Archives: January, 2008

Jesse Metcalfe, Single and Hating It
Rihanna Takes Her Fierce Bob to H&M
Remains of the Day: Billy Bush Gets Catty
Zac Efron Needs To Spread His Wings And Fly
Writer's Strike Was Incredibly Convenient For Eva Longoria
Old Navy Attracts Young Hotties
Madonna is the Richest Singer in the World
George Clooney Makes His Parents Proud at the UN
Kim Kardashian Still Trying To Pretend She Didn't Sell A Sex Tape Of Her Getting Urinated On
Britney Spears: Dr. Phil's Still Being An Attention Whore
"Fools Gold" Premieres with Matthew McConaughey's Girfriend Almost Losing Her Dress
Disturbing Video of Heath Ledger at a Drug Party
Farrah Fawcett Shares Her Battle with Cancer
EXCLUSIVE: Minnie Driver Pregnant?
Britney's Hospital Trip is a Well-Planned Intervention
Josh Brolin Takes His Grizzled Self to the Santa Barbara Film Festival
Rihanna Smuggles Her Sexy Self into the Airport
Who's Hiding Under the Wooly Hat?
David Beckham Puts his Pelvis on a Silver Platter
BREAKING NEWS: Britney Back In The Bin
Justin Timberlake For Pepsi
Victoria Beckham Consoles Teary Girl From Revere, MA
Katie Holmes Eats, Leaves
Music in the Morning: Jonas Brothers - 'When You Look Me in the Eyes'
Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert Swap Spit
Ellen Pompeo Exposes Her Anatomy
V05 Gift Basket Giveaway!
Christina Ricci Will Pay You to Get That Monkey Off Her Breast
Remains of the Day: Bart's a Scientologist
Heath Ledger And Michelle Williams Had A Spat Outside Of Rehab
Kylie Minogue Empathizing With Britney Spears
Jessica Alba Expecting a Boy?
Oprah Winfrey Immortalized in Bronze
Ryan Gosling Awarded at Santa Barbara Film Festival
Cameron Diaz Has the Need For Speed ...Man
Kathy Griffin vs. Scientology
Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey....
Jake Gyllenhaal Struggling With Heath's Death
Rumer Willis Flashes Some Cleavage at a Party for a Phone
Angie's Pregnancy News For Sale?
Eva Longoria Wants Us to Feel Bad for Her
Britney Spears and Her Mom Not Seeing Eye-to-Eye
Seriously, Hayden Panettiere Wants You to Stop F-ing with Whales
Nip/Tuck: Love Among The Cannibals
Amy Winehouse's Mom Hopes for Her Daughter's Divorce
Who's at the Brentwood Country Mart
TRL Beseiged By Loathsome Pregnant Woman And Odious Heiress
Avril Lavigne Knows About The Dangers Of Too Much Sun
David Silver's Pissed At His Girlfriend
Music in the Morning: Mark Ronson - 'Just'
Rumer Willis on Her Way to Fashion Week
David Beckham's Proud of His Naked Wife
Tila Tequila Starts Production on "Shot at Love" Part Deux
Rachel Zoe's Reality Show Probably Won't Have Too Many "Lunch Meetings"
Remains of the Day: Fat Matt
Ali Larter Makes Sweet Love to Some Chocolate
Lindsay Man
Marc Jacobs Uses Tanning Bed Addicts To Battle Skin Cancer
Padma Lakshmi Gets Chicago All Hot and Bothered
Jennifer Lopez Set to Deliver Her Twins?
Lindsay Lohan Gets Her Drink On
Lynne Spears Accompanies Britney on Late-Night Drug Store Run
Miley Cyrus Says No To Destiny
Unqualified With J. Harvey: Could Be A Hate-F*cking Incident
Drew Barrymore And The Mac Guy Tongue Lash Each Other At Vince Vaughn's Gig
Sean Young Still Berserk After All These Years
Mariah Carey's Diamond Drawer Needs Refilling
Jessica Simpson Likes to Party
Gwen Stefani Pregnant with Baby Number Two?
Britney Breaks Down in Tears, Reunited with Mama Spears
Clay Aiken on Spam and Love
Who's A Little Flat?
