Archives: October, 2008

Who's Getting Mega Huge?
Celebrity Funny Faces & Oopsies: Aiken Gets Groped
Boo! Kate Hudson Spooked By Photos
Nibbly Things: Mama's Boy
Blackberry Bold Feted In Los Angeles
Beyonce 'Single Ladies' Interpretation In The Morning
Brits Think David Beckham Is A Gay Black Man
In Appreciation Of Cam Gigandet
Britney Spears 'Circus' Album Cover Released
Today On Recapist: The Office
News Bites: Katie Price Follows Hubby To L.A.
Michael Dashes Hopes Of Jackson 5 Reunion
Jury To Decide Keanu Reeves' Pap Smear Case
Kim Kardashian Is Wonder Booty
Madonna And A-Rod: It Is So On Thanks To Jerry Seinfeld
Blog Shots: It's A 'Today' Show Halloween!
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: A Mockery Of Our Legal System
Lindsay Lohan's Imaginary Bodyguard Drops Lawsuit
'Twilight' Vampires Invade Rome Film Festival
Ryan Phillipe And Abbie Cornish Talk Turkey
Mariah Carey's New Single: 'Eat My Body'
Nicole Kidman: Waxy Tears Over Husband's Addiction And Beautiful Baby
Hugh Jackman Takes The Kids Trick-Or-Treating
Pete Wentz Is Practically Holding A Catcher's Mitt Waiting For That Baby
Jennifer Hudson Family Shootings Suspect Made Death Threats
Happy Halloween Suri Cruise!
Matt Prokop Yearbook Pics: HSM Kids Grow Up So Fast
Natalie Portman Pursues Love, Impossibly
Mourning The Loss Of Jennifer Hudson's Family
Penn Badgley And Shawn Pyfrom Encourage You To Vote Early
Whose Son Is This?
Music In The Morning: Matt & Kim - 'Daylight'
Introducing Sasha Fierce!
America's Next Top Model: Lesbian Bath Moment In Amsterdam
Hey Mickey, Did You Blow Someone's Mind?
Zac Efron Cockblocks Our Eyes
Caption Jake Gyllenhaal
Miley Cyrus Still Enjoys Doing Drag A/K/A 'Hannah Montana'
Nibbly Things: This Should Make Your Day
Peter Andre Still Not Trimming His Beard
Tis Blackberry Season
Brad Pitt Tries To Escape Possibility Of Divorce
Official Zuma Rossdale & Gwen Stefani Photo
News Bites: X-Tina Blows 'Dynamite'
Today On Recapist: Chuck
Eric Mabius Is Probably Calling His Wife's Ob-Gyn
Mariah Carey Debating Sexy Costume Ideas
Blog Shots: Corbin Bleu Is All About The Kids
Yet Another 'Twilight' TV Trailer
Guy Ritchie: Three Martini Thursday
John Mayer Blogs About Hope
A Day In The Life Of Michael Jackson
Diane Kruger: Angelina Jolie's Competition for Brad Pitt?
Hayden Panettiere Shops, Campaigns & Gives Wake Up Calls
Lindsay Lohan's Sexuality Weighs On Joe Francis' Mind
Did Ellen DeGeneres Cut Zac Efron's Hair?
Music In The Morning: Chris Cornell - 'Ground Zero'
Guess Who Just Got Her Hair Done?
Blake Lively & Penn Badgley Are Blown Away
Rachel Bilson, Walks, Err, Carries Her Dog
Russell Brand Resigns From BBC Show
Caption Katie Price
News Bites: New Voting PSA Features Just About Everyone
Daniel Craig Premieres 'Quantum Of Solace' All Slung Up
Nibbly Things: The Family That Sweats Together...
Madonna Expected A Lot
Nick Hogan Wishes You Peace
Today On Recapist: Gossip Girl
News Bites: Katy Perry Is A Queen
Tara Reid = Not Perfect
Unqualified with J. Harvey: West Hollywood Halloween Dilemma
Gwen Stefani Takes Zuma To The Library
Mama Lopez Pays For New Shoes With NBC Deal
Unqualified with J. Harvey Is Moving!
