Archives: January, 2008

Derek Jeter Wants Me to Switch from Haterade to His Sports Drink
Project Runway: Organzamic
Paula Abdul's Using the Britney Spears Method of Successful Comebacks
Who's Dining at Koo Koo Roo?
Henry Cavill Is The New Guy In Town
Susan Sarandon On Brad Renfro's Death
Rumer Willis Buys Some Spencer's Gifts Crap, Smokes A Lot, Has A Salad
Did Katie Holmes Fake The New York Marathon?
Music in the Morning: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - 'Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!'
Demi Moore is V...
Ellen Pompeo Promises She's Not Smuggling Any Food into the Country
Britney Shops For Pregnancy Test And I Hope The Day-After Pill
SNEAK PEEK at Tonight's Episode of Project Runway!
Nicole Kidman to Have Her Parents Deliver Her Baby
George Clooney Doubts the Existence of a Shiloh 2.0
Remains of the Day: Clay Is All Spammed Up
Eddie Murphy's Marriage Over Before It Really Began
Weird Double Date With Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes And The Seinfelds
Is That A Cartoon? Is She In A Play?
Keira Knightley and Her Old-Timey Bathing Suit Nominated for An Award
The Oscars Prevail!
Sarah Michelle Gellar Busts Out Braids for "The Air I Breathe"
Finally, The Shows Are Back
Drew Barrymore Gets in Tickle Fight with Photographers
Britney Spears Should Discovery the Beauty of Grocery Shopping Online
George Michael To Halt His Search For Anonymous Sex In Public Areas Long Enough To Write A Book
Down She Goes!
How Come This Bitch Gets FOUR Birthday Parties?
Katie Couric Drunk on Cold Medicine
Did Gwyneth Paltrow Go To The Hospital Because Of A Pregnancy Complication?
The NASDAQ Makes Like Anita Ward for the Cast of "Mad Money"
John Mayer is Jessica Simpson's Knight in Blogging Armor
Rachel Bilson Bikini Pictures
George Clooney Enjoys the National Board of Review Awards Despite the Looming Threat of Fabio
American Idol's Alexis Cohen, Christina Tolisano, James Lewis and Paul Marturano
Queen Latifah and Missy Elliot Like to Party
Caption Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen
Nip/Tuck: Face Off
George Clooney Gets Called Out By Fabio
Name the Biker
The Mirror Crack'd
Odd C-List/D-List News - Val Kilmer Running Around With Chad Lowe's Girlfriend
Us Weekly All Up In In Touch's Grill About Britney Spears' Suicide Note Story
Jessica Alba's Breasts And Ass Are Engorged Due To Pregnancy
Music in the Morning: Rooney - 'I Should've Been After You'
BREAKING: Shirtless Wonder Matthew McConaughey's Swimmers Working Just Fine!
Johnny Depp Shows His Gratitude
Ashley Tisdale, Getting Her Dog's Passport Ready for International Travel?
Brad Renfro Has Died
Somebody's Claiming They Loved New York on Video
Remains of the Day: Violet's New Cousin
Caption Erykah Badu
Dennis Quaid and His Wife Speak Out
Zac Efron Rushed to the Hospital
This Wouldn't Fly In Old Navy, Britney Spears!
Ricki Lake Spreads Her Legs And Gives Birth To A Documentary
Tara Reid Has Way Too Much Integrity to Wear Real Fur
Oprah's Plan of World Domination Enters the Next Phase
BREAKING: Britney Wrote a Suicide Note
Kylie Minogue Back in the Dating Saddle
Paris Hilton Defies Tyra Banks' Assertion That Modeling is Hard
Tom Cruise Wanted to Free Jennifer Garner from the Burden of Life Without Him
Dallas Cowboys Fans Might Have A Reason To Hate Jessica Simpson's Dad
Lindsay Lohan Defended By Rabid Gay As She Shops
Unqualified With J. Harvey: How To Tell A Bitch That She's A Bitch
Kevin Federline's Take On It
Gwyneth Paltrow Hospitalized with Mystery Illness
Suri Can Be An Actress If She Likes
Britney Needs Furniture More Than Her Kids
Wentworth Miller Spotted with Lady Friend
Caption Janice Dickinson
I'm Starting a Pregnancy Rumor about Eva Mendes
Which Celebrity Had Some Fun at the AVN Awards?