Enrique Iglesias Risks Life and Limb for His Fans
Caption Brad PItt
The Many Faces Of Brooke Shields
Pamela Anderson Seeks Solace From Jesus In A Bag
Hopefully Britney Spears' Children Will Figure Out How To Screen Calls
Music in the Morning: Arcade Fire - 'Black Mirror'
Being Famous Means Never Having to Pay for Homeopathic Cures
Jessica Alba Swelling Up with the Joy of Bearing Life
"Dirt" Season One DVD Giveaway from FX
Ben Affleck, Smart Guy
Remains of the Day: Someone Give Her a Tissue Already
Pete Doherty To Open Crackhouse For Pets
Novak Djokovic, Serbian God Of Tennis
Britney's Crew Checks in with The Media
Lynne Spears to Raise Jamie Lynn's Baby
Jennifer Garner Has a Dream...about Brunch
I Vote For The Dog
Paris Hilton Trying To Appeal To The Lesbian Contingent
Come Down From That Ledge, Diddy Not Changing His Name For The Sixth Time
Britney Spears Picks Up Some Essentials from Hustler Store
Adrian Grenier Delivers a Special Package
Inside the SAG Awards
Lindsay Lohan's Dad Fancies Himself to Be Walker Texas Ranger
Cate Blanchett, Heath Ledger's Gracious & Pregnant Co-Star
14 Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards: The Men
Good Morning, Kids
Hayden Panettiere Wears Horrible Sweatshirt In Support Of Whales
14 Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards: The Women
Jake Gyllenhaal Is Godfather
14 Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards: The Couples
Here's The Screen Actor's Guild Award Winners!
Music in the Morning: Feist - 'I Feel it All'
Britney Spaers Whips Out a Boob
Caption Tara Reid
American Crazies Awarded in France
Halle Berry is Going to Shop 'Til She Pops
New Kids On The Block Are Hard Up
Coens Triumph at Directors Guild Awards
Lindsay Lohan Annoyed That We're Aware She's Partying Again
New York And LA Mourn Heath Ledger
Guess Who's Hiding At LAX
Violet Likes Bedtime Stories
Pretty People in Paris for Another Good Cause
Mary-Kate Olsen Releases Statement About Heath Ledger
Britney Spears Talks About Herself and Heath Ledger
Peek-a-Boo! Creepy-Looking Lindsay Sees You!
Adnan Ghalib Thinks Britney Spears Is The New Princess Di
Nicole Richie Returns to the Nightlife Scene
Insane Teenager Not A Hannah Montana Fan
Who's Gabbing Away?
Stallone's Special Recipe for Muscles
Madonna's Anti-Aging Taking a Toll on Her Shins?
Don't Worry Whales, Hayden Panettiere is Here to Save You!
Remains of the Day: Flava FLAAAAV!
Lindsay Lohan Writing a Book
Don't Do It, Lauren Conrad!
Heath's Family Pays Tribute
Eva Longoria is Saving Her Farts for Her Golden Years with Tony
Beautiful Ryan Reynolds Would Like You to See His Movie
Jessica Simpson Was Not Dumped for God's Sake, Y'all!
This Outfit May Be The Reason For All Of Our Technical Difficulties
Britney's Uncle Gets Some Tabloid Cash for His Story
Tinsley Mortimer's Grim Photo-Op
Mary-Kate Olsen Won't Have To Speak To The Cops
BREAKING: Angie Pregnant with Twins!
Britney Engaged to be Married? NOOOOO!
