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Tis Blackberry Season

While the more mature and sedately-dressed stars in New York celebrating the arrival of the Blackberry Strong, in Hollywood we got our deliciously trashy stars all gussied up for the red carpet for the Blackberry Storm party at the Avalon in Los Angeles.Political pundit wannabe John Mayer hauled his scruffy rump over to the event…

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Brad Pitt Tries To Escape Possibility Of Divorce

With their immense brood of children asking why they’re not married, Angelina Jolie recently said that she and Brad Pitt will probably end up getting hitched. But now Life & Style is reporting that what’s been holding Brad back from taking the plunge is his fear of divorce.

Their source reports, “Brad’s divorce from…

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News Bites: X-Tina Blows ‘Dynamite’

-A 30-second clip of Christina Aguilera’s new single “Dynamite” has hit the Internet via YouTube. Not sure what the consensus is on this one, but it sounds pretty underwhelming from where I’m standing.-A possible murder weapon has been obtained by Chicago police in regards to the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew. Today,…

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Today On Recapist: Chuck

Today’s Recapist Highlight: ChuckSo in 1983, Jeff of the Buy More is the Ricky Bobby of Missile Command videogaming, with a dead-thing looking mullet. He had women, glory, and so many tasty options. Like he does now, facing off with the vending machine, paralyzed with indecision, to Morgan’s annoyance. Morgan’s just dropped some Cheetos for…

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Eric Mabius Is Probably Calling His Wife’s Ob-Gyn

Cause she is WAY pregnant, y’all. Eric Mabius and his wife Ivy Sherman showed up at the Blackberry Bold party by AT&T in New York City Tuesday night. I have to give her props for making it out to a party but I’m so glad I wasn’t there. Super-pregnant women scare the shit out of…

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Mariah Carey Debating Sexy Costume Ideas

On today’s Rachael Ray Show, Mariah Carey confessed that she and husband Nick Cannon had not yet decided what costumes they would wear for Halloween. Of course she’s having trouble. Every day is dress-up day for this one. She has to come up with 365 different looks a year.In any case, the singer told the…

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Blog Shots: Corbin Bleu Is All About The Kids

- Corbin Bleu signs autographs for fans while out in Hollywood.- A Uterus Costs 50% More In McCain’s Health Insurance Market  [Jezebel]- Ice Cube to Break into TV World  [Evil Beet Gossip]- Patrick Swayze “The Beast” Promotional Photos  [Popcrunch]- Ne-Yo Celebrates His Birthday  [Concrete Loop]- Nicolas Cage is selling another house  [Holy Moly UK]Click any…

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Yet Another ‘Twilight’ TV Trailer

The closer we get to the release of Twilight, the more sneak peeks that keep emerging on the Internet featuring the wild-haired actor Robert Pattinson and the casually gorgeous Kristen Stewart. Can you tell I’m all a-twitter about this movie? Also, you get to see a little bit more of Edward Cullen’s older, buff brother

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Guy Ritchie: Three Martini Thursday

We’re introducing a new little feature called THREE MARTINI THURSDAY. Basically, this is the time when we give a celebrity of our choosing three three-olive, extra dirty martinis because quite frankly, they need it the most.This week, hands-down we believe this award should go to Guy Ritchie. It’s sort of a cumulative decision, since it…

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John Mayer Blogs About Hope

On a post John Mayer wrote for the Huffington Post, he starts off by waxing poetic about 9/11 and how much it affected him personally.

Mayer laments that “to wait in line for 23 years only to have the ‘sorry,
future canceled’ sign flipped in my face was depressing.” Huh? Isn’t
that pretty much…

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A Day In The Life Of Michael Jackson

To the untrained eye, this might look like a trick-or-treating excursion. But since we know better, it’s no surprise to us that these are just pictures of Michael Jackson and his children out on a Wednesday night.We’re kidding of course. Michael’s kids are dressed up to celebrate the season and are wearing special masks for…

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Diane Kruger: Angelina Jolie’s Competition for Brad Pitt?

It’s difficult to say this (mostly because Angelina Jolie has a host of angels and the UN on her side to smite a blog down) but “if he cheats once…?” Star reports that word on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds is that Angie’s consort Brad Pitt is getting along very well with beautiful…

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Hayden Panettiere Shops, Campaigns & Gives Wake Up Calls

Even though Heroes star Hayden Panettiere has endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, she feels that Senator John McCain has been receptive to the issue most near and dear to her heart–the environment.Hayden said that McCain “is much more environmentally friendly than I think a lot of the Republicans,” which the politically active star found…

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Lindsay Lohan’s Sexuality Weighs On Joe Francis’ Mind

When the Girls Gone Wild creator talked with Tyra Banks on her talk show, a hot topic of discussion was his buddy Lindsay Lohan.Joe Francis insists on telling anyone who will listen that he thinks Lindsay’s straight and that her girlfriend Samantha Ronson is bullying her into being gay. Francis told Ty-Ty, “I care about…

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Did Ellen DeGeneres Cut Zac Efron’s Hair?

It’s hard to tell from these pictures of the High School Musical star underneath his sunglasses and beanie, but on an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres’ talk show, Zac Efron came thisclose to getting a buzz cut from Ellen.When Zac’s girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens was on the show the other day, the comedian quizzed the “Sneakernight”

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Music In The Morning: Chris Cornell – ‘Ground Zero’

“Ground Zero” is the first single from Chris Cornell’s new disc, Scream. The former Soundgarden frontman teamed up with producer Timbaland, and the result should be in stores in January. The video also advertises ABC’s Life on Mars. …

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Guess Who Just Got Her Hair Done?

Click the photo above to find out who it is.

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Blake Lively & Penn Badgley Are Blown Away

As much as long-haired Gossip Girl star Blake Lively might appreciate what some well-timed wind can do for her red-carpet poses, she and boyfriend Penn Badgley look like they’re struggling with their umbrella during filming of their CW series on location in Queens. Oh how I wish this had happened to Rihanna, so that I…

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Rachel Bilson, Walks, Err, Carries Her Dog

Rachel Bilson, looking adorable in leggings, took her dog Therman Murman for a walk in Griffith Park. At the end of the walk the dog was too tired to walk, so Rachel carried him (did she leave boyfriend Hayden Christensen at home?). Having to put up with the paparazzi taking photos of you and your…

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