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Eva Longoria Wants Us to Feel Bad for Her

The Desperate Housewives star recently stepped out at the Arclight in Hollywood to premiere her film Over Her Dead Body. Eva Longoria is talking some mess about how she used to be considered an “ugly duckling” by her family, and growing up, she “developed a skill not to depend on anything superficial…

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Britney Spears and Her Mom Not Seeing Eye-to-Eye

Lynne Spears is happy to see her daughter once again, but tensions between the two are high, with Britney being pulled away from her family by her controlling manager, Sam lufti and her boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib. With Sam encouraging Britney to continue her late-night shopping sprees, Britney and her mother have found themselves…

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Seriously, Hayden Panettiere Wants You to Stop F-ing with Whales

Hayden Panettiere is dedicated to her pet cause, which is the Save the Whales Again! campaign. The young actress can be seen here, speaking at a press conference yesterday afternoon in front of a bunch of movers and shakers in the US government to lend her celebrity and youth to her cause. Is…

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Nip/Tuck: Love Among The Cannibals

Previously – Gina went off the roof as Christian was attending to her, and not in a doctorly fashion. Sean’s talent agent Sharon Gless is a messy drunk. Julia continued to succumb to the effects of Eden’s poison fruitcake. And I’m still recovering from Gina going off the roof! How did they…

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Amy Winehouse’s Mom Hopes for Her Daughter’s Divorce

Seen here with her father by her side, Amy Winehouse, is looking thin and easily distracted, with her trademark tresses rakishly perched atop her head. Her mother is now speaking out about her daughter’s drug use and the anguish it has caused her. Janis Winehouse has said that she has already come to…

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Who’s at the Brentwood Country Mart

Photos: Flynet Online

It’s ain’t Lindsay Lohan. Find out who it is after the jump.

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TRL Beseiged By Loathsome Pregnant Woman And Odious Heiress

God, poor Lupe Fiasco. Hopefully he cut and run as soon as he could. Here’s Jessica Alba and Paris Hilton invading MTV’s TRL. Jessica’s knocked up, still foul, and shilling her new flick “The Eye”. It’s one of those beat remakes of a Japanese horror flick. Jessica plays blind in the movie, which…

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Avril Lavigne Knows About The Dangers Of Too Much Sun

Here’s Avril Lavigne, some friend, her bodyguard and her husband Deryck Whibley on the beach in Miami. Only Avril Lavigne would fly to Miami and then cover her ass up from the sun and probably sneer and complain about it from under her faux-punk burqua. She doesn’t seem like the most genial “motherf*ckin’

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David Silver’s Pissed At His Girlfriend

Here’s Brian Austin Green. He’s wearing eye makeup these days, isn’t doing much except for living off his “90210” money, and yet somehow lands the hottest pieces of ass in Hollywood. He’s currently seeing “Transformers” star and Maxim-type pinup chickie Megan Fox. And apparently Megan finds that because she’s hot, she can be…

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Music in the Morning: Mark Ronson – ‘Just’

Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald from Phantom Planet did a great cover of Radiohead’s “Just.” It’s featured on Mark’s disc, Version, which garnered three Brit Award nominations earlier this month.


Rumer Willis on Her Way to Fashion Week

Fashion Week in New York City is right around the corner and Hollywood is beginning to migrate east. Case in point, here’s Rumer Willis making her way to the Los Angeles International Airport to get her fashion on. Now, I’m no fashion guru, but I think it’s safe to say that those black…

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David Beckham’s Proud of His Naked Wife

We told you about Marc Jacobs’ initiative to raise awareness about skin cancer, and showed you the photos of the t-shirts earlier today. Well, it didn’t take long before head of the first family of self-promotion donned the shirt himself. He wears it well.

(AP Images) …

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Tila Tequila Starts Production on “Shot at Love” Part Deux

Unsurprisingly, Tila Tequila wasn’t able to find love the first time around on her televised orgy reality dating series “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” and is looking for a second chance to voyage into the exciting world of professional dating. Today, she posted this picture on her MySpace, with the caption,…

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Rachel Zoe’s Reality Show Probably Won’t Have Too Many “Lunch Meetings”

Yikes. Why is Robert Plant wearing a fur coat that looks like a marble rye? Oh wait, that’s stylist Rachel Zoe who is such a fashion-forward maven of style that she’s acquired her own Bravo show. We know this is kind of old news, but still felt the need to revisit the fact…

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Ali Larter Makes Sweet Love to Some Chocolate

This is a woman who loves her chocolate. I’m only saying that because she looks like she is seriously cracking up over the stuff here at the unveiling of the Godiva Chocolatier Valentine’s Day promotion in NYC. I don’t know about you, but I take my chocolate consumption much more seriously. There’s not…

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Lindsay Man

Photos: WENN

Is she having an allergic reaction? Or is that an Irish tan from drinking again? Lobster face. I hear she’s back on the sauce. But she was never on the wagon when it came to men. Lindsay Lohab supposedly has a new guy, this dude pictured beside her. His name is…

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Marc Jacobs Uses Tanning Bed Addicts To Battle Skin Cancer

Ok, maybe not Heidi but Posh is definitely had her alien fashionista ass in a tanning booth at one point or another. No one could withstand that much bronzer. She would suffocate. I’ve seen Goldfinger, I know what happens. Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum are appearing on t-shirts for Marc Jacobs in an…

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Padma Lakshmi Gets Chicago All Hot and Bothered

Host of “Top Chef,” Padma Lakshmi, has Chicago all excited with the latest season of the show taking place in the Windy City, which has three local chefs competing on the show. I’ve read some weird stuff about this chick–how she has admitted to having a bit of a daddy complex and enjoying…

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Jennifer Lopez Set to Deliver Her Twins?

Everybody remotely involved is denying up and down that Jennifer Lopez has checked herself into the North Shore University Medical Center under a fake name, but we’re still poking our noses around in there, just to be safe. JLO’s rep couldn’t be reached for comment, but the hospital’s spokesperson said definitively, “”She is…

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