Tori Spelling Pregnant Again
Remains of the Day: Miley's Myspace Shots
Daniel Craig Set To Don The Tux And Shoot People To Classy Theme Music Again
Naomi Campbell's Former Personal Assistant Is Tacky
David Beckham Hates Earth
'American Idol' Disasters: Aretha Codner, Alberto Hurtado, Joshua Boson and DeAnna Prevatte
Matthew Fox Thinks Laughing is for Ugly People
Jennifer Aniston Cranking Out Another Rom-Com
Eva Longoria In Electric Blue
Amy Winehouse Jacks Up The Beehive, Hangs Out With Her Dad
Mary-Kate Olsen And Her Masseuse Need To Learn About "911"
Brody Jenner Wears His Heart on His Chest
Lindsay Lohan's Dealer Dishes Dirt
Paris Hilton Premieres Her Latest Waste of Celluloid
Britney Spears Inches Closer to Treatment
Keri Russell Pays Her Respects
Diddy Has Left the Building
Project Runway: Happy Hands At Home Granny Circle
Uma Thurman Begs Valentino Not to Go
Guess Who's Shopping For a New Home
Jude Law To Star In Asinine-Sounding Movie
Seeing Eye Queen
Michelle Williams Has Support
Music in the Morning: Morrissey - 'That's How People Grow Up'
Saying Goodbye to Heath
Tony Romo Just Can't Shake Jessica Simpson's Love
Remains of the Day: Heath Ledger's Life in Photos
The Set Of Heath Ledger's Last Film Has Been Shut Down
Kathleen Turner Finds These Grapes To Be Sour
Dita, Posh and Claudia Hit the Runway after Some Lasik Surgery
Jack Nicholson "Warned" Heath
Who is "Gossip Girl"?
Helena Christensen on the Way to Visit Heath When He Died
This Bud's For Britney
Beyonce And Tina Turner To Keep That Big Wheel Turnin' At The Grammys
Matthew McConaughey Not Exactly Branching Out When Selecting Roles
Lindsay Lohan Defends Her Razzie-Nominated Film
"August" Premieres Just Before These Guys Get Ready to Build a Snowman
Britney Wants to Have Adnan Ghalib's Baby
Heath Ledger Remembered by Fans and Neighbors
Mischa Barton's Sundance Movie
Nip/Tuck: It's Raining HIV Positive Sex Addict Psychotic Receptionists!
Jerry O'Connell Spoofs Tom Cruise
Amy Winehouse Goes Dark, Doesn't Check into Rehab
Who's Attracted the Paparazzi?
Sean Combs Not Diddy Brings "Raisin In The Sun" To Sundance
More Pics From Sundance
Heath Ledger's Death
Music in the Morning: Jose Gonzalez - 'Heartbeats'
Heath Ledger's Last Interview
Linsday Lohan Saddened by Heath's Passing
BREAKING UPDATE: Heath Ledger Has Died
Brad Renfro Had A Son
Karl Lagerfeld Busts Out the Fingerless Gloves and Fan for Another Chanel Show
Charlize Theron Trying to Leave Los Angeles
Becks Goes to Africa
Yoga And Macrobiotics Not Cutting It For Madonna Anymore
Lee Kholafai Incites Photographic Equipment to Perspire
Justin Timberlake is Friends with Warren Beatty
Unqualified With J. Harvey: How Not To Vomit At The Dinner Table In A Third World Country
Josh Hartnett Smokes Up
Janet Jackson Discusses Brother Michael But Avoids The Real Issues
Brad Pitt on the Photoshop Diet?
Dita Von Teese Dons A WonderBra
Paris is for Lovers and Wacky Supermodels
Leo DiCaprio Eats a Pat of Bitter Butter
Amy Winehouse Goes Back to Crack...on Video
Sarah Michelle Gellar Still Wants to Take a Trip to Wonderland
KiKi Goes to Sundance
"Juno" It's The Oscar Nominations!
Who's Frazzled at LAX?
Britney Spears Shows Up, Stays Awhile For Deposition
Giorgio Armani Isn't Doing Hilary Swank Any Favors
Music in the Morning: Les Savy Fav 'What Would Wolves Do?'
Jessica Alba Braves the Snow and Media Frenzy for Some Fred Segal
Matthew Perry Really Should Be Wearing His Sunglasses
Remains of the Day: XYZ, Fergie!
Mischa Barton Arrives at Sundance Bearing Proof of Her Literacy
Charlize Theron Thinks "Maps" is Just a Yeah Yeah Yeahs Song
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Insane Convo With Britney "Mary Poppins" Spears
Where Will They Be? - Saleisha Stowers
Nicole Kidman's Knocked Up, Botox Free
"The Great Buck Howard"
Zac Efron Drops Trou
Lindsay Lohan Can't Act And Has Been Nominated For An Award Celebrating It
Britney Spears: Our Diamond In The Rough Might Have Filed A Restraining Order
Caption Mel Gibson
Why Are We Featuring Chris Pine In This Photo Set?