Robert Downey Jr. Making A Lot Of Money For Wearing A Tin Can
Taylor Lautner Talks 'Twilight'
Samuel L. Jackson Talks About Bernie Mac
Blog Shots: Vanessa Hugdens And Ashley Tisdale Are Shy
'Nine' Is Penelope Cruz's Magic Number
Jessica Simpson Ditches Tony Romo For Elmo
EXCLUSIVE: David Beckham Gets An Eyeful Of Laker Girl Booty
Facial Hair Ruled The 'Milk' Premiere
Rihanna And T.I.'s 'Live Your Life' Video Debuts
Beyoncé Wants Your Dereon Dress To Hold You Tight
Keira Knightley Is An Actress
Elisabeth Hasslebeck Receiving Death Threats?
Cloris Leachman Dances Her Wackiness Right Off 'DWTS'
Paparazzi Shy Suri Cruise Prefers Working Out At Home
Britney Spears Shows Off Her Dancing Fitness
Colin Farrell's A Sensitive One
Who's On The Move?
Music In The Morning: The Verve - 'Rather Be'
A Glimpse Of Zuma Rossdale
Robert Pattinson As Salvador Dali
Kathy Griffin's Mom Rocks ELDR Magazine
Britney Spears Conservatorship Made Permanent
The 'Influence' Of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
Jessica Biel Fears Her Inevitable Decay
Zac Efron Will Get 'Footloose' Very Soon
Today On Recapist: Twitter Twitter Twitter
Nibbly Things: Pre-Op Holly Madison
News Bites: Mama Cougar Teaches Baby To Hunt
Lauren Conrad Experiences Self-Actualization On 'Letterman'
Cheyenne Jackson Gets Cougars Hot & Bothered
Blog Shots: Mickey Rourke Gets Some Manly Love
T.I. Joins The "Lost His V-Card Way Early" Club
Anne Hathaway: Wide-Eyed, Innocent Fraud Magnet?
Shia LaBeouf's Still Nursing His Wound
New 'Twilight' Sneak Peek - Cafeteria Scene
Maddona Instructed By Kabbalah Leaders To Settle
Stars Paint The Turtle Without Paul Newman
Stars Honor Clint Eastwood at 12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival's Awards Gala
Angelina Jolie Bushwacks Clint Eastwood With Accolades
Michelle Obama Affords Her Own Clothes
Vote For Traci Bingham Or Risk Death By Cleavage
'Easy Virtue' Photocall Calls For Giant Pants
Matt Damon Stumps For Obama
Who Said This?
Vampires Are Pretty: Cam Gigandet Proves It
Music In The Morning: R.E.M. - 'Until the Day is Done'
Who's Getting A Piggy Back Ride
Hulk Hogan Thinks Nick Learned His Lesson Behind Bars
Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Moving In?
Halle Berry's Face Is Afro-Centric
Sienna Miller And Balthazar Getty Still Doing It
Music In The Morning: Feist - 'Honey Honey'
Nibbly Things: Hippie Halloween Costume?
Kim Kardashian Got Older
Katie Price & Peter Andre Try To Fix Their Orange Marriage
Amy Winehouse Might Be Jail-Bound
Lindsay Lohan Still Likes Boys
Hayden Panettiere Gives Her Body To The Whales
Today On Recapist: The Amazing Race
News Bites: Half-Blood Prince International Teaser
'Madagascar 2' Premiere Brings Out The Kiddies
Blog Shots: Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson Still Together
Ben Affleck Says The Media Ate His J.Lo Relationship
Carousel Of Hope Ball: Cougar Attack!
Jonas Brothers Fight Diabetes In Tuxedos
Tori Spelling Shows Off Her Latest Accessory
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Proves Herself To Be More Annoying Than Sarah Palin
Breaking: Body Found In Jennifer Hudson Case
Madonna And Guy Ritchie Are Fighting Over Who Gets What Maid
'High School Musical 3' Dominates The Box Office
Gwen Stefani Is Egg-Static
Jennifer Hudson Offers Reward For Nephew
Who's Wearing The Trashy Outfit?
