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Gary Dourdan From ‘C.S.I.’ Arrested With All Sorts Of Good Drugs

When you have a hit show, and a comfortable gig, don’t f*ck it up. Just get some help behind the scenes. So many actors would kill for this bitch’s gig. Gary Dourdan, who plays Warwick Brown on CBS’s mega-successful C.S.I., was busted outside of Palm Springs, California last night for possession of cocaine,…

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Jim Carrey Gets Some Ass

Forget Joey Fatone! This is my new favorite piece! I want to see what’s behind Aslan! Here’s Jim Carrey on the set of his new movie, I Love You, Phillip Morris. Jim plays a flaming homosexual who goes behind bars and falls in love with Ewan McGregor’s character.

Apparently, Jim’s pimp-hand…

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Gwyeth Paltrow Lets Her Picture Get Taken

Thanks for throwing us a bone this time, Gwyns. How come we can only get your picture when you’re shilling a movie? Hypocrite! Here’s Gwyneth Paltrow showing some skin at the Iron Man premiere in Tribeca. She plays Pepper Potts in the movie. Hopefully the Mandarin or the Titanium Man takes care of…

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Hulk Hogan Finds Brooke Hogan’s Ass Silky Smooth


Can I get an ewwwww?

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‘Dancing With The Stars’ Muscle Pull Drama!

Cristian de la Fuente injured himself last night on Dancing With The Stars, pulling a muscle in his arm. Check out the video to see all the gory drama. My favorite part is when his partner Cheryl Burke falls to the floor in a whirlwind of tropical frillies after he can’t dip her…

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Blake Lively Lives The Socialite Life

The star of Gossip Girl may not be an Upper West Side private school girl in real life, but she certainly knows how to live like one. Blonde and bubbly, Blake Lively was radiant in a Chanel mini-dress at the classic fashion label’s Tribeca Film Festival dinner.

She gushed about her…

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Miley Cyrus Raises A Ruckus

Miley Cyrus is certainly enjoying a hell of a lot of free publicity as a result of her Vanity Fair photo shoot, which has stirred up quite a bit of controversy for the Disney star. At first, Miley claimed to be happy with the now notorious “bedsheet photo” in which she appears to…

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Lindsay Lohan Traded Her Voice For Legs

Hmm, yeah, so here’s Lindsay Lohan in a dress that I feel can aptly be described as “dowdy mermaid.” Seriously, how on earth does she manage to look so frumpy when she’s go so much cleavage exposed? It’s a riddle, really.

Lindsay’s looking like she’s got a little more meat…

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Cher And Tom Cruise Could Have Enjoyed An Arrangement

Cher recently opened up to Oprah about her fling with a young Tom Cruise. And if you’re thinking that she looks like a sad, goth Big Bird in this fantastic photo from the 80s, it might have something to do with the fact that Cher felt like the two of them missed…

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Heidi Montag: The Tears And The Bitchery


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8 more photos of a cautious Amy Winehouse are after the jump.

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‘High School Musical 3′ Is Filming, ‘HSM 4′ In The Pipeline

While the now-famous cast of ‘High School Musical’ has been sent to Boo-Foo, Utah to hide away and tape ‘HSM3,’ the series’ first feature film, it has been announced that HSM4 is already in the works.

But now all the children have their panties in a wad upon the prospect of…

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Melissa Joan Hart Is A Mom

Melissa Joan Hart, former TV witch and married to a guy with really nice arms, and Roseanne’s Sara Gilbert took their kids to the Studio City Famer’s Market. They rode a trolley. Melissa gave birth to Braydon Wilkerson back in March, and she’s now a mother of two.

Sara Gilbert is the nuts, by…

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Who’s Showing Off A Pair Of Leathery Shoulders?

Find out who she is after the jump.

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Amy Winehouse And Her New Man?

This is the face that you make when you find out that your incarcerated hubby is asking for nearly $6 million in the case you divorce. Amy Winehouse is denying that she’s been cheating on her jailed husband Blake Fielder-Civil with this dude, Alex Haines (or Haynes, we’re not sure), her manager’s…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Doesn’t Want Her Wedding To Be Sweaty

Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn’t want to smell like Julia Roberts at her wedding. She says that she refuses to get married in the summer because she doesn’t want to be a “sweaty bride.”

I can’t say I blame her. No one should get married in the summer. Churches rarely have air conditioning…

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Mariah Carey Engaged?

At the afterparty for Mariah Carey’s movie Tennessee, Nick Cannon appeared to be taking the sentiment of her single “Touch My Body” to heart and hovered close by Carey’s side during the evening’s festivities. The movie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and before the screening, Mariah tried to downplay any rumors of…

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Music in the Morning: Rihanna – ‘Take a Bow’

“Take a Bow” is the first single from Rihanna’s re-released Good Girl Gone Bad.


Casey Aldridge Making Sure He Still Has A Penis


More photo of Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge in Louisiana are after the jump.

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