Archives: November, 2008

Victoria's Secret Angels Descend Upon Miami
Who's That Little Tyke?
Paula Abdul: Three Martini Thursday
Spotted: Taylor Momsen Letting Her Fingers Breathe
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Protested At Book Signing
News Bites: Kendra Wilkson Also Meeting 'Mother'
Barbara Walters Reveals 6 People She Found Fascinating
Robert Pattinson Can't Understand Your Question, MIss...
Lindsay Lohan Does Her Best To Avoid Ex Calum Best
Catherine Zeta-Jones: Silky, Sassy, And Shampooed
Nibbly Things: Knocked Up
Sarah Palin Considers Pros and Cons of 'Desperate Housewives'
Daniel Craig: Waxy Superspy
News Bites: Rihanna's Rehab With Justin Timberlake
Billy Ray Cyrus Thinks Big Hair Brings You Closer To Heaven
Isla Fisher & Olive Cohen Love The Playground
Brad Pitt Would Like Jennifer Aniston To Can It
Paula Goodspeed Repeated Herself At Paula Abdul's Home
Adrienne Bailon Nude Photos Were Faked
2008 Country Music Awards Are Awarded
CMAs Attract A-List Movie Stars
Miranda Kerr Preps For Vicky's Annual Fashion Show
Who's Leaving Jerry's Deli?
Neverland Sold: Michael Jackson's Childhood Is Over, Folks
A Bright & Shining Star...And Fergie
Angelina Jolie's An International Soccer Mom
News Bites: Robert Pattinson Is A Vampire Dreamboat
David Archuleta Following The Tried And True Formula
Britney Spears: Pop Star Quiz
Lindsay Lohan Escapes From Racist Lip Slip To England
Jennifer Aniston Is 'Unlucky In Love'
Celebs Are 'Divided' Over New H&M Collectiom
Brody Jenner Strikes A Pose In Hawaii
Nibbly Things: Patrick Dempsey Recycles
Brad Garrett Isn't Feeling Pap Love
News Bites: Sasha Fierce Revs Up Her Engine
EXCLUSIVE: Jason Statham and Kate Hudson Dating?
'High School Musical' Continues Dancing Across Australia
Salma Hayek: Unstoppable Milk Machine
Gavin Rossdale Has Spawned Laid Back Babies
Um, We Love The New Britney Spears And All, But ...
Suge Knight Blames Kanye West For Lost Earring & Hurt Leg
Corpse Found At Paula Abdul's House
George Clooney On The Civil Rights Of Gay People
Adam Sandler Has Another Child
Kevin Federline's Attorney Speaks Out
Joe Jonas Dating Camilla Belle?
Total Finale Live Lineup Revealed
Cruz Beckham Is Psyched About Christma
Amy Winehouse Gets Shot
Who's Texting On His iPhone?
Keri Russell Knows 'All About Eve'
Christina Aguilera Denies Existence Of Lady Gaga
News Bites: Mickey Rourke's Sorry About The Gay Slur
Mark Wahlberg Was Unimpressed With Kate Moss
Mischa Barton Owes Scotland An Apology
Socialite Life Says Happy Veterans Day!
Britney Spears: Alligator Wrestler
Amy Winehouse Would Like To Offer You Some Toast
Baz Luhrmann To Turn The MoMA Into Cinematic Musical Wonderland
Nibbly Things: Paging Lauren Conrad...
Blog Shots: 'Twilight' Cast Members Hit The Mall
Blake Lively Keeps It Low-Key & Professional
Britney Casts Her 'Circus' Performers
News Bites: Beyoncé's Wedding Pictures Aren't For Sale
Jennifer Aniston Calls Angelina Jolie's Tactics 'Uncool'
Who's Getting Wheeled Away?
Confirmed: Speidi's TV Guest Star Stint
Miley Cyrus Supports The Crazy
Keith Olbermann Gets Eloquent On Prop 8
Glamour Women Of The Year: Devoted Mom Nicole Kidman
Did Lindsay Lohan Use The Term "Colored" When Discussing Barack Obama?
Sarah Palin Trying To Figure Out If She Can Have Rummage Sale
William Shatner Invites George Takei To Chat
Amy Winehouse Not Dumping Blake Fielder-Civil, Says Blake Fielder-Civil
Katy Perry Has A Wardrobe Malfunction
La Toya Jackson's Coming Back To Reality Television
Action Movies Rock People's Choice Awards Nominations
Jessica Biel: Crusader For The Rights Of Cheesy Actresses
BREAKING: Jayden James Federline Leaves Hospital With Mama Britney Spears
'Dallas' Does Dallas: 30 Years Later
Isaiah Washington's Disgusted
John Travolta Is Toupée Free
News Bites: Zac Efron's Shower Scenes Too Sexy For DIsney
'Defiance' Was The Theme For 2008 AFI FEST Closing Night Gala
Guy Ritchie: The Boys Are Back In Town
Will Smith Is Popular, Totally In Love With The Missus
Nibbly Things: Holy Headband
Tori Spelling Is Super
Blog Shots: Ryan Phillippe Sets Out
Lindsay Lohan Sends Mixed Signals
Jayden James Federline Ate Something Bad
News Bites: Evan Rachel Wood & Mickey Rourke Are Just Friends
Senior Year Down Under
Taylor Swift's Underwear Dilemma
2008 World Music Awards Were Kind Of Disastrous
Mariah Carey's Secrets To Staying Slim
Jesse McCartney Won't Be Invited To The Neighborhood Block Party
Britney Spears' Son Jayden James Rushed To Hospital
Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams Are Over...Again
Photo Scandal for Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon
Nicole Kidman to Become a Transsexual
New Beyoncé Song: Halo
Catherine Zeta Jones & Hugh Jackman: A Fine Romance
Who's Hiding Behind That Floppy Hat?
