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News Bites: Brad Pitt Finally Leaves Venice Alone

-Brad Pitt, still dressed like Panama Jack, finally exited Venice after attending premieres and fundraisers at the Venice Film Festival. He took his edgy sons, Pax and Maddox, with him. Those two look like future contestants on Shear Genius.-Project Runway’s Tim Gunn feels that Miley Cyrus is “too tarty.” I think she looks too gummy.

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Music In The Morning: My Brightest Diamond – ‘From the Top of the World’

My Brightest Diamond put together this gorgeous clip for “From the Top of the World.” …


Happy Birthday, Bitch! – Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge, who is from around my urea (yes, I used a “u”), is a fantastic and funny 45 today! She’s been the best thing in several hundred movies and TV shows. She can actually appear in the stupidest project and make it absolutely hysterical with that quirky voice and the busty blond airhead quality

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Project Runway: Ratbones And Jeepers Creepers

Previously – a drag queen chewed Suede’s fauxhawk off.  Straight Joe can make a pink jumpsuit for a man. Yeah, he’s straight. Daniel and his bad taste were sent packing. Someone please fetch RuPaul the cocktail, stat. I’m worried.New York. We get a glimpse of one of the Olsens on a newstand and that’s never…

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Mackenzie Phillips Changed Her Mind

Seems Mackenzie Phillips does want to roam free again. Bijou Phillips returned to the jail in Van Nuys where her half-sister was being held for drug charges and once again offered to pay the $10,000 bail to get her out.Bijou actually attempted the same thing yesterday, but Mackenzie refused the offer because she said that…

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The Pepsi 500 Party: Celebs Wanted Free Soda

Many, many, many a celeb fled to the Pepsi 500 party last night at Avalon in LA. The party was for the famous Nascar stock car race that is held annually. Diet, please.Starshine in the house included Caroline D’Amore, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Jesse Spencer, Aaron
Eckhart, Golden Brooks, Kelly Monaco, Pharrell Williams, Mario Lopez,

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George Clooney Had Some Competition During His Waitress Days

Remember Sarah Larson? She was the cocktail slinger that George Clooney plucked out of oblivion in some honky tonk in Las Vegas to serve as his armcandy/beard for a couple of months. They ended things earlier this summer. And Page Six is reporting that Clooney’s table wasn’t the only one that she was bringing drinks

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Michael Jackson: 50 Years Of Terror!

Michael Jackson turns 50 tomorrow! He was snapped wandering around the Planet Hollywood casino in Las Vegas looking like he had somehow broken out of a laboratory somewhere and was dazed and wondering what to do.Michael also has a hot new look to usher in fifty years of experimenting with his flesh and gently massaging…

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Pink Snubs The New Pink Blackberry Curve Launch Party

We actually don’t know if she was invited or not, but you would have thought she would have been a given attendee? Maybe she thought the phone was too girly.While Pink didn’t make it, there was plenty of other wattage (slightly dim) in attendance: Marcia Cross, Sanaa Lathan, Stacy Keibler, Rebecca Gayheart, Sarah Chalke, Kim

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Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Vs. Michael Lohan

You don’t piss off girls in love! Master of tact Michael Lohan was recently quoted as saying that he thinks boyish DJ Samantha Ronson is using his daughter Lindsay. He got wind of a rumor (he probably started it himself) that Samantha was writing a memoir. Big dumb blowhard immediately opened his blowhole to every…

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Hilary Duff’s Dad Should Have Paid For Her Birthday Party

Hilary Duff’s dad was marched out of a court hearing in handcuffs for violating an order preventing him from selling combined assets that belonged to him and his ex-wife Susan Duff. He’s going to spend ten days in jail.He was IN court that day because Susan Duff was trying to get $25,000 out of him…

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Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Eva Herzigova

Hipster meets high fashion (in a trainwreck) seemed to be the look Eva Herzigova was going for at the Venice Film Festival. Looks like a big fail to me. She was at the premiere of Valentino: The Last Emperor and came on the arm of Valentino himself. That’s some serious fashion crime!I can only imagine…

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News Bites: Michael Phelps To Attempt Humor

-Winner of eight gold medals and Olympic champion Michael Phelps will host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this year. It’s their 34th season! Who knows if he’s funny or not. What does it matter? He can swim from Malibu to Greece in under six minutes. He’s superhuman. He could probably smack your Sunday…

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Shannen Doherty And Jennie Garth Pre-Fistfight

This is such a hot cover. I want this blown up for my wall. Here’s Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty appearing together on the cover of EW celebrating the return of 90210. You know these two divas DESPISE one another. But in the interview, they’re totally playing it safe because this could turn into a…

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Ali Lohan Somehow Got On The Cover Of Something

Has anyone heard of Supermodels Unlimited magazine? Ali Lohan’s on the cover. Is this printed in Nana Lohan’s basement? First off, I wasn’t aware that Ali is a supermodel. Sure, she’s walked the sidewalks of a Long Island and been called a “striptease person” by Anderson Cooper. But is that what really makes a supermodel…

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Jennifer Lopez Perspires

Jennifer Lopez is in Colorado trying to steal some Obama spotlight and she’s revealed herself to be a sweathog. No worries, J. Lo, me too. Seriously, I break out in a sweat blinking. Summer’s the worst. People at the gym keep three elliptical machines between us.Lopez stuffed her big self into a red condom and…

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Katie Holmes: Beyond the Bob on Eli Stone

The first promotional shots for Katie Holmes’ guest starring episode on ABC’s Eli Stone have been released, and they look about the same as the pap shots that came out a long time ago, but are still valuable for a couple reasons.Reason 1: Katie’s bob (Crop? It’s really gone beyond a bob cut I think)…

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Nina Garcia: Not A Crocs Fan

At a discussion and book signing, Project Runway judge and editor-at-large for Elle magazine, Nina Garcia expressed her distaste for a certain trend in footwear. When asked her opinion on Crocs, the fashion maven declared, “For women older than 12, forget about them. They’re awful.”I think I smell a reality television show idea. Nina could…

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Who’s Donning A Cheerleader Uniform?

Find out who the actress/singer is after the jump

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