Paris Hilton Offers To Sleep With A Club Full Of People
Katie Holmes In Red And Shilling That Terrible-Looking Movie
High School Musical 3 Is A Go
Britney Spears Goes To Church, K-Fed's Attorney Speaks
Music in the Morning: Mike Doughty - '27 Jennifers'
Britney Won't Be Getting Her Kids Back Just Yet
Naomi Campbell and Venezuelan President Might Be Dating
Katie's Giant Bag of Bad Ideas Include Marrying Tom Cruise
Remains of the Day: Music Video Magic
Jenna Jameson Sends Her Noonie to Live in "Shady Pines"
Britney Spears Arrives at Court With Adnan Gahlib
Zac Efron Wants to Kill His Enemies with Kindness
Paris Falls Down and Goes Boom
Clay Aiken Is Sore, In More Ways Than One
Michelle Rodriguez: Out Of The Slams And Out On The Town
Cameron Diaz Strolls Through NYC Looking for Good Moisturizer
BREAKING: Kevin Federline Arrives in Court
Matthew McConaughey Did the Deed at Fifteen
Katie Holmes' on GMA
Mary J. Blige, Steroid User?
Beyonce And Jay-Z Taking In All The Pretty Clothes
Where Will They Be?: Sanjaya Malakar
Tom Cruise Allows Katie Holmes To Go On "Good Morning America" And Read From Approved Script
Here's Some Spice Girls To Spice Up Your Life
Joel Madden Feels "Blessed"
Jennifer Aniston Has No Problem Finding Love on the Big Screen
Bjork Unleashes Massive Attack
The Cruise Family Has a Flowbee with One Setting
Introducing Britney's New Personal Assistant
BAFTA Awards Tea Party Was Off the Heezy for Sheezy
Who Are the New BFF's?
Janice Dickinson Would Like a Side of Paranoia with Her Crazy
Lindsay Lohan Has Another Mystery Man
Daniel Day-Lewis Wins Big At LA Film Critic's Choice Awards
I Do!
Brad Pitt On The Set
We Know You Fell Asleep During The Golden Globes, So Here's Who Won
Music in the Morning: Alanis Morissette - 'Underneath'
First BET Honors Bring a Full Red Carpet to D.C.
Tim Gunn Rejects Britney Spears' Human Status
Madonna Denies She's Grifting Gucci For Kabbalah
A Lot of Stars Go to 'Heaven'
Caption Liam Neeson
Katie Holmes Embraces The Color Purple
Christina Aguilera Celebrates The Birth of Max Liron Bratman With Her Fans
Nicole Richie's New Baby: Lauren Conrad Has Details And What The Baby's Name Is All About
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Check Out Katsuya
Christina Aguilera's New Son, Max (Factor)
Who Made a Friend?
Hugh Jackman Starting to Look Wolverine-ish
Another Night at Villa
Adrian Grenier Still Working On His "Documentary"?
AFI Awards Leave Honorees Speechless
Julian Schnabel Brings the Stars to Mr. Chow
Britney's Photographer Is Mad For The Sex, And K-Fed's Lawyer Wants A Police Report
Jesus Christ, Give Birth Already!
Who's Driving the Vintage Car?
BREAKING: Nicole Richie Gives Birth to Harlow Winter Kate Madden
More Details of Last Week's Britney Madness
The AFI Awards Looks Like a Veritable Sausage Fest
Remains of the Day: Glenn Close's 'Stache
"A Socialite's Life" Weekend With J. Harvey And Intern Traci!
OJ Simpson Heading to Jail in Vegas
BREAKING: X-Tina's Baby Born
Pam Anderson and Future Ex-Husband Get Smoothies
Tom Hanks Would Like Another Oscar, Thanks
Marion Jones Running To Prison
Katherine Heigl Admits She Can Be A Bitch At Times
BREAKING: Nicole Richie at Cedars Maternity Ward
Remember Trista and Ryan? Well, They Had a Baby
Roseanne Barr Disses Oprah and Obama
Lindsay Lohan Hasn't Yet Broken Up with Community Service
Beyonce Tired, Turning To The 80s
Bangers and Mash: Kerry Katona
Panic at the Disco Has Lost The Excitement. Literally.