Male Model Mondays: Ramirez Allender de Miranda Nascimento
Angelina Jolie's Got Legs
Zac Efron & His HSM Harem Go Nautical
Miley Cyrus Talks Up Her Toilet-Cleaning Past
Brad Pitt Flies Solo
Victoria Beckham: Sexy Flasher?
News Bites: Britney's Thanksgiving European Vacation
Kanye West Tinkled On Ting Tings
Who's Pulling His Brim Down Low?
Mariah Carey Sings On Ex-Factor
Sienna Miller Parties With Josh Hartnett
Lindsay Lohan & Justin Timberlake's Rumored One-Night Stand
Evan Rachel Wood Claims Marilyn Manson Wasn't Controlling
Mariah Carey Made Nick Cannon Wait To Touch Her Body
News Bites: Britney Leaves L.A. For LA
Sasha Fierce Wants To Be Wonder Woman
Whose Rolls Is Showing Support For Obama?
Suri Cruise Takes A Trip To The Farmer's Market
Britney Spears Keeps It Hot On The Dance Floor
Robert Buckley Keeps It Brief
Kanye West Is 'Heartless'
Justin Timberlake: New Stubbled-Face Of Callaway Golf
'Gossip Girl' Stars Enjoy Delicious Juicy Couture
News Bites: 'Gossip Girl' Gets 'Lucky'
Mickey Rourke Contemplated Murder Suicide
Tilda Swinton Celebrated For The Alien Film Goddess That She Is
Will Smith Sobs His Joy
Unqualified with J. Harvey: Straight Geisha?
Amy Winehouse Ain't Footin' The Bill
Overcooked: Tanorexic Jennifer Lopez
Robert Pattinson About To Explode Into Vampiric Fame?
Brazil Reveals Latest Cheeky Butt-Baring Fashions
News Bites: 'Nine' Promo Still Exposes A Demure Fergie
Blog Shots: Victoria Beckham Looking Frail
Repo! The Genetic Opera Premieres To Not Terrible Reviews
Brad Pitt Tells Oprah His Happiness Cup Runneth Over
Rihanna Sends Out SOS Signal On Stage
Hayden Panettiere Lets Her Ladies Breathe At Madonna Concert
Melissa Etheridge Has A Point
Madonna And Britney Spears: Together Again (And Justin Timberlake, Too!)
Taylor Swift Denies Pregnancy Rumors
Naomi Campbell Travels First Class
Anne Hathaway Dating Adam Shulman?
Lindsay Lohan Engaged?
Leonardo DiCaprio Passes Beefcake Torch To Zac Efron
Who's Attracking The Paparazzi?
Sassy On-Stage Performances At 2008 MTV Europe Awards
America's Next Top Model: Slow Boat To Amsterdam
Halle Berry & Nahla Aubry: Worker Bees
Lisa Bonet On Her Triumphant Return To Television
2008 MTV Europe Music Awards: Katy Perry's Boob-Eyes
EXCLUSIVE: Kate & Oliver Hudson Enjoy Lakers Game with Jonah Hill & Friend
Sarah Palin Didn't Know Africa Was A Continent
Beyonce Does Some Major Posing At MTV Europe Music Awards 2008
Nibbly Things: She Got A Tattoo WHERE?
John McCain: Three Martini Thursday
Tila Tequila Preaches Abstinence And Drooling
John Mayer Waiting On Aniston's Womb To Change?
Christina Aguilera Has Replaced The Target Dog
News Bites: Mariah Carey Gives London The Boot
Sean Combs Celebrates Birthday & Election Results
Violet Affleck's Delicious Correspondence
Beyoncé Offers Singing Services To Obama
Suri Cruise Is Ladybuggin' Out
A Sexy Thing Happened To Scarlett Johansson...
Susan Lucci Sent Back To Daytime
Ellen DeGeneres "Saddened Beyond Belief" About Gay Marriage Ban
Paris Hilton Longs for Anonymity
Charlie Sheen Denies Getting Lapdance
Saucy Sarah Palin Is Naughty
Get Nicole Scherzinger Some Smelling Salts!
Madonna, Britney & Justin: Pop Three-Way
Amy Winehouse Pushes Paps
Guess the Ass
Evan Rachel Wood Breaks Marilyn Manson's Spell!