Paris Hilton Loses Fingers in Bear Attack
Britney Spears Befriends Arrested Paparazzo
Reese and Jake Meet Up for the Most Important Meal of the Day
Music in the Morning: Timbaland - 'Scream'
It's Time to Get GLAAD With the Media Award Nominations
Lindsay Lohan Goes Mooning in Malibu
Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Gala
The Newest Clown In Britney Spears' Circus
Aussie Stars Invade Hollywood
Demi Moore Sticks Up For Britney Spears
Spencer Pratt Is Smooth As Silk
J-Lo And Marc Anthony Get Some Baby Gifts
Who's Hiding at the Salt Lake City International Airport?
Mary-Kate's Awkward Kiss Helps Kickoff Sundance
Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Her Nails Did
Sounds Like Diddy Got Rough
Zac Efron Makes Appendix-Free Debut
It's Miss Ross!
Tom Cruise To Wipe Out Psychiatry
Backstreet Boy Trying To Reach Out To Englishwoman Britney Spears
Who's Uggly?
Gwyneth Paltrow Had a Tummy Ache
Mariska Takes a Break from Solving Rapes to Enjoy the Theatre
George Clooney is a Man of Peace
Listen to Paula Abdul's New Single
Remains of the Day: Get Me MY Coffee!
Colin Farrell Panhandles at Sundance
Halle Berry Not Yet Ready to Push It, Push It Real Good
Jessica Alba Does Some Mournful Furniture Shopping
Kathy Griffin Takes Plane Hostage
Amy Winehouse Makes It Look Like Blondes Have More Problems
Hannah Montana's Movie Is Putting Asses In Seats
Which One Of Britney Spears' Multiple Personalities Will Be Hosting Soiree?
Bangers and Mash: Nadine Coyle
What In The Anna Wintour Is Katie Holmes Dressed As?
Hilary Swank, Plain and Tall
Zac Efron to Star in Linklater Film
The Many Faces of Britney
Tom Cruise and Scientology Helped Rebuild NYC After 9/11
Lindsay Lohan to Chill with Some Corpses
Sundance Welcomes Stars Fleeing the Strike
Guess Whose Feet Have Been Attacked By Fur
Vanessa Hudgens Pumps Gas Surrounded by Mini-Mob
Marilyn Manson And Evan Rachel Wood Board A Plane
I Don't Blame Brody Jenner
Oh Fergie, Not You Too!
Sylvester Stallone Takes Aim At Janice Dickinson With Crossbow
Music in the Morning: Eddie Vedder - 'Guaranteed'
Rachel Bilson Is Just Like Us!
Sad News for Lily Allen
Sean Combs Needs a New Umbrella Holder/Designated Driver
Nicole Kidman Almost Got She To A Nunnery
Drew Barrymore and Justin Long Get Some Canoodling Done
Britney's Obituary is Already Written
Seriously, What Is The Deal With Katherine Heigl?
Remains of the Day: Oprah Axes Dr. Phil?
Will Smith Down, Jerry Seinfeld To Go
Agent Jack Bauer's Busting Out of the Slammer
Prince William Is Like The Wind
Tim Burton Could Make Johnny Depp Perform an Aardvark Show if He Wanted
Kirsten Dunst Gets Pretty for Miu Miu
Did Sienna Miller Put the Kibosh on Sean Penn's Marriage?
Ellen Pompeo Wears a Fun Costume to Chanel's "Night of Diamonds"
Heidi Montag's Single Is Dropping Soon
Apparently Katie Holmes Didn't Fake The New York City Marathon
'American Idol' Contestants Renaldo Lapuz, Douglas Davidson and Tammy Tuzinski Made Us Giggle
Hayden Panettiere To Flail Pom-Poms In A Different Medium
Jeremy Piven Wants to Give Teese a Chance
Lindsay Lohan Strikes a Pose at the "Cloverfield" Premiere
All That Glitters Isn't Quite Golden
OJ's Out, Y'all
Britney's Wild Ride Continues
A Star With Some Dirty Text Messages