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Music In The Morning: Ali Lohan – ‘All The Way Around’

Not the official video, but an extremely entertaining way to start the day. …


John Mayer Fears He Is A Candle In The Wind

OK, I like teasing John Mayer for being so whiny about the trials and tribulations of being rich and incredibly famous, but he recently made some pretty decent points at L.A. City Hall yesterday. A hearing was being held about the issue of regulating the behavior of paparazzi. The singer suggested that photographer credentials be…

Lisa Timmons |

Kelly Ripa: Red Carpet To The Moon

So, this is one of the most random red carpets I’ve seen in a long-ass time. Kelly Ripa and her perpetually perfect-looking husband Mark Consuelos are at the premiere for Fly Me to the Moon. The only other celebrity on the red carpet is astronaut Buzz Aldrin. The movie is an 3D animated film about…

Lisa Timmons |

Tom Cruise And His Church Face Lawsuit

Scientology is facing a bigger threat than Russell Brand at the moment, with it’s poster boy Tom Cruise being named in a $250 million racketeering lawsuit.

Former Scientologist Peter Letterese filed his suit against the
organization in Florida in mid-July, calling Scientology a “crime
syndicate” and alleging that he was harassed incessantly after…

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Are Book Writers

I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have decided that fashion is not their true calling, and maybe it’s writing. The twins have an upcoming book that they wrote themselves titled Influence.The concept of the book is that the twins wrote something brief about each other, but then interviewed 20 people…

Intern Traci |

And Then A ‘Hero’ Came Along

Milo Ventimiglia decided to distract us from his blatant cradle-robbing by doing some good. The star of Heroes participated in a USO tour to help raise the spirits of the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.I do have to say that even though I’m having trouble getting over his relationship with youngun Hayden Panettiere, I do…

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McCain Loses Most Influential Campaign Supporter EVER!

So, Sen. John McCain has aired an ad in which a narrator implores viewers of his Democratic opponent Sen. Barack Obama, “He’s the biggest celebrity in the world. But is he ready to lead?” On the screen, images of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton flash on the screen.In response, Paris Hilton has released a statement

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Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Halle Berry

Animal lover Halle Berry took to the streets in this asymmetrical print of a zebra adorning her boobies. I know this is supposed to be a fashion disaster but I kinda dig this. “Fashion Disaster” can also be a heading for “maybe other bitches will judge this as poor.” I actually think it’s hard for…

J. Harvey |

Who’s All Wet?

Find out which celebrity is enjoying a swim by clicking the photo above.

Miu von Furstenberg |

You Gotta Lift The Bag A Little Higher

It looks like Jennifer Aniston could use a new assistant. Or at least one knows how to properly shield her employer from the paparazzi. The assistant tried to hold a purse in front of her face so she couldn’t be seen, while Jennifer was doing a little shopping at Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills.Click…

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Kathy Griffin, Gay Porn Is Calling (I’ve never been there. Ok, I have. Shut up! Every gay you know has. I’m sure Kevin Spacey is on there right now. John Travolta owns stock.) has attached banners to its site asking Kathy Griffin to contact them so they can hire her for a promotion.”They’re hoping Kathy’s gays will see the banner…

J. Harvey |

News Bites: A-Rod Ain’t Playin’

Alex Rodriguez isn’t letting his wife Cynthia call all the shots in their divorce. He’s looking to enforce their prenuptial agreement and wants any accusations of his alleged adultery stricken from the record. Why was she dumb enough to sign a prenup?A former girlfriend of newly engaged Top Chef winner Sam Talbot says he’s a…

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Julia Roberts Still A Dave Matthews Groupie

Julia Roberts has been announced to introduce pal Dave Matthews and his band at a Stand Up For A Cure 2008 concert at Madison Square Garden on Sept 10.Julia is a fan of the band and has referred to herself as their “mascot.” Stay off the tour bus, Hotpants. She also starred in their video…

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Verne Troyer Manhandled By Vicious Bitch

Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) is alleging that his sex tape partner Ranae Shrider tossed him around like he was….well, like he was 2’8.TMZ got ahold of the lawsuit that Troyer is bringing againt Shrider, and the lawyer that was involved in trying to get Troyer and Shrider’s sex tape sold.Mini-Me accuses little person fetishist Shrider of…

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Happy Birthday, Bitch! – Dean Cain

Superman is 42 today. Dean Cain’s hot ass first came to light when he played the dude that Brenda Walsh met in France when the shadowy bitch was posing as an actual Frenchwoman. Then she toured him around the city, and he was so dumb that he fell for her bullshit French accent.Eventually, there was…

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Selena Gomez Is Obviously Terrified Of Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez keeps insisting there’s no drama between her and that old bag, Miley Cyrus. Selena is Disney’s newest tween product and is all set to replace Miley and Miley’s lashing out in her old age.A video of Miley and that older chick she hangs out with recently surfaced in which she throws shade every…

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Russell Brand Has To Watch His Mouth

British comedian Russell Brand has been tapped to host the MTV Music Video Awards in September. No one in America knows who he is, but apparently he’s wacky and loads of fun.Russell says that MTV has forbidden him from joking about Scientology, and from dropping the c-bomb.He must be all sorts of fun and ignorant…

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Blake Lively And Penn Badgley Are…ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Whu-? Oh jesus, I just fell asleep on my laptop. Blake Lively and Penn Badgely do that to me. If I had a cat, it would have walked over my head to get to my Lays because it would have assumed I was dead. Kind of like when the cat walked over Barbara Hershey’s unconscious…

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Katie Holmes Kicks Out The Riff-Raff

Katie Holmes has had enough and she’s cleaning house. She’s reportedly kicked out husband Tom Cruise’s extended family out of their Beverly Hills home. Got to have a J-O-B if you wanna be with me!Get this – Tom’s sister-in-law, her two sons, his mother, and [Tom’s] kids Isabella and Connor all live with them! What

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