Danny Bonaduce's Paying Some Hefty Alimony
News Bites: Courtenay Semel Is Penniless
AnnaLynne McCord Stuffs Herself
Sherri Shepherd Lets Us Know How It Feels
Jessica Alba Finally Looks Like She Has A Reason To Be Miserable
Jennifer Aniston Wants Pair Of Matching Babies
Monica Bellucci Burns Up The Cover Of 'Italian Vogue'
Simon Cowell Ends Relationship On High Note
Blake Fielder-Civil Leaves Jail, Enters Rehab
Seann William Scott Wants Drama
News Bites: Kim Cattrall Confirms More Sex
Nibbly Things: Why Joe Jonas Has A Cell Phone
Guy Ritchie Drinks While Madonna Performs
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Vote, Might Invade CBS
Oprah Parties With President Elect Obama
Robert Pattinson Gets Cemented
Zac Efron Needs A Tighter Belt
Courteney Cox Arquette Throws Party To Celebrate Obama Victory
Barack Obama Makes History As The World Watches
Guess The Ass
President Elect Barack Obama Asks For Unity
Jessica Simpson gets kinda sappy
Gwyneth Paltrow's Two Boobies Promote 'Two Lovers'
Lindsay Lohan's Learned Her Lesson
Introducing President Barack Obama!
Celebrities Vote Like Us Too!
Starry-Eyed Pink Unleashes Her 'Funhouse'
Nibbly Things: Jack Black Go Boom
News Bites: Robert Pattinson Doesn't Bite
Drinks On Prince Harry!
Today On Recapist: How I Met Your Mother
Barack Obama Loses His Celebrity Entourage
John McCain Gives In To All The Hype And Votes
Russell Brand's Crazy Pirate Look Pays Off
Optimistic Katie Price Want More Kids
Hayden Panettiere Would Like To Pat Hollywood On The Back
Daniel Craig Proves Less Is More
Miley Cyrus Hates Nick Jonas
News Bites: Heidi Klum's Guitar Hero Frisky Business
Kate Winslet: Is Vanity Unfair?
Victoria Beckham Likes Leather More Than Lace
Angelina Jolie Teaches Her Kids About Violence
Lindsay Lohan Eats, Blogs & Encourages Voting
Robert Pattinson Is The Apple Of Everyone's Eye
Fantasia Barrino Performed At Hudson Memorial
'Grey's Anatomy' Network Executives Obviously Voting "Yes" On Prop 8
Paris Hilton: Good For A Bang Or A Buck
Bette Midler & 50 Cent Finally Unite
Who's Wearing The 'Yes We Can' Button?
It's Time To Vote However You Like!
Music In The Morning: Malik Yusef featuring Kanye West and Adam Levine - 'Promised Land'
Jessica Alba Bundles Up With Honor
Hip Hop Stars Promote The Vote
News Bites: Angelina Jolie Is Born To Be Wild
Nibbly Things: Candy Girl
Snoop Dogg Is All About His Fans
Music In The Afternoon: Aretha Franklin - 'Touch My Body'
Leonardo DiCaprio Claims He Was Slow With The Gals
News Bites: Salma Hayek Still Hanging Onto That Sugar
BREAKING: Barack Obama's Grandmother Madelyn Dunham Has Died
Demi Moore Waits For No One
Britney Spears: Halloween Circus!
Kate Winslet Strips For Vanity Fair
Flower Child Mischa Barton Is All Doggie, No Style
Robert Downey Jr.'s Flaming Crotch
Joaquin Phoenix Needs A Sitdown And Perhaps A Nap
Katie Price & Peter Andre Coordinate Outfits To Save Marriage
Today On Recapist: Smallville
News Bites: Katy Perry Scares While Caring
Zuma Rossdale Sleeps Through His Playdate
Bewitching Britney Spears To Appear On X-Factor
Katie Holmes Wants Her Feet To Breathe
Is Justin Timberlake Jealous?
Harrison Ford Wears His Vegetables
Ken Paves Update: He Is OK, His Weaves Will Go On
Jennifer Hudson's Family Memorialized
Music In The Morning: Lil Wayne - 'Mrs. Officer'
Busy Dad Ben Affleck Does Keith Olbermann
Pranking Sarah Palin
Ryan Reynolds Runs NYC Marathon For Parkinson's
Who's Wearing A Tracksuit At LAX?
Heidi Klum's Halloween Party Was Spooktacular
Suri Cruise Misses Out On Halloween
Heroes Honored by Hollywood Entertainment Museum
Gavin Rossdale Is A Tennis Pro
Miley Cyrus's New Boyfriend Dresses Up Like Nick Jonas
John McCain Gets Mavericky On SNL
Ken Paves Takes One for Team Jessica Simpson
Who's Wearing The Obama Mask?
Music In The Morning: Dido - 'Don't Believe In Love'
Nick Jonas Takes A Stand (Walk?) Against Juvenile Diabetes
Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour Break Up
Criss Angel Brings Celebs To Believe
Hugh Hefner's Girls Leaving One By One...
Celebs Do STK In Their Halloween Finest