Jada Pinkett-Smith: Superman
AnnaLynne McCord Pirates Herself
If The Beckhams Return To Italy, Victoria Will Rob Italian Television
Jake Gyllenhaal And Reese Witherspoon Get Some Breakfast
News Bites: Jennifer Hudson's Sister Pleads For The Return Of Her Child
Tom Cruise Makes Funny At Matt Lauer's Expense
Jennifer Hudson's Nephew Still Missing
Who's Kirsten Dusnt With?
Who Is Aidan Weinglas?
Sean Combs And His Naked Twins
Taylor Momsen Has Pulled Through!
Jessica Biel: Fresh-Faced And Flying!
Madonna's Marriage Ended Because She Was Scheduling Sex Around Gym Time
Christina Aguilera Puts On Quite The Drag Show
News Bites: Angelina Jolie Graced Afghanistan
Jennifer Hudson Case Suspect Caught, Nephew Still Missing
Honoring Old Hollywood: It's Liza!
When In Rome, Fight AIDS
Paris Hilton In The Morning
Preview Of T.I. & Rihanna's 'Live Your Live' Music Video
BREAKING: Jennifer Hudson's Mother & Brother Found Killed
Who's Got A Body In The Back Of His Escalade?
Matt Damon Has His Hands Full
No Bad Blood Between Carrie Underwood & Jessica Simpson
News Bites: Tom Cruise Gets Revenge On Matt Lauer
I Don't Want Spencer Pratt And Heidi Montag's Support
Travis Barker Lives
NBC Universal Is Trying To Be All Cagey After Losing 'Project Runway'
Matt Damon Love The Kids
Charlize Theron Will Always Be The Prettiest So Don't Even Try
Celebs Strap On Their Guitars For "World Tour"
News Bites: Mischa Barton Is Living Single!
Nibbly Things: Classy Broad
Bad Influences Attend 'Role Models' Premiere
Official Photos From Heath Ledger's Last Film
Zac Efron's '17 Again' But Kisses Like A Pro
Jennifer Lopez Wax Statue Revealed
Karl Lagerfeld Shields His Eyes From The Night Of Stars
Beyoncé's Bloated & Blonde
Guess Who Has A New Tattoo
Britney Spears Down At The Pumpkin Patch!
Will Ferrell Joins Tina Fey In Nailing McCain And Palin
Heidi Klum Hawks Her Makeup Line
Ashley Tisdale Is A Mensch
Music In The Morning: Christian Falk Featuring Robyn - 'Dream On'
Maria Shriver Hangs Out With Her Powerful Lady Friends
Suri Cruise Not So Sure About Her Haircut
Katherine Heigl's Doggie Death Threat
Michael Jackson Makes Sure He Still Has A Nose
Caption Michael Phelps
Christina Aguilera Is A Mommy In Abu Dhabi
News Bites: Baby Maddie's A Shopaholic
Tila Tequila & Gang Of Trashy Cartoon Characters Open Vegas Eatery
Nibbly Things: Quite The Duo
America's Next Top Model: East Vs. West
Jennifer Aniston Would Like John Mayer To Quiet Down
Jessica Stroup Gets Her Photo Face On For Kitson
Katie Price Parties Without Peter Andre: Paris Is Slurring
Kellan Lutz Thinks 'Twilight' Fans Won't Be Disappointed
Susan Sarandon Is Not Joking, This Is Her Real Suit
News Bites: DJ AM & Mandy Moore Rekindle Their Love
Madonna Wants To Buy The Kids, Thinks She's Spiritual Leader
Sean Combs Goes Black on Black
Please Refer To Beyoncé As Sasha Fierce
Lindsay Lohan's Stint On 'Ugly Betty' Shortened
What Ignorant F@*%s!
Unqualified with J. Harvey: Weight Watchers = Possible Misery
Cloris Leachman Is Pissing Everyone At 'DWTS' Off
Elisabeth Hasslebeck And Joy Behar Throw Down
Guess Who's Shopping For Maternity Bras?
Carrie Underwood Tries To Look Impressed With Wax Statue
Justin Gaston Likes A Shirtless Good Time
Russell Brand's Comedy Is Hazardous To His Health
Music In The Morning: Of Montreal - 'Id Engager'
Possible Lindsay Lohan Album Cover & Flirting With Chace Crawford
Solange Knowles Joining Sister Beyonce On Stage?
