Girl'
Katie Holmes Is A Good Neighbor
Who's Ugging It Up?
Ryan Phillippe's Aussie Paparazzi Attack
Aubrey O'Day Is Just A Whore
Penn Badgley Certainly Has A Pair On Him
Jessica Alba & Jack Black Head Into 'The Office'
News Bites: Katy Perry Engaged?
Pete Wentz And Ashlee Simpson Have Anal Sex
Jim Carrey On Brain Chemistry
Britney Spears And Ellen DeGeneres Are Fun!
Ryan Phillippe To Spend Holidays Down Under
Nibbly Things: Sarah Michelle Gellar Does Maxim
Dennis Quaid Accepts Cedars-Sinai's Hefty Apology
Blog Bites: Rachel Madow Is In Vogue
Dolce & Gabbana Party Where Benji Madden Backslid
Suri Cruise Is The Genius We Suspected She Was
Kate Winslet And Leonardo DiCaprio Certainly Never Went Down With The Titanic
Rest Of The 'Revolutionary Road' Gang: Russell Crowe, Etc.
Paris Hilton and Benji Madden Together Like White On Rice
'American Idol' Producer Denies Trying To Kill Paula Abdul Via Audition
Madonna Will Have Her A-Rod For Christmas
Peter Falk's Daughter Says He Has Alzheimer's
Socialite Life BS Awards 2008: No. 10 - Miley Cyrus
'Melrose Place' Spin-Off A Go
Brody Jenner Doesn't Mind Coming Across Gay On 'Bromance'
Emile Hirsch Ventures Into The Wild Of The Congo
Michael Copon & Ben Barnes Starring In 'Twilight' Sequel?
Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber Name Newborn Baby Samuel
'Soul Train' Loving Tom Cruise Premieres 'Valkyrie' In NYC
Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Blow Through Miami
Meet Tennis Superstar Andy Murray
Heidi Klum Searches For Germany's Next Top Model