Sly Stallone Is Full Of....Well, Steroids For One Thing
Las Vegas Hands Over Its Keys Because It's Too Drunk to Drive
Serena Williams is Bloggin' and Cryin'
Drew Barrymore Caught Up in Bar Feud
Britney's Children are Eating Each Other
Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba Celebrate V-Day for Women
Megan Fox Narrowly Avoids Zombie Attack
Caption Victoria Beckham
Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge Have NOT Split
D-Listers Stock Up On Free Swag
Orlando Bloom Does Nepal
Javier Bardem And Penelope Cruz Frolic On The Beach
Britney Spears Has Returned, Hide Your Starbuck's Gift Cards
Ashley Tisdale Shopping for More Slogan-Based Clothing in Urban Outfitters
Sharon Stone Loves a Good Trenchcoat
Milo Was Sweating Hayden Before She Was Single
Remains of the Day: A Simpson in Swimwear
The Seals Leave the Beach
Nicole Richie Set to Launch Baby Rocket Next Week
Tyra Banks Is Empty Inside
Ricki Lake on "The Business of Being Born"
Kanye West's Mother Officially Died Of A Heart Attack
Johnny Depp Waxes Nostalgic with Rolling Stone
Eminem Turning into Fat Elvis, Says Mom
Mischa Barton's Rep Wishes Tabloids Would Die Painful Deaths in Restaurants
Diane Keaton Would Rather Avoid the Male Species Completely, Thanks
Brtiney Spears and Adnan Gahlib in Mexico
I Fear For "Michael, Sydney and Leslie"
Ohmigod! Katie Holmes To Run In J. Harvey's City!
Michelle Rodriguez Busted Out Of The Pen
Mischa Barton is 100% Responsible For Driving Drunk
Baby Attempts to Steal Anthony Kiedis' Wallet
Pam Anderson wants to Be Single and Pregnant
Britney's Off in Mexico with Photog Pal
Katie Holmes Gets Fixed by Tom Cruise
Project Runway: Prom Theme? "Misery"
Katherine McPhee Deemed a False Idol by Her Record Label
Caption It
America Has Spoken, Pete Wentz is Number 6
Who Just Got Her Hair Done?
Julia Roberts Avoided Tom Hanks' Naked Ass
Elijah Wood Gets Drafted In His New Movie
Jennifer Lopez Would Prefer Not To Talk About Her Pregnancy
They Got Will Smith
Music in the Morning: Sebastien Tellier - 'Sexual Sportswear'
Another John Mayer Love Interest Bites the Dust
Vince Vaughn Still Has Jennifer Aniston in his Top 8
Chad Michael Murray is Sort of Relevant Again with "One Tree Hill" Back on the Air
Madonna Giving Money Intended for Malawi Children to Kabbalah?
Kim Kardashian Celebrates Slim Fast, Her Ass Does Not
Tonight's Episode of Project Runway Sneak Peek!
Eminem Puts A Cap In Pneumonia's Ass
Johnny Depp Tastes Like French People
Gwyneth Paltrow Covers Up Her Most Offensive Body Part
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Take Her Boobies on Vacation
Baby Shiloh Emerges in Missouri
Tom Cruise Missed His Calling As Closeted Gay Religious Nut Meglomaniac Tow Truck Driver
Nicole Kidman's Baby Due In July?
Orlando Bloom Looks Sketchy
Naked Pictures Of Britney Spears Are For Sale, Nobody's Buying (Except Australia)
Locher's Clearance Sale!
Lindsay Lohan's Old-Looking Ass Gets Sued
Jennifer Lopez Allowed to Leave the House Long Enough to Talk to Harper's Bazaar
People's Choice Awards Quietly Take Place
Britney's OK! Family Portrait, Spears Family Slams Dr. Phil
Kat Von D Returns to "L.A. Ink" Season Two
Caption Heath Ledger
Hayden Panettiere on the Cover of Lucky Magazine
Who's Showing Off His Burned Beach Bod in the Carribbean?
Carrie Ann Inaba Had A Birthday And Wants A Baby
Will Smith Wants To Create Classroom Of The Future
Britney Spears Really Getting It Together And Making Changes
Sex and the City To Get Tell-All Tome?
Music in the Morning: Aesop Rock - 'None Shall Pass'
Mariah Carey Wants Her Thoughts Broadcast...All 4 of Them
Sean Penn Has a Surly Threesome
Paris Hilton Robs the Word "Hottie" of All Its Meaning
Remains of the Day: Bono Rocks New Shades
Venezuelan President Urges Naomi Campbell to Cop a Feel
Britney Spears Can't Count, Angered Patients with Cake and Likes to Text Message
Janet Jackson's Official 'Feedback' Video
Lindsay Lohan Takes A Timeout To Smoke A Butt At The Red Cross
Old Bitch Releases Annual Worst Dressed List, Though He's Right About Posh Spice
Madonna on the Hunt for Indian Baby?