Taylor Momsen Hospitalized
Celebs Show Up For Their "Portraits"
Avoid The Pool At The Roosevelt Hotel
News Bites: Gavin Rossdale Loves His Fans
Nibbly Things: Christina Sings For Dubai
Josh Brolin And Oliver Stone Brought To You By The Letter 'W.'
Are The Beckhams Leaving Los Angeles?
The Former Miss Teen Louisiana Is Brilliant
Us Weekly Celebrates Young, Hot Hollywood
Kelly Reilly Is Guy Ritchie's New Chick, A-Rod Gets Clingy With M
'Saw V' Premieres And Nobody Gets Hurt
News Bites: Britney Spears Will Celebrate Her Birthday By Dancing In The Streets
Ashley Olsen Driving Toward Marriage?
Jennifer Aniston Proposed To John Mayer?
'DWTS' Curse Continues: Julianne Hough Rushed To Hospital
Guess Who's Getting A Hug
Look But Don't Touch Penelope Cruz!
Britney's Driving License Trial Dismissed
Liv Tyler Recruiting Kate Hudson For 'Puma' Gang?
Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend Spread Their Love
Nibbly Things: Janice in Wonderland
Mariah Carey Had Doubts About Marrying Nick Cannon
Tina Fey Throws Sarah Palin A Bone And Claims Sarah's Hotter
News Bites: Britney Spears Gets A Mistrial
'High School Musical' Brats Are All Over Your Morning Television
Jamie Lynn's Friend Claims Ugly People Avoid Teenage Motherhood
Beyonce Found Her Booty Gain To Be "Tasty"
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Make A Gentlemanly Couple
Guy Ritchie Accuses Madonna Of Creating A New "Cold War"
News Bites: Anne Hathaway Already Has A New Dude
Pink Gets Therapy For Her Drinking
'Zack and Miri Make A Porno' California Premiere
Gillian Anderson Has Baby That's Completely Human
Nick Hogan Freed, Enjoys Raucous "My Friend's In A Coma!" Party
Who's Riding Her Bike to George Michael's House?
Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady Set To Wed?
Britney's Jury Deadlocked While She Dances
Selena Gomez Flits To 'Tinkerbell' Premiere
Anne Hathaway's In London While Her Ex Faces Feds
Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Up in Public After Failing To Save Madonna's Marriage
Kevin Smith Wants To Drop Some Serious Poundage
Mariah Carey Brings The Scent Of Gossamer Butterflies And Industrial Strength Girdles To NYC
Paris Hilton Has No Clue As To How To Accessorize
Nibbly Things: Someone Sees London...
Zac Efron's 21st Birthday Soiree
Miley Cyrus Is Not Hitting That...Supposedly
Keira Knightley Looking Friendly And Fun
Uncomfortable Brunch With Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes
Pink Still Hearts Carey Hart
Spike TV 2008 Scream Awards Attracts Goths and Hotties
News Bites: Paris Hilton Might Be Leaving The U.S.
Music In The Morning: Beck - 'Modern Guilt'
Music In The Morning: Moby - 'Ooh Yeah'
Music In The Morning: Shiny Toy Guns - 'Ricochet'
Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson: Hell Train
Mr. Blackwell Off To The Great Fashion Snarkfest In The Sky
Guess Who's Wearing the Speedo
Madonna Claims Verbal Abuse
Celebrities Love Their Pumpkins
Ashlee Simpson: As Pregnant As It Gets
Lil Wayne Announces Big News At BET Hip-Hop Awards
News Bites: Michelle Williams Gets Handsy
Sarah Palin Drops By SNL
Suri Cruise Tugs At Our Heartstrings
Madonna's Inevitable Juicy Divorce Details
Guess Whose Dog Is Wiped Out?
Bonnie Somerville Friend Shot After Party
Victoria Beckham's Feet Trapped In Gilded Cages
Music In The Morning: Lady GaGa - 'Beautiful, Dirty, Rich'
Travis Barker Leaves Burn Center
Justin Timberlake Lays SexyBack To Rest
News Bites: Kaballah Who?
Britney's Fate To Be Decided By Jury
Music In The Morning: Robyn - 'Dream On'
Guess The Stomach
Angelina Jolie Humanitarians It Up
Seeing Double: Celebrity Lookalikes