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Jamie Lynn Spears Loves Having Her Picture Taken


More photos of the engagement ring wearing Jamie Lynn Spears after the jump.

Miu von Furstenberg |

Jenna Jameson Is A Zombie Stripper

Here is a trailer for the movie that I can’t believe hasn’t been made before. Zombie Strippers stars Jenna Jameson in a film, whose press release describes the plot as the following: “When a secret government agency lets out a deadly chemo virus causing the reanimation of the dead, the first place to…

Lisa Timmons |

Vanity Fair Declares Madonnarama

In an interview with Vanity Fair to promote all the crap she’s been working on lately including her new album Hard Candy, her feature film, Filth and Wisdom, which she’s directed and her documentary about Malawi I Am Because We Are. She is a busy woman, so it’s amazing that she found time…

Lisa Timmons |

John Krasinski Does The Lanky Comedic Thing For Parade

While Renée Zellweger and George Clooney are doing their tour across small-town America to promote their latest movie, Leatherheads, here’s John Krasinski chatting with Parade magazine about the movie, as well as his unlikely career as an actor.

Krasinski was working as an intern at the Conan O’Brien show eight years ago,…

Lisa Timmons |

Anna Nicole Smith’s Son Death Ruled An Accident

Photos: Getty Images

The death of Anna Nicole’s son, Daniel, has officially been ruled an accident. The Associated Press revealed that a Bahamian jury of seven took two hours of deliberations before coming to the conclusion that there was no need to file any criminal charges in regards to the 20-year-old’s death.

Lisa Timmons |

Jessica Simpson Is Ailing

Jessica Simpson had checked into Cedars-Sinai with a kidney infection. Don’t order the Heparin, sweetie.
In Touch Weekly
is reporting that she was “feeling achy and had a fever” and checked in on Friday morning.

“She is doing fine, but she is ready to get out of there,” said a…

J. Harvey |

Jennifer Aniston Cracks a Smile


More photos of Jennifer Aniston and some crack are after the jump,

Miu von Furstenberg |

Janice Dickinson Exhausted From All The Crazy

Don’t worry. She’s not dead. Her mania is invincible. Being certifiable 24-7 can tire a bitch out. Here’s Janice Dickinson giving her bikini a spin on the beaches of Maui. I think she’s #2 as my favorite crazy behind Courtney Love. She’s jetted to Hawaii to scare the locals with her lunacy. Imagine…

J. Harvey |

David Beckham Takes In A Basketball Game

Yep, here’s David Beckham at a Lakers game.


So, yeah’s he’s, uh, handsome. And likes basketball. His wife’s really interesting. Why can’t she be here? Becks is rendering me impotent with boredom here! I’ve got no game. His friends’ sweater is atrocious. Who wears sweaters made out of sweatpant material?

J. Harvey |

Giada De Laurentiis: E.T. Gave Birth

I’m sorry, but bitch always looks like she just phoned home. And her teeth scare me. Look, it’s Monday and I’m a little twatty. Popular Food Network chef Giada De Laurentiis gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Her new daughter with husband Todd Thompson, Jade Marie De…

J. Harvey |

Jodie Foster’s Island Invaded By Phoebe Price

Here are the pictures from the Nim’s Island premiere. Did Phoebe Price break in? That hat is all sorts of Florida rest stop, and she looks like she might have ducked a crowd control barrier somewhere. Jodie Foster probably took one look at her stalker-looking ass and thought “is another bitch going to…

J. Harvey |

Rihanna And Chris Brown Are Not A Couple, So Shut Up

Here’s the smokin’ hot Rihanna leaving the Grove in Los Angeles with her non-boyfriend Chris Brown. The two of them are still denying that they are together, forever. Lame! You are all over the place, seeing movies and dining together and swimming in the ocean and being all up on each other. Tell…

J. Harvey |

Lindsay Lohan Goes Back To Being A Blonde

Here’s Lindsay Lohan and her best friend Samantha Ronson out and about. If Samantha Ronson is driving a Porsche, can she buy better clothes? I know I’m supposed to be writing about Lohan’s hair and her looking puffy, but for real. Why does Sammy always look like she came from the Goodwill? Thrift…

J. Harvey |

Heath Ledger’s Possible Love Child

Photos: WENN

With Heath Ledger’s family already up in arms over his estate, the possible existence of a love child with a former flame of Heath’s might cause even more of an uproar.

An uncle of Heath’s, who appears to be estranged from most of the family, is claiming that the…

Lisa Timmons |

Sacha Baron Cohen Visits Kansas

Actually, Bruno visits the Kansas airport.

(via Towleroad) …

Michael Prieve |

Dirt: How Is This Show Still On The Air?

Previously – There was….some gossip? And Courtney Cox had a magazine? And does anyone watch this show? I could be manscaping.

Courtney’s is looking very dark this episode. It might be the bad direction and lighting. Even the production values of this show look cheap. It could be in Blu-Ray and still look…

J. Harvey |

Victoria Beckham Rocks Her Mom’s 60th Birthday

Victoria Beckham usually walks around dressed to the nines just because, but this time the occasion was for her dear old mom’s 60th birthday. She hosted the intimate family gathering at Claridge’s in London sporting a bolero (in fake fur, for those of you who were wondering) and this white and silver sheath…

Lisa Timmons |

Andy Roddick Pops The Question To Model Girlfriend

Recently, I talked a little bit of smack about tennis player, Andy Roddick, and it looks like the joke’s on me because here he is, engaged to a swimsuit model. I’m not completely sure, but I suspect that means he’s beating me at the game of life.

Andy proposed to model,…

Lisa Timmons |

Jennifer Lopez Is Shrinking Back To Size

Knowing Jennifer Lopez, and her dedication to fitness, we’re guessing that there’s a relatively impressive post-baby body underneath that dress she’s wearing. Here she is on the red carpet for the premiere of the Rolling Stones documentary, Shine A Light, showing little evidence of the approximately 50 lbs. gained during her pregnancy.

Lisa Timmons |
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