Caption Kim Cattrall
Trees Die Needlessly for Heidi Montag's Maxim Photo Spread
Brangelina Give Good PDA at the Critics' Choice Awards
Katherine Heigl And Her "27 Dresses"
Unqualified With J. Harvey: In Which A Reader Mistakes Me For Someone More Fabulous
Technical Difficulties
Tara Reid's Looking Hot
Nicole Kidman Pregnancy Details
Nicollette Sheridan And Michael Bolton Annoyed St. Barts
Halle Berry Better Shop Quickly, Lest Sharon Stone Find Her
Katie Holmes is Late for Her Frat Party
Jamie Lynn Spears Looking to Get Pregnant with Knowledge
Britney Stays Busy with Car Trouble and Pretending to Be British
Hayden Panettiere Works Out Her Heart Muscle
Guess Who's Back From Vacation
Britney Spears is Back in Beverly Hills
Paris Hilton Wigs Out
A Celebs Right-Hand Man Is Up To No Good
"The L Word" Is Back!
Celebrities Starved For Red Carpet Attention Flock To Picketless Critic's Choice Awards
Don't Worry, It's For A Film
Jerry Seinfeld And Wife Accused Of Plagiarism, Mockery
Music in the Morning: Seal - "Amazing"
Hayden and Milo Go Public By Holding Hands
Nicole Kidman's Mysterious Maybe Pregnancy Will Involve The Whole Family
Tweens Show Up At Palm Springs Film Festival To Worship Zac Efron And Hate Vanessa Hudgens
Britney Spears' Photographer Might Not Be Hanging Out With Her Out Of The Goodness Of His Heart
Meg Ryan's Still Around
Remains of the Day: "Lost" in Translation
Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Have Time To Waste
Tony Romo Already Vacationing With Jessica Simpson's Family
Winning A New York Film Critics' Circle Award Makes Javier Bardem Feel Sultry
Golden Globes Cancelled. Rumer Willis Devastated!
Britney Spears Takes Some Time In Her Busy Schedule Of Crazy To Get Some
Take Him Off Your Celebrity Death Pool For 2008, Because Owen Wilson's Doing Fine
Xenu Help Tom Cruise
Britney Spears: Not Drunk, Not High, Just Crazy
A Chance Encounter Between Jake Gyllenhaal And Tobey Maguire
Paris Hilton's Night Out
Caption Shia LaBeouf
Charlize Theron's Extremely Unpleasant Past Being Rehashed
Guess Whose Look Has Changed?
Britney Spears: Ya Think? (II)
Calvin Klein Is One Fit Queen, Wears Manpris
Britney Spears Escapes With Adnan Ghalib, Has Been Offered Free Legal Counsel
Music in the Morning: Busdriver - 'Casting Agents and Cowgirls'
The Palm Springs Film Festival Awards Wasn't So Somber After All
Kirsten Cavallari Turns 21 at Luxor's LAX Nightclub
Ya Think?
David and Victoria Beckham Get Touchy
Palm Springs Film Festival Attendees Weigh In On Golden Globes/Britney Situation
Your Britney Update (Now Featuring Dr. Phil!)
Caption Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
Gwen Stefani Takes Kingston and Gavin to a Winter Wonderland
Look For a Starless Golden Globes
Jayden James Federline Is Unharmed
Legging-Wearing Lindsay Lohan Arrives Back in the U.S. Manless
BREAKING NEWS: Britney Spears Released From Hospital
Fergie & Josh Duhamel Are Artists
Naomi Campbell Is The Most Terrifying Thing In The RIng Since Mike Tyson Ate That Ear
Project Runway: Bittersweet
Sanjaya Finds His Inner Jim Belushi
Oh What A Day! (The Britney Spears Meltdown Wrap-Up)
Remains of the Day: Lying Mom is Sorry Now
Should Tyra Banks Be Worried?
Brad Pitt Takes Angelina Home To See The Family
Britney's Assistant Used a Hammer to End the Stand-Off
Denzel Washington's New Flick